AWD #090: Event - Jailhouse Rock
Jailhouse Rock
Summary: Marines hold off the centurions while prisoners escape from their Cylon captors
Date: 06/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Cylon Prison on Picon
A Cylon Prison on Picon, where human prisoners are captive under heavy guuard.

As the dogfight above gets messy, the ground is chewed apart by the combination of bombs and missiles cutting across the sky. Fountains of dirt and metal debris fly everywhere as the SAMs are slowly chewed to bits. As the air defenses thin out around the blocky two-story prison facility, the Raptors begin their descent on the facility. Dozens of them come in on a trail, the lead five Raptors spreading out into a line. Door-gunners lean out and begin yammering away on the Centurions within the compound. Then there is a heavy humming sound as the Raptor's mini-guns open fire and begin chewing a landing zone apart.

With the Raptors just touching down, the Centurions begin to turn towards the prison en masse and charge that direction, firing. Most of their gunfire prangs helplessly off the Raptors' armor or the concrete of the building. Other rounds chew dirt. There's precious little cover here in the open except to use that provided by the bulk of the Raptors who have put themselves between danger and the doors. The lead Raptor, settling, yaws its nose and 20mm belches out, mowing down a huge line of Centurions like a laser cutting across the terrain. In the distance, behind the Centurions, trees shred and topple over.

Almost forty Raptors, the overwhelming majority empty except for flight crews, settle into the tall grass of the compound and blow it flat under their exhaust. Doors open and from a few the Marine fire teams pour out and start taking up positions. The front doors to the prison are flung open and out pour people like the floodgates to a dam, running at full speed. Men and women of all ages and looking like they represent every single colony.

A dirty brown exhaust trail screams towards a Viper at close to four times the speed of sound. There's not even time for a warning. Three? Maybe four seconds? The missile's IR sensor feels it pass just behind the Viper and it explodes, shrapnel ripping apart his engines and turning the fuel tanks in the wings into sheets of flame. Seconds later there's a flash and the ejection seat fires, the pilot heading towards the ground in his chute several miles to the south. On the other side of the lines of Centurions advancing on them.

That radio in her pocket is crackling to life as the nine named Ceres is leading some of them out, positioning herself at the door and watching as the people pour forth. Unarmed as she is, is ushering them out. "Go, go up to the raptors there!" She is pointing towards the forty or so that have landed and her heart swells. There is room. Room. But first getting them out is the most important thing. "Naomi! Naomi take them up to the Raptors, go now." She says to a woman who comes through the doors.

Her head ducks, the sound of shots loud and stealing her ears, but there is the sudden call on TAC1 for Storm who seems to have gone down. She pulls her radio out to listen, pressing it to her ear as she narrows her eyes. "Frak me…"

"By your command!" The petite Eleven calls out in response to Ceres, and begins gesturing frantically to her fellow prisoners. "Everyone, this way! This way!" She starts running at half speed toward them, trying to help people along.

Even though he's only the corpsman on this trip, Bastien calls out, "Protect the prisoners, escort them onto the Raptors! No more than seven to a bird!" he yells out, glancing up for a moment as he notices the flare out and the chute. "Frak." he mutters quietly, and then returns to counting heads, "Go go!" As the Centurions advance, he moves to bring up his own rifle.

Borde comes out of the Raptor she rode in on in a hurry only to take to a knee about five feet away from the wing stub, taking point as she levels the barrel of her rifle out towards the distance. She would comply with the medic but there's no time to do so at the moment, not when they got incoming enemy units approaching. Two are taken a sweeping aim at but she waits just a moment. Maybe if they don't fire the toasters won't.

All it takes is orders to get Chase in gear. As soon as the command is given she's on the go, game face on. There's a determined look on the armored up Marine and she's heading in, ready to complete her mission at any cost.

Getting out of the Raptor as fast as he can, Fischer ducks behind the nearest cover he can find as he turns his rifle to the Centurions, taking a brief moment to aim, before he squeezes the trigger now. Business time.

"Come on, come on!" calls out Naomi. Once at the Raptors, she starts helping people into them, darting from one to the other rather than securing her own seat. She'll wait until she absolutely has to go, to insure the safety of the rest.

Just watching the numbers of people pouring out of the building, its apparent there are going to be more than seven people to a Raptor. The Centurions are doing their best, though. The rounds aren't just targeted at the Marines, either. They seem bent on trying to kill anyone leaving the facility, firing through the chain-link fence as they advance at a full run. But glancing back, there's something vaguely familiar about some of those faces. A distant memory? Seen them somewhere before? Possibly.

From inside the lead Raptor, the ECO leans out and shouts at the Marines. "Major Holtz is down!," he barks. "Long range missiles are active! We're jumpin' off the ground! Get these people loaded and get the frak back in the birds! The Major is on his own!" A round bangs off the armor beside his head and he ducks with a curse, helping a young girl up and in, double-taking at her before helping up someone else.

Morgan leaps from the raptor and runs at a crouch until he is far enough from the bird to take clear aim at one of the centurions He squeezes off a burst of three shots, one of which hits the enemy in the abdomen to put a sizable dent into the metal, but not enough to take the beast down. His second and third shots miss while he looks toward the ECO, straining to hear the information. He nods toward the officer and prepares to train his sigths on the next target.

As he's leading in a group of survivors, Bastien sees one of the Centurions approaching, he lifts up his rifle to fire, and before he gets the chance, a round rips through his vest and slams home in his chest. He's spun around for a moment and drops to his knees as he grunts and opens the vest quickly to check the damage within. His breathing is tight and hard and laboroed. Fracture rib, he self diagnoses as he draws in a ragged breath. He'll sit here stunned for a couple of minutes, thanks.

The Raptor calling out about Holtz is enough to cause Ceres to pause. She waits for the last of the prisoners to rush forth and she looks to the rest. "Go on, hurry!" She exclaims and then heads off to the road entering the compound. Nope, she's not heading towards the Raptors. Redux is doing her best to stay down and taking cover where she can, going for the car parked near the entrance. She clears the distance, faster than most, attempting to climb in and get the thing started.

There's a yelp of pain and a searing ache in her thigh as the bullet hits home, Borde's fatigue pants growing increasingly red, front and back, as it soaks into the synthetic material. Gritting her teeth she makes sure she can walk before dragging herself over to Bastien when she sees he too is hot. "Shut up, don't you frakking argue with me," she hisses at him preeemptively, "and let me get you patched up and on your feet." So wrong when the grunt is looking to patch up the medic, no?

Taking a bullet to his chest, sending him stumbling a little bit, and that causes Fischer to miss his shots. A brief pause, before he gets further into cover, once more aiming for his target. "Get off of my planet, Metal Monsters…" he growls under his breath.

Naomi gets herself in the raptor at long last, wedging herself into a small spot, her mouth moving in silent prayer.

As Genny grabs him, Bastien comes to. "..the frak." he starts to say when he feels that sudden sting against the side of his neck and he winces painfully. "Gods damned." he winces as he looks down at Genny and pulls her against him and out of the line of fire. "Are you out of your damned mind?" he hisses as he moves to treat her injury after she pulls on his chest. "FRAK." he hisses. "Cover us and leave the treating to me, ya damned honeybee."

When one of the centurions fires at him, Morgan wastes no time in targeting the attacker and squeezing off another burst. His first round hits home but the armor easily deflects the bullet. His second and third stray just shy of the mark to whiz past the metal head of the Cylon.

Genny rolls her eyes but lets Sanborn do his job. "Just stay out of my way, please," she asks quietly while taking aim. Last time didn't go so well so maybe she should stick with one target at a time, hmmm?

A glance is given towards the Raptors as the car springs to life and Ceres revs the engine. Nothing like an apocalypse to give you endless choices for modes of transportation and no law to stop you. Jerking off the parking break, slamming it in reverse, she puts her hand to the passenger side headrest and hits the gas. Swinging it around, she spits up gravel and dirt before she puts the thing into drive. A stark determination on her face, she hits the gas, spraying dirt backwards before the wheels catch and the truck bursts forward and down the road she had driven in on. All on Raptors save for the infiltrator, she's on her way out by ground.

As the prisoners pile into the Raptors, the interiors look packed. Doors begin closing in on the ones that are at their limits. Some people are left scrambling, looking for a ride and a couple are forced to dive in as doors are closing. That lead ECO leans out once more. "We're at capacity! Looks like everyone!" he says a bit incredulously. But the longer they stare at at the sheer number of Centurions advancing, the more clear it becomes that this fight isn't going to be won by holding the ground. They're going to have to get on the Raptors or be chewed apart. A few Centurions shoot at Ceres in confusion, but their attention quickly goes back to the Raptors.

Frowning a bit as he sees his target still standing, Fischer prepares to fire again, grimacing a little bit now. "Where are the heavy explosives when one need them?" he mutters.

With bullets whizzing around him, Morgan quickly focuses on the Cylon that seems to have taken most of the damage. Before he can squeeze the trigger, one of the centurions fires on him, pinging the first shot off of the metal barrel that the lieutenant is using for cover, but then bitting him in the chest with the second shot. Morgan jolts back and his three shots fly wide of their mark.

"This shit hurts," Genny huffs out as she watches yet another volley of gun fire miss its intended target, her face going pale. It's not just blood loss that causes the pallor to her complexion but also the sight of all the Centurions. "How bad is it, Bastien?" She means her leg. Maybe one last round and they can get into the Raptors…

Bastien takes out his combat knife and cuts opens Genny's pants leg at her thigh and frowns at the wound. "Your artery's nicked, and it's time to go." As he takes out a dressing to cover up the wound and works on tying it down tightly. As he does so, he takes out a pain killer shot and jabs it into her thigh below the wound and injects her before tossing away the syringe. "Time to go." his words offer no argument as he sweeps the woman off of her feet and cradles her against him in a fireman's carry to haul her towards the Raptor.

Nodding a little as the Cylon goes down, Fischer glances out at the incoming Cylons, then over at the other Marines. "I'll help keeping you guys covered. Get into the Raptors," he calls over, before he switches his rifle to full auto now. Let's see if a few of the closest ones can be taken down so they all could get out of there. Also looking around to where Chase is to make sure she's safe at the moment.

More Centurions keep going down, but the wave isn't stopping. They're now less than two hundred yards from the Raptors and closing fast. They'll be on the position within two minutes. The automatic rifle fire from them is growing more intense by the second, Marines taking hits. The Raptors start sparking and the crews are looking frantic. "WE ARE LEAVING!" the ECO yells and at the rear of the pack, Raptors lift off, drifting away from the group and with a tremendous -BANG- the first jumps away, the sound like an artillery shell going off.

As Genny fires over his shoulder, Bastien feels a sting in his neck and a small splatter of his blood hits the Marine in the face as he bodily loads her onto the Raptor and follows suit, madder than a hornet at her about the continuing the fight.

Genny's breathing grows shallow before Bastien can get to the Raptor, perhaps a sign that the medication and the blood loss are both messing with her. Either way, it's a good thing he's got her because she's only just barely hovering on consciousness.

Taking a few bullets to him, Fischer lowers his weapon. Moving to Chase to drag her with him back towards the Raptors, and making sure she gets inside first now. Readying his rifle for another shot, he sees that it's safer to get into the Raptor now, and so he moves into it, as quickly as he can. "See you later, home…" he mutters as he makes sure to stay safely away from the hatch now.

Morgan is down but not quite out. While sagging agains the barrel, he levels his rifle at a centurion and fires three more shots. One of them pings against the centurion's metal neck, denting it without inflicting more than light damage. He struggles to his feet, clutching his chest and orders, "Bug out! Now!" He quickly glances around him to ensure that everyone else is aboard a bird before he, too, finally bolts and dives into an open hatch.

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