AWD #090: Jailbreak - Aftermath
Jailbreak - Aftermath
Summary: More familiar faces than anyone on the Orion expected are off-loaded from the prison on Picon.
Date: 06/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Hangar Bay — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #90

After a full effort, the hangar decks tend to be something akin to near-anarchy. Only the expert work of a practiced wartime Deck crew seems to make organization out of insanity. With the Vipers and Predators first back, they are already pushed out of the way and crews either just getting out or already on the hangar deck, talking to each other. Making room for all the Raptors is no easy task, but the room is already cleared for the first few and the elevators are bringing them down. The sides are pockmarked with bullet impacts and some have frozen clumps of dirt on their skids. Being moved aside as the elevators go back up to the flight deck, the hatches on the side open and some very excited and wide-eyed civilians are visible within. Kids to adults, people of all ages seem packed into the birds with no room to spare. They slowly begin stepping out as MP's move in to attend to them. The last time a Raptor like these appeared, it was on Warday.

"Roger??" a female PO2 says, her voice disbelieving. "ROGER!!" she yells, abandoning her duties to a parked Viper. A man getting off the Raptor blinks and looks towards the Petty Officer. He blinks twice more as his shoulders sag. "Jessa!!" he calls back. The Deck crew member charges past the MP's and throws her arms around the man, yelling in happiness as tears stream down her face.

Down in another section, there's another such yell and similar shouting. Its not the kind associated with danger. This is different. More Raptors descend down the elevators as people disgorge from the tended craft and look around excitedly.

Quietly and away from the crowds, the Marines that were on the mission are also disgorging from the Raptors they could get to in the closing moments of the escape. Bastien is using his shoulder so that Genny doesn't have to use her leg as he helps her down from the back of the Raptor. "Come on, honeybee." he says towards the Sergeant. "I don't think we're gonna have another stretchers, and this ain't the first time we did the three-legged race."

Phin's Viper touched back down on Orion a bit ago, scratched from its fun with Raiders over Picon, but suffering no serious damage. He's finished his post-flight but is lingering on the hangar deck. Out of the way, at least. His arms are crossed over his chest as he watches the Raptors unload, still tense despite the mission being technically over.

Genny is barely conscious and needs to be carried more than supported, her injured leg dragging behind her while her good leg does the little hop-hop thing when she can get her brain and the rest of her body to listen to each other. While this happens she mutters curses under her breath, none of which are actually real words.

Kingsbury stands next to Dolly, silent, eyes scanning the discharging Raptors. His arms are also crossed, and he's not moving, just intently watching.

Bastien finally gives up and hefts the Marine into his arms to carry her to one of the stretchers, his own wound causing him to wince as they move and he directs the way towards the sick bay, "Come on you." he murmurs.

Nadir and the rest of the medical staff on duty are already in the crowd as soon as word is passed through the ship that the away raptors are returning. Stretchers are prepared, gurneys as well, nurses and attending physicians standing by. Nadir is in the vanguard of this little medical unit, helping sort the wounded as they're carried - or walking - out of the packed raptors. "Officer Sanborn," she says as she moves to help the PO assist the Sergeant to a stretcher. "You're wounded," a observation, not a declaration, "status?" inquiry now as she looks over Borde and the damage done to her right leg. "Bullet wound, right leg," she says to the nurse at her side.

In spite of moderate damage, Morgan is unwilling to leave the raptor on a gurney when those are needed for people with more serious injuries. Gripping the side of the hatch, he emerges cautiously from the bird after all of the troops under his command have exited the aircraft.

A girl of about ten years of age makes her way through the crowd, looking around. She's got that ruddy complexion of a Tauran, and eyes that look familiar to some of the pilots. She wanders through the crowds, trying to stay out of the way, but its hard when you're that age and excited. She has a huge smile as she walks up to Phin, noticing the Viper patch on his suit. A hand reaches up to tug on Dolly's arm and she speaks up. "Hey, sir? Is Lieutenant Holtz here? Kurt Holtz?" Those eyes.

More Raptors open their hatches and some of the Deck and pilots have begun congregating around the hatches, waiting to see who is inside. There are more screams. One young boy of about six jumps right out of the hatch and into the arms of a Raptor ECO, the man looking shocked and exasperated. There are more shouts going up, this time from the civilians getting off the Raptors. They're calling names in search of faces. Familiar names.

"She's got a serious wound to her right thigh, might have nicked the artery, Doctor." Bastien reports in as Samtara makes her demand. As for himself? "Fractured rib. Bullet caught me in the chest, and I think I got a stinger in my neck." he says as he places his hand to the neck wound. "I'll ger her to sickbay and stay there myself. Unless you need my assistance up here?"

Myles stands from some distance, his arms crossed as he observes the Raptors opening the hatches opening. A soft simle can be seen on his face, but his eyes show some sadness still.

It would seem that all the hits he took from the battle this time was all in the chest region, but Fischer doesn't head for sickbay just yet. Looking around at the people that was saved, especially the children for the moment, he moves a bit out of the way, where he can see the people present without moving around too much for now.

"Storm's tough, and his shoot popped, according to our new foster CAG," Phin says to Kingsbury. "So I'm sure he's fine. I'm sure the Raptors got him back." He tries to sound sure, even if he is maybe saying it in part to convince himself. He's focused on the faces coming out, but only gives most of the civvies a passing look, so he doesn't notice the little girl right away. But of course, when she approaches him, she gets his attention. "Hey, kid, you should probably…" But whatever steering to the medics he's about to give her catches in his throat. "Umm. Hey. Hi. Is your name Allison?"

Kingsbury nods to Phin. "I know," he says. Blue eyes watch Phin and the girl. He stays silent.

Nadir is focused on the wounded immediately in front of her - that being Bastien and Genny - and while Bastien speaks she's helped secure Genny to the stretcher. " You're walking wounded, Officer Sanborn, go with the Sergeant to sick bay and see that your wounds are tended to and dressed. If you can still work after you're cleaned up, come back out." Which, in medical language, translates to 'no pain meds, clear head only', which doesn't need to be said, because they're medics, they know how it works. Nadir is scanning the growing crowd, picking out faces and profiles that she knows, counting the marines as they're coming out of the raptors.

"I know that there were at least two other wounded Marines." Bastien rats out the walking wounded. "Don't let them sneak off without treatment." he says, as he moves to walk with Genny to the sick bay.

The girl blinks at Phin and looks a little confused. "Yeah! How'd you know that?" she asks, tilting her head. "Does he talk about me? Where is he??" she asks, looking around. "Can you call his phone or something? The canners took mine." Phones. Right.

More people are stepping down to the catwalks, drawn by the shouts. They're watching. Looking. This is looking more and more like a reunion. "HEY! Call Morey down here! Its her daughter!!" is shouted nearby to someone on the catwalk. One of the MP's who is supposed to be guarding and cowing the civilians is trapped in one helluva liplock with a young woman of about twenty. People are running. The Raptors are barely getting moved. Everyone is looking for someone.

"Holy frak…" Phin's face breaks into a grin, blue eyes wide. Though he winces, when he catches himself swearing in front of the child. "Uh. Sorry. Do not say 'frak'. It's…really wrong. Anyway. Yeah. My name's Phin. I fly with your dad. And he…really, really missed you. It's going to make his, like, lifetime, to see you. He's umm…" Well, he certainly can't say where Holtz is. "Umm. He's taking care of some really important business. He's a Major now so he's, like, boss of all the Vipers in our squadron. But he'll be back real soon. We can wait together, OK?"

Nadir actually aims a look at Bastien that is almost a smile, "Got it. Don't worry. Badgering marines into accepting medical care is one of my special skills," she says - quietly - before fixing a look at Bastien himself. "Speaking of, hold still while I look at your neck wound," she says and moves to do precisely that, seeing as how she's already wearing gloves and ready to work.

Kingsbury smiles at Phin and the young Ms. Holtz and, spotting someone he thinks is familiar, wanders off.

Bastien tilts his head to the side obediently so Samtara can check the wound. The corpsman understands the rules, at least. "The armor caught one of the two that hit me in the neck, Doctor."

The MiniHoltz grins at Phin and nods. "Phin? Sir? Sir Phin? I'm Tauran. If you've met my dad, you probably know he's not exactly subtle. Its a common word." But the rest has her look at him a bit oddly. "Then that canner wasn't lying? He's a Major? What- how? But yeah, sure, I'll hang out with you until we find him." She turns to wait, crossing her arms just like him and leaning against the Viper. When in doubt, try to blend in, right?

The screams continue, some of the reunions look more subdued and stoic. A few of those in particular looking like fathers and sons finding each other. The Deck is starting to fill up with people, most of the Raptors apparently down by now. No sign of Holtz. The crews, for the most part, are scrambling around, trying to see if there is anyone they know. The MPs have absolutely given up.

Smiling as he sees the family reunions at the moment, Fischer remains near the wall, as he takes a few deep breaths. Still looking around at the people present, to see if there's anyone he knows among the people out in the room. One hand going into a pocket that wasn't hit by any bullets to pull out a picture, and he looks from that and out into the room now. He spots the doctor as well, but doesn't move in her direction yet, remaining where he is now.

"You were wearing a helmet though, correct?" Nadir asks of Corpsman Sanborn as she peels up the bandages in place, "Who dressed the wound?" she asks as she methodically cleans the length of the wound. "This will need stitches and then a clean layer of bandage. Antibiotics. Keep me in the loop with the rest of your injuries."

"Uh…" Phin can't help but chuckle at the girl's words about his language. "Right. Yeah. Not subtle is…a good summary of your dad. He's a really good guy. He's been my regular wingman since the first time we went out against the toasters. Saved my life that day." He might sound a little guilty as he notes that, but he tries to avoid being too down. This particular kid having stepped off a Raptor is a minor miracle, so a lesser blessing of Holtz not being dead seems more plausible. "Just Phin is fine. Or Dolly. That's my callsign. Because…of my name. Doll-Phin, get it?" Maybe the 10-year-old will finally be the one who buys that origin story.

Morgan continues to move slowly, cautiously down the ramp until he reaches the bottom. He grimaces with each step and his steps are unsteady. When someone screams, he looks toward the sound on instinct but he has trouble focusing for a moment. He is pale, and beneath the open shirt of his combat fatigues, a dark red stain of blood is visible. Periodically, he stops to rest for a moment before continuing on his slow journey across the deck.

"Of course doctor. I always make sure I wear my protection, no matter the sitation." Bastien snorts a little, as she treats the wound and he hisses. "Aww, frak. Come on mom." he grumbles. "I'll get it looked at." he finally offers a little smile and goes to escort Genny away.

Allison smirks at Phin, too happy to be here. "That's pretty cute. I'm just going to call you Dolphin, then." She buys it. For now. "So where's my dad, huh? Shouldn't you be calling him or something? I know he's like the best pilot ever. Saving lives is kinda what he does." Because what ten year old doesn't idolize their fighter pilot father?

"Hey, dolphins aren't cute, they're fierce," Phin says, cracking a slight grin. "Deceptively fierce. They may not look tough, but they can kill sharks with their noses and everything." Idolized or not, he nods in agreement with her assessment of Holtz. "Yeah. That's what he does…" His eyes go to those Raptors again.

Nadir grins faintly, almost - but not quite - laughs at Sanborn before letting him and Sgt. Borde depart for sickbay. She begins to move through the crowd, looking for more wounded along the way, her medical team doing the same thing, pinpointed the ones who are walking wounded and sorting out the ones who are pretending to NOT be wounded. Fischer happens to fall under that category and the same nurse that was working with Nadir approaches Fischer with a determined look on her face. "Corporal Fischer, correct?" the nurse asks, checking the wounded marine rifleman over with the same sort of calm but narrow eyed look that nurses are so fond of aiming at Fischer. Nadir grins, a few feet away, pleased by the initiative on display and lets the nurse who's picked Fischer as her wounded to drag back to the sickbay and turns slightly, sweeping a look around, the startling sound of screams as people reunite and collide for hugs make her a bit bit wary. This skimming of the crowd finds Morgan - or, rather, the blood stained shirt under his combat fatigues - and she's moving toward the Marine with a look on her face that's rather difficult to read.

"Hmmm?" Fischer replies, gaze still on the picture in his hands, and then back out at the others now. "Oh… That's me, yes. How so?" Looking out there again, a bit carefully for now. He's not been trying to pretend not be wounded, but it would seem that at least in his mind, there's something far more important right now.

"Fierce. Right. I saw this movie once, that's totally a kids movie, about this dolphin that saved this whale and they fell in love and went off to make little whalephin babies. They're both mammals." So that makes it possible in Allison's mind. She looks around the crowd, though, still searching. All of the Raptors have been unloaded and the deck has turned into total anarchy. That's a lot of people running around. "So Dolphin. Should I start yelling for my dad or what? Cuz this? This is not doing me any good. I don't have a flightsuit so its hard for me to look as cool as you and if its not looking cool, its boring. So." She cups her hands and shouts, "MAJOR HOLLLLLLLLLTZ!" at the top of her lungs. Only a few people bother to look despite the screeching decibel level.

Phin winces at the screeching. "Umm…please don't do that!" Though he looks entirely unsure of what to do. And more apprehensive, with no sign of Holtz as the Raptors finish unloading. "Uhh…he might still be working. But we can ask one of the Raptor crew if he's…finished. Maybe. C'mon." He holds out a hand for Allison, not wanting to risk losing the kid in the chaos of the hangar deck.

With more people emerging from raptors, and word beginning to spread to the rest of the ship that many of these folks are relatives of crew-members, Morgan's progress is more difficult. Someone bumps into him, pressing aagsint his chest so that he staggers and grimaces in pain, gritting his teeth to suppress any sound. From across the hangar, he sees Nadir, and he changes course, moving sluggishly but deliberately toward the doctor even after she spots him and her expression shifts to something inscrutable. He lifts one hand to wave weakly, and then sighs. He glances around him for something solid so that he can lean against it for a moment.

"How so, indeed," the Nurse that's eyeing Fischer has already pinpointed the bullet wounds and closes in on him with a look that dares him to defy medical assistance. "You're wounded, and you're going to sickbay. Your option, Corporal, is to go on your feet or be carried out - bound to a stretcher. Which option would you prefer?"

Allison looks at Phin's hand and sighs. She gives him a 'Are you FOR REAL?!' look. Yes, this is definitely Holtz's daughter. She gives a dramatic sigh and takes his arm instead and wanders through the crowd towards a Raptor crew that's actually trying to get the safety pins back in the guns on their wings. The pilot looks up towards Phin, then the girl, then goes back to trying to safe the gun.

Phin almost grins again at the look he gets from Allison Holtz. Yeah, that's Storm's kid all right. He can't quite make it to that expression just now, though. "Excuse me, sir?" He tries not to interrupt the Raptor pilot too much, but he does want to know. "You got any word on Major Holtz?" And just in case the word is bad, he says pointedly, "This is his daughter. She was one of the folks evac'd off Picon."

Of those in the crowd surging around the deck personnel, the pilots, the officers, the civilians - the wounded and those who are more traumatized than anything else - the man who bumps into Morgan offers a politely worded apology, hastily spoken and a few beats after the fact. One grime edged hand is lifted to run absently over short white hair, standing in the sea of people, a woman finding her place alongside the white haired man, both looking thin and ragged around the edges - like all the rest. The white haired man follows the path of the man that he bumped into and weaves through the crowd in his wake, "You look wounded, son," said in a voice shaded by a cultured Picon accent. "Where's your medical personnel?"

Only lightly wounded, Chase manages to gather her thoughts together and go searching for Fischer.. seeing him with the picture in his hand it pains her. Needing no such photo, her eyes are already scanning the room seeking two faces. Just.. two out of all of these people. "Have you seen her, Fischer? Have you seen them?"

"Look," Fischer says to the nurse, turning to look at her now. "There's someone I'm trying to find here, with all the people we brought back. So if you would just give me a little time to get that done, and I'll be down to sickbay right after that. I promise." Even offering her a brief smile, before he starts moving further into the room now. Pausing as he sees Chase, he moves over to her. "Not yet," he replies, before he adds, "We should keep looking, though." Hope in his voice as he says that, as he offers her a smile. "Like you said earlier today, this might be it…" he offers a bit more quietly.

The Raptor Lieutenant looks back at Phin and cusses under his breath as someone knocks his arm, preventing him from rewedging the pin. "You know what? Frak it. I quit," he mutters, kicking the gun. The officer stands and looks back to Phin, then the girl. "Gods, kid, who did you piss off to get him for a dad?" Allison, in all her glory, gives him a smile and two middle fingers. Then the LT looks to Phin again. "Chute went down about five or so miles from the LZ. We couldn't get to him. After that Saber went active? It would've been suicide. Besides, every single Raptor was past safe take-off minimums for Picon's gravity. Some of our crew had to jump with their skids still sitting on mud. Probably blew craters in the ground." He grimaces. "Don't know his condition. That godsdamned canner ran, too. The Marines piled out, she grabbed a car, drove out the front frakkin gate. Not a word. So she escaped, Gods know where the hell she went. So we're down him and her, if you count her as active aircrew." Its pretty plain he doesn't. "He's going to have to get outside the Saber's range, though. Or we're going to have to take the damned thing out. We don't even know where it was."

Morgan turns slowly. At this point, each move comes slowly, He nods to the white-haired man. He takes a slow breath and ncos. "Yes, sir," he answers. "I … I saw one of our surgeons over there," he continues, nodding toward where he last saw Nadir. Then he looks at the man only to find a woman, also with graying hair. He looks around that the crowd and explains, "We brought quite a group of people back. I …" He takes another slow breath. "I need to move, but I'm not too fast." He looks at the elder man and swallows. "If you would be kind enough to help me toward the exit."

"Frak…" That's Phin's first response to all that. Apparently forgetting he'd told himself not to swear in front of the little girl. The news makes him go a shade paler, but he nods. And makes an effort to pull himself together outwardly, at least. "Your dad's still on Picon," he says to Allison. "For now. But we're going to get him back. ASAP. I swear to gods, we're going to get him back."

"Look Fischer, you're doing no one any good here," Chase says quietly. "I know who I'm looking for, I know what she looks like. You go to sickbay and if I find her I'll bring her to you. You've got to get healed in case she's here, she'll want to meet you.." Finally. "When I tell her you're here.." If she's here.

The white haired man takes a step to the left of the wounded Marine and does the most expedient thing, "Lean against me, Son, we'll get you moving in the right direction," he offers, sounding quite calm about all of this as the slender woman at his side moves around the marine and takes his other arm over his shoulders. "Together then," comes her voice, sounding equally cultured and delicately shaded with the same Picon accent.

The Nurse that had singled Fischer out steps to the side, moving out of the way so that Chase can move in place instead. "Alright, corporal, but only for a bit longer. If you fall over from blood loss, we're carting you out of here like a sack of potatoes," she warns.

Allison just stares at the Lieutenant and her hold to Phin's arm falls away. She stands there, thunderstruck, in silence. Does she even hear Phin's words? But Ally doesn't cry. She doesn't scream. The girl swallows, takes a deep breath, and just turns to walk away into the crowd.

Fischer shakes his head a little at Chase. "I'll come with you, at least for a little while," he offers, with a little bit of a smile. "If we don't find them very soon, I'll head on down to sickbay. I promise." Looking to the nurse again now, he offers her a nod and a grateful smile, "I'll be careful," he offers to the nurse now, before he looks back to Chase. "Shall we go look, then?"

Phin looks down at the girl, his face drawing into an expression of maybe more concern when she doesn't scream. And a sort of sad recognition. "If you see Lieutenant Vashti before I do, tell her…tell her to track me down if she can." With that, he turns and follows Allison Holtz as she wanders into the crowd.

Morgan bows his head slightly when the white-haired man moves to his right side. He looks at the woman who is now on his left, studying her closely, his eyes struggling to focus. "You look … familiar," he tells her, speaking slowly. He frowns for a moment. He sighs. "Perhaps it's just fatigue," he admits, "but …" He shakes his head and advises the man on his right, "I can't go quickly, but I'm ready." Then, the three of them start to move through the crowd.

"We have a daughter stationed here," the white haired man explained to the Marine that he and his wife are helping through the crowded hangar deck. "She's a surgeon," the slender woman on the other side of the Marine explains, both pausing for a moment to let the Marine breathe before starting forward again.

Nadir, Sam that is, has frozen a few yards away in the crowd, the look on her face is one of shock and something more. She moves forward a step, halts again, then another. The usually reserved, calm, collected and utterly logical surgeon is moving forward now at a much faster pace than the crowded room would warrant. Through the room the slender woman standing on Morgan's left says one word, "Sam," and now it makes sense why she looks familiar to Morgan. Sam pushes past the last few people between where Morgan is flanked by the Drs Nadir and joined by the last one - Sam - who is torn between the wounded Morgan and the sight of her parents before the decision is made for her when the gray haired woman steps forward and pulls Sam into a hug.

"Fischer, please… go to sickbay and get cared for and if I find her I'll bring her to you. You're not going to get better on your own without medical attention… You go, you'll do no one good if you bleed to death." Chase urges him on again.

Morgan looks again at the woman on his left when she speaks that name, and then he looks toward Nadir. The pieces fall into place and he smiles weakly. He looks at the white-haired man and says, "Sir, you're …" His eyes shift to Nadir again, and then back to the man. "I'm fine, sir," he assures and nods toward the doctor.

Fischer looks a bit torn as he hears Chase's words, before he nods a little slowly. "Come see me as soon as you've found her?" Since at the moment there's no doubt in his mind. "And you probably have a wound or two for them to check on as well, right?" Offered with a quiet smile now.

The hug exchanged between mother and daughter is brief but fierce, both leaning back and sharing a look that is identical - each studying the other, concern etched in each expression, "You look thin," comes from Sam and "You've been working too hard," comes from her mother almost at the same moment. Smiles that are equally wry are shared before they turn toward Morgan and Sam's father, Sam's eyes going wide, "Your hair," she says in shock at the pure white hair that her father is now sporting before she eyes Morgan. "You're wounded," and steps forward, moving to take his arm over her shoulders. "Sick bay, now. All of you," earning a chuckle from her father, "She's bossy," aimed at his wife/Sam's mother.

"She is," Morgan agrees weakly with Nadir's father, "But she's right in this case." Then he looks to the doctor without hesitation has pulled his arm over her shoulders. He nods to her. "Things are better than they could have been," he murmurs and walks with her toward the exit.

"I will. I just want you to get fix…" Chase ceases her talking, her voice cracks and tears immediately spring to her eyes. Reaching out she grasps Fischer's arm, the direction of her gaze landing on a little girl with curls the same dirty blonde as Fischer's, eyes the same green. Behind her is a woman of mid-fifties, graying hair, a grandmother look about her. "Fischer… Gods… there she is…" And the words are barely out before the little girl spots her and comes running, flinging herself with a sob into her mother\s arms. Chase scoops her up and twirls her around, holding her tight. "Manda, baby, oh Gods, I've missed you. I've missed you so so so so much…"

"I kno…" Fischer's own voice trails off as he hears Chase, and turns to see the girl running for her. For a moment he just stands still, quite unsure of what to do now, before he steps closer to the two of them. Keeping quiet, although it's plain to see that there are tears in his eyes at the moment.

At the same time, the older woman comes over as well, smiling at the reunion of her daughter and granddaughter. "Chase…" she says, after a few moments, her voice filled with emotion at the moment.

Chase can't let go. She looks to her mother and smiles, "Thank you mom, for caring for her… thank you for keeping her safe." Amanda is clinging tightly to her, her face buried against her, saying mommy, mommy over and over. There is nothing in the world that would ever take her away again. Nothing. Chase turns to meet Fischer's eyes. "This is Amanda." Gently she brushes the girl’s hair from her face. "Manda, this is your daddy, remember the man from the picture I showed you by the bed? This is him and he loves you and is so happy to see you."

Amanda lifts her head and green eyes so achingly like her father’s turn on him. He looks like his picture! Her daddy! "Daddy! I dreamed you was lookin' for me and then you found me!" Holding her arms out for him to take her, she wants to hug her father for the first time. "You came to find me, I saw you."

"Amanda…" Fischer says the name very quietly for the moment, smiling as he looks to her. "Hello." Sounding a bit unsure of what to say now, he smiles, tears in his eyes. "We never stopped looking for you," he says, voice a bit quiet. "I could not stop until I found my little girl," he adds, taking her gently in his arms as she holds hers out for him, hugging her close. "I love you so much." The tears flowing freely from his eyes now, as the moment he's waited for ever since he was told he had a daughter, finally has come. "Your mommy and I, we both love you so very much."

As the little girl is handed over to her father, Chase's mother steps forward to hug her own daughter. "Thank *you* for coming and getting us out of there, and off Picon," she replies. "There were times I thought we never would survive…" A brief pause, before she adds, "But then I remembered that you usually do what you have decided to do. You always have."

As solemn as the moment is, Amanda has a smile on her face, seeming none the worse for wear. Unlike her mother who always seems so serious, Fischer's daughter with Chase has an outgoing and fun personality and she beams a bright and adoring smile at her father as if knowing instinctively this was her very own daddy, and had been waiting for six whole years for him to come and see her. "Hi daddy. I know you didn't, ‘cause Mommy told me she would come see me again and bring you to see me too someday.” Lifitng her tiny little hand, she wipes the tears from his cheeks. "Don't be sad daddy, I love you so much too."

Chase takes a moment to watch the two of them together before hugging her mother tight almost breaking down but managing to maintain her composure. "You knew I'd come mom. I had to. Amanda has the best grandma, you know. Look, we have to get Fischer in for medical care, can you come with us in case they need to see me too."

"Daddy's not sad," Fischer replies, smiling to Amanda now. "Daddy's so very happy that he found you." Holding her close, he adds, "Perhaps your mommy will smile more again now that you are here too." Hearing Chase mention medical care, he nods a little to himself. "And now that we have found you, we will always be here for you," he adds.

"Thank you," the mother replies a bit quietly, smiling a little now. "She has the best mother as well." Nodding a bit at the mention of getting Fischer in for medical care, she smiles a little. "Of course. Wouldn't want Amanda to lose her father because he bled to death while hugging her, would we? Lead the way."

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