AWD #149: It's Really Happening
It's really happening
Summary: Conversations on the up coming war as preparations continue apace in the hanger bay.
Date: 04/Jun/2013
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Hangar Bay, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight
AWD 149

With the Battlestar gearing uo for sustained action on Picon, it's no great surprise that the bays are busy. The noise level has increased, as has the number of people present, as good an indication as any that activity is up and shifts are lengthening. As well as the standard maintaince and servicing of the birds, there seems to be a fair amount of re-organisation going on, storage being rearranged to be more space efficent and lesser used gear being serviced and tested. Having taken note of his previous civilian experince, it looks like the Deck Chief has assigned Toby to checking over the bay's firefighting equipment and if the list on th clipboard next to him is anything to go by he has a while to go yet before it's done. For now though he's rolling up a hose that's been inspected and pronounced fit for purpose.

Back to the scene of the crime.. or the Raptor she'd been flying before the two forges had incapacitated her, leaving KB to fly her bird home. Maia walks over towards where the boneyard is growing with hers and Kels. At least her own was salvageable! Instead of looking at the damage to her own, she looks towards Kels and Ygraine's. "Damn.. how the hells did they manage to live through that?" Mostly talking to herself, she looks around at the activity, spotting a deck hand she hadn't seen in awhile, though she'd assumed he'd been deliberately avoiding her, so the smile she offers is tentative. "Hey."

Toby hasn't been avoiding Maia as such, more avoiding any situation where he might have contact with one of the skinjobs. Safer that way, less chance of finding himself on a murder charge. THatfully, with the loss of the pilot, it's been fairly easy to just bury himself in work and be relatively safe on that score. Glancing up from where he's rolling the folded hose he spots Maia easily enough and offers a brief nod, saving anything else until the equipment is stowed back in it's alcove. THen he turns back to the young pilot and asks, "something you need Lieutenant?"

Looking back at the Raptors, Maia shakes her head, then looks along towards the Vipers. Phins and Agrippas. "Just looking over what they did to earn those medals. Tough stuff. I think I'd rather remain medal-less than go through that, you know?" With an easy smile, she turns back around to face Tony. "How have you been doing?"

Phin is due on Alert Five today, though his shift doesn't start for awhile. Still, that's probably why he's hanging about the deck. As he makes his way into the area where the Raptors are bayed for repairs, he can't help but stop and stare. At the same one that's caught Maia's attention. He just hangs back and looks at the thing for a moment, not calling attention to himself.

Toby ends up following Maia's glance to the Vipers briefly and so misses Phin's arrival for now, nodding instead to the pilot infront of him. "I guess thats why you guys get paid more," he replies, conversationally as he reaches for his clipboard to mark off another successful check, "just so long as they don't do that to all of 'em them come demanding to know why there's nothing left for 'em to fly." Scanning his list to see what's next he moves a few feet to a handholdable extinguisher and does a quick visual check of its casing, hose and serivce tages before signing off on it as well. "Busy," he replies to her question as he does so, "yourself?"

Maia chuckles softly. "You mean we get paid? I thought we just got food, underwear and shoes for working so hard." Of course the pilot is teasing, but she does watch him work for a few moments. "Looks like you've pulled the task of checking the gear huh? Nice break from the norm?" Though she is dressed in her fatigues, she's not on duty at the moment if the bandage on her right hand is any sort of indication. "Hopefully we're getting all the ships on Picon soon, then there'll be enough birds for every single one of the pilots. It'd be nice.'

"I think I've heard some guys talk about planes we might be able to grab, from somewhere on the surface," Phin puts in. Once he's gotten all he wants to out of staring at a Raptor that's been up close and personal with a SABER. "Maybe we can replace some of what we break. Hey, Centerfold. Recruit." He takes in the hustle and bustle around him. "You guys look slammed."

Turning the clipboard round so Maia can see the title at the top of what he's working on 'Fire Control Systems, Port Side, Main Hanger', Toby glances over to Phin. "Lieutenant. It's our part of the war effort," he replies with a wry smile, pointing the clipboard over to where the deck stores are being check and re-arranged, "we're moving boxes." The grin he fashes then suggests that that is likely some sort of injoke amongst the deckies but he nods at the mention of grabbing stuff from Picon, "Yeah, part of he reason we're making space where we can, birds and parts alike apparently."

Hearing the familiar voice, Maia turns and when she recognizes Phin, her smile widens. "Hey there, Dolly. That's two promos in just a few months, I've gotta say, I'm impressed." Glancing back to the Raptor, she just shakes her head. "Bad deal, that." Looking back at the clipboard, she reads across the top and grins. "Looks like a quite a job to do. "Can't wait till we fill it with more. I wonder if any will be assigned to Picon or if we'll be letting those from the other ships we found fill those/

Hearing the familiar voice, Maia turns and when she recognizes Phin, her smile widens. "Hey there, Dolly. That's two promos in just a few months, I've gotta say, I'm impressed." Glancing back to the Raptor, she just shakes her head. "Bad deal, that." Looking back at the clipboard, she reads across the top and grins. "Looks like a quite a job to do. "Can't wait till we fill it with more. I wonder if any will be assigned to Picon or if we'll be letting those from the other ships we found fill those."

Phin chuckles at the 'moving boxes' bit. "I read a book once that said 'war is hell.' They didn't really get into the boxes part of it, though." More seriously, "It's really happening. I mean. Not that I doubted Tactical was serious but, we are priming for a big show." He sounds like he's not sure whether to be nervous or excited about the prospect. He lands somewhere in the middle. As for his promos, he shrugs, and says wryly, "I think it's more an attrition thing than anything else. If this was peace time, I'd still be months from getting reviewed for a J-G bump. Sign of the times." His eyes linger back on the Raptor as he says that last part.

"It's not the worst on offer," Toby replies to Maia, "they're being generous and allowing us longer shifts to do it in though." His slight emphasis on the word 'allowing' is to highlight that fact that that might not be exactly how it was phrased originally but he doesn't seem to be begrudging it. Phin gets a nod, "Seems like, although I can't say I've been to war with the fleet before so I could be wrong, we might just be having a spring clean."

Quirking her lips in a smile at the words from Phin, Maia looks between him and Toby. "I've been hearing it for awhile, so I've been expecting it. I'm sure it'll happen and soon. And as soon as it does, and Picon is ours again… Could you imagine? We could even work on having stuff like.. stores again, businesses, restaurants." Laughing at the very idea, she just shakes her head. "Amazing how things like that can be part of your life for so many years, but as soon as it's all swept away for half a year and it makes it seem like forever." With a smirk, she nods with a knowing expression. "I know about being 'allowed' longer shifts.

"Generous," Phin says dry to Toby. "If things are as hot as they say they're going to be on Picon, we'll probably get the privilege of flying double CAPs." He says little on the prospect of Picon being there's again. "We'll see. Even in the places we're able to take back at first, if things go well, I can't even imagine what the cities are like now. The place has been a warzone since the Cylons hit. I can't even imagine what it's like for the civilians down there." His head tilts at Toby, like the deckie might know.

"Generous," Toby repeats with a brief nod before he gets back to the more serious things, like talk of war and the next time on his list. "Soon as we take Picon back we move onto the next," he states as if it were him at the centre of such planning and discussions. "We take everything back, even what has been laid to waste and then we find their planet, or base, or whatever and deal with that too." There's a brief pauses while he checks the next extinguisher along, this one having a blue flash as opposed to the previous one's black, then he shrugs again, "or we take out their's and then mop up by reclaiming ours, either works I guess." As teh extinghuish seems to pass his check he makes another note then ponders Phin's point briefly, "not great, but then pretty much the entire time I was there was with Spree's lot, so I'm not sure if that counts as entirely civillian or not."

I'm pretty sure that there's nothing left of the cities as we once knew them, but at least it's a whole colony. The people of Picon, I couldn't even imagine.. I seriously worry about the ones on the others too." Listening to Toby's plan for taking back their homes, she nods in approval. "Sounds like a plan. I think you missed your calling in tactical."

"Gods willing," Phin murmurs, as Toby lists the strategy of reclaiming all the colonies and then hitting Cylon homeworlds. How hopeful he is about all that coming to pass is unclear, but it'd certainly be nice. "I spent a couple years on Picon. Did my flight quals at Hermes air base there. I liked it. The planet, at least. Gorgeous coastline. I kind of wonder how much of it's going to be left."

"Can't say I ever went near the coast," Toby admits with a shrug, looking down at the clipboard again as he does so. It's only a moment though before he's looking back to the pair of extinguishers, then their immediate surrounds, then back to the list again. "All right, lets hope there's no metal fires in the time it takes for us to find a replacement for that one," he mutters to himself as he makes a note next on a separate sheet underneither the list. That done he turns back to the pilots, "I did about two months. "War Day to when I joined here, it was alright, but as you can imagine, didn't get the same sight-seeing opportunities."

"I hope at least the natural beauty of the colonies haven't been taken away. I know even the water on Piraeus is beautiful. I'd love to see a coastline so that nothing but water as far as the eye can see is visible." Maia says quietly, this time not saying much, just watching Toby work. "I think I should go find some food or something." Though she says it, she makes no move to leave.

Phin nods to Toby. "Yeah. I can picture it. A little. Everyone who comes off Picon talks about how harsh it is. Guess we'll get an up close look soon enough. Later, Centerfold. I'm due on shift soon. Might as well get a pre-flight started for…hours of sitting in a Viper. Hopefully." Alert Five is boring, if all goes well. Very boring.

"Some of the colonies," Toby notes, perhaps a little harsher than he'd intended, but having had to watch the utter distruction of his homeworld such things are still a sore subject. As the pilots both mention other places to be he nods and adds, "and given the workload at he moment I should probably go sorta replacement now, before it gets forgotten about or buried under every other piece of paperwork that moving boxes seems to generate. Good day Lieutenant, Lieutenant."

"Some of the colonies," Maia echoes the words of Toby, having not meant to offend. "Yeah, I should get. I have to stop back by medbay again later, but for now, food." Shifting her attention to Phin, she grins. "Hope you have a boring time, Dolly." She knows exactly what he's talking about. "See both of you guys around."

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