ALT #338: It's Cold Down Here
It's Cold Down Here
Summary: Deckies talk shop outside of their usual environment.
Date: 11/Dec/2013
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Toby Alysibeth 
Pyramid Courts - Piraeus
Pyramid courts are here for those who enjoy playing and watching the sport. Courts are separated for different games to be going on at the same time. A tiered seating area is placed on the left and right sides of the court. Lower benches are also in place around the court edge.
AWD #338

It's a cold, cloudless day down in Sheridan. No snow has fallen, but the lack of cloud cover means it's likely to get very cold as soon as the sun goes down. The town itself is busy with people preparing for the winter, and with the influx of several thousand Minoans, but the pyramid courts seem almost deserted, which kind of sucks really, since it's definitely a game played best with opposition. Still, it would appear from the amount of sweat on his t-shirt that Toby has managed to make some form of workout out of it and is now sat on one of the lower sets of tiered seating having a drink of water and pulling a coat over his shoulders so he doesn't catch a chill.

Alysibeth has a kit in hand and a book in the other as she makes her way into the court. She stops when she spots him, "Trying to stay warm? Or just here to supplement yourself with something to do?" She puts down the kit a moment to place the bookmark at the spot in her book before she closes it. "Hello."

Toby sets his water bottle back down to get his second arm into the coat, then glances across towards Alysibeth as she speaks. "Afternoon," he greets with a faint nod before shrugging slightly, "bit of both perhaps. Yourself?" He wears a pair of black gloves on his hands, but that doesn't stop him shoving them deep into his pockets for the sake of warmth anyway. "I hear the viper-jocks were out playing a couple of nights ago, I trust they didn't cause too much work?"

Alysibeth nods once then replies, "I enjoy the work. Don't you?" She wrinkles her nose up but she sports a smile. "I am down here to make a few other repairs. However, I think someone's been pranking me so I am not working too hard." She shrugs her shoulders. "You didn't want to work out in the Rec center?" A finger points up towards the ship.

"I enjoy the bit where we help kill cylons," Toby replies with a relaxed smile, leaning against the back of the bench as he does so. At the mentin of pranks he digs his hands out briefly to hold them up in mock surrender, "wasn't me, honest PO, but then I wouldn't put anything past the pilots, they might well have broken something down here too." Returning his hands back to the warmth he follows her finger a moment then shrugs once more, "usually I would, the heavy punch bags and I are old friends, but I'm sort of onleave at the moment, so I figured here would do."

Alysibeth chuckles, "I like that part too about my job. I also enjoy solving the problems that are brought to me." She grins, "I know it isn't you. Likely a pilot and a marine saw that I'm just too lost in my job for their own comfort." then she shrugs again, "I'm cool with it. I did bring a book in case I wasn't too busy. I have finished all my other work and projects. I'm just waiting for the engineering to look over what the Chief and I found on one of the vipers." She asks, "I don't really follow this sport. Not like I used to when I was a kid. Again, what are the rules?"

"Score more than the other team," Toby answers helpfully, starting with teh last question first, "there's a few other things as well, but that's the basics of it." The mention of engineering and something found on a viper gets his attention though as he leans forward. "WHat did you find?" he asks, "sorry, I'm a little out of the loop as I've largely been helping with the Minoans of late."

Alysibeth tells him, "Some FOD was found on a viper. Well there was other FOD found prior. The Chief and I were handling some of the avionics on it when I found out the reason. We are waiting for more results and also that viper has to be reworked by someone in engineering." She grins, "That is all good news I suppose. Patrols have to be a bit more alert. I'm reading up on more ordnance theories just in case I have to work out something special while we're out here." Then she snorts, "How do you score though? That's the most important part, no?"

"Someone not tidying up in the bays?" Toby asks, one eyebrow raised, "need to stamp on that pretty sharpish." He frowns slightly at the thought of someone getting careless like that, then pushes the thought from his mind as his fellow knuckledragger goes on. Hauling one hand out he reaches down to the floor of the tier he's sat on and produces a ball, "you get this, through one of those," then points to wards one of the goals that stand on the apexes of the triangular courts. "Course there's hte other team trying to stop you mind, so it's not quite as easy as that."

Alysibeth shakes her head, "The FOD found was not from the bays. It was from a patrol ride. I found some melted on the undercarriage when I was pulling off an avionics relay system. Chief couldn't get it off so I went to take a look. Something was lodged on top of a juncture. I scraped it off to be analyzed." Then she looks at the ball first, her eyes moving to where the goal is. "Yes, that I understand by aren't there rules and such to defend the ball and also get it into the goal?" She chuckles, "Save your breath. I'll find a rulebook one day or another when I know I'll be watching a game."

Toby ahs silently at the explaination, then nods once. "Got you. That's good I suppose though, means it's not someone getting sloppy and putting lives at risk." Thats definitely a good thing in his book. Following her gaze to the goal he grins a little then sets the ball down again. "Theoretically yeah, depends who you're playing against though, can be a bit of a free for all at times. THe pro-leagues had loads of rules though, we generally just choose to ignore most of 'em."

Alysibeth laughs softly, "Why ignore the rules when the rules can keep you safe in a game?" then there is a snort. "Oh, I really should watch the game in motion." She tilts her head, "I won't allow anyone to be sloppy on the bays. Well because I just clean it up." Her brows furrow. "I've not seen you on the deck. What is it that you do precisely?"

"Cos some of them are stupid rules," Toby retort with a smile, "designed to make the game more watchable over a vid rather than more fun for the players to play." He nods at teh idea of watching a game though and states, "they tend to only be scratch games at the moment, when there's enough people with a bit of spare time. I'll let you know if anything gets scheduled though." As for what he does, that earns a quick glance skywards, "survival systems tech. So anything form the bird's life support, ejector seats, flight suits, fire supression to just about the same in the bays. Maintaining the extinguishers and BA sets, maing sure the compressors for the air bottles work, all the really glamous stuff."

Alysibeth chuckles softly. "Well thank you then in the future to let me know when a game is about to start down here." She lifts her brows as he lists off the items he handles. "Ah! Then we should talk sometime about the wiring for all those systems. That way I know for sure how to instruct the pilots to do quick fixes when they have to. That is if they have to when they are out on patrol. Need to make sure that they can route power to life support and ejector seats. Things like that. I can never be too sure what they know to do in an emergency."

"The seats are self contained," Toby states matter of factly, "designed that way so if there is total power failure then they can still be activated. Good old fashioned pyrotechnics and all that. I can talk you through the basics of the O2 systems and such though at somepoint, sure. Not too sure I want the brass messing about with it though, they're likely better of banging out than incase they screw something up and end up killing themselves." Yeah, he's got a high opinion of the average technical skills of the pilots. "Squire might manage it without fucking up too bad," he adds, after a momentary pause, "but then she was once one of us, so that's only to be expected."

Alysibeth smirks but nods, "Well we can chat about what would be acceptable for a pilot to muck with. I keep my nose out of the rest of the ship for good reason. I just should know which systems are self-contained and which may need to be tweaked if necessary. I hate not knowing the details. Plus, this way a viper and raptor can be rigged for minimal systems if possible." She hmms, "As in this scenerio… We are attacked by Toasters, all scramble to shoot them out of the sky but a few ships are not exactly up to par. Us, deckies can rig up a viper quickly to work at minimal but pass the checklist. Well that has me already thinking that we should have avionics and other system components on hand to just pull out the old and put in the good stuff."

"Remind me when I get back on Deck again and I'll take you through some of the basics," Toby offers with a slight nod, "although the manuals and schematics are in the deck office and ship's library if you feel like a bit of self study." Reaching down for his water bottle he takes another quick swing before picking up the ball as well and standing, the inaction is starting to make him feel cold apparently. Pondering the scenarios offered he shrugs slightly, "shit like that is well above my paygrade. You want to be talking to the Chief, maybe even the CAG about that."

Alysibeth picks up her kit, "Yeah, I'll do that then. I like reading manuels and schematics. If you can't find me on the deck, then you may find me singing in the rec center. Others caught me there practicing with the karaoke machine." She dips her head towards him, "I should let you get back to moving about. Cold down here and I should head back on up until there is a real need for me to repair something."

Toby stuffs the bottle in one pocket, but keeps hold of the ball as it's one of the very few personal posession he has. "Rec Hall, got it PO," he replies with a nod of understanding, although the prospect of karaoke does not seem to fill him with an abundance of joy. "Try not to let the bastards break anything major while I'm down here would you? I hate to think what backlog I'd get back too if they get the chance to run amock."

Alysibeth laughs heartily, "I think they are already doing that so they can get attention." She gives him a wave, "I'll see you on up. Enjoy your time off." then she heads back the way she came not bothering to see if the repair was truly needed or not. Of course, that doesn't stop others stopping her to fix the little gadgets they have.

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