AWD #091: It Goes All The Way To Eleven
It Goes All The Way To Eleven
Summary: In the middle of all of the elation over missing family and friends, a request for asylum surfaces. And headstroking. Don't forget the headstroking.
Date: 07/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Knox Naomi Petra 
Starts off in the makeshift quarantine area of the Hangar Bay and moves on to the Interrogation rooms in SecHub.

The Deck, after a full wing pull for an operation, is crazy enough as it is the next few days. Several of the Raptors overstressed their engines just trying to lift off and ultimately had to jump from a location on the ground, terra still stuck to their skids. Vipers and Predators were shot up. There was and is still a massive amount of work to do, but trying to corral all the prisoners down on the deck is also problematic. Its not just them arriving at the call for them to process in, all of them having scattered overnight. No, when they show up, they bring actual crew with them who don't want to leave their side just yet. Its caused some tension already and a few fights. Lots of emotions running high, but despite it all the morale of the ship just shot right through the roof from one of its darkest areas. The Aft-most bay of the port deck is filling up quickly and it doesn't even look like half of the people to process in have shown up yet.

Knox is not about to immerse himself in a group of refugees that might shank him. He's taken up a post standing near a mostly-unused entrance hatch to the Deck. He's on patrol duty, taking his line in watching the people and keeping them from running around everywhere. He's in full gear, down to the rifle and his radio pack. That spraypainted hockey helmet is perched on his head with the boom mic around his face and he looks over the crowd's face impassively.

Since her arrival, Naomi has intended to go straight to the nearest marine and turn herself in, really she did. But the overwhelming excitement and joy that people experienced since their arrival washed over her with the force of a party drug, making her giddy as she watched loved ones reuniting. It made her lose her feet, and so she just tucked herself into a quiet corner and tugged the blanket someone had draped over her petite shoulders closer before leaning her temple against the bulkhead and falling asleep for the first time with a smile on her face and certainty in her heart. But now, waking up, she rubs the side of her cheek, blinks blearily, and does her best to pat her hair into some semblance of neatness before venturing into the crowd. She's hungry, but she needs to find someone to turn herself over to.

After the ship completed the final jump back to P, rumors were already starting to drift up to Deck 2, with the comms operators starting a flurry of whispering and hissing around CIC, 'no shit, they found his son!' 'Dizzy said my wife is down there!' and its only gotten worse since then. So with fleet operations temporarily stunned, Petra is actually down in the Hangar Bay trying to see for himself. The first thing to note? Is Cooper still on duty, when he steps out onto the deck. With a small nod of his head to the Marine, he slows down, and while eyeing the still-ongoing chaos, murmurs, "Cooper. Well, of all the things I thought we were going to get out of this, all I can say is…holy shit." He even manages a small, amused smile at the Sergeant, "I see that we're missing a pilot and a certain compatriot of yours. Any idea what's going on with that?"

Coop looks over at Petra when the officer addresses him. The two probably look familiar to each other, more than just passing interaction of a random Marine, though its probably not a shock to see a Six in a Marine uniform. It probably makes a lot of sense after a moment of thought for Naomi. "Colonel," he says, sketching a salute to the TACCO. "This… is unfrakkingreal, sir." Coop turns back to look over all the people. "The number of people who survived is- sir, this is insane. Entire colonies were wiped out and here it looks like we have a normal distribution of survivors from the twelve. Its a miracle. This shouldn't have happened." He blinks, smiling faintly, and looks back to Petra. "As for Ceres?" A shake of his head. "No help here, sir. I have no idea." Because Cooper was 'not under arrest' and being held in case it was a trap. "But wherever she is? I'm sure she is there for a good reason. Sorry about Holtz, even if he is a dick, sir."

Her breath catches. Six. Her gut reaction to Sixes is instinctive, the urge to run to him being quelled by the necessity of not wanting to get shot. Keeping the blanket tugged tight across her shoulders so that her hands can be seen, she starts walking toward the other skinjob, noting how he is speaking to a man with ranking pins. Good. This will make the whole process easier. Or so she thinks.

Petra mmms, "It might be a miracle, Cooper, but I get paid to make sure its not anything else first, especially where your former associates are concerned. For right now though, I'm not throwing a wet blanket on anything. We needed this like a starving baby needed Mom's tit. As for the Major…well, he's a dick and a pain in the ass. Getting shot down is just gonna piss him off. I almost feel sorry for the Centurions he might run into." As his voice trails off, he makes note of the young woman heading their direction - not that the deck isn't SWAMPED with people right now, she just seems to be making a beeline for them, specifically. With a curious tilt to his brow, he asks Cooper while he watches her, "You have a new girlfriend I should warn Afton about? Cause someone likes you."

"Damned right, sir. Only reason I'm not burned up in P's orbit is because I work to the same ends. This is a little more than I was expecting, though. And by a little, I think your assessment of 'holy shit' covers it pretty well, Colonel." Knox rests his forearms on the rifle, standing there somewhat relaxed. "Hey, sir, if Holtz happens to run into any Centurions? I just hope he's got enough ammunition. I'm not worried about him. I'm just worried about my sister, that's all. I'd like her back. If she doesn't make it back? We've made peace. Our plan continues." A slow nod follows, along with a smile that indicates that same peace of mind. The approaching woman has him snort and he indicates back to the group. "Miss, the head, which is a bathroom, is through the hatch on the other side. Corporal Parks is taking groups. You'll have to wait in line, but I'm told it moves fast."

Naomi's expression turns from tentatively hopeful to baffled as Knox addresses her. Ceres showed him to her in a projection so she knew him right away. Well. All in good time. Still, there's a disapointed air about her as she turns her attention to Petra. "I'm sorry. Sir. Your pins are very fancy. Are you a person with authority? Because I really do need to speak to someone; it's rather important."

Petra murmurs, "Whether or not Ceres makes it back, Coop, when this uproar dies down, I'm going to make damned certain that people do not forget who is partially to blame for us having these people back to us right now. If anyone doubted your sister before…" His voice trails off as Knox gives Naomi the shpeel about the bathroom, and might even be distracting himself with looking the young woman over…when it sinks in she's talking to HIM. He blinks once, a furrow creeping across his brow, and hesitates a moment before he answers, "I'm Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Petra, Tactical Officer for the Orion. What can we do for you, ma'am?"

"Appreciated, sir. But don't cram it down anyone's throat. This, I think, needs to be what it is. Reunification. She called it, but this isn't about her, Colonel. Its about us all. Let it wash over you. Its like standing on the beach at sunrise, sir," Coop observes with an wistful smile. Yep, there's a Six smiling like that. But when the woman addresses Petra, hands slip slowly down to the rifle and he moves like he is readying to get in between them. Protective, much?

"Ceres broke off from the escape when she saw a parachute drop, presumably from one of your vipers." Naomi says matter-of-factly. "Erego one may assume she is attempting rescue of the pilot. Sir," she says earnestly to Petra, "My name is Dr. Naomi Tamsin. My model designation is Eleven. I formally turn myself over as a defector and request political asylum."

Petra seems a little surprised that Naomi knows who they are talking about, but takes it in stride and nods his head slowly, in fact, he opened his mouth to thank her for the information, when THAT falls out of her mouth. The LTC halts himself and takes in a slow, deep breath, "Coooo-per?" His eyes are glued to Naomi's face while he asks the Marine next to him for some sort of confirmation, then in a softer, even voice, "I think you better call over a couple of your fellow Marines. Quietly. And we're going to get out of this crowd before someone overhears what this young lady just said and we have a civilian riot on our hands." Then finally to Naomi, "Do me a favor and be quiet until we get somewhere a little more private. Please?"

Knox just stares, suddenly dumbfounded. "Uh," is all Petra gets back as a reply to the mention of his name. A few seconds of recovery from BSOD, he steps between them and gently takes her by the arm. "Step away from the Colonel," he says concisely. There is little argument to be felt in that tone. His free hand points to two riflemen watching him and he gestures sternly. They begin trotting over. "Miss, these MPs are going to detain you in holding. If you are what you say you are, you're going to be extremely cooperative." The other end of that option isn't listed. "Am I absolutely clear?"

When Knox takes her by the arm, Naomi's face tilts up toward Knox's and she beams. What sick, twisted bastard designed a skinjob with dimples? The naked love and trust on her face may border on embarrassing. It borders on hero worship. "Of course." she replies, though she pitches her voice softly. "I'll do whatever you want me to, Cooper. I was so happy when Ceres showed you to me. I cried. I'll have to tell her I'm sorry for getting her wet the next time we see her, I think she didn't quite know how to handle it." She gives him a little eyeroll, a silent Nines, you know how they are.

Petra sucks on a canine tooth while he watches the exchange between the two, letting Cooper do his job without any interruption. Instead he looks over to the riflemen to wait for their approach so he can accompany everyone off the deck without much more hullabaloo. Almost under his breath, as they start moving, he mutters, "Did I say 'holy shit' already, Cooper?" NOW, when he sizes Naomi up again from head to toe, its a good bet he's not doing it because she has a cute butt stuffed into a rather hot red dress.

Knox does a doubletake at the look on her face. WTF. He blinks and there is just zero recognition there in his eyes. "Ceres- How do you- what the frak?" Coop glances over his shoulder to Petra as the Marines take her into custody. "I have no idea what the hell is going on, sir," is about ALL he can get out. They escort the young woman off towards the brig and he glances to Petra as they walk. "You can keep saying it, Colonel. I'm not going to claim her as one of mine until I'm sure. She might be a skin, but she ain't one of mine unless she's serious about defection. She gets evasive, I'll be the first person to volunteer for the airlock detail." Shaved head, nasty scar, gruff manner… To Naomi, its a Six. But this is like no Six she has ever, ever come across before. He's awake and conducts himself voluntarily and precisely as a human. Uncharted waters.

The blankness on Knox's face upsets her. Oh god, it's like he kicked a puppy. As they walk along, she peers up at him. "You know how I know. She showed me. I'll show you too, if you want. Brother, don't you recognize me? You - you're awake, I can see that, why don't you recognize me? I knew you as soon as she showed you to me, and you should know me." She's visibly unhappy by the time they get her to the interrogation room. She puts a hand to her chest, murmuring distantly, "This data is corrupt." Translation: she is not happy.

Petra, for one, does not say a damned thing on the walk across the corridor to the Marine nerve center. When they actually reach the interrogation room, he stops to let Cooper and Naomi in first, so he can address the riflemen at the door, "Absolutely noone else in this room until the Sergeant or I come out. And if she comes out first? Shoot to kill." Waiting until he gets an acknowledgement on that, he then steps in after the two, and pushes the door closed behind.

Knox doesn't answer her right away. He walks behind her with Petra, rifle held with the safety off. They are apparently both walking in silence while Naomi frets. Once into the SecHub, his rifle and vest come off but he takes his KaBar from the vest and moves in with Petra. He doesn't menace her with the knife or threaten her. He turns it in his fingers and tucks it into his belt before he leans against the wall. "You don't get to call me 'brother'. That right is earned by service and dedication and fellowship. Right now, I know nothing about you. If you can earn that right, you'll know it." He glances to Petra, then back. "He knows Ceres and I are defectors. So does the whole ship. I'm a Colonial Marine, therefore if you fence with the Colonel, you dance with me. Answer questions, be straight, we'll talk about that 'brother' thing." That seems to be about the extent of his warnings.

Naomi still looks heartbroken as she gazes up at Knox. Quietly, "You could let me show you." she says again, perhaps somewhat enigmatically. "But that's your decision." She looks back to Petra. "What do you want to know?"

Petra takes in a slow, deep breath, letting it go as he listens to Knox address Naomi. When he's finished with his warnings, he simply stares at Naomi's face for a long moment, either trying to determine something from her look, or organizing his thoughts for an interview he certainly had no idea might be happening. After a few seconds, however, he clears his throat, "First. When did you wake up, and why were you acting like a prisoner in a Cylon prison camp? This already looks very fishy with how the Cylons seem to have been specifically targetting our families, but then to find one of you waltzing around among them? Yes ma'am, I want to hear this."

Cooper nods once. "I could let you show me. But Colonel Petra is the one who calls the shots. If you want to project with me, you go through him for right now. If he wants to grant that permission, he can." He glances over to the officer. "Projection, sir, is what happened with that aircrew. Its a nerve linkage, as I understand it. We can use the body's bioelectrical system to transfer emotions, memories, thoughts, and experiences much the same way you can use a laser for fiber-optic communications. Its very hard to fake." Eyes drift back to Naomi.

"I was never asleep." Naomi says matter of factly. "Look. Our kind is a bit like a closed system. We can only expand so much within our constraints, and we needed a means to be able to expand our parameters. That's what I'm for. When something new is put before us, my model is effectively the guinea pig…the explorer. Whether it's a new trace element or a new emotion, I'm the one who is always put in place first. By nature I'm far more adaptable than the others - sorry Cooper, but it's true." She can't help but smile a little before she looks back to Petra. "I was inserted on Picon before War Day to monitor human behavior while it was occurring and then feed it back to help better understand and adjust tactical decisions. I had a cover while being fully aware of my nature and purpose, but that cover is me: Naomi Tamsin. That's who I am." Her chin sticks up a little.

Petra glances at Knox when he makes the point about projection. Rather than address Naomi's point, he asks the Marine, "Am I putting you in any danger by agreeing to her doing that, Coop? If not, and it will get to the bottom of this, then do it. I can ask her a hundred questions and I still wont have an ironclad answer I can say means she is what she says she is." Only then does he seem to study Naomi's words, frowning a little, "You'll forgive me then if I'm not using the right words that match your meaning. At what point did you decide that the people you came here with were wrong enough you had to defect?"

Coop doesn't seem surprised by the comment about adaptability. "Took me six months to figure out I was on the wrong side of the lines. Sixes tend to be a little 'entrenched' in their ways." Understatement of the century. But the more Naomi speaks, the more there seems to be recognition flickering in his eyes. His arms cross, watching her with narrow eyes. "I don't think so, Colonel. I haven't been able to devise a good way to cause real damage to someone by using it. My kind tends to spend a lot of time thinking about how to effectively end a situation towards our preferred outcome." The Marine steps forward and offers his hand to Naomi. "Show me what it is you'd like me to see."

"The students and faculty at the University of Ketos held off the Cylons for weeks." Naomi says by way of beginning. "I was an assistant professor of biology." She studies Cooper's hand a moment, and then places hers in his, tilting her head back to look into his face. She shows him - she's participating in the rally of the humans to keep the Cylons frmo overrunning the campus. She watches. She experiences. She admires their tenacity, loves them for the way they support each other. She becomes overwhelmed by their spirit. As weeks pass, she witnesses the horrors enacted by the enemy - and slowly, the Cylons do become the enemy. She comes to the decision that they are her people, and she will fight for them. No one ever has to know she's a skinjob, no one ever has to know - and then she's shot.

Despite Knox' reassurance, Petra leans back against the door and casually snaps off the tab holding his sidearm in place, and thumbs the safety off, resting his hand on the weapon while the two clasp hands. He mutters softly under his breath, "I'd really like to know how the frak you do that, and I bet Doctor Nadir would like to know too." He otherwise falls quiet as the two stop talking, while hie gaze slowly shifts back and forth between their faces, searcing for signs of some sort of revelation or change in expression.

Knox seems about to answer PEtra when it starts. He stops speaking and his eyes close. He stands there, left hand holding hers while it all washes over him. After almost a minute, it ends and he steps back while his hand drops. Standing by the table, fingers drum on the top while he stares at Naomi. "Anytime you'd like to know, sir," he says quietly to Petra finally. Afterwards, he nods to the new arrival. "I hear you, Naomi. I almost went that route myself. I couldn't stand by while it happened, though. I warned them. Might have saved a few lives." He lets off a long breath and looks to Petra, not even glancing to the gun. Some things are expected. "I think she might be on the level, sir. I can't vouch for her yet, but I think her intentions are honest. A couple weeks out here and especially down on P? I don't think she'll have much choice. Even the One stopped wanting us dead and wanted to get us out of here."

"When I woke up, I knew that my time was limited." She turns her head to look over at Petra. "Since Elevens are continually subject to new, alien data, it is common for our experiences to be reviewed and affirmed safe before being permitted full resurrection. The ones deemed corrupted by data that is too dangerous are boxed. It took them a few days to finally get to me, so I was already in a new body by the time the One came and put me in a cell. I was scheduled to be boxed when Ceres found me."

Petra lets his held breath go when Knox relays his assessment, slowly shaking his head. Keeping his voice down, he seems to be thinking for a moment, studying Naomi's face, again, as if her expression is going to give him some sort of divine inspiration, "Cooper, I'm sure you can explain to her exactly how…popular…you and Ceres have been, and the moment everyone knows there's a third? Things are going to go a little crazy again." To Naomi, he asks, "What are you a doctor of? There might be something…"

Knox looks back to Naomi and frowns. "You were scheduled to be put away. Isn't that fantastic?" He deadpans. "You have a new experience that opens your mind to asking questions and suddenly you're a threat for asking those questions, no matter the answers or motivations. You want to ask questions here? Or people ask you questions? Welcome to the adults table. Make sure you can answer." Petra's words, though, have him nod. "Copy, sir." Back to Naomi: "We fight and bleed alongside humanity. We own our shit and don't expect special treatment. We know what we are, humanity calls us Cylons, canners, skinjobs, whatever. No arguments from us. We're not popular, either. We're downright hated by a few. Ceres has been attacked several times and beaten. I don't know what she showed to you, but if she didn't include that part then its probably for a reason that I admire. Humanity is the right path to walk, but you get the same three standing orders: One, you do not kill a human. Two, be your own person, not your line. Three, fleet integrity and safety is more important than anything else. Don't push these orders. You're not under my command, but if you want to stay here with these people then you need to to respect the spirit of those orders. Someone attacks you? Run. Do not fight back. We can win our place with these people by using force. It takes faith. Are you up for that?"

"Biology." Naomi answers Petra's question first. "With concentrations in zoology and botany." There are those dimples again. "I like animals and flowers." She really does. Then Knox has her attention, and she's serious. Her eyes widen a little at the mention of the violence. "No killing humans, be myself and not my line, and don't compromise the fleet. I understand. Can I touch your head?" What?

Petra purses his lips as he listens, glancing off at the wall behind Naomi, then to her face again, "Good. Would have been better if you were a medical doctor, but living biology is close enough for me. You're going to be assigned a Marine. This Marine is going to be your personal babysitter and bodyguard until we determine you don't need them anymore. He will check in with SecHub every fifteen minutes to report your status, again, until we decide it isnt needed anymore. If he reports in anything out of the ordinary, there will be standing orders to apprehend you, using lethal force if necessary. Its better than locking you up, which is what most of the folks on this boat are going to be demanding we do…but it lets me do this: You're going to be assinged to Doctor Samtara Nadir. You are going to use all of your knowledge, both as a Doctor of Biology and as, well, what you are, to help her develop a physical test that will determine if someone is what we refer to as a skinjob Cylon model. Part of the uproar right now is that anyone here could be one of you and that makes people scared and angry. I am tired of being scared. Do you agree to these terms?"

Knox watches Naomi for a long moment. "I'm serious. People can get verbally violent and you are an unknown. Ceres and I have proven ourselves. The Marines accept me because I hold myself to their code. Just do yourself and Do Not go projecting with random crew. You will cause a mutiny. Talk to people, do whatever, but stay off Deck One and away from munitions lockers. If you go to Deck One for any reason, you'll be shot." He glances to the Colonel, almost missing the request from Naomi. "I'm also working with Doc Nadir. I'm at her service for it. But this would be a good opportunity for this eleven to start proving herself." Wait- His brow furrows and he looks back at Naomi. "You what? Oh- Oh right." Elevens. Its starting to slowly dawn on him and he sighs, tilting his head forward a bit. "And no, the scar doesn't hurt."

She is out of her chair then, walking up to Knox and running her hand over his stubbly head. Repeatedly. And she is clearly uncannily fascinated with the sensation. "I would be happy to assist Dr. Nadir but my emphasis of study was animals and plants, not people. But I'm sure we'll be able to communicate as fellow scientists." She's still stroking Knox's head, like it's perfectly normal and not utterly bizarre. Pat pat. "I don't want to go anywhere near the munitions, thank you. I don't think that will be a problem. Ceres said there would be a home for me here. She said I am worthy of God's love. But if I need to prove it to everyone, that's just the way it is." She's still petting his head. "This is remarkable." she says in delight.

Petra murmurs, "I know, Coop. But your loyalty doesn't really need to be further demonstrated. //She/ needs a way to prove to everyone else that she is what she says she is, and I need a way to stave off the 'Oh My Gods You're Letting Another Cylon Walk Around' crowd that will crop up. Once we have that settled, she's free to take what path she is compelled to take here. We have an entire planet below us and CIDSR has been sorta quiet since we lost Dr. Sheperd." He pauses and watches Naomi, well, fondle the Sergeant, then clears his throat as if he needs to kill the mental image that is bringing up, "You should probably stay here for a bit until we can all go to talk to the Doctor."

Coop stands there, head bent to the side while she rubs the magic stubble. He gives Petra a 'Not A Frakking Word About This' look. Eventually he straightens and looks down at her. "There may be a home for you here if you're willing to cohabitate and lose yourself to them. I won't stand for blasphemizing their religion, either, so keep that in mind. You respect their beliefs over our own. There will be a time for debate later. Now is the time for diplomacy." To Petra, the Marine nods. "Copy, Colonel. Anything you need me to do? Points I can run? anyone I should talk to?" This Six takes his orders from the Colonies. Just like Ceres.

She's like a kid in a candy shop, but finally she does stop, and even says, "Thank you." to Knox because manners matter. She scrunches her face at the pair. "Well really, I did live with human beings and integrated quite well, you know. I understand they're going to be hostile and that I shouldn't aggravate them. I also promise not to pick my nose, stick my finger in lightsockets, or fart in the head. Does that quite cover the Etiquette Guide to Relating To Hostile Humans?" She sighs. "Alright. Could I at least have something to read? I'll go crazy if I don't have any stimulus." She tilts her head at Knox. "Ask him. He'll tell you."

Petra smirks very faintly and murmurs, "I know some Marines that will respect you more for farting in the head, actually." Don't ask him how he knows that, "I'll bring you down some of my mystery novels. But I expect them back in one piece!" Prized possessions of his, these are. To Knox' question, he slowly shakes his head, "I suspect you'll want to meet with her on a daily basis, since she sounds like the type to have a whole lot of questions that the rest of the crew are going to glare at her over right now. Think you can fit that into your duties, Sergeant?"

"Integrating is one thing. Living with a crew who is getting killed off by walking toasters and being a known enemy agent? Defector or not, this won't be easy. Its not like integration. You want a new experience? You'll get plenty." Coop sighs and looks back to Petra. that answer is not what he was hoping for. This means there will be more head rubbing in the future and that's going to be awkward in public places. "Yes, sir."

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