AWD #009: It Can't Rain All the Time
It Can't Rain All the Time
Summary: Noble discovers Sera sitting outside in the freezing rain. A good day unfolds, even in the midst of all of the horror and death around them.
Date: 15/01/2012
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Noble Sera 
Pyramid Courts
Pyramid courts are here for those who enjoy playing and watching the sport. Courts are separated for different games to be going on at the same time. A tiered seating area is placed on the left and right sides of the court. Lower benches are also in place around the court edge.
January 15, 2004

She's got to be out of her damned mind. Really. It's pouring out, and what is Sera doing? She's outside sitting in it, like the half-drowned cat that didn't have the good sense to come in from the rain. She does, however, have the good sense to have an umbrella. An umbrella, and boots, and jeans with the cuffs rolled up so that she doesn't get the end of them soaked. It'll keep her feet dry, at least. The same can't be said for her butt, given the fact that she's plunked herself down on a wet metal bench and is just staring up at the sky with this ridiculous, childish fascination, right down to the ear-to-ear grin, complete with tongue-tip poking out between her teeth.

"Sera?!" Simon calls out from the top of the walkway that leads into the pyramid courts. Hooded sweatshirt drawn over his head, he stuffs his hands into the pockets of the shirt to keep them warm and sloshes his way to the bleachers. He gains a little speed and //slides/ the last few feet with a laugh and reaches out for her knee to steady himself. "I was wondering where the frak you ran off to, this place was the //last/ place I was gonna look before giving up!" He calls out to her, grinning wildly beneath the downpour. "Everything okay!?"

"It's raining," Sera announces, with completely unabashed glee. Y'know, like it wasn't totally obvious that yes, there is rain coming down — pretty hard, too. She sticks one hand out from under the safety of her umbrella as proof, collecting the drops in her hand as though she may draw it to her mouth and drink. "It's raining, Simon!", she repeats, practically squeaking her delight at him. It's as though she thinks this is some sort of miracle. Does she understand the science behind it? Most likely. But there is water falling from the sky. It might as well be magic, as far as the daughter of the domed deserts is concerned.

Simon stops and blinks, the realization suddenly hitting him. Eyes to the corner of their sockets, he gives it all a few moments of thought before he looks back down to her. The hooded sweatshirt, already becoming soaked, isn't enough to hold back the water. "Holy shit…" He blinks, suddenly agreeing with her. "…I can't remember that last time." He brushes his hand over his hood, pulling it off of his head to stare up at the sky, letting the drops fall onto his face. A pleased rumble escapes the center of his chest.

She beams up at him. Yes, that somehow made her smile even wider, which seemed impossible only a moment ago. It slowly melts into a laugh, a sound that comes rolling freely from her. It's happy, and easy, and unlike the weather? Warm. Sera pushes herself up onto her feet, using the height advantage of the bleachers to tower over him, for once. Staring down at his face is immensely funny, it seems, as a fresh peel of laughter escapes her as she reaches out, holding her umbrella towards him. It's an offer to share. "Do you want to go for a walk? We can play in mud puddles," she half-whispers, like it's some secret thrill to squirrel away in the treehouse or under the bed, where Mom won't find it.

Grinning broadly, Simon swings his arms wide in a very animated way and wraps them around Sera's hips. With a bear-like roar, he nuzzles her stomach and with a gleeful laugh, he bites down on her side. "Walk! Frak no, Sera. We're goin' for a ride!" He turns his back to her and offers her his shoulders to climb onto, in the universal piggy back ride posture. "Git on your Raptor, lady. We're gonna go for a run."

Ohhh, noes! She has been captured! And mauled! There's jazz hands of protest, a scrunched up face, and this absolutely ridiculous, girlish fit of giggles that bubble up. "Accccck!," she cries out between them, or tries to. It doesn't go very well, mostly because she can't stop with the tittering laughter. It's emptied right into one of his ears as she hops on, barring one arm across his chest while the other obligingly covers them both under the shaded protection of polka dots. "And I supposed to shout cadences at you? Double-time?," she teases. "Maybe scream some so you feel like you're back at boot camp, cartin' I'm-not-sayin'-how-many kilos through the mud and rain?"

"You can yell whatever the frak you want, I don't give a frak. Just don't tell me to slow down and if I drop you? I'm sorry." Simon laughs and hefts her onto his back, taking the first few steps forward. He's strong and capable of bearing her on his back while he tromp-tromps his way over to an extremely large puddle. He sucks in a mighty lungs-full of breath and lets out a beast-like roar, bringing his boot down into it. Muddy, snow-lined water splashes all over them. He repeats this three more times, splashing muddy water all over the place before he takes off in a run, rounding in circles around the pyramid courts.

Ohh, gods, ohh, gods! He's going to drop her and she's going to break an arm. Or something. At least that's what the squeal that's muffled by the hood of his sweatshirt says, when he storms off with her. It's only made that much worse when she gets covered in still half-freezing water. "Aggggh!," she cries out as she gets splashed, jeans already covered with splotchy wet spots becoming that much closer to 'soaked'. "You're crazy," she announces, with obvious approval.

"No! I'm not crazy! I'm a MUTANT SPACE DOG." Simon calls back out to her and veers on his path towards the entryway that leads out of the pyramid courts. It's a long, long walkway that ends in a small dip that contains…another huge puddle. Reaching back with a laugh, he grabs her backside and leaps up…and comes down into the puddle with a loud crash that sends water all over the place again. "NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER…" Simon grunts, with one stomp for each never. "Frak with Sera Jane. She rides Spacedogs."

Fingers dig in. Yes, she absolutely convinced she's going to end up falling on her butt, probably right in a puddle, at this rate. Eyes squeeze shut and she buries her face in his hair — possibly to keep out the dizzying blur the world is turning into, possibly to keep her face clean in all this mess. She's laughing, though. He can feel it. "You are not!," she declares. "You're a space puppy at best, playin' in the yard and trackin' mud all over the floor. And I know you are just goin' to be impossible to housebreak."

With a screech that nearly sends him toppling over, Simon wobbles and comes to a stop. "Puppy? I'm all man, lady." Simon protests, finding a nearby wall. He stomps over to it with a few smaller splashes and turns his back to it, setting her onto it. Not giving her any time to decide otherwise, he turns between her legs and leans up to her lips, pulling her down into a shivering, blue-lipped kiss with his grinning lips. It's a short flash-in-the-pan display of public affection before he pulls away. "But you like it." He slips a hand into the back pocket of her pants.

"Puppy," she repeats, insistent, her breath coming out in steam clouds in the cold, wet air. She hooks her arms around his neck, the umbrella trailing down his back before she decides that it doesn't matter. It gets dropped carelessly down into the dirt and grass at the edge of the courts. "At least with me." And then there's another grin, and another kiss, however brief, before she admits with all the taunting, smug satisfaction of the chesire cat, "And, yeeeeeeah, I do. But if you tell anyone else, I'll never admit it. I'll lie."

"What? You'd lie?" Simon fires her words back at her with a tone of utter mock resentment. "Baby you'd lie and tell them that I'm one of those horrible, icky, gross boys you want nothing to do with, huh?" He laughs and swings his hand lightly to smack against her leg. Of course, he's not truly mad, because he leans up to steal another kiss from her, this one a little bit more passion filled. He keeps his lips near hears. "You know how dumb I am, Sera Jane? I don't think I would have even noticed it was raining unless you pointed it out to me." He smiles, water dripping down his face. "Thank you."

"I'd lie," she confirms. "And tell everyone you have cooties. You probably do. I bet they're in my bedsheets, that I'm goin' to have to call engineerin' to come fumgate my bunk because of you." The accusation is mumbled against the corner of his mouth, the edge of his cheek. When she pulls back, it's to wipe the water off of his skin with her too-long sleeve. It won't do. It's already wet, so it just kind of smears it around some, breaking the droplets apart into a thin sheet that trails across his skin and her hand alike. "And you're welcome."

"Well…I'd lie and say that you were lying, and that you told me that you secretly wanted my cooties. I'd tell them you said that you wanted Simon cooties specifically." The tall, red-headed marine flirts back, wrapping his arm under the back of her shirt to keep it warm as he squeezes in close to her. The people walking by in the rain give them glances that he doesn't notice, as the two look absolutely crazy to be out in the freezing rain.

Looking up to her, he tilts his head to the side and gives her a curious look, as if deciding between fun or sweet moment. He presses a hot, scandalous kiss to her throat and then turns, offering her his back again. "I am frakking freezing. So I'm gonna run you back to where we can get warm again. Ready for round two, Ess-Jay?"

"Ahhh!," she cries out, as a cold hand is slipped under the back of her sweater, pressed against otherwise not-very-warm skin. Still, it's colder, and she arches to get away from it. Bumps right up against him, trying to wiggle and worm her way away, right until he turns his back. It's the perfect excuse to keep those freezing fingers of his away, and so she hops up onto it.

"No!," she protests, despite her scramble to settle into a comfortable, secure spot. This time, she even hooks her legs together, feet crossing in front of him. "I wanted to watch the thunder and the lightnin'. BOOM!," she says, albeit rather softly, into his shoulder. Y'know, just in case he needed clarification.

"Only the best for m'girl." Simon says with an Aerilonian twang that might make Andromeda punch him in the stomach. Holding on tight, he leaaaans to the side and picks up her umbrella from the grass. Giving it a soft shake, he offers it back to her and starts to walk back in the direction of the pyramid courts. "Alright, let's stay out here until we can't take it anymore. There's some heaters at the courts we can turn on to stay warm, but we won't be dry." Simon announces to her, this time peacefully walking his way down there, avoiding the massive puddles. He lowers his head and presses a kiss into her forearm. "It's…really nice to be back down here with you, out in the air, out in the rain. We need to try to do this every time."

The umbrella is once more settled above them both, which will keep their heads… from getting any more wet, at least. "Like my knickers are ever dry when you're around, anyway," she blurts out. Because, yes, sometimes Sera says things. Sometimes they're sweet. Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're brutal or vulgar or absurd. But they're usually epic. The sort of things to stop people in their tracks while their brains come a screeching halt. (She knows it, too.)

The guy's got to give her credit for that. He can't see it, but she's sporting this ridiculous grin, aimed at the back of his head. It rests on her face while she just waits for that one to sink in. If the girl looked anything more like the cat that ate the canary, she'd have some feathers and some blood stuck to the corner of her mouth. Maybe a tiny little birdie leg bone to still pick clean.

From her vantage point, she can see the way his cheeks pull into a shit-eating grin and the red that forms at the back of his ears. It takes him a second, but he really caught it. His fingertips shiver a little and he laughs, nearly dropping her. A triumphant laugh is howled into the night sky as he comes to a stop in front of the ceramic heating device. Leaning forward, he flips it on and then rights himself. He's going to keep holding her onto his back for the lightning show that's rolling in.

"Hey…there's a camera phone in my pocket. Wanna take an over-the-shoulder of us?" He asks, leaning his head back to plant his lips to her jaw in a mwah to her soaked skin.

"Are you goin' to tell me which pocket?," she quips. "Or is this a cheap attempt to get me to grab your ass and act like I like it?" She may be relentless in her teasing, but… yeah. He's happy. She's happy that he's happy. It's made obvious by the way she turns into that lip-smacking kiss, the lazy way she nuzzles his bright red ear.

"It is nice, though, bein' out here with yo—oooh!," she cuts off, jumping like that crack of lightning shooting through the sky zapped her with a bit of its electricity. Hello, death grip on his shoulders. Okay. So, she likes thunderstorms. Probably because she almost never sees them, and really never saw them growing up.

….They are still scary.

"Here here I'll get it just hang on and don't let go. I'm gonna need you to hold out the umbrella over the camera so that it doesn't get wet, though." Simon rattles off, chattering his teeth together as he fumbles the phone, now useless, out of his pocket. Flipping it into the reverse camera, he holds it out at arm's length and makes the dumbest face possible to it. He reaches for her face and with a giggle, pulls her lips to his jaw and takes a picture of it.

He laughs and leans his head back, trying to hold his camera steady as he thumbs it into record mode. "One more for the cabin walls? We'll print them out when we get uptown?"

"Agggh!," she complains as her face is grabbed, the sound muffled by lips pinched together and smashed almost against his chin. "Okay, okay, okay." Reaching out, she tries to take the camera away from him, balancing both it and the handle of their cover in her slippery hands. No wonder why! Her legs are starting to slide down his waist, with both of his hands otherwise occupied. "Siiiiiiimon." The downward spiral of his name echoes that of her failing grip. Don't drop her!

One wet cheek gets plastered against his. "Don't make a stupid face!" When a smile stretches across her face, it's easier to feel than to see. There's the light, a warning, before she's hitting buttons as best she can on an unfamiliar phone. Click! Click! Photos? Videos? She doesn't even know what she's taking.

Simon has to reach behind his body to grab her by her backside and hoist her back up onto his shoulders. A few of the shots will be pictures of the horribly contorted struggle to get her into place. However, when she finally gets there, he turns his eyes to the camera and leans into her cheek, giving the camera his best, most joyful grin. Why? Because this is the best it's been since everything went to hell, and this moment between the two of them has made him forget about it for just a moment. The smile is sincere and genuine, as is the kiss he plants to her cheek while she fires off pictures.

Why in one…there's even a flash of lightning that makes the path behind them look like an old road leading off into the dark.

Lightning? Camera flash? It's hard to tell the difference for a few; as far as Sera's concerned, the difference doesn't even really matter. She wanted to watch the storm. This is better. Her most unabashed and infectious smile is going to be in every shot where she's not either scrambling onto his back or plastering kisses to the side of his face that she can reach. Eventually, when one or both of them is half-blind and a bit dizzy, she dangles the phone in front of him like a carrot.

"Put me down!," she directs, between chattering teeth. His arms are probably aching by now, anyway. And she's terribly cold, having been out for two long. Not enough body heat to keep her muddy, rain-soaked clothes warm anymore. The air has all leeched it away. "Take me back inside." Full of demands, isn't she? And then, "I'm cold." The obvious. But there's this coy curl to the way she says 'cold'. He really is dumb if he doesn't know what that means.

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