MD #002: It Begins
It Begins
Summary: An explosion on the Hangar Deck sets the ship in motion to investigate the bombing. Lleufer Ynyr comes to CIC seeking an Intel Officer.
Date: 10/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Combat Information Center, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the ship. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the original Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has electronic and minor holographic display capability but the old map charts are kept up to date and stored nearby. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays relating to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by armed Marines at all hours of the day and night.
Thu Oct 26 18:52:11 2028

Still at Con 2 and now 'parked' within proximity of the ancient CDF ship graveyard, things have gotten quiet again now that the fleet is waiting until Fencer is able enough to be moved back to his people, and the Admiral's confer on What The Frak Do They Do Now. Since the Orion no longer has an XO, that means Petra pretty much lives in CIC for now, leaning against the central console with a mug of his Coffee in hand, sucking down a large portion of it. With a sigh, he shakes his head, "Well, it could be worse."

A little pale, and with a patchwork of stitches, butterfly tape and blisters down the side of her face and neck, the smallest JTACCO enters through the hatch and approaches the central console. "Lt. Wynn reporting for duty, sir," she intones formally to Petra, keeping her voice to the low pitch she uses to try and offset the youthfulness of her countenance and size. She stands at attention, and appears quite a bit more firm on her feet than the last time she was here.

Mara has found herself a spot as far away from everyone else as it's possible to get in CIC. She hasn't shown even the smallest amount of emotion since the explosion. Not a thing. Her face set in perpetual nuetral, odd eyes completely blank. And she hasn't said a word and anyone outside of a senior officer has largely been ignored. But she's been working. Probably hasn't even slept, not that that's immediately obvious. Her dark hair is tidy, uniform squared away and neat. She sits at her station, eyes flicking back and forth between scrolling information on her computer screen and information on her tablet. Gloved hands wield a pencil in one, occassionally adding notes to an oldfashioned note pad. There's a cup of coffee, long since cold, close to hand. The little Lieutenant could probably be quite easily confused with some sort of AI, except for the fact that she is where she is, doing what she does.

A few steps behind Adelisa's entrance comes an MP. He's very tall compared to the petite women currently occupying the CIC with Petra. The Gunnery Sergeant has a sidarm, MP brassard, tazor, handcuffs and the like as well as Arpay modified eyes and ears. The Marine is carrying a dataslate and glances over the various duty stations. He is quiet a moment until he's certain nothing critical ight be interrupted, "Commander, Sir. I'm told a Lieutenant Rook is on station here in CIC? May I have permission to speak with her, Sir?" No coming in any further past the MP's posted on duty without that permission.

Petra thinks for a moment, his brow furrowing, "You know. Since we're sitting here with our thumbs up our collective butts waiting for the brass to sort this out…maybe I've got a…" He trails off when Wynn reports in, turning to look at her with a raised brow, "You okay now, Lieutenant? I get concerned when one of my junior officers bleeds all over my deck. Though I suppose Samtara would not have let you out of her sight if you were still hurt. Welcome back." He offers her the situation report tablet, just a brief summary of where they are, the state of the ship, and what they are waiting on, "Here. Not a lot to catch up on." Assuming she takes it, his attention drifts to Lleufer and a faint smile touches his face, "Gunny. Good to see you." He nods his head at the console/desk Mara is working behind, "Lieutenant Rook is right over there. She doesn't talk much, so trust me, you havent pissed her off unless she takes a swing at you. Just do me a favor and put her back where you found her when you're done?"

"My apologies, sir. Medical surmises I must have been in shock, I didn't know some of the blood was mine. Dr. Streatfeild released me this morning, with instructions to return if my headache gets worse or I show any other concussion symptoms," Lt. Wynn answers as she takes the report tablet from him to start sorting through it. "Did the former… Master at Arms? I think it was… did he survive the blast?" she asks as she thumbs through it.

Mara appears to completely ignore the conversation going on, even though her name is mentioned a couple of times. No one's actually talking to her, so, no reason to respond. She does, however, pause her note taking to reach for her cold coffee, taking an absent sip, apparently uncaring of the fact that it's stone cold and hours old. Caffiene is caffiene. One or two sips, and the mug is set down and she's back to work, expressionless mask firmly in place.

Petra gets a smile out of the Arpay looking Marine, "It's been a while, sir. Couple of decades and more. I didn't know you were aboard." Clearly Ynyr knows the TACCO and then chuckles, "Usually it's only Taurons who have the balls to dare take a swing at me. I can't even get my fellow Jarheads to spar with me most of the time. Pansies." Lleu looks in the direction indicated and nods, "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

There is a glance to Adeliza and a moment for Ynyr to identify her rank, "No, Lieuteant. The former Master of Arms was found dead with a knife stuck in the base of his skull." With a polite nod to her, then MP starts to make his way through CIC to Rook's duty station and stops about 6 feet from her. Just close enough that Lleu can feel her heatbeating through his Arpay senses as he studies Mara, "Lieutenant Rook?" He waits a beat for some look but warned she doesn't speak much, if he gains no negative indication, he proceeds, "Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, Master at Arms. I am directed to speak with you concerning my investigation. May I have a word with you, sir?"

Petra shakes his head slightly at Adeliza, but pauses for a moment when the Gunnery Sergeant answers the question for him. He guestures at the Marine, then nods at the tablet he handed her, "The AAR I wrote around midnight last night is in there. Take a moment to read over the casualty list. We lost a lot of good people and so did the Arpay. The Admirals are debating what they are going to do and how they are going to modify the Plan. Our job is to make sure this boat is ready to do it." He glances at Rook and Ynyr and leaves them to it, while he takes in a deep breath and lets it go, then resumes talking to Adeliza, "I want to get a Raptor crew with an engineer or deckie out on a little trip while we're sitting around. The wreck of the Seagull is out here and I think I want to see if we can put wild rumors to rest."

The news from Lleufer seems to hit Lt. Wynn like a ton of bricks. She stands stock still, just staring straight ahead, her eyes glazing over. "Oh." Is all she has to say after a moment or two, but the news doesn't set well with her and she lets out a breath. She obediently bends her head to the report, and reads. As the TACCO turns his attention back to her, she looks back to him. "Which rumors, sir? I'm afraid I haven't heard much in the med bay."

At first, Mara completely ignores the Gunnery Sergeant. She doesn't look up from her screen at all, completely focused on her work. Eventually, though, she does actually acknowledge his presence. Looking up, odd eyes take the Marine in with one, quick scan, not lingering on any given feature, but an intense enough look that gives the impression that she's commited him to memory. Rook doesn't say a word, just staring at the man with that blank expression, until she finally gives him a slight nod and her hand waves vaguely toward a free chair. That same hand moves to take up the coffee cup once more and a sip is taken. Her gaze doesn't waver, not even to blink.

Lleufer has killed a number of people with a knife himself so it had no particular inflection or weight when Ynyr mentioned it. While Mara stays focused on her work, Ynyr simply stands at parade rest with the patience of a stone. MP's are well used to waiting around on officers. When she does look up and give him that brief scrutiny, he meets her eyes boldly enough, studying her in like fashion. The seat is ignored but he steps up when indicated and keys something on his dataslate.

"I require access to files on a Major Michael Hamilton, formerly assigned to the Baker Bay from Leonis five days ago. He never reported for duty to the Baker Bay and instead was signed aboard by the former MoA, here on the Orion." Ynyr keeps his Aerilon inflected baritone quite low so not to carry, "My jurristriction does not extend past the Orion. So I have to pass this request up through Intel to request those records from Fleet including full medical with dental and DNA scans for our CMO, Docor Nadir."

If she wants to make a copy of it, Lleu offers his dataslate with his formarl request detailed.

Petra picks up an actual piece of paper off of the central console and hands it over to Adeliza while Lleufer and Mara ta…exchange information. He lowers his voice, "The Seagull is one of those ships that started a mystery that never got resolved. A year before the second war started, the Seagull returned from its Armistice Line patrol with the entire crew gone, save for one raptor pilot who died from exposure a day later. The hulk got sent out here and then the war actually happened, so no one ever did anything with it. I want the drives and any logs from SecHub and any other computers still intact on that thing. Intel and Engineering can work on it when they don't have higher priority items to chew on."

Taking the piece of paper, Adeliza looks at it as she listens to the explanation, she reads what is in her hands, then holds it back to the TACCO. "You would like me to assign a Raptor Crew with a tech that can retrieve any possible data of what happened to the Seagull and bring it back for future study? Or am I to go with the crew myself, sir?" She takes a breath. "And make sure the crew are people who can keep their mouths closed about said trip." Again, Lleufer's words catch her attention and she lifts her head. With her voice lowered as well she says, "I would be interested in the answer to that question, sir. I believe it highly possible it could be connected with the other attacks that have occurred, including the one on your life."

Lieutenant Rook stares at the MP for a long minute, not the slightest bit intimidated. Processing his request, then silently blink once, slowly. She looks back to her computer screen, types some information in and waits patiently for the results. Finally she looks back to Lleufer and swallows hard a couple of times. "Information requested from Baker Bay." Mara's voice is soft, low and a little hoarse, like it doesn't get used much. And then she stops talking and reaches for her notepad, a few notes tapped out on her dataslate, then presented to the Marine.

Lt. Rooks is getting a good and very thorough studying by Lleufer Ynyr. He can pick out every pour in her skin, a fleck of dust on her eye ball, bits of wax in her ear cannel, the slightest tension in the muscles of her skin around her mouth and eyes. He likewise doesn't say anything for a long moment until she speaks and hands him the note. He reads it, then offers low, "I don't care. I want everything. Send it to my office when it comes through, and medical data to Doctor Nadir." Lleu gives Mara one more lingering look before he adds, "Interesting scars you have there." He doesn't mention where he noticed them. He only waits for Rook's reaction, if any.

Petra shakes his head at Adeliza, "Not so concerned about the secrecy. I want whatever recording devices the ship still has intact…whatever they are. SecHub, the FTL computer or the CIC log drive, gun camera drives from the Raptor if there was still one left on it. Just yank them and get back here and we'll get someone from Engineering, and Lieutenant Rook on it as time allows. I have a feeling our lives for the next year or so are going to be a lot of waiting around, punctuated my short bursts of 'oh frak we're going to die'. Which is about normal for this boat."

"Understood, sir. Do you have any suggestions who I should send from the veteran crew?" Adeliza asks as she makes notes on her own tablet of what is needed and what Petra wants them to look for. She looks back up to him, tucking her hair behind her right ear, and lowering her data pads to a carrying position, nestled under her elbow. As she waits for his answer, her balance shifts slightly as if preparing to leave and begin seeking the necessary personnel.

Mara just stares at Lleufer. She takes her dataslate back from him and wipes the notes from the screen. It's like they were never there. The weight of the stare she gives him, probably weighs more than she does, and it's completely devoid of any emotion. No discernable reaction to his comment until one brow slowly twitches upright, "Anything else?" Her question posed in the most nuetral tone of voice her unused voice can possibly manage.

The big, tall Aerilon Master at Arms isn't ruffled in the least. No, Lleufer Ynyr is a bastard all the way to his core, when he wants to be. He continues to meet Rook's gaze boldly, his own face displaying no particular emotion either. And then like a cloud passing away before the sun, he bares his teeth in a smile, "No, Lieutenant. That's all, for now." He picks up his own dataslate, wipes the screen likewise and then turns to start heading out of CIC to return to his own business. A respectful nod on his way out to Petra, "Sir."

Petra dips his head at the gunnery sergeant as he takes his leave, "Good hunting," and lets it go from there. He stops long enough to drain the rest of his coffee from his mug, taking the datapad back from Adeliza as she sets off to work. A curious look is shot over to Mara just to make sure things are copacetic in the Intel space.

Mara ignores the MP when he walks away, and her attention is caught by Petra's look. Rook twitches a brow in the Commander's direction, then looks down to her dataslate. There's a quick tapping of fingers, before she turns her attention back to her previous work, pulling up the files she was looking up on the computer and getting back to work as Petra's tablet lights up.

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