AWD #392: Isolation
Summary: A skinjob model 6 pays a visit to Lleufer Ynyr in Isolation.
Date: 18/07/2016 (OOC Date)
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Knox Lleufer 
Padded Isolation Cell
A small office on Deck 1 converted for emergency patient isolation, the walls have literally been padded. Medical staff and Deck have done the best they could on short notice. There is a window but as is standard on a Battlestar, it is nearly unbreakable safety glass. Outside of it a vid screen has been set up. Inside a plain cot with no bedding is bolted to the floor. A small table with two side benches is likewise bolted to the floor.
Thu Feb 02 19:36:31 2006

The room that Knox is brought to is a makeshift office probably up on Deck 1 that has been converted into a solitary cell. The single window is tempered shatter proof glass and the walls, we kid you not, have been padded as best as the medical staff could do. A single cot is bolted to the floor with a small table and two low benches, all one piece and also bolted to the floor. A few magazines are strewn on the table and a vid player screen has been rolled up to the /outside/ of the window so upon request, Ynyr might be allowed to view a flick.

Inside, Lleu's dressed in tanks and fatigue pants but without his tags. Nobody would want him to figure out how to choke himself to death with them, now would they? At the moment, he sits on the floor and is doing sit ups. Lots and lots and lots of them, sweating. You know a Marine is bored out of his skull if he chooses to do mega PT to pass the time. Breathing hard, Ynyr doesn't pause until he notices the hatch is being opened.

When Knox enters, he doesn't do-so with a smile. He just opens the door and closes it behind him. He's in the neutral green military pants and a plain black t-shirt. The guy looks a couple years younger than he did the last time Lleu saw him. But there's no scars, no tattoo's. The entrant is an unnamed Model Six. …Except for the eyes. They're the window to the soul. The guy just takes a step inside and offers an arm down to help Lleu up. "Godsdamn, Lleu. You'd think you tried to kill Adar or something." A nice little in-joke for the Marines. One of the ship's Devil Dogs already did that with a .50 from 300m. "You look bored out of your skull. Smell like it, too. …And yeah, it's me. At least as much as anyone can figure." He looks over the damage caused but doesn't comment on it. Nope, Coop seems cool as a cucumber.

Son of a … frak him! It's a Gods be damned Model 6 that walks in. Lleufer gets to his feet pretty damn quick and moves back fast, grey eyes suddenly intent on the stranger whom he assumes may be unfriendly. How the hell did that get in /here/?? Heart rate and breathing jumping up, he's about as ready as he can be, being unarmed and locked in a room with a skinjob.

His bruised face watches intently as he listens, then cocks his head a little to the left. The hand wasn't accepted and he squints a little, brows to furrow slightly, "Cooper?" Maybe he relaxes somewhat, but Ynyr's still wary. "What the hell are you doing here, if … that's really you?" There's a pair of small taser burn marks on one of his bare arms and bandages around his wrists.

Coop lets the hand drop and chuckles, nodding. He lifts both hands in surrender and moves to the other side of the room, creating distance while putting himself in the far corner. "No threat, brother. Feel free to give commands. I'm cool." Hands only drop to waist level. "Yeah, it's me. I've been cooling my heels at Crandall for the last few weeks. Major Grey has me spun up for a mission he needs my help with. Probably going to need yours, too. Doc Nadir found me there. She came back by a few nights ago, said you were in a bad way." The guy leans into the corner, watching him. "When it came out I was what I am, the Marines protected me like a wounded comrade. Rifles out. When I heard you might be in a spot, I threatened to steal a Raptor." He looks around for cameras, but spying none, he seems satisfied and looks back. "I think Nadir and her neurosurgeon friend thought I might be able to help you out. Nadir shipped me back."

Lleufer is doped somewhat up on meds but even anti-anxiety drugs can only do so much when an unknown model 6 walks in on you in a small space. His gaze tracks on Knox and when the other backs off, Ynyr draws a breath and cautiously takes a seat on the opposite side of the table. He rubs at the bandages around his wrists - too wide for cuts. The edges the bandages don't quite cover over the upper portion of his hands. It looks like the skin was removed, ripped or rubbed off and scabbed, rather than sliced. "Major Gray doesn't like me. Nobody's really going to let me return to duty, are they?" That might sound a little bitter. Yep, those medical types do spy on him all the time in here. Lleu licks his lips, "Help me out, how?"

"Not sure I've heard Major Gray say one way or the other. If he doesn't like you, it's news to me." Coop crosses his arms over his chest and relaxes in his corner. "I kinda get the idea that your returning to duty has everything to do with you. They don't tell me much, but that's pretty much what I can gather. As a Marine, I kinda figure that's the way we like it. Gives us room to maneuver." He let's his eyes move over the hands and bandages there before looking back. "Talk to you, I figure. Find out what's going on. To quote the Doc, we're both Marines. We understand each other in ways they can't understand." He shrugs. "The difference is that they want you to tell them your feelings and all that dumb shit. I think they want to work the problem like you're broken and there's something that needs to be fixed. neatly, I don't have an opinion because I know almost nothing about what's up. I'm up for enlightenment if you are. Difference is I'm about as skilled with psychology as a paulsy victim with brain surgery and armed with a pipe wrench."

"Well," drawls Lleu with a bit more Aerilon twang than he often has, "I did punch Gray in the face that once. I don't think he's forgotten." Officers tend not to. Knox has his attention, that part about them /wanting/ to get him back to duty fitness. Lleu thins his mouth but he does draw a slow, deep breath and lets it out again trying to chill. "Maybe I am broken. I've been frak'n everything up, since they let me return to duty, Coop. Most of the missions I've been on I got shot to hell, or screwed up. Couldn't even get through the killhouse recently without frak'n up being stealthy and getting our op KIA'd." -Thankfully- that one was only an exercise, not real fire. Ynyr rubs a hand over his face and eyes, then looks at Knox. He studies the skinjob a good long minute.

"Then … some people on this ship know about … my having been working with Naomi. Take every chance they get to give me shit about it, tell me I'm a traitor." That wasn't it though. Lleu shifts his jaw, "But then, Doc Nadir, she questioned me about projection, then said she thought Naomi surely read me inside and out for everything I knew. Took that and downloaded, spread it around… Sam herself made me think I was a traiter to the Colonial Marines." Uneasy because he /is/ speaking to a skinjob and his so called friendship with Knox and Naomi has been getting him into this mess. "So, I thought if I'd betrayed my oaths, even unwillingly, I couldn't live with that. I'm no Marine if I've done that."

Coop listens, still standing with his arms crossed, just listening. It could be a barracks conversation for all he seems to have intents. Maybe a little more private, though. In the end he just nods slowly, grooving his head a little bit. "Let's hit this one point at a time, bud. Lemme hit the point about Naomi first." he takes a looong breath. "Yeah, it gives us some access to the mind. But it doesn't work that way. Not the way that's been put to you. Maybe she showed you a few things. But we both know Naomi isn't like that. You put faith and trust in her. You let her do that." Knox shrugs just a little. "Major Gray let me do it a few weeks ago. We did it to share intelligence. I've done it with others. Trusting her is like trusting anyone else, especially when we've got these loyalists running around, bud. Use your best judgment. I don't see anyone attacking the fleet or anything being wrecked. I know the Sixes haven't heard anything." The guy shakes his head. "Honestly, Lleu, thinking like that is dangerous for any Marine. You all trusted me and it paid off bigtime. What I would ask yourself is what you're doing here." An upturned hand gestures to the human. "Your concern for your oathes and actions puts you in a position that you are concerned about the safety of the ship and fleet. To the point that you're here. Internally, that's a tough fight. Right now I think I shouldn't be trusted and I should be in the brig because there's n oway to prove who I am. But here we are. We're both worried about the fleet. Remember it: Gods, Colonies, Corps. In that order. You are beholden to yourself and your judgments first, man. I can't fix that. But I can tell you that not anything you've told me would shake my trust in you. Not even a snap judgment." His arms cross again. "I'm not expecting that to fix anything - just a point to think about on your own time. Make sense?"

Lleufer picks at the bandages around his wrists, the skin itchy. He tries not to rub it. "I did trust Naomi. But I'm not so sure of … anything now. I guess for me, it's the other way around. Corps, Colonies, and … I have no idea about the Gods. I'm floundering on that one." He grimaces, "Found some intersting things, a symbol I saw the ghosts on Piraeus, or whatever they are, were wearing. Same symbol was or is used by a bunch called Mithrans who follow one God, a religion out of old Tauron." Lleu runs a hand over his shorn head and rubs the back of his neck, "First time I ever heard religious stuff that actually felt like it rang a bell. Honor, loyalty, comradery, strength, the same sorts of stuff the Marine Corps values are based on. Only, I dunno, Coop. I've never been much on faith in the Gods. Confusing stuff." Is he rambling? He's been pretty stressed. Lleu shuts up, tired. He looks at Knox, "I don't know. I feel like I've lost my balance. Floor fell out from under me." Frak up.

Coop shakes his head. "Then you've lost your way, my friend. Gods, Colonies, Corps. Remember, the Gods are subjective. The Corps uses that idea to teach us to trust our own judgment and keep in mind that we need to treat our actions to the point that we can sleep at night. It doesn't matter what you believe-" And he trails off and blinks a few times. Ghosts. "I'm sorry, ghosts?" He seems fairly confused by that, and not something faked, either. "Lleu, are you seeing things on the planet? Where are you getting those words? What- Mithrans?" Coop moves uninvited over to the table, still trying to sort all this out. "Tauron. Is that- is that why you've been approaching Shackleton? About ghosts? Tauran ghosts?" Coop seems utterly clueless. He then looks over at Lleu, the words coming cautiously. "Wisdom. Faithfulness. Adaptation. Strength. Honor. Boldness. Logic. Perseverance. Creativity. Curiosity. Justice. These ideas?"

This time Lleu doesn't get up. He stays seated at the table, "Exactly those sorts of values. Same ones Major Gray attributes to the skinjob models. I took the drawing I made of the symbol I saw the ghosts on Pireaus wore, found that out about the Mithrans back on Tauron that a lot of people in the Colonial Military also used to follow and it's the same symbol. Same kinds of values. But I think maybe Major Gray thinks I'm bat frak'n nuts. I'm not sure." He shakes his head and lets out another breath, "Yeah, that's why I was trying to talk to Shackleton. Only any hair brain idea I had about skinjobs and he jumped me." Ynyr grimaces, "I'm supposed to be a Marine MP and I can't frak'n take a few punches from a Deckie without going down like a hungry whore. /Then/ it happened again on Piraeus. None of this shit's been great for my morale."

Not to mention these Godsbedamned headaches Lleu gets. He lifts a hand to rub his brow because he's getting one now. Damn brain trauma. It makes him take a minute to try and pull his thoughts back on track before he looks at Knox again, "Yeah, ghosts or something of dead people on Piraeus, but from maybe a couple of thousand years ago. They can send us visions. Like Naomi's projections, but without touching us. Doc Thanos is work'n on an archeology dig where it happened." Yeah, his head hurts.

"He doesn't attribute those values to the skinjob models, Lleu. They're the basis for how each line behaves. I gave him that intelligence. It's part of what I gleaned when I downloaded." Cooper rests an arm on the table and leans back in the chair. "The Colonies have a pretty long history. A lot of people believed in things like that once, not just the military. You could even say there are Gods to represent each - but it's a loose approximation. There's a God of booze but public intoxication isn't exactly one of the core beliefs." Except on Saturnalia. "That makes more sense, though. I suppose I can understand why you'd go see him, now. I don't think it's crazy, just dangerous. Don't sweat losing a fight, though. Shit happens. We have off days. We'll circle back to that." His eyes look down, though at the idea of the ghosts. It isn't apparent until many seconds pass, but Coop looks like he's holding his breath. The guy is incredibly still. "You're seeing ghosts of people from a couple thousand years ago. On Piraeus. They're dead. And they're giving you projections. …And there's an archeology dig." Just a summation. Cooper looks back at Lleu, still moving very little. "Is it just you? Or have a few others seen them, too? Are they speaking?"

Ynyr drops his hand from his aching head and thinks about it, "Not just me. Several others were there, saw, felt and heard the same things I did. Yeah, they spoke to us." Lleu screws his face up a little, "I was pull'n security on Saturnalia. Volunteered for it, but some of the 'ghosts' showed up at the celebration. I heard about it. Touched Flynn and Kapali, spoke to them. Don't know what they said that time, but before, they were … the Captain, she said something about it not mattering what we believe, just that we have the freedom to choose. She said they were guarding something. Waiting, but they seemed to welcome us." He shakes his head faintly, "I dunno if they are ghosts or not. Don't know what else to call them. Doc Nadir and a few others think they are technological projections and talking about power sources and radiation." That's all over Ynyr's head.

Cooper just looks over at Lleu, listening. There's nothing to be said, not while the guy is talking. The silence even lingers afterward. In a sudden huff, he sits back. "Shit," he sighs and rubs his head. "Yeah, I imagine nobody has mentioned that to me, yet. Okay, look, that's interesting but not why I'm here." He drops his hand from his face and looks back. "I guess it makes sense why you were going to talk to Shackleton, man. You're looking to investigate something. Some things are out of order and you're trying to get it all straight. I don't think you're broken. It makes a lot more sense. You've got something in front of you that you can't explain and a Tauran might be able to help out. Unfortunately, he's not exactly approachable. This whole war has us all frakked up, man. A lot of us aren't thinking straight. Can we at least come to an agreement that maybe going and trying to talk to Shackleton might be a bad decision in the future? Because honestly man, this sounds like you've been on your own and toiling over this. have you been able to actually talk to anyone about this? Other than him, I mean."

"No, I'm not going to bother Shackleton again, not about this. Might want to kick his ass later, because he frak'n deserves some busted face time." Maybe later, "That son of a bitch." Yeah, pissed off Marine. Lleu makes himself push that down, "No, not except Gray. I went to talk to the Major first. He thought my talking to Shackleton was a good idea, said go do it. Fish around and see what I could get." Ynyr shrugs, "Shit didn't really go sideways until Nadir talked to me. She's been push'n, pissing me off. I dunno why. I thought she was a friend."

"I think most of us want to kick Shackleton's ass, bud. But gotta fall back. He hates Marines because of what happened to Tauron and that the Marines defended me. If I didn't get my citizenship and humanity, he'd probably have already stuck a blade in me. But shame Gray told you to pursue it with him. Ouch." Coop lets off a long sigh, shaking his head. "Honestly, you did your job. You got permission, went about it the best way you could. As for Nadir?" He looks to the table. "She is a friend. But she antiseptic to a lot. She puts up her defenses. The stuff she said? You're gonna have to figure out a way to put it down. I'll tell her to back off the Naomi angle since there's more than likely nothing there to pursue. If she wants to push it I'll just give her a list of people I've projected toand watch her lose her mind." There's a small smirk there with the words. "Lemme tell you this: The Nines and the Sixes are defecting. Bigtime. Elevens, too. We've already started planting seeds and sowing discord with the other lines. If Naomi gave the Elevens anything? It was memories of you and probably kindness. What you two did isn't my business, but her whole experience here had a very positive effect for the war effort. Bank on that."

Watching Knox, listening to him, Lleufer Ynyr isn't too sure how much he trusts this skinjob anymore. But he doesn't say it out loud. Keeps that to himself. He rubs his brows again against the headache as he listens, thins his mouth a bit about Nadir, but glances back up at mention of Naomi. "I miss her." He might /hate/ himself for admitting it, and more saying it out loud. "I don't know what to believe, Knox. I'm try'n. I just want to get out of this damn room. Too … small in here." Better than being strapped down to a bed though. "Tell Doc Nadir and Doc Forester, let me out of here."

"I know the feeling. I miss the hell out of Afton. Haven't seen her in months. I don't even think she knows I downloaded." The guy looks off for a moment, but then back. "I figured you might need to get the hell out of here. I already asked for permission. The two orderlies and my two guards gotta come with us, but they'll keep distance. Only rules are that neither of us can run off or leave the ship, and we can't go getting into fights. And we gotta come back here after. Personally I'd rather avoid the attention of the Mess but we can at least walk the halls. Hit up an empty end of the hangar bays. C'mon." He pats the table once with a bare hand and rises, moving to the door to knock on it. "We're going for a walk," he calls. "Two coming out."

Lleufer nods, gets up from the table, "I remember Afton." But not well. Getting out even for a little walk will be a lot better than staying in here for who knows how long. "Ask'm if I can have my pain meds. Got one of my headaches." It'd make a walk a lot more pleasant. And he could sure stand to hit the head for a shower and a change of clothes.

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