AWD #272: Island Assault Planning
Island Assault Planning
Summary: There is an island that needs taking and so plans are made.
Date: 05/Oct/2013
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Amos Bennett Lleufer 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #272

It's afternoon coming on dinner time and the recovery ward is mostly quiet, with people reading, sleeping, or waiting to eat. Mostly quiet, that is, bar a certain marine captain who's shooing away a distinctly sheepish and guilty looking corporal. He's, the captain that is not the corporal, got a wodge of files in one hand and is using the other to wave the man off, adding as he does so, "and get Sergeant Ynyr up here too while you're at it."

Bennett isn't Sergeant Ynyr, but she does appear to be next in line to see the marine captain. Having arrived during a relative lull in activity, and dressed in her flight suit still like she's recently come off shift, she marks a path for Amos's bed once she spots him. The pilot looks like she's gone right through exhausted, and come out the other side; dark smudges under her glassy eyes, and an odd, nervous energy in her long fingers as they toy with her dogtags enroute.

With the corporal scarpering quickly, Amos turns to start to flick through the files that have apparently just been delivered. It's a few moments before he notices the arrival of another and he glances up to spot the familiar features of Bennett. "Can you believe it?" he starts, waving a folder in her vague direction, "they've been sat on my desk down the hallway for two days and only now has it occured to someone to bring them here?" Yeah, he looks pissed but catches himself quickly and takes a deep breath. After letting it out slowly he sets the folder down and says more calmly, "my apologies Captain St Clair. A pleasure to see you as always, would you like a seat?" There's one near by while Elias has relatively recently vacated. "Also, that you for your actions downbelow, I'm reliably informed that I am in your debt."

Bennett smiles crookedly at the mention of the forgotten paperwork, and skims her eyes absently over the folders Amos is flipping through. Her mind, clearly, is elsewhere as she returns her gaze to the marine and claims the indicated chair. "I am sure it is nothing that couldn't wait a couple of days, anyway, Captain." Her brows raise slightly at the thanks, and she waves it off. "Please. Do not speak of it. I did what I could, which was little enough; I am glad we did not lose you. Have they tracked down the sniper yet?"

"I won't know until I've had a chance to read it," Amos states, looking to the pilot not the paperwork, "but apparently it's some assault I'm supposed to have been planning." He gives her a look that expresses quite clearly the level of unabaited joy hs's feeling right now but then moves on. "The sniper? No, not yet. They found where the shot came from but the shooter was long gone. We're working on efforts to detect them quicker in future though, so maybe next time they come trying." Hopefully before they get a shot off as well. Reaching round to the small table beside his bed he extracts what appears to be a bar of chocolate from it and offers it over. It's apparently a marine thing for it has 'ooh-rah' written in large letters as well as being camo-patterned. "Please, I insist. It's not the greatest of thank-yous I am aware, but apparently there's a war on and we have to make do."

Bennett purses her lips slightly when it's revealed that the sniper got away. She doesn't seem happy about it. "I see," she murmurs, twisting the chain of her dogtags around and around her finger. The red-rimmed eyes and the slight jitter of her crossed leg over the other suggest she's been taking stims. And then the offering is made, and she blinks a couple of times. "For me?" Hesitation, then she unwinds the chain from her fingers and smoothly leans in to kiss the man on the cheek before claiming the chocolate bar. "You are very sweet, Captain. I.. thank you."

What timing. It is now that a rather scruffy, sweat and dust stained Marine wanders in wearing his battle kit. Black combat attire, heavy battle armour, but Sergeant Ynyr has stopped by the Security Hub to check in his rifle, grenades and other extraneous gear so he doesn't have to hump it all over the ship. And doens't have clearance or reason to be doing so anyway, though he has retained his sidearm since he's an MP. His battle helmet he also left in a locker where he can pick all that crap up on his way back down. What he hasn't had is a shower or change in clothes in a few days, let alone before coming here. Which of course gets a nurse hopping up in some alarm to stop the Marine before Lleufer has done more than set two steps into the ward. As she begins to chew him out and tell him to leave and not come back before he's scrubbed and changed, Ynyr's pale eyes skip past her to see if he can catch a glimpse of his Captain. And Whoa, is that Captain Saint Clair leaning over to /kiss/ Amos where he lays in his bed? Amusement rather than any shock lifts a sun bleached brow and he tries not to smile, even as the nurse tries to start pushing her tiny weight to shove him back out the hatch, "Yes, ma'am. But I have orders…" She shakes a finger at him, "I don't /care/ what your orders are, filthy Devil Dog, you get out!"

Amos isn't terribly happy at the bastard having got away either in all honestly, but such is war. He nods once when she asks about the chocolate, offering a slight smile as he does so, "I like to show my appreciation to the people who save my life. Reckon it makes it more likely they'll do it again." The kiss is an unexpected development, even if it is just a quick one on the cheek and he blinks a couple of times before he recovers himself. "Yes.. well.. quite." Then there's the commotion at the hatch and any more coherant reply he might manage is cut off with an apologetic look before he calls over, "it's alright, I won't keep him here long and I promise he won't be touching things, I need his brain not his brawn."

Bennett's lips curve into a grin at the captain's words to her, and she relinquishes her gaze for a moment in order to check the label on the chocolate bar. Fingertips running along the crease on the back, before lifting it to her nose for a sniff. "Mmm." She seems completely unaware of any effect the peck on the cheek might have had. Then the commotion by the hatch draws her attention, and her eyes linger upon the marine in imminent danger of being bodily shoved out by a tiny nurse. A grin at the brains over brawn remark, which she doesn't comment upon.

Lleufer smiles thinly at the nurse when Captain Ommanney speaks up. She looks about ready to turn and fuss at Amos to chew him out next, but one of the doctors has stepped out to see what is going on and first makes a gesture for quiet with a finger to the lips and then nods permission, watchful. If that dirty Marine does touch anything, they'll be all over it with santitizer. But first, the nurse makes Lleu wait until she at least makes him put baggies over his boots so not to track whatever filth he might have in the tread all over their floor. Infection is a serious matter for everyone in recovery after all.
When he's finally allowed in, Ynyr walks over quietly and stops to stand by Amos's bed. Lleu keeps his hands to himself, tucked into his web belt. He's lost some weight, his face a little … harder? Weathered? Makes him look older than he did a week ago. "Captain Saint Clair." Then to Amos, "Captain Ommanney, sir. You wished to see me?"

Amos watches the nurse and doctor for a moment or two, until he's sure that both have gone back to whatever it was they were doing before, then turns to Lleufer, "find yourself a chair Sergeant. We may just have been landed in it due to someone's icom.. clerical mishap." Tapping a small pile of files on his lap he adds, "and if you happen to have a fresh pen about your person that'd be useful to." Leaving the man to deal with all that he turns back to Bennett. "I'm sorry, but once again I seem to have forgotten myself, with all this. I never did ask, is this merely a social visit, or is there something in particular I can do for you?"

"Yes, sir. I've got a pen and pencil both on me." Of course he does, there might be notes or field sketches to be written or drawn out. Ynyr opens a rip flap on his vest and produces a small note pad sealed against moisture and both a pen and pencil. A chair is found and brought over and he takes a seat, making his tiny pad ready for taking notes. Lleufer's gaze goes to watching Bennett for a moment without saying anything.

Amos smiles back to Bennett at her answer, then eyes the paperwork she produces. "Have you read them yet?" he asks, almost reluctantly, then, with a touch more enthusiasm, "you could give us an overview? Help figure out where best to start without having to trawl through all this lot first." His own pile is tapped again but he's watching her, "chances are if we've both got the same thing then it'd be good to get heads together on it anyway. Certainly helped in taking Crandall." Then a quick glance back to Lleufer as he settles himself, before he divides the stack of folders in half and gives the bottom set to the other marine.

Ynyr of course accepts the folders and makes space somehow to open one of them up and start leafing/skimming through to try and find some brief to read first. There is a hesitant flick of his pale eyes to Captain Ommanney with surprise at realizing Amos has brought him up here to … what? Help with planning the Marine assault? Him? After being busted down to hot, dusty patrols and told he'd probably loose rank and not keep NCO status, let alone ever see officer, after decking Captain Gray. Lleu only watches Amos for a couple of heart beats and then he's looking through the papers. He keeps his mouth shut, listening.

Bennett pauses a moment, eyes on Amos and his subtle relief when she mentions she's been given the same mission. Smiling, she resettles into her chair and unfolds the papers that were hastily shoved into her flight suit's pocket. "I will confess that I haven't had time to peruse it properly," she intimates in a mock-conspiratorial voice. "I believe this is to be a follow-up mission to the SABER strike last night, which was intended to soften things up and remove anti-aircraft capabilities in preparation for a ground assault on the island." She flips the page, then flips again before continuing. "We are anticipated to encounter centurions, in addition to a number of model sixes and potentially a model one." Her eyes lift at that, and fix curiously on Amos, like she's only just become aware of this facet of the mission.

Amos nods once to Bennett as she retakes her seat, "I guess we can all acquaint ourselves with the task together then." Flipping open his top file he quickly digs out a map of a small island group and then another, larger one of one of the islands. Reading the brief notes at the bottom of each he truns the pages so the other can see. "Looks like we've got this island,although according to the notes i have here there'll be others going in on the rest of them." A quick squint at the map and he adds, "some sort of guarded compound? Villa complex perhaps?" At the talk of a One his eyes lift too, and he glances back to the pilot a moment before turning to Lluefer, "when you get back down there Sergeant take a big picture of the One model with you, make sure everyone knows what it looks like."

Lleufer doesn't have anything to add as yet. He finds corresponding pages in his folders /if/ the folders Amos handed to him are in some part copies of what the Captain has retained for himself. Maps he finds to start looking over, "And the SABER is already down? Do we know if there are other large armaments or anti-air craft pieces on site left?" Ynyr gives Amos a nod, "Yes, sir. It's already been circulated with the others but I'll make sure everyone is refreshed on the One, specifically."

Bennett lifts her shoulders in a delicate shrug, expression thoughtful as she glances over the imagery from Amos's file. "Swanky place," she murmurs. "Looks like something that might have been owned by someone wealthy, from before the war. Security may be a problem. The place might be alarmed, particularly if there is a one in residence. My recommendations for approach depend on our mission objective, of course. Are we going to be glassing the complex, or doing an extraction?" Lleufer gets a shake of her head. "I do not believe so, Sergeant. Anti-air should not be a problem, according to Command."

"I think I see a couple of what look like forges," Amos offers, squinting a little at the image before he goes delveing through the paperwork again to see if there's a comment anywhere. He's still listening to what Bennett says as he finds something and reads it out, "'both SABER and Forge sites to be taken care of by air assault before ground mission begins', so there we go. Thats one worry delt with at least." Assuming no surprises at least, but he trusts air wing to deal with that sort of thing, or at least not to lie about it if they fail. At Bennett's query regarding tactics he ponders briefly, "I haven't spotted a specific mention of the One yet, but the places looks like it'd be a useful staging post, so if we can take it then we gain both that and the possible intelligence coup of grabbing the human-form." A glance to Lleufer, "your thoughts Sergeant?"

Both of Lleu's brows rise, "-Grabbing- a One, sir? Not outright killing it?" Ynyr thinks about that, "I'm told we /can/ do normal things like knock out skinjobs, so there's always the chance if we see one, we could gass him or flashbang his arse out cold. I'll bet it takes a heavier than usual whack to put one out though, sir. I haven't tried before." Ynyr looks through the papers, "If there are alarms, electronic security measures, we can deal with those. We set'm up and use them ourselves as MP's and have to know how to take'm out, too. Though often they aren't difficult to jam like any other electronics, if they use signals. Wires might have to be delt with by hand but are much less often used due to distances."

"We've had one in the brig onboard before, so there must be some way of doing it," Amos notes as he turns back to scanning the paperwork for more clues, "although this does all assume that he first off there, and second off, not scarpered after the air assualt." The specifics of the alarms mean little to him, but he happy to let the pair of them discuss it before he leaves over to see what it is that Bennett has found, odding once he's read the pertiment paragraph. The mention of a rooftop incursion has him glancing up to the pilot though, eyebrow raised slightly before he's reaching back for the map of the island. "What are you thinking Captain? Most of our force pushing through the compound with a small team sneaking in from above, or straight out attack from above?" He wasn't at Pallas, he was still on Caprica at that point, so he turns to Lleufer and raises an eyebrow a little. It's not the sergeants favourite topic he knows, but nows not the time for all that.

The Sergeant eyes Amos cautiously, "I -could- ask Captain Gray. He seems to be the most expert on skinjobs we have, aside from our skinjobs … Knox, I mean." /Has/ anyone noticed Dr Tamsin's disappearance? They have all been rather busy. Lleu thins his mouth and looks back at the papers, "Ehm, Pallas. Yes, we went in, in force, through multiple forced entries of the warehouse's roof structure. Won't have the contained air pressure issue with the island structures." He thinks about it, "Could work, be fast. I'm a fan of surprise. From there, sweep the other buildings."
Lleufer adds, "Could gas it first, catch any non-Centurions by knocking them out, then go in and deal with mechanicals."

"The element of surprise is what I am hoping for," St. Clair admits, with a brief nod for Lleufer's suggestion about gassing first. "Good idea," she opines. Perhaps it's his wording on the skinjobs — from plural to singular — that has her frowning slightly in thought. Or perhaps it's something else entirely. She looks back to her paperwork, quiet while the marines converse.

Amos gives Lleufer a quick look to check and see if the Sergeant would prefer it if he spoke to Captain Gray about it instead, then shuts up to listen to what is said regarding Pallas. He has wondered, briefly, about the Eleven, but only becuase Lleufer mentioned her just before he hit Gray, if it hadn't been for that he'd have just assumed she'd been left on Pireas with the other civilians. "The issue I see with gas would be dispersal, but we gain nothing by trying certainly. The basic idea though I think is a sound one so lets go with loading up the Raptors for a roof landing, with maybe one or two hitting the ground outside the compound in what cover hey can find to stop any centurions or human-forms that might be out and about from heading back to re-enforce?" Another quick glance between them to see if there are any other bright ideas or suggestions.

"I don't think there is an issue with dispersal unless you see something I don't, Captain?" Lleufer asks, "It'll be concentrated enough inside and after it's not hard to force air flow to clear it. Outside landing may also be good to keep the One, if presant, from escaping. Outdoors, flashbangs may be better used than gas." Islands tend to be breezy. Ynyr taps a finger on the map, "Do we know what these other structures are or are we mostly concerned only with the main villa? Do we have a floor plan?" Such things are usually public access for tax records and zoning.

"Flashbangs in the main compound then," Bennett agrees evenly. "Gas the complex from the roof. In fact, if we could get a building plan, we might even be able to go so far as gassing the air vents." She purses her lips a little at Lleufer's question, and flips to the end of the folder's contents— which she then passes across to him. "This page and the next is all we have. Aerial recon pictures, though if you think we can get our hands on something better, Sergeant.." To Amos, she shakes her head. "I think we have a solid plan, Captain. Will you be recuperated enough by tomorrow to participate?"

"Flashbangs outside certainly," Amos agrees, as he flips through the sheets again to see what he can find on th eother buildings pointed out. "They're down as stores, staff living quarters and other such sundaries," he states glancing back to the Sergeant, "so probably worth sending a raptor's worth to secure them as well. Or just glazzing them as it's likely where re-enfrcements will come from." Then to Bennett, "the escape committee has agreed that the first bid for freedom will be made shirtly after breakfast. If you can have a raptor fueled and warm in the hanger for us.. " then, slightly more seriously, "I hope so Captain, if I plan a mission I try to always fight it too, lets the lads know we've not been sloppy with it." That and he actually enjoys it of course.

Lleufer says, "If it was originally built for civilian use, or commercial, rather than military, then floor plans should be available /unless/ the Cylons thought to pull them from all data storage systems both local and online. Which they might have done. We might be able to get someone to check on it." Lleufer looks to Amos after he accepted the information from Bennett. Ynyr eyes them at the 'glassing' them comments which to him means nuke. So presumably they just mean blowing to hell instead. A brow is raised at the 'escape committee' stuff as he closes the folders. Lleu asks low, "Anything else for me tonight, sirs? Showe, grub, rack before I go … or, straight back?" A man can hope, though very likely he's needed ASAP back down below, especially with Amos, Brina, Mallas, etc … "Nevermind, I'll head straight back. Too many of us up here wounded." Ynyr looks ready to depart, if he's dismissed. "Unless there is anything more."

"I can have three," counters the pilot with a dazzling smile. Possibly the same one she intends to submit any medical staff to, who try to stop the marine captain from leaving. She, of course, is not Lleufer's commanding officer, so she leaves his orders to Amos. Her fingers return to fidgeting, this time with the silver piece dangling from her left ear, while she absently peruses the remainder of the folder's contents.

"Do as you think best Sergeant," Amos replies, "you know the situation down there better than me right now. Do however, swing by the mess and grab firstly, a proper meal and secondly, as many of the coffee packs as you can. Ensign Kostas was mentioning a shortage." As Bennett seems to have no further need for the sergeant he gives him a quick nod and a "dismissed. Get some rest." Shuffling the folders a a little to straighten them again he turns back to the pilot, "three? One to take us down and two to run distraction? Sounds good to me. I like the way you think Captain St Clair."

"Thank you, sir. A meal then, and rest only if I have to wait for a bird back down to Crandall." Lleufer has taken up the folders to study and almost salutes his Captain, but well, Recovery Ward. His gaze snaggs on Bennett for a breath or so before he says, "Good evening, Captain Saint Clair." Tired and as filthy as he is, Lleufer is at least not taking stims, yet. He's only a grunt. The Marine turns to head out, and to get the stupid baggies off of his boots.

For whatever reason, a small smile flits across Bennett's lips at something the marine captain says. She keeps her eyes on the paperwork, however, save to briefly observe Lleufer as he departs. "Good evening, Sergeant." Then her nose is buried in reading once more. "I like to be prudent, Captain," she tells Amos. "In fact, if that is all for now, I ought to be going, myself. I am on medevac tonight." If she can make it down to the hangar bay and into her raptor unscathed, that is.

Amos watches Lleufer for a few moments as the Sergeant departs, then turns back to matters closer at hand. "Nothing wrong with prudent, Captain," he replies as he shifts position slightly to get comfortable again. As she mentions departing as well he nods slowly, "alright. Thank you for you input, and thank you for stopping by. Fly safe tonight."

Nothing more from the bus driver. Just a quiet, tired smile and a brief touch to Amos's arm as she rises, then drifts off for the hatch with her paperwork and chocolate bar. That, at least, has caffeine in it.

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