AWD #252: Is There a Problem In Here?
Is There a Problem In Here?
Summary: People get prickly at each other in the fitness centre, then a pair of on-duty MPs arrive
Date: 15/Sep/2013
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #252

Mahasti is walking in with Brina, still dressed in her off duty finest : Sweats! Although she's sporting tanks instead of a t-shirt. She has a water bottle in hand and an expression that gives away amusement "My shooting was off today, but yeah, like I said, I keep up on my certs - I never get closer than 4 months to expiration on them. Well except my first aid cert I accidentally let that one run up to ten days." she offers.

Brina is nodding while accompanying the doctor, smiling as she does. Her gait is a bit off as she limps although the short walk from the firing range to the fitness area has done a lot to help soothe the ache that standing around caused. "Being delligent is a good thing," the short blonde laughs, "but I think you can loosen up a little." A quick glance is given to the room as a whole before she allows herself to be led by the officer to where they need to go.

Toby is, entirely predictably, using his free time to work over one of the heavy punch bags. His hands are wrapped, his sweater is discarded on the floor a little behind him and his focus is entirely on the bag infront of him. He doesn't glance around, he doesn't break eyecontact, he barely even blinks. Almost as if the bag has become his entire world.

Mahasti is watching Brina "So you have been doing Hydrotherapy, although not as much as I'd like, honestly. What else is in your routine for your leg?" she asks, sitting down on the floor out of the way to stretch her legs out. "I think the muscle layers are pretty interesting." she offers, eying Toby "Hello Shackleton." she returns to Brina "If its still hurting in a couple days I'll do a scan of the area in question and we'll see if something we missed is going on or if you are just slow to patch up." she offers, cheerfully. "I mean, me, personally. I'll look into your injury if you need it." she offers, smiling a bit.

"Stretching and massage. The latter two I've been doing a lot better in keeping up with although the latter I tend to do myself when I'm sitting down between patrols." The thudding of a bag being hit gets Brina's attention and she looks that way but when she speaks it is to the doctor herself. "Thanks. I appreciate it. How much you've been looking out for me and everything, I mean. Not everyday one meets someone with that much dedication and care." Mahasti has really gone above and beyond, in Brina's opinion, and that has done quite a lot to endear the phsysican to her.

There's a definite delayed reaction between when Mahasti speacks, and when Toby responds, almost as if her words have had to batter their way through his undoubtably thick skull to make themselves heard. The moment they do register though, could easily be missed, as he simply blinks, and it's only after another few heartbeats that he actually turns his head slightly to seek out their source. Once he's got to that point everything speeds up, for having spotted Mahasti he grabs the bag to stop it swinging and offers the newly arrived pair a nod, "Doc," he replies, then tilts his head towards Brina as he doesn't recognise her and thus doesn't know what form of addres to use.

Mahasti blinks a bit "I'm never really wholly off duty, Brina. Just like you I can get called in for any reason at any hour." she offers, laughing. "I haven't treated any of you any more specially than I treat any of my patients." she offers, with a shrug. "Its why I'm not surgical, I can't stand the emotional disconnect surgeons have. I can do it in a pinch but I'm better at the patient handling end. I love my job a majority of the time, even if I bitch about it sometimes." she admits, smiling. "Toby is a deck hand, one of our finest on board." she offers to Brina, gesturing at Toby as she arches her weight towards her legs, stretching her entire body to prevent injury. "He's got a wicked punch, he took down Winston in a scuffle." she whispers. "He's nice, I think." she offers, cheerfully.

"Still nice, Doc. And I still think you do too much for us." The attention from Brina's diverted and she looks at Toby, smiling and giving him a wave. "Hi. Am Brina. Er… Lance Corporal O'Connell. Am one of the MPs here." Mahasti is given a grin and a sideward glance, a brow arching. She doesn't ask it outright but it is almost as if she's asking 'and how nice is he, hmmm' by gesture alone. "It looks like you know what you're doing, Toby. Are you a boxer?"

Concentration broken, Toby figures it's worth a conversation break and so, after grabbing his hoodie, he moves towards the women. Catching the comment about Winston he can't resist a faint grin at the memory before Brina's direct question drags him back to the present. "Not really," he answers, shaking his head, "but I find it helps clear the mind." And vent frustrations too. He gives an acknowledging not as she introduces herself, then another much smaller one when she mentions being an MP.

Mahasti smiles a bit "Crewman Shackleton does fine work on our safety gear for the pilots and is generally just a helpful guy. Good guy to know. Wouldn't trust anyone else with things like our oxygen tanks." she offers, she is too oblivious to catch any unsavory implications of Brina's suggestiveness. "Really though I didn't do anything special for you. I treat you all as I wish to be treated." she offers, smiling warmly at Brina.

Brina grins but nods, leaving whatever might be implied playfully left alone. "It is good to meet the man who has all of our lives in his hand." Stepping away, Brina goes to sit on a weight machine, one meant to strengthen calves and thighs. Can work out her leg some and chat at the same time. "So since we're all here, perhaps we can get to know each other better," comes a light suggestion from the affable military police member. "Where are you both from?"

Toby eyes Mahasti briefly, then turns to Brina, "only if you're a pilot, or in one of the birds, other than that then it's engineering's responsibility, not Deck's." It's meant as an informative explaination, but there's just a hint of cageyness in there too, even more so when she asks where he's from. He's always figured that his tattoos are enough to clearly mark him out, and then there's his accept too, so he gives the MP a questioning look for a moment before finally answering quietly, "Tauron."

Mahasti chuckles, her accent strong enough to make her a little hard to understand when she talks about Leonis. "'Edon, Leonis. I did medical school in Luminiare." she offers, standing up to take up two 2kg weights, working her triceps without any fuss. Her reps are slow and cautious with the motions. Her back staying stick straight. "I thought everyone knew I'm Leonese already." then again she has the strongest accent of anyone from Leonis. "You ocassionally work on our O2 tanks when Engineering is swamped." she points out "And you do amazing work regardless, you even personally fixxed my camera." she points out, smiling.

Brina catches Toby's tone which causes her to wince a bit, her brow creasing. "Yeah, I caught the tattoos, I was just trying to get to know people better." Which hasn't been easy for Brina who has had a little bit of a problem on her end where settling in goes at times. At least Mahasti is a bit more willing to be conversational despite what probably really was a stupid question, it making her smile in relief. "Never been to Leonis. Or Tauron. I am from Aquaria, myself."

Toby shrugs his hoodie over his shoulders as Mahasti tells her life story, then gives Brina a faint nod when she acknowledges the tattoos. Mahasti gets a faint shrug, and a none-commital "I suppose" before something clicks in his head and he turns back to Brina to ask, "you know Sergeant Ynyr I take it? He still off duty tomorrow afternoon?"

Mahasti chuckles "So is my better half. As I've discussed with Bigmouth and him, its likely the most intact colony. Nothing worth attacking." she points out, grinning. "Toby is depressed about being here, you shouldn't push him." she offers to Brina, thinking "Why? Even I've been to most of the colonies." she offers, voice soft, contemplative. "I love home most of all, but, I'm quite fond of anywhere with beautiful scenery and good people. She's hardly told him her life story. Luc and Samtara are the only ones who have gotten that much out of her.

"Just never got to go anywhere. Family was poor so we never got to do any of that fancy colony hopping a lot of rich people enjoy. When I joined up I was stationed on the same planet I grew up on and then got stationed on Picon afterward." A few more reps is made with before her knees and thighs give out, the workout totaling about 15 or 20 reps in total. Not her best but a lot better than she has been able to do just yesterday. "I think so," she adds, answering the deck hand. "I don't usually keep track of people's schedules but I do believe he said he has tomorrow off."

Toby shoots Mahasti a look as she labels him depressed, then turns back to Brina to nod at her response regarding Lleufer. He almost leaves it at that, but there's something in Mahasti casual remark about visiting the other colonies that gets to him and he offers Brina another nod as she tells a story much more similar to his own. "Never left Tauron, not until War Day itself," he offers, still not sounding particularly conversational, "then two months on Picon before I was put on a Raptor to here."

Mahasti ers a bit "We weren't rich." she sort of peeps, voice soft. She's getting used to getting that accusation apparently. She looks sort of deflated about it. She does her reps, two of twenty on each side, putting the weights down neatly, taking a few graceful steps on her toes, posture akin to a ballerina's for a moment. "I'm sorry my father was a skilled pediatrician then." she takes a breath, stretching her weight in a near yoga positioning. Raising her left leg behind her to fully stretch, belly muscles tight in the process.

Oh. Was that tension Brina felt? Looking from one to the other for a moment, she almost excuses herself, not sure if her being here now is a good idea or not. Standing, she just stands there, her expression lost. "I don't think most anyone in the military are rich," she points out while looking for where the towels are kept. "And it doesn't really matter anyhow, does it?"

"Not for now," Toby notes to Brina, "although I'm guessing that those who had it before will find a way to have it again once the dust settles." A hint of bitterness there? Surely not. For now he's not making any reply to Mahasti or her protestations and instead merely points Brina to the lockers where the towels are, having spotted that sort of searching gaze before.

Mahasti is quiet now. Not saying a word to anyone. She seems largely displeased with the accusations. After a moment "You don't have to leave Brina. I only try to get stupid whore pilots to swing." she comments "I wouldn't ever try to get Toby swinging - you see Taurons generally don't stop and given I'm scheduled to deliver a baby in the next three days, I can't be punched stupid tonight." she mumbles, taking a moment to pull her pants up quietly.

Brina does leave but not the gym entirely but instead just about ten or so feet to the shelf to get a towl so she can wipe her face dry. "It's alright. I can punch him for you," she offers lamely, trying to joke. But she can't really pull that off and she merely shrugs and looks down. Yeah, this? Is totally awkward, hello!

A certain Marine Sergeant arrives in his MP uniform and clearly on duty. Another Marine walks with him and they might be doing a sweep through on their four man patrol. Lleufer looks around to see who's in here, prepared to walk on through. Pale eyes slip from one person to another, picking up on tension through tone and body language of the participants. Ynyr stops and clears his throat, "Is there a problem in here?"

Toby moves back towards the heavy bag, letting his hoodie slide down over his arms as he does so before ditching it back on the floor near where it had been to start. There's a faintly questioning look towards Mahasti as she uses that particular adjective to describe members of the airwing, but then he just grunts at the comment about Taurans and turns back to working the bag once more. Figuring Brina's comment as an attempt at a joke he doesn't offer to let her try, then glances over to Lleu as he arrives. "No problem Sergeant," he offers, voice still a little harsh, "just preparing for tomorrow."

Mahasti snorts "Like I'd ever order that." she offers. "Oh I'm being ridiculed because my parents were fiscally responsible." she offers to Lleufer. "I have no intention of doing anything, my actions will speak for me someday maybe." she offers, shifting her weight to stand on her left foot, right leg extending behind her, practicing Saggitaron stretches, trying to de-tense her back.

Brina nods to the doctor once and then looks to her boss, Lleufer given a helpless little shrug and a shake of her head. She didn't do it and man, she'd really like for it all to stop. At least Toby doesn't seem willing to continue so she instead turns to regard Masasti, her expression sad. "It is alright. I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it, sir."

Ynyr is all official duty mode as he listens to each reply. Lleu's gaze slips from one to another and then nods, "Very well. Lance Corporal O'Connell, I'd like a word with you." The Marine Sergeant stands with his hands clasped loosely behind his back as he waits. The Corporal who came in with him standsly slightly behind and to one side, also waiting.

Toby disagrees with Mahasti's version of events, and the frown that graces his features as she states it likely gives that away. Unless of course it's mistaken for concentration as his fists start pounding into the bag once more. That doesn't mean he isn't watching the MPs though, watching them to the extent that he even shifts round the bag a little so he doesn't have to turn his head away from his exercise.

Mahasti shifts her legs, moving to one of the sturdier benches and extends her hand to it, doing basic Leonese dance stretches, to allow her body to melt off her tension. Her expression is plain, a bit sour and generally focused on not falling as she focuses on getting her leg up.

Brina wrinkles her nose, looking at the other with the Sarge before, with a nod, she steps off, mouthing an 'excuse me' before she joins Lleufer. "Sarge, Did I do something wrong?" It's never good when someone with more rank than you wants to talk with you and makes it known they do and how he has a corporal with him it just makes her more nervous than before.

Bennett slips into the fitness centre, accompanied by a taller officer who also looks to be air wing. He's in his duty blues, though, and departs with a brief salute after a few more words are exchanged by the hatch. Hefting her bag up on her shoulder, the pilot marks a path toward the bank of lockers. She's sporting standard-issue layered tanks, running shoes, and not-so-standard-issue jersey shorts.

Once Brina has come over as requested, Sergeant Ynyr looks her over in her off duty clothes. Lleufer's mouth thins a little but it'll have to do. He draws his hands from behind his back and stands at attention before he raises his baritone, "Lance Corporal O'Connell, at Atten-tion!" The Aerilon Marine waits for his fellow MP to comply with his order before he'll proceed. The Corporal who's accompanied him also changes from his at ease posture to standing crisply at attention.
Lleufer pauses a beat before he puts a hand out to the Corporal who fishes a small box from his shirt pocket, then resumes his position at attention. The small box is opened, it's contents not made plain to the others, "Lance Corporal Brina O'Connell, I am hereby authorized to award you the Distinguished Serviceman's Medal for your act of exemplary Valor under enemy fire under military operations against the enemy while serving with the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines Regiment in support of operations on Picon in the assault upon the Cylon SABER site." My, isn't that a mouthfull? Lleu takes a single step forward to put out one of his hands for her own. He smiles, "We aren't much for official ceremonies so as you are out of uniform I'll have to refrain from pinning it on you this time, Lance Corporal. I -will- expect to see you wearing it whenever you have occation that requires formal dress greys. Is this understood?"

Toby notes the arrival of the pilots out of the corner of his eye, but as the one in blues moves away again he lets his eyes drift back to the MPs, watching to see what has LLeufer acting so stiffly with an off duty lance corporal. He might not catch every singe word, but the general meaning is clear enough, even without the medal being clearly displayed and he slows his punching down until he can easily grab the bag to hold it still again and concentrate simply on watching the impromptu ceremony.

Mahasti claps softly and briefly for Brina before kicking off her running shoes, waiting for Lleu to finish being stiff before resuming ballet style practicing. Afterall it will help her balance on duty if she can get a decent work out. Her messy red curls are trying to burst free of the ponytail.

Bennett slows her pace when she spies something semi-official transpiring nearby, and a smile warms her pensive, distant expression. She'll save congratulations for later, apparently, though does politely join in on the clapping before continuing on her trajectory to the lockers. "Good evening, doctor," is murmured sotto voce to Mahasti as she passes. Toby gets a grin as she drops her bag atop the bench and rifles about for something inside.

And this is where things start to get fuzzy around the edges of Brina's field of vision. It isn't the dimming of sight that usually signifies when one is about to faint but instead it's the kind of thing when pretty much the rest of the world ceases to exist for the most part. Coming to, Brina listens, her eyes straight forward until the presentation is over and he offers both the box and his hand. The former is taken just before the latter, the medal held in her left so her right can take his. "Thank you, Sarge," gets coaked, Brie almost moved to the point where she can not talk. Clapping is heard and she turns, offering the others a sheepish grin.

Toby might be in a bit of a prickly mood, but Bennett had no part in causing it so he returns her grin with a brief nod and a quiet, "Captain". Still holding he bag in his wrapped hands he doesn't clap, but he does offer Brina a faint upnod in acknowledgement as she looks round. He'll save addressing Lleu until the Sergeant is clearly finished with his ceremonial duties but he keeps an eye on the trio of MPs all the same.

"You aren't dismissed yet, Lance Corporal." Sergeant Ynyr snaps when Brina starts looking around instead of continuing to stand at attention. Lleu eyes her. The slip might earn her a load of pushups and a chewing out if it weren't for the medal. "We could stand to work on your military protocol, Lance Corporal. They may do things sloppy back on Picon but you're back with the Fleet now." Ynyr draws a breath to study her and then after due pause, he adds, "As you were. You are dismissed."

Bennett, thankfully, does not know ballet. And so she half-watches Mahasti with a slight, appreciative upturn of her lips. "Doctor," she murmurs to the woman bemusedly, "is a form of address. Pilot is not." A stretchy hairband is pulled out of her bag, and she goes about the task of scraping her hair up into a ponytail and binding it. Hairpins are slid in around the crown to secure stray wisps of hair, and she promptly begins stretching; quads and hamstrings, fingers laced together and shoulderblades drawn back. Blue eyes are on Toby the whole while. Finally, "Rough day at the office?"

"Sorry Sarge." There is a smile for him but it fades when he keeps speaking and Brina is made to realize that he is all business, it sobering her quite a bit. Whens he is dismissed she straightens a bit more, her expression happier than it has been in a very long time. "Thank you." Now she turns to look at the others but she doesn't move away from where he is.

Toby doesn't immediately note Bennett's gaze, given as he himsel fis looking at the MPs, but once the word 'dismissed' is heard he takes it as his cue to call over, "Sergeant. What time tomorrow? We never did set that." It's Bennett's question that finally draws his attention away though and he steps back a half pace, back into a position he can work from again, as he ponders just what answer to give to that. In the end he settles for the somewhat uninformative and not particularly enthusiastic, "yeah, something like that."

Mahasti raises her hands up over her head in graceful near mudra of her fingers, swaying slowly "It is a job, same as doctor." she teases towards Bennett "Would Madame or perhaps ami be preferable?" she asks, "Or would you prefer captain?" she asks, taking a step foreward to bounce slowly on her weight. "I apologize for making Ensign Aphrodeen late the other day if she was - I forced her to take a meal with her, and took a few extra minutes of her time." she offers, smiling softly. She sways her short legs to extend her weight onto one foot, extending her left leg behind her. "Did you know, Ballet is taught in Leonese everywhere?" she asks, towards Bennett but openly. "It amuses me that colonial standard biased colonies are too lazy. Or perhaps it 'sounds sophisticated'." she offers, shrugging her shoulders before dropping her feet into a la seconde with her hands out to either side of her body before dropping entirely.

Lleufer tries not to twist his mouth too wryly at Brina's very sloppy and informal replies. He looks up at the ceiling above them with a 'Gods help us' kind of look, now going back to clasping his hands behind his back, "Where ever did you do basic training, O'Connell? Either your Drill Sergeant should be horse whipped, or you best review or you'll be scrubbing out the Head with your personal toothbrush when you annoy a real officer." He smiles though, "It is we who thank you." Ynyr looks around the Fitness Center, his gaze snagging on Bennett, "Captain, sir." Whatever is Mahasti doing over there? Lleu's attention is snagged by Toby, "I'll check my shift schedule, Shackleton. I expect around this time tomorrow evening I will likely be available." He checks his chrono and yes, he's off shift and needs to go check in his sidearm at the Security Hub.

Bennett, unlike many pilots, seems to have enough social etiquette to know when someone doesn't want to talk about something. She mulls the technician for a beat or two before smiling apologetically and relinquishing her gaze. And oh, boy, Brina's getting chewed out over there. She tries not to stare, but every so often her attention wanders thataway. "If Ensign Aphrodeen has been tardy to the point of shirking her duties, Lieutenant, I will be certain to bring it up with her. Though I thank you for mentioning it to me." A pause. "I did not know that. I'm afraid I've never taken much to something like ballet, though I enjoy a good ballroom dance." Lleufer gets a grin when he looks over at her, and finished stretching, she sets off for a jog around the outside of the pyramid court.

Toby gives a short, sharp upnod to Lleufer as acknowledgement of the answer before he starts punching away again. He's not going whole hog though, having already done a fair amount of work this afternoon and not wanting to end up with sore arms before the big day. His eyes follow Bennett, briefly, as she jogs past, but then he's all attention on the bag again, focus narrowing to exclude everyone and everything else.

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