ALT #315: Is He Fit For Duty?
Is He Fit For Duty?
Summary: Doctor Nadir arrives at the brig to determine if Toby is medically unfit for duty as some claim.
Date: 17/Nov/2013
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Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
AWD #315

Leightner comes into the Brig, clipboard in one hand, standard Medic outfit. He moves to the Corporal of the guards desk a few minutes before the prison shower scene with the pressure hoses and routine whippings are scheduled to begin. Or maybe he's in the wrong Brig. Still, "Medical lookover of the prisoner, as he's on a Medical leave from Sickbay." He nods as he's checked for weapons, and walked back to Toby's cell.

Given that Toby was detained at the end of his shift yesterday but now appears freshly clean, shaven and dressed in clean off-duty togs, it would appear that yes, Leightner is in the wrong brig. As the corpsman arrives, he's sat on the bunk in his cell, but then uses the time it takes to process the medic through it get to his feet and move over to the front of his allotted area. "Morning," he offers soundly mostly bored, then asks, "this the forty eight hour check, or the am I right in the head check?"

Leightner finishes getting processed and is led to the cell door by the guard, as he is sent into the cell proper, he says, "This is the 'Really, our parolee from sickbay managed to get himself brigged with orders to get a medical lookover to see if some moron Corpsman got him released too early?' check. He walks up to Toby, and takes a look at the man, checking on his healing status, "You've still got the 48 hour reeval, and I'm off yer case as soon as I file my papers from this lookover."

"It has nothing to do with it," Toby replies, faint hints of annoyance slipping into his tone. He lets the corpsman work with no impediments though as he continues. "Contrary to what is apparently popular belief the reason I refused to walk away from an ignore a safety risk in a hazardous work area is not because the cylons tried to blow me up a week ago."

Leightner nods, continuing his work, "Nananana. While I hope yer right, tha paperwork o yer brigging cites a possible link between yer injury an yer briggin." He caps an instrument and pulls another, "I'm checkin tha ye ain't picked up any more injuries from yer release from Sickbay ta now." He nods, "Which ye don't have, so now, it's either yer mouth or me job tha malfunctioned." He purses his lips, "Ain't about whot happened there, it's about how tha paperwork reads."

"Yeah," Toby replies with a brief nod, "Chief Martin wanted to write the whole thing off as me unfit for duty due to said injury, I then challenged that and stated I'd be happy to have a check-up to prove that. If the paperwork comes back to blame you then I'll kick up a stink myself, don't worry about that. Ain't going to see safety issues ignored on flimsy pretense."

Leightner shakes his head, shrugging, "Well, good luck preachin yer case before JAG er ye CO, er whoevar, cuz." He writes on the clipboard, "I'm off yer case now. An I imagine, win lose er draw, yer back in Sickbay till ye walk out wit a clean bill o health, on full duty. Considerin ye were on light duty with weight restrictions fer ten days, Seems tha sounds like it presents itself as a nice little fate, if tha officer wanted ta push ye inta it."

"And sweep the real issue under the carpet and ignore it," Toby adds as a logical conclusion to what Leightner just said. He does not sound impressed by it, not one bit. Eying the man before him for a few moments he takes a deep breath, levels his tone again and states, "I'll fight anything that tries to pin this on a medical issue. You need me to tell anyone that the two are not related then just tell me who and I'll make sure it's done. There was a safety issue, I called it, was told to walk away and I . That's it. Same would have happened if I was on full duty, light duty, half dead, or if it'd been the frakking Admiral himself."

Leightner shakes his head waving a hand, "Nana, Let me go over 'Unfit fer duty' It means unfit fer duty. It means ye ain't fit fer makin proper decisions. Till yer looked over, nothin ta do now. Once yer declared fit, o sound mind, then points moot, really."

"Then I look forward to that checkup and proving that my judgement is not impaired then," Toby replies with a faint nod and even a faint smile. "As you might have guessed, I'm not keen on the idea of you guys being made scapegoat for this." He seems confident enough though as he asks, "any idea who it's likely to be?"

Leightner nods, "Aye." He says, as he writes on the clipboard, getting the paperwork in order. "Just on ye toes when she blows in. She'll have no idle time fer foolishness on any human level.

Toby considers that reply for a few moments, mulling over the Doctors he knows and seeing which is the best match. In the end it's the first one that came to mind though and he nods slowly, "Dr Nadir then, that's good." He thinks it's good anyway, so long as he can make his case.

Leightner is in the Brig cell with Toby, with a clipboard, and his medkit, on a Brig call to do the preliminary. He seems to be making concluding remarks, and notations on the paperwork. Otherwise business as usual in the security brig of a battlestar. "Aye. We'll see whot shakes out from here, but yer not gonna drop over, so, I'm done." Unless Sam snaps her fingers.

Being called to the brig is actually not unusual, being in a tin can with men and women who are trained to fight at the drop of a hat, all full of all manner of exiting chemicals and anger tends to make sparks fly . . with or without provocation. This being said the CMO is processing through the usual song/dance of security checks, she isn't armed so there's actually nothing to 'check' and is striding toward where Leightner and Shackleton are currently hosting this little tea party. "Gentlemen," is said upon arrival.

Looking freshly showered, shaved and dressed in clean off-duty gear, Toby gives Leightner a brief nod as he concludes. "Didn't think I would, but it's good to have that confirmed," he replies, "don't know if you need it for the paperwork or not, but I did stick to those orders." With the corpsman apparently about to leave he sticks his hands back into his pockets and turns to navigate the few feet to his bunk so he can wait the next round of visitors. Needless to say though, Sam's arrival puts a stop to that and while he doesn't snap to attention, he does shift to parade-ground rest and returns her greeting with a short nod and a respectful, "Captain."

Lleufer arrives on Sam's heels, perhaps having seen Dr. Nadir pass through the Security Hub where he was at a desk briefly. This MP stops at the desk and speaks low with the fella on watch there and then Ynyr turns his head to watch Samtara walk on down to the cell where Shackleton is being held. No tell'n if they have that boy stripped so Lleu doesn't go butting his nose into that too fast.

Leightner does come to proper attention, no salute though, too messy, "Sir." and then comes down from attention, turning the clipboard, and offering it to Samtara, directly. Hot, fresh, ink still drying paperwork. Breakfast of champions.

Accepting the clipboard that Leightner hands her, Nadir reviews the notes - and the drying ink - before nodding first at Leightner then Shackleton. She'd noted the arrival of Ynyr, more in a 'aware of everyone and their potential germ carrying status' than anything else as she's reviewing the data that she has. "Summarize if you would please, Crewman Shackleton, what led to this display of social niceties?"

Toby's eyes flick briefly to Lleufer, but it's fair to say that the majority of his attention is on Sam, and in fact, once the Doctor addresses him that rises to all of his attention. Squaring his shoulders a fraction he keeps it simple and to the point, trusting the Captain to be able to make up her own mind. "I spotted a potential fire hazard on deck Sir and intervened verbally to ensure it was neutralised. Upon being told I should ignore it and walk away I refused. Chief Martin then moved to relieve me of duty on the grounds that I was unfit and the comment was made that my actions were unduly influenced by my injuries. I verbally challenged that statement Sir and here we are."

Leightner stands there, at ease, at Samtara's command, he just radiates it. He waits for orders from his superior, and will remain still exactly until he is given instructions. And he's good at it.

Lleufer listens to what he can overhear, then steps out for a moment. Ynyr comes back in about a minute later carrying a coffee carafe and some cups. The smell of the coffee begins to permeate the brig as cups are poured. He says something low to the other Sergeant on duty and gives him the first cup.

"Verbally intervened," Nadir quotes from Shackleton's own statement. "And to paraphrase you said . .?" prompting the crewman to quote himself, handing the clipboard back to Leightner then tucking her hands into the front pockets of her uniform trousers. The scent of coffee has her keen sense of smell sitting up, taking notice, and calculating the potential to claim a cup.

"In the first instance Sir," Toby starts, coving both verbal interventions to be sure, "I explained my role in fire prevention and asked that the item in question be put away. Once that request was refused I requested that the conversation be moved to outside of the hanger and thus outside of the hazardous area os that I could explain my concerns in detail. This too was refused." The smell of the coffee causes another brief flick of his eyes but he manages to haul his attention back to the conversation at hand. "In the second instance I stated that if I was being removed from duty and confined to berthings on the grounds that I was unfit for duty then I wanted it put on my record that I disagreed with that statement and would be happy to under go a medical examination to ascertain the facts of the matter Sir."

Leightner retakes the clipboard, and holds it neatly. Corpsman hold clipboard. Corpsman seen and not heard. It's a form of office camouflage that develops in one as they rise in the Petty Officer ranks. the ability to stand there and do nothing and no one finding it strange at all. You're just waiting to assist a superior officer, taking in the scene, remaining aware of the surroundings, but doing nothing. Masters of this skill are said to have gone for weeks without saying a word, just standing there, invisible as Officers carry on the tasks of running the ship. The Corpsman knows there's coffee, and finds it likely Sam will wring some out of Lleufer. But the waiting, ah, that's just to let these events unfold in their own time.
But Leightner just stands there. With the clipboard.

Ynyr can be a total bastard if he wants to be, trust me. However, he brought several cups in with him and takes the time to pour two more. The coffee carafe set down, he picks up the two cups and walks down the hallway towards the brig the medical personal are gathered before. A cup is offered to Sam first, then Leighter, "Cream and sugar are out in the Hub." Otherwise, take it black. Lleu adds, "Shackelton, your lunch is on the way from mess. You can have coffee too, if you want it." But it'll go onto the tray and get slid through as per normal brig procedure.

"And the nature of this potential fire hazard?" One question after another is aimed at Shackleton, her head tilted ever so subtly to the left as he speaks. The offered cup of coffee earns Ynyr a smile followed by, "Thank you," and glad acceptance of the cup of coffee. She curls both hands around the cup, letting the warmth seep into her hands while waiting for Shackleton to answer this question. Pointed questions, no dilly dallying around.

Leightner comes from his stillness to shakes his head at Lleufer, "No, thanks, never do." He says to the sergeant offering coffee, though he seems to appreciate the offer. Then he settles into stillness once more, listening.

Nadir glances sidelong at Leightner, and his refusal of coffee. "You don't drink coffee," not actually asked per se, but wondered in a perplexed tone of voice. Akin to stating: you don't breathe the oxygen mix that the rest of us do?

Toby does want coffee, that much is clear, but what he wants more is to get his clean bill of health. As such he's keeping his attention on Sam's face, not what's in her hands. "Tobacco pipe Sir," he states, "I determined initially that it was unlit then asked for it to be put away due to the risk of breeding complacency with regards to fire safety in an environment in which flammable vapours are habitually present."

Leightner nods to Nadir, confirming but not speaking, this is Toby's show. Still, he doesn't drink coffee. Never has, really.

"Mmm," comes from Nadir at her sidelong look at Leightner before she shifts her focus back to Toby. "On the one hand, I agree with you with regards to lit or unlit pipes, tobacco, cigarettes or any other source of carcinogens in the work place. That being said, it should not have been carried on duty in the first place. Last time I checked carrying any of the above while on duty isn't part of the official uniform kit. Unless I missed a step somewhere, I'm sure I'd get a memo regarding that. Did I miss a memo?" she side-long aims this question at Leightner.

As Leightner doesn't want the second cup, Lleufer keeps it and sips from it. He listens in to what Shackleton says and lifts his brows. He looks like he would say something but no, a glance to the Captain as the Doc is asking her questions and he decides he already interrupted enough. So the Marine turns and walks on back to the duty desk.

Leightner shakes his head, "No, Sir." Standard answer #2. Basically, if this were a different setting he'd be saying "Naw, Boss." He's the backup.

Toby is not aware of any such prohibitions in general, but then he doesn't smoke and that's more Lleufer's ground than his anyway. As such he limits his reply to, "I'm afraid you'd need to bring that up with Captain West Sir. I can tell you that he was in his greens but not if he was on duty or merely making use of his free time."

"Let me test my understanding," ahh the phrase is now being deployed. "You located a potential fire hazard and requested that it be removed. It was, at present, not lit and therefore not - at that present point in time - a fire hazard but as such could be rendered a fire hazard potentially. The officer on duty, Captain West was it? And the senior ranking NCO, Chief Martin, just to clarify?" Nadir asks, getting the names and ranks pinned down as she speaks. "Captain West was not on duty, you stated he was in his greens meaning his off duty uniform not his duty uniform, colour coordinating wardrobes are a bit of a interesting military quirk," brief side remark there, "and he declined to do so. You requested to take the conversation 'outside' meaning off of the deck, of Captain West or Chief Martin? How did this dialogue transition into a declaration of removal from duty?"

Leightner remains unmoving, but we all know what's going on there.

Listening to Sam's round-up Toby gives a couple of nods at pertinent points then adds one minor clarification. "Sir, unlit the pipe in and of itself was not an immediate hazard no, merely a potential one. However, if such items become commonplace in the hanger then should, at some point, a lit one be present then there is an increased risk that those on duty will dismiss the hazard as they are used to seeing unlit ones and have become complacent to the risk posed. That is the situation I was attempting to avoid." Then, moving on to the specific questions he states, "Captain West was on deck to discuss collaborative projects between engineering, his department, and deck. The senior deck NCO present was Senior Chief Petty Officer Martin yes." Another nod as the Doc continues and he clarifies again, "I asked Captain Martin to put the pipe away, and then when he stated that he would not I asked him if we could move the conversation elsewhere. Chief Martin then informed me that she felt the matter was closed and that I should leave. It was when I explained that I couldn't do that that she moved to relieve me of duty."

Nadir lifts the coffee cup that she's holding and takes a measured drink of the contents, no sugar or cream to dilute the caffeinated contents, and makes a small nod of approval at the strength of the coffee itself. "Chief Martin informed you that she felt the matter was closed and that you should leave. You explained that you couldn't do that and she moved to relieve you of duty. Why, exactly, could you not extract or remove yourself from the conversation, situation or area?"

Leightner listens, impassively, observing.

"Because Captain West had still not put his pipe away Sir," Toby replies simply and openly. "I could not will any degree of conscience, walk away from a situation that I still felt was dangerous to those in the vicinity and to the ship itself. I believe it was then that she suggested my judgement might be impaired and I stated that I could not accept and requested that a note be made of that alongside her judgement on my record or that an examination be carried out. I was then given the option of either accepting, without recourse to another department, that I was unfit for duty on medical grounds, or that I be charged with insubordination and brought here." He doesn't feel the need to add which choice he made.

Nadir turns and walks back toward the desk at which Ynyr is seated and quietly says: "I'll be parking my cup of coffee here for a moment, but I'll be back to re-claim it," in short - yes I still want the coffee, please don't make it go away, bad stuff happens when my coffee is disappeared. She back tracks to stand alongside Leightner and relieves him of the clip board so that she can leaf through the file attached. "Officer Leightner, the crewman has been assigned to the Orion and the deck crew for nine months now, approximately. Which is the approximate time that it takes for the standard healthy human child to gestate and be born. Give or take six weeks. How long did it take for you to process through boot and training to be assigned to your first duty station?" This asked of Leightner before she turns slightly and inquires of the Sergeant sitting so quietly, "And you, Sergeant, how long approximately for you to process through your training and then be promoted to the rank of Sergeant?"

Leightner is relieved of his clipboard, and as he is asked questions of, he replies, "Common concept of Nine Months, sir, actual average is forty weeks. Boot ta first duty? Standard Eight week on Virgon."

With the questions now being posed to Lleufer and Leightner, not himself, Toby remains as he is, stood still and focusing on the doctor. He has an idea where this may be going, and a reply lined up and waiting, but he's not about to jump in pre-emptively.

Alexandra walks quietly into the brig area, having had the group near the prisoner notified from the duty desk. She still looks somewhat pissed about something.

Lleufer is seated on the edge of the desk sipping coffee and listening, "I've been in 7 years this past month. I'm do for promotion to Staff Sergeant, Captain." Ynyr has to think about the rest of the Captain's question, "9 weeks basic, 21 days rifleman, 50 days MP basic, 20 weeks field combat MP training and explosives, investigations training, SAR, jump wings, jungle survival…" Lots of training for the Marine. Ynyr turns his head at the new arrival, "Chief." He's got a coffee carafe and another MP Sergeant is seated at the duty desk. The rest of them are down the hall a bit outside Toby's cell.

"So seven years of service, volunteer," something Nadir is as well, a volunteer not a conscript, "and working your way forward to Staff Sergeant," she aims a nod at Ynyr. "Thank you," for answer the question of course oh and the coffee. She shifts focus again this time toward Leightner, "Time in service?" she inquires, knowing that answer but asking it for the point of making the answer audible for the sake of conversation. She's not speaking directly at Shackleton at the moment, though her attention shifts from Leightner to Shackleton and back, including both in her focus for the time being.

Leightner's head lifts, "Five years, sir, next month." And he falls silent, waiting for any other data requests.

Ynyr gives Dr Nadir a nod, "Yeah, and OCS but then we invaded Picon so didn't finish." Because you know, Lleufer got shot in the head. Blarg.

Toby remains at parade-rest, letting the corpsman and marine give their answers, although at the latter's mention of Chief his eyes do flick that way and he spots Alexandra's arrival. Only really feeling able to give the briefest of upnods to acknowledge her presence, given as he's supposed to be focusing on the officer present, he keeps his mouth shut and waits. Although there's a moment of tension in his jaw as the word 'volunteer' is brought up.

"So. The Sergeant has spent seven years in the service. Officer Leightner has five years, nearly six," Nadir reiterates, doing the math aloud for any needing to take note of the accumulated experience gathered in the room. "In comparison, my years of service are a mere four and a half, though medical school and intern-ship do qualify as volunteer service it's not quite the same thing. Equally time consuming, however, and intense in training, acquisition of practical knowledge, etcetera." She's turned slightly at present, "Captain West has served sixteen Years, officer rank from the moment he graduated and completed Academy training. Sixteen years of service. Experience. Again, practical application of knowledge acquired by process of experience and training. And the deck chief," she angles a nod toward the senior chief as she arrives, "has more than adequate years of training and experience, both in and out of combat scenarios, to apply to the situation at hand." It's now that she turns her focus back, or rather sharpens her focus again upon Shackleton, "All that combined experience, training, knowledge, weighed against your years of experience as a mechanic, a technician, a volunteer who joined the resistance on Picon and has served the fleet now for nine months while currently at war. And your experience trumps that of Captain West and Chief Martin, in your opinion."

Leightner remains silent as the CMO speaks, letting this play out where and when the Captain wills. just standing where the force of it is not aimed.

Alexandra says, "I have had seventeen years in the fleet, all in deck postings. I have not attended OCS, though I have been recommended twice." she adds to the litany, making sure the record is recorded properly."

Toby had been expecting the experience card to rear it's head, but that doesn't stop it being like a gut punch when it does. It's not quite 'your opinion doesn't count because you're only a Crewman where as my pins are bigger and shinier', but feels like it sometimes. He listens in silence, keeping focused on the outline of a reply he has prepared and how to express it in a way that matches whatever turn of phrase Doctor Nadir chooses to use. Once she's done he takes a steadying breath, forms his words carefully and replies, "Sir. I may have only been with the fleet for nine months, but I'd like to put forward for your consideration my fifteen or so years, give or take, of experience in the field while on Tauron. Both fire prevention and when that failed, fire fighting Sir. Mine fires. Enclosed spaces, high potential for casualties, environments full of volatile vapours." There's a part of him that wants to say more, but he forces himself to leave it there, stick to the facts and draw the comparisons.

None of that stops Lleufer from adding low, "Captain still had no business bringing a pipe anywhere near tyllium fuel, lit or otherwise. I expect he'll be getting reamed for that." But, Ynyr's not JAG so not his problem to sort out. He stands up from the desk his butt was holding down when Shackleton's lunch tray is brought in. Lleu sets his cup down and inspects it, then turns and pours a fresh cup of coffee to add to it, "All right, take it and slide it over to him but I think he's too busy to eat it just now." His fellow MP, she nods and turns to take it down the hall to the brig cell.

"Then in your expert opinion," Nadir remarks after sharing a nod with the Chief, "your fire fighting, fire prevention knowledge trumps that of every other officer or ranked NCO in the room. Fascinating." Which does not, to note, support his assertion of his expertise. "And the Captain's adherence to the rules regarding flammable substances or sources near or not near tyllium fuel is not up for debate at present, Sergeant," she says without glancing toward Ynyr. "Nor is it a part of this current dialogue; that being said, I've already stated that - at present - my understanding of the current kit that officers include does not include the carrying of tobacco in any form yet it is a constant source of contaminant as it is, at present, carried by more officers than not. Making it another line of inquiry to process. Now," again that sharpening of focus back on Shackleton, "you participated in the rescue op that lifted the civilians trapped in those mines on Minos." She eyes the food tray that's being carried forward, views the bowl of soup with marked suspicion before turning back to the task at hand: "Your background in the area of fire prevention and fire fighting, coupled with exposure to civilians who had been over-long trapped in mines - which are, by nature, a fire hazard waiting to happen - and further subjected to conditions that could prove to be yet another fire hazard contributed to your inability to comply with orders given by two ranking senior personnel. Is that your statement, Crewman Shackleton, and reason for calling for a medical review of your condition and actions?"

Alexandra says, "I had initially interpreted his actions in a medical light, and the Crewman insisted that his injuries had nothing to do with the situation. He insisted that he be charged irregardless of his medical condition. I also asked for a medical review, in that I do not believe his actions were a rational reaction to the situation. I would have taken up the pipe with the Captain in a less heated zone, through proper channels. It was not charged or lit, and therefore not technically in violation of the regulations, any more than a swagger stick would have."

Lleufer looks back to the Captain (Nadir) "It is if it's against regs, which I'm pretty sure it is, sir." Ynyr shrugs and his work done here, he turns to head back out into the Security Hub to leave them to their debating.

Leightner remains motionless, listening to the exchanges, looking to the soup and its noodles..floating in there with some other things. Paroling the waters of the soup bowl. He says nothing.

"No Sir," Toby replies. The Captain is close, but not close enough that he's willing to go with a 'yes but'. "I'm stating that I saw a hazard to ship and crew and attempted to neutralise it. My previous experience was drawn on to come to that conclusion yes, but I'm claiming no unique or omniscient knowledge. I was merely doing the duty of anyone who spots a hazard, regardless of rank or experience, in not moving away or ignoring the issue until I was satisfied it had been resolved and was no longer a risk." Turning his head to Alexandra, to make it clear to the Captain that he's addressing her points he adds, "The Chief is correct, I stated then, and still maintain now, that I would react the same way to such a hazard whenever encountered. Injury or not. It's basic safe practice. I asked for a medical review because I do not believe my actions to be compromised. My inability to comply with the orders given is down solely to the fact that it would have required leaving the area in question while there were still unduly hazardous conditions present. I would also like to re-iterate, that I did offer to discuss the issue with the Captain outside the hanger, but that he refused."

Leightner remains silent for the moment letting this continue without his interference, honestly, this is the most interesting time he's had in a Brig Cell in a while.

Alexandra rolls her eyes, clearly the Crewman isn't getting the point.

Mahasti is absolutely stalking someone here. She has a piece of paper in one hand and a crayon in the other - because Brig protocol no shanky items allowed "Captain Nadir?" she asks, sort of starring at Leightner and then at everyone else around as something dawns on her "Why are you folks in the brig?" she asks, blinking, as if it just occurred to her where she is. Head trauma - its fun for the whole family.

"Inability to follow orders, regardless of reason, is grounds of dismissal, Crewman Shackleton," Nadir says, rather quietly, but pitched so to make her point; be quiet and listen, that is, or see what's behind door number three. "You were given an order, which you were unable to obey. Unable. Unwilling. Pick your phrasing, but do so with care. You were given an order by a senior ranking NCO, you did not comply. You asked to continue the dialogue outside of the potentially affected area, the Captain declined to continue the conversation, you were unable to set the issue aside and comply. You are, at present, in the brig due to your own actions. It is my assessment that you are, at present, medically unfit for duty and will remain deemed thus until further notice. I will be speaking with Captain West on this issue and," she turns to nod at Chief Martin, "Chief Martin as well," before back to Shackleton, "and you will remain in the brig until someone of adequate rank deems you fit to be released. I, at this juncture, will not authorize it." She turns to nod at Dr. Nasreen as Mahasti arrives, "Crewman Shackleton will be remaining in the brig. Failure to obey orders, in short, or inability to follow orders." She eyes the bowl of soup once more, quells a shudder at the sight of floating food, then sweeps a look around the area. "Any further requests of my time?" asked, at large.

Leightner remains still, looking at Nadir as she speaks, and then to Toby. He's still and calm and waiting. Although this is the time when a psycho would lunge for Sam's throat, and he's waiting for that too.

Mahasti hands Sam the crayon, quietly. It is a Formal written request and 'borrowing form' for the use of a video game system from the library with a few games and a request for use in the sickbay so the Minoan children will have something to do while held there for medical care. It is to the letter what is required and because it is a bit of a noise issue potentially its a request of permission. Nothing big but a consideration "Sign this please?" she asks, giving Sam her best attempt at puppydog eyes "Hello Leightner." she offers, almost chirpingly. "Toby, what did you do and who did you do it to?" she asks, curiously, blinking slowly now.

Alexandra says, "He was inappropriate, and he did it to himself"

Toby is not, as it turns out, about to lunge for Sam. He makes no move at all in fact, not even towards his lunch. That the judgement sits ill on him is obvious, but there's not really a lot he can do about that and he knows it. Mahasti gets a quick, sideways look and a carefully controlled, "not now Lieutenant," before he turns back to Samtara. There's quite obviously something that he wants to say in response to her, but his brain is working on trying to determine if it's better to do so now, or to save it for when the charges are actually brought. In the end though, he decides that now is not the time and offers instead a slight nod in acknowledgement of the ruling, followed by a single, "Sir," before he's relaxing his stance and moving to claim the tray. This meeting is, in his opinion apparently, over.

Leightner is standing by Sam's side, backing her up. when he's addressed, he looks to Mahasti and nods a greeting, but doesn't speak to interrupt the boss as she lays down the the orders in the case.

Mahasti 's voice is very soft and polite, waiting for Sam to finish up "As I'm aware he does have an attitude, perhaps snarking at him through the bars is not appropriate given he's likely still very uncomfortable physically, Senior CPO. Maybe you don't mean to but you are coming across as a bit snotty and I don't appreciate it." and provided Sam took and is reading the paper and holding the cram her arms fold over her chest. Given its known via scuttlebutt she's previously had huge problems with Toby her stance might be a little shocking. "Thank you for the lovely idea, Crewman Shackleton, I'm sure the injured children will love you forever." she offers, giving him a slight smile but otherwise leaving him alone.

Nadir simply nods once, eyeing the formal request that Mahasti hands her and grins briefly, "Yes," before she takes . . eyes the crayon then takes the pen out of her pocket, signs the form and hands it back to Mahasti, still amused before it fades and she eyes Shackleton once more, she then shakes her head and turns and strides out of the cell, then out of security.

Leightner proceeds out after Samtara, moving in her wake. He knows an exit when he sees one.

Alexandra says, "Doctor, this is a disciplinary situation, not a Medical one. And your opinion is not needed in other than a medical capacity. I certainly hope it proves out he was incapacitated by his injuries,as I am not able to accept a normally insubordinate crewman on my deck."

Toby takes his tray and goes to sit on his bunk to eat. Alexandra and Mahasti might be talking about him like he isn't there, but he's ignoring them for now, figuring they'll take the discussion elsewhere if it continues long enough.

Mahasti watches Alexandra "I didn't say he was incapacitated, I was suggesting you let him cool off and not snip at him. Oh and I am an officer so SIR would be appropriate." she offers. She apparently is in no mood "Goodbye Shackleton, have a restful day. Goodbye Senior Chief Petty Officer."
Mahasti is apparently leaving.

Alexandra says, "Yes, Sir." She apparently is not wishing to say anything else. "I wish you a good day"
Alexandra looks at Toby, and sighs again, and moves back out of the brig.

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