AWD #347: Iron Support
Iron Support
Summary: Toby brings Halena up to speed with the progress of the life support work on the Iron Pilgrim.
Date: 03/06/2016
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Toby Halena 
Iron Pilgrim
Break station. Snacks and coffee.
AWD #347

Being effectively deck's FNG, Toby is one of the first to have been volunteered to work on the Iron Pilgrim, rather than his usual work on deck. Not that he minds much, scaling up from small ship's life support to that of the cargo vessel has been a challenge, but so far he doesn't seem to have fucked up anything too badly. Or not so much that the engineers he's been working with have commented on. Having worked solidly for several getting the new circulation system working it's now been declared break time and he's got his helmet off and is hunting coffee. Deck coffee if he can find it. The kind where the spoon stands up until it's eaten by the sheer concentration of caffeine.

Halena hasn't really left the Iron Pilgrim in the last two days. And she likely won't leave before tomorrow, either, It shows on her. The normally clean and organized woman is anything but today, with oil and dirt on her face, her jumpsuite, and her hair — the latter of which is a disaster of it's own proportions. She is over by a selection of water coolers, coffee, and snacks set far away from any of the ongoing construction. Construction which, one has to admit, is coming along. The partition wall is fully framed, and men are now furiously at work bolting and welding on the blast-resistant panels. Two thirs of the panels are done for the rest of the space. And the ChEng herself spent most of yesterday upside down by her ankles running auxilary power cables. So now she pauses, drinking water, all her weight on her right side for the moment because her leg is no doubt figuratively killing her. "How's it coming?" She asks, when Toby makes his way in the snack direction. She shifts to face his approach, but then shifts that weight back. "Will the deck team be able to activate and deactivate the life support as needed for the bay?"

"Ask me again in twenty four hours," Toby replies as he finds somewhere convenient to dump his helmet and then starts searching for a mug he deems clean enough to drink from. "We've got the auxiliary pump wired in, but we're still not sure if the existing conduits can be redirected in time." Splitting one system into two, can be tricky, especially on a tight time schedule. "So long as the marines don't drill trough the cabling that is."

Toby's comment brings that ghostly uptilt to one side of Halena's mouth as she watches him fuss for his coffee. She's fine with water, taking little sips. "I almost feel bad when I have to tell them to calm down. Marines seem to absolutey relish the opportunity to demo. Rather like telling a small child in a candy shop that he can look, but not touch." She takes another sip of her water, dragging the back of her hand across her forehead to clear away some grit and sweat. "Would it be faster to rig a new mechanism on all the vents or some such? Something to just … shut it down rather than redirect? Or would that overload the system?"

Toby tracks down a mug he figures won't poison him for a while at least and pours coffee into it as he listens to the Captain. "Marines seem.." he starts, then catches himself, although by his tone it probably wasn't going to be overly complimentary. "Well, lets just say that I think we have the worst ones in places where they can do minimal harm." He doesn't expand on that though, taking a slurp of coffee instead and then moving onto the technical topic. "In short, no. They wanted an isolated system, so we have to get in some of the vents and weld some of the conduits closed at the demarcation points. That means we have to add more links on both sides of the welds to complete the circuits as it were. It's not particularly difficult work, not since the plans were finalised, it just takes time as you have to rip out bulkheads in odd places to gain access." Another slurp of coffee, "with the auxiliary pump in though we should be able to do a quick test for leaks on a few hours, then, once we have the all clear on that, we can start bolting on the rest of the filtration systems."

Halena sips her water again, moving to lean against one of the newly-paneled bulkheads. "And the worst technicians? I hope at least we can say the same about those, as well." Becuase there's a shittiest person in every room, right? She tilts her head and reaches up to fuss with her bangs, trying to get them to stay out of the way of her forhead, or at least not to stick there for now. "That seems to be the problem. None of this is particularly difficult work. But it's time-consuming. The first estimate I gave was about four weeks. Four weeks into three days…" she sighs, shaking her head a little. "Once they get the all-clear on this item they're bringing on board, we'll come back and do the rest properly. And I'll want a careful walkthrough of the procedures for this life support shutdown. My request to be on-site for the initial delivery has been granted, so I'd like to make sure I know how everything works in a pinch."

"Fetch and carry, like the marines," Toby replies, "although I think only Collins has so far been relegated to that level and lets face it, some recruiter was desperate to make quota when they signed him up. So no great surprise there." Shifting his mug so he can cradle it in both hands he nods at the request for the write up and notes, "at this point, it's likely to be as simple as a big button," red probably, "we haven't had time to rig a proper control system, so for now you're getting on and off. And should you need to turn it off, get one of us to come turn it back on again, it might not restart right without.. encouragement. Sophistication can come later."

"All sorts are needed — most technicians I know struggle quite a bit with the concept of fetch and carry," Halena says, possibly teasing but with no more humor than she's shown on previous occasions, which is very little. She finishes her water bottle and moves back to the table, where a bag designated for trash has been tucked away. "Do we need one of your friends here suited up when we bring the box in? I was thinking we have life support off, bring the box in, do prelim checks and if it's all clear we can turn the support back on."

"Then your technicians need to get their heads out of their arses," Toby replies, "we do loads of it on Deck." Not that his tone suggests he's entirely serious mind, just a little bit of inter-department rivalry now the topic has moved on from marines. At the mention of having someone suited up he raises an eyebrow faintly, eyeing Halena for a moment, sensing a stitchup. "Probably," he admits cautiously, "but there are guys with loads of experience of that sort of thing who should be able to manage it."

"Hmmm," Halena says, noncommitally for a moment. She leans her rear on the table, careful to avoid any of the snacks set out to keep people fueled for the grueling marathon of work. "That's excellent to hear, Shackleton. Now I know who to call when I need my filing cabinet moved." Gracious, is she ribbing him? Her smile stays mostly the same, though it's a bit more relaxed. That could be from the lean, taking weight off that leg. Halena crosses her arms and pauses in the conversation to survey the space. "As long as there's someone there who can manage it, if it's something you wouldn't feel comfortable with me managing. I don't want to leave a bunch of scientists standing around in EVA gear any longer than I have to. It's risky enough as it is. The sooner we can get support back up after the all-clear, the better."

Toby laughs mocklingly for a moment, "yeah, good luck getting the Chief to sign that one off," he replies, before shaking his head faintly as he grins. "I'd volunteer Alexios for the job," he continues, "but I suspect he's busy trying to work out to do with that raider before it rots." Then, back to the task at hand he glances back towards where the work is ongoing and considers. "If I were you I'd speak to Hu. She fraking loves that sort of thing, although if you could arrange for zero-g as well she'd be in her element. Maybe have a couple of lads standing by unsuited but ready to gear up and assist if needed. We're not really going to have much testing time on this one so backups for if there's an issue are big and clever."

"If there's one unsung skill I have, Shackleton, it's twisting the military bureaucracy around my finger upon necessity," the redhead responds, shaking her her head. "I haven't been in the hanger in days but I imagine the whole thing wreaks. If they get this box in and out in time, it might be worth it to move it in here." She shifts her stance again, trying to find the impossible comfortable position. Toby's suggestions make her nod. "Hu. I'll do that. Thank you-hey!" There's a marine with a power tool having too much fun. Halena stands quickly and starts to march his direction. "That's the wrong bit size, you could drive clear through to the ventilation pipes under the hull!" Mommy's not happy!

"You versus the Chief then," Toby replies, sounding faintly amused, "you're going to be selling tickets yes?" Draining the rest of his coffee he sets the mug back down, and watches in smug satisfaction as the captain hurries off to deal with the marine. "Box eh?" he mutters to himself as he grabs his helmet and heads back to work, "what kind of fraking box needs this sort of work?"

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