AWD #211: Investigation
Truce, Investigation and Horror
Summary: Naomi seeks out Lleufer at the Security Hub to talk truce. Bennett and Mahasti show up and start the MP investigating a killing.
Date: 05/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Security Hub, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The beating heart of the Marine Corps' presence aboard the Orion, the Security Hub is the main dispatch station for all security and armed response personnel aboard the ship. Staffed to the gills no matter the day or time, there are usually a half-dozen armed Marines stationed here at all times — tasked with keeping tabs on the smaller patrols roving throughout the ship. Mahogany desks line the bulkheads to port, most of which are filled by grunts doing paperwork. In a pinch, Marines use them as benches while gearing up for patrols or raids. At the rear of the room, two flags — one bearing the Colonial Phoenix, the other bearing the Marine Corps insignia — flank a single massive hatch leading aft towards the Armory. To starboard, a smaller hatch leads to the offices of the Battalion's Headquarters Company and to the detention cells beyond.
August 5th, 2005

The security hub is not Naomi's favorite place. She's spent more than her fair share in the brig clad in an orange jumpsuit. She never wants to see the color orange again if she can help it, except maybe on fruit. She's in her work clothes; same red dress with the short skirt, long lab coat flapping against her legs at mid-calf. She looks determined, but it's the sort of determination one has when approaching a horse one expects to bite you as soon as accept the apple from her hand. It only takes her a moment to talk to the marine at the entrance desk, and then she's winding her way through the hub until she's standing at Lleu's desk. "Sergeant." she says after an awkward moment. "If you could spare a moment, I'd like to talk." Taking a breath, "Please."

It's the lab coat that makes him do a double take first. For some reason, then he realizes at once that it's not /that/ woman up walking around, but Naomi. Ynyr puts down his pen he was using to sign some paperwork. The military has computers but some things are still done the old fashioned way before being scanned into document storage. Lleu studies Naomi's face, her body language as he's able to read it, and then motions to the empty chair, "Pull it up, Dr Tamsin. You are going to make the effort to seek me out to talk after our last .. discussion, the least I can do is listen. What's on your mind?" His paperwork he neatly tucks into a folder. It can wait a few minutes.

"My brother pointed out that I might have been…overly harsh during our last discussion." once she takes a seat, fingers lacing and twisting together in a display of anxiety she's not entirely certain how to process. "You can't be blamed for your sense of distrust. It's perfectly reasonable." There is quite possibly a BUT coming.

A lifted brow, "Your brother? As in … Knox?" Lleufer himself refers to his fellow Marines as brothers and sisters from time to time so it's a logical jump, after Knox's own comment about Naomi. He interlaces his own fingers in unconscious mimic of her hands, though he's relaxed and not at all anxious. "Knox told me you might be nervous. Afraid. I'd have thought you'd not have feelings like us if you were machines. If it's not all faking, if it's real, then you are more womanly than I would have expected." Lleu's tone is carefully neutral. Absolutely no comment on his opinion of their last meeting.

Naomi cocks her head. "Gender aside, I do have feelings." she says. "The primary difference between a skinjob and a human physically is that our neural relays are silicate based and we use a higher percentage of our brain. But really, if you think about it, if the Cylons didn't hate humanity so much, would we be here? Hatred is a feeling. A very powerful one." There's another breath, "I'd like to ask for a compromise. That you distrust me is fair and understandable and if that's how you need to approach me, I understand. But I'd like you to please try to at least…recognize my sentience. I'm trying to be more than an Eleven. You're one of the first people who at least started to talk to me without either pitying me or assuming I had less worth than a laptop." Her smile comes, and with it the dimlpe, but her fingers are still twisting. "Please treat me like a person, even if it's as a person you distrust."

Bennett arrives from the Aft Corridor.

"A lot more reasons to motivate Cylons to attack us than hatred. Desire for resources, or hell, reasons I might not even comprehend, not being Cylon myself." Lleu leans back in his chair, hands falling into his lap, "All right. You certainly don't seem much like a machine. A fresh start between us. If I'm going to be escorting you around on details, it will be better if we can be civil to one another." The Marine certainly isn't promising friendly. Ynyr licks his lips, "I'll try not to treat you like a piece of dirt lower than a laptop. You certainly look better than my tablet."

His tablet looks like it's been through some hell.

Naomi's smile increases and the dimples come out in force. No seriously, those things are deadly. "Thank you, Sergeant. As an offer of goodwill…I know you've got a little more time to spare; are there things you want to ask me before you go back on duty? Some questions may require answers we don't have enough time for, but I can try." She doesn't argue for or against Cylon motives, probably shelving that for when they have more time.

Interruption comes in the form of a tall naval officer, dressed in her duty blues, and clutching a small box in her left hand. Her long hair, today, is out of its habitual bun, scooped away from her arrestingly blue eyes, and into a single braid that falls between her shoulder blades. She pauses just inside the hatch and casts her gaze about absently, like she's looking for someone.

Lleufer is totally, completely impervious to dimples. Or well, he's keeping a neutral and relatively unreadable expression for the moment. Probably because he's on duty. "I think that questions are better kept to my off duty times, and yours. Neither of us need the interruptions should things go awry in such conversation." And it'll give him time to rethink what he wants to ask about! "Knox invited me to ask questions as well. I'll take him up o- " The Marine doesn't finish his sentence. Lleufer notices Bennett and though she's not in his personal chain of command, he moves to stand, "Captain, looking for someone, sir?"

"Oh, you should. Knox is very informative." There's also a faint roll of her eyes, very much the exasperated younger sister. "He likes to talk. A lot. Sixes are either strong and silent, or master pontificators." Guess which Cooper is. Her gaze draws to Bennett, and her smile becomes something more shy, uncertain, but still present.

Bennett's eyes track to Naomi first, and the pilot regards the other woman with a largely unreadable expression; lips half-parted, eyes visibly red-rimmed and bloodshot despite the touches of precious makeup she's delicately applied. Then back to Lleufer, with a small nod. "Yes, I was hoping the master at arms might be on duty this afternoon. Although I suppose.." She glances down to the box in her hand, which is turned over thoughtfully. "..I suppose I could leave this here with you, Sergeant." She has to check the pins on his collar to verify that.

"I don't know about masterful." That comment is about Knox. The Sergeant's attention returns to Bennett as Lleufer continues to stand. He'll take a step close to receive the small box, "He'll be in later. I'll see that he gets it, Captain." The box he looks at himself, curious, but he's not going to open it as it's not for him. "Want a receipt for it?" Lleu steps back to his desk to set it down and open a drawer to look for something he can write Bennett the offered paperwork. There's a glance to Naomi, then to Bennett, "You all right, Captain? Shouldn't you have a day to rest today after our little bronco ride?"

Naomi rises to her feet as well. "How about we just call it him liking to yap." Her grin twitches but doesn't quite make it full onto ehr face. I should probably leave you to your duties, Sergeant." She offers Bennett a polite nod she doesn't really expect to have returned. "Captain."

Bennett relinquishes the box without argument, and waves off the offer of a receipt. "It.. isn't anything official. Just some personal effects of one of your platoon, from last night. I found it in my bus during post-flight, and I am not sure whether he is alive, injured, or in the morgue." There is very little emotion in her soft, mildly accented voice. And contrary to Naomi's expectations, the smile is in fact reciprocated. Cautiously, but not unkindly. Back to Lleufer, "And I am fine, thank you." That is a lie. "I have flown worse." That one probably isn't.

Mahasti arrives from the Aft Corridor.

"All right, we'll find out who it belongs to then, Captain. Thanks." Might even be something or another he misplaced himself for all Lleufer knows. Even though it's /not/ his place, the Sergeant adds, "You look a bit like hell, Captain. Rest when you can." Obviously not an order and he might still get his head bitten off for it. So be it. Lleu looks back to Naomi, "You get the date you are heading dirtside for your studies, let me know. I'll put in for it, Doc." The box Bennett brought is left on his desk. The MP closes the drawer and retakes his seat.

Quietly slips in, carrying a red and white zipbag with a dull knife in it, and some paperwork it looks like. Unsurprisingly, the small medical doctor isn't in a uniform and has her tanktop up high. On her left arm near the elbow is a cotton ball and bandage combo. Some mild bruising is still present. At least she looks calm enough. She listens to the conversation for a moment, letting the voices finish before interupting, "Captain Saint Clair, Sergeant Ynyr. Doctor.", in greeting. "If you have a moment, Lleu.". She doesn't look too happy about the bag, shockingly.

Naomi's smile brightens a few degrees toward Bennett, like a puppy who's been kicked a few times is suddenly offered a treat. But she's not lingering; instead she offers a returning, "Doctor." and with that, she gives the Sergeant a final nod of confirmation before she slips out.

Lleufer is a busy man today, it would seem. And the blue-eyed bus driver is not one to tarry unnecessarily. "Butch," she tells Lleufer, upon the cusp of turning on her heel. "You may call me Butch, or Bennett, when you're riding my bus. I suppose Captain will suffice otherwise." Her smile inches wider, and Mahasti is given a polite nod when she is spotted.

"Ehm, yes ma' - Bennett." She doesn't seem terribly butch to him. The Aerilon almost slipped and called her ma'am though. His gives Naomi a nod for her departure and as the medical doctor arrives, the Sergeant moves once more to stand, "Doctor. I'm on duty so if it's business, of course I have a moment. Please, there's a chair if you like, Lieutenant." He pauses a breath before Lleufer adds before the Captain might slip away, "By the way, thanks for getting our asses out of there, Captain. Things were about to get real ugly and explosive for us."

Mahasti watches Naomi leave, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath to hold before releasing it, calmly "Bennett, would you like a cup of coffee?" she asks, voice staying soft and calm "If you are busy I understand, of course." Her free hand absently goes to make sure her tank top is as high up her chest as it can go lightly scratching at the skin a little before moving up to rub at her face a little, dropping down again. "I'm sorry, again." she offers to Bennett, voice staying fairly soft. "Bennett can stay, the incident in question involved her." she offers, setting the bagged knife on the desk "My fingerprints may be on the knife, I can't remember if I wore gloves to touch it." voice honest as she slides the paperwork stating that there are no hallucinogens or toxins on the blade toward him. the bag is coded as medical evidence with some notations on the bag. "I'm turning this in, despite involvement, due to the sickbay being swamped and my being off duty today with orders to take it easy." she offers, voice soft. It is clear she doesn't like sitting on her ass when the sickbay is swarmed, even if it is with loonies.

"You are welcome," Saint Clair replies. She half looks like she might say something more, but thinks better of it and pivots on her heel to head for the hatch. And is stopped when Mahasti mentions something that may be of concern to her. Pausing, the pilot turns back with a questioning look. "I'm afraid I have a patrol to make in thirty minutes. But I could return this evening, if my presence is required?"

Lleufer is familiar with forensics proceedures. He looks at the bag but it's the paperwork he picks up, "Your full reports here as well to tell me what happened?" His pale eyes flick up to study both women, "Please stay Captain, if this also concerns you. If they haven't already been filed, I'll need to schedule with each of you to take your incident reports."

The MP gives the Captain a nod, "That could be fine, Captain. If I'm off duty, I'll nonetheless be findable on this deck or you can formally schedule it tomorrow."

Mahasti shakes her head "No, I just wanted to chit chat, Bennett and maybe relax. Bennett was more of a partial witness than a participant. Yes I can give you a full statement, Samtara already has my incident report for her. I am not allowed to go back to work until all the tests come back." she offers, sitting down afterall, making a soft displeased sound. "I thought she should know why I had to have twenty eight tests done this morning even though most of them are redundant. Also why I looked like I did when I came in and ordered people strapped to beds." she offers, giving Bennett a sad smile "Have a wonderful evening if you get and stay busy, alright?" she whispers.

Bennett nods slightly to Lleufer. "Thank you, Sergeant." Mahasti gets a perplexed glance, but the sad smile is returned with a flicker of warmth on her own lips, and then she's gone. Quietly, as always.

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Aft Corridor [AC].

Lleufer gets out an evelope and lays it on his desk. He picks up his pen and starts writing on it and once he's labeled and dated it, he slips the knife and the paperwork she gave him into it. "Very well. I'll lock this up. You want to brief me on the event and then copy me on the report you gave to Captain Nadir? Once I have read it I'm likely to have questions." The envelope for the moment is left on his desk with the box Bennett dropped off. Lleu watches Mahasti, "I assumed you strapped that gal down because she might be dangerous. And she might be, so be careful."

Mahasti smiles a little "I wrote Samtara's while still a little dizzy from blood tests. Forgive me if its a little sloppy." she offers, voice quiet as she takes a piece of paper from her back pocket sliding it towards him. Its an informal report, obviously, and her first draft "If you'd rather have a verbal report, I could read it and try to sound less rambly." she pauses "Do you have a coffee pot in here? I have only had two cups today and I'm getting headachey." she admits, sort of leaning back in the chair, slouching a little, which isn't normal for her.

Dr. Nazreen's report to Captain Nadir reads:

In light of my embarassing myself on the raptor ride transporting the Saggitaron refuges from Pallas to the Orion, I want you to hear the incident from me first. As they do not like doctors - and you know we do our best to respect their religious wishes - I tried to get a look at her obviously bleeding wound. It required stitches, the woman was grey in the face and smelled like death with a low body temperature. The woman was in intense pain and was moaning and groaning. When I asked her permission the man grew hostile. It became a situation where sedation was necessary and the only safe thing to do. The male patient grew panicked like a cornered animal when I drew the syringe and went to stick it in his thigh. I didn't even see the knife until he had already slashed its dirty, dull blade across my chest and knocked me back on my ass. In his fevered panic he attacked Captain Saint Clair's ECO, call sign "Pitbull", I did not catch his actual name but intend to as soon as possible. If I had been able to get the man with the syringe his death would not have happened. The agitated Saggitaron refuge plunged his knife deep into the ECO's abdomen, hitting vital organs, "Pitbull" held the man long enough that I managed to stick him with the syringe - breaking it in his upper left shoulders. I did not stick him gently or properly and am explaining his bruising. He bruised his chin when he impacted the floor of the raptor. The blood on the man was from "Pitbull" and myself. The bruising on his back and arms may be my fault, as once he went down I took no chances and sat on his back, holding his arms in place until Captain Saint Clair told me where the zipties were - which may have dug uncomfortably into his wrists and ankles. I ordered marine surveillance due to his murderous psychotic episode. -Lt. Mahasti Nasreen MD

Lleufer gets up from his desk and starts reading what she handed over to him. "Yes, we have coffee Lieutenant." In fact, he'll get it for her himself. He's skimming through the report as he walks over, a glance or two up to make sure he's not going to bump into anyone. A side counter over there is a dispensor for both cold and heated liquids. Lleu punches in the selection, "Cream, sugar or flavourings? Decaf or regular?" He finishes reading her report and once she's told him how she wants her cup, he'll bring it over to give the coffee into her hands, "The report is a good start, thanks. I need a list of every person who was presant for the attack, Dr. Nazeen."

Mahasti ers "Regular, a cream splash is fine but if its a hassle to leave it black." she offers, "Nasreen." she corrects, voice soft but polite. "Captain Saint Clair was the pilot, of course, John B. Watkins - callsign Pitbull was at the ECM counsel. The Saggitaron man was sitting in the seat nearest the cockpit in the back, his .. female companion in the middle seat, I was in the furthest back. I did not get the Saggitaron's names. If at all possible I intend to leave them to other medical professionals' care." she admits softly. She watches him "Two cups for me. I don't care how you fix it." the way she's eying the coffee machine, she may end up chugging it like Winston chugs beers.

It's programable to do all that stuff for him at the punch of a button so it's no trouble. Lleufer lays the paper on his desk and takes a seat, "How about you drink that and you can have as many as you like after, one at a time." Who sounds like the doctor here? "I do need precise identification on the man who did the stabbing, Doctor. Without it, my investigation into the matter will go no where. I will of course need to see official copies of the autopsy and death certificate for Mr. Watkins." And to look up the man's rank, among other things. Lleu's picked up pen. The MP Sergeant takes a few notes on what Mahasti has to add to her initial report.

Mahasti smiles "He's strapped to a bed in the medical ward. I just haven't gotten his name off of his chart, if its there." she admits, cheeks pink. "Its in the morgue, if you walk me down there I will help you get it, and directly show you the man. I have autopsy photos of Ensign Watkins, and my own injuries." she offers "I don't think punishment is necessary the cure to what ails them." she offers, voice soft as she smiles a bit. "I was not planning on filing a full report yet. I just wanted to turn over the knife."

"Unfortunately, doctor, what you want in this instance doesn't really matter. Military proceedure will have to be followed. As for suggesting punishment isn't necessary, well, I don't suggest you say that to Watkins' family, Lieutenant. That will have to be decided by others." Not him. Lleufer only needs to collect the data and submit it, and see that the patient isn't a threat to anyone else. "I will see a guard is posted to watch this man and the other rescues until orders come through otherwise. When he's released from medical, he'll go directly to detainment pending charges. I have to have my initial report filed before that happens."

Mahasti smiles "I feel more responsible for losing control of the situation." she admits after a long moment, guilt not even hidden well. When given the coffee she holds it, sitting still and drinking it, her eyes half closed. "I'm sorry for all of it. Captain Saint Clair was almost injured because I lost control. That nice young man died because I couldn't get a needle jab in." she doesn't even complain about her injuries, fingers moving absently to rub her chest where she's bandaged, where she was holding last night. Her injuries, clearly, could have been much, MUCH worse.

"Don't berrate yourself except to try hard to /do/ better next time, Doctor. Otherwise it sounds like whining." Lleufer gives Mahasti what can only be called a Marine's 'look' before he goes back to finishing a few more notes on what he's gathered so far, and making a list of what he needs yet to do. "The man, despite his condition, was likely faster and stronger than you due to his mental condition. You are hardly to be blamed if you did your best effort and didn't at once succeed. A tranq pistol on your belt might have been useful for such situations. I don't know what the regs might be as concerns that for medical personal but you should look it up and find out."

Mahasti listens but the look isn't likely to help with her guilt or personal grief over watching someone die and being unable to help. "I thought about bashing his head with the first aid kit. The heavy metal one, but I was not sure I could swing and lift it that high with enough velocity to get him to stop advancing on Bennett." she admits. "He intended to murder me, but the sedative kicked in. He didn't get a full dose, so I sat on him." she takes a breath "Do you want my ruined medic scrubs?" she asks, softly.

"Yes, I'll come by to bag them. I don't think they'll be wanted but I'd rather be safe on collecting evidence." Lleufer puts down his pen after another note. "It wouldn't have been unreasonable for you to defend yourself, or the Captain, Doctor. Though I'm certain the Captain was armed." He smiles, "Try not to beat yourself up over it too much. It's not healthy." The Sergeant checks his watch and gathers things up to secure; box, notes and envelope.

Mahasti coughs "I couldn't get ahold of him." she confesses softly, closing her eyes "Will you walk me to medical. I left my scrubs in there when I came in and finished writing orders for the nurses for the pilot who got nailed last night." Yes. Even when she's off duty she's often doing minor work that keeps things flowing smooth for her colleagues. "Also to give a report of condition for the Saggitarons and request appropriate bathing and dressing of the patients." she offers, voice a little timid. "I hate being told to sit down."

"Got nailed?" She mean a pilot got shot up, or drunk, or laid? Hopefully the last but probably not. "Yes, of course I'll walk with you." Lleufer locks things up, makes certain his desk is cleard so the next MP on shift behind him will have everything tidy to use it. He comes to stand by her chair and wait for her, "I expect dealing with Saggitarons is always difficult for medical. Lleu doesn't tell her to finish her coffee, to sit down, nor does he offer her a hand up. But he'll wait patiently until she's finished.

Mahasti finishes the coffee, handing him the cup, standing up on her own, making a face. "Not all of them. Most of them understand that sometimes injuries need a doctor due to severity. Most are fairly accepting as long as you are respectful towards them and explain everything you are doing." she offers, honestly. "But, I explain procedures to my patients anyways and make sure they don't have objections or freak out." she comments with a shrug. "Thank you for not carrying me to the sick bay last night against my will. I hate when people do that."she offers with a smile, shifting to sit in close.

You head toward Sickbay

Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay

Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.


"Frak…" Phin mutters at Maia's account of the landing zone. Probably louder than he intended, though he at least trails off into an undertone again. "I heard we lost the ECO who was flying with Butch. Didn't really get why, since her Raptor didn't take that much damage. Frak…" He's standing by Agrippa's bed. Maia's sitting in a chair next to the same. He falls quiet when Agrippa starts to move, watching the man stir.

After standing to stretch, Maia doesn't immediately sit back down, just leans a hip against the bed where Agrippa rests. Seeing his head move, her eyes settle there for a brief moment, looking for more movement before turning her attention back to Dolly. "I can't even imagine what the Marines saw down there because the ones on the ship were either volatile or catatonic. Something bad went down, either way."

An MP on duty arrives with Doctor Nazreen. Sergeant Ynyr carries a slightly beat up electronic tablet tucked under one arm. Lleufer looks around the sickbay as they enter, "That's helpful." he replies to some comment Mahasti had made while they were walking. He gives her a funny look, "Not my place to be ordering you to sick bay, Lieutenant. Or carrying you for that matter, unless you were passed out or I was ordered to do so."

At mention of 'Marines saw down there', Lleu turns his head to seek the speaker, his gaze lighting on Maia.

Mahasti leads Lleu, looking less stressed, the crowd is looked at and she's over to her desk, taking out her absolutely blood stained tan medic uni. The pant legs are entirely blood soaked from the mid thigh down. She sets those over her desk "Go over to Nurse Rhodes and ask for the death certificate for Watkins. Black undershirt, tan scrubs with the red piping down the leg." she points for Lleu. "Tell her I'll sign our half." she comments, digging out her previous night's black sports bra - slashed across the chest, the white undershirt is similarly slashed and blood soaked on the forearms, and down the chest and stomach. The outter tan shirt is soaked down the chest and stomach from blood. Whatever the hell Mahasti did last night was not safe "That is why they are strapped and sedated." she comments a bit loudly towards Maia. She begins folding her uniform, tapping a nurse "Could you get me a large biohazard bag and physical evidence tag?" she asks, politely enough.

Phin frowns. He likely has more questions about what happened on Pallas, but they aren't voiced just now. He notices Lleufer and Mahasti, though he doesn't interrupt whatever it is they're up to, just offering them a quiet, "Hey."

Lleufer has a small forensics kit on his belt but there's no need for him to open it up and dig stuff out since Mahasti's on top of it. He doesn't touch her clothes since he hasn't put gloves on. Instead, the Marine turns to see whom the doctor is pointing out to him, "Thanks." Lleu walks across and inquires of 'Rhodes' for the paperwork and autopsy report copies he requires, "For the investigation, please." A few more words are exchanged. Though he was among those Marines dropped off into that hole, he's on duty and trying to do his job, NOT think about what they saw down there. Still, he passes a glance back their direction at that topic.

Still leaning with her hip propped against the bed where Agrippa rests, Maia watches as the Marine walks in followed by the doctor. Of course, she notices the look she gets at the mention of what the Marine's saw, having seen then off the Raptor's before leaving them there. It's on the tip of her tongue to ask, but manners have her keep her tongue while Mahasti goes about labeling the clothing. Finally, she can't stand it and she does ask. "What happened?" The question is quiet, her gaze flickering over the Marine now.

Mahasti is discussing Pallas as well - oddly. Phin is watched "Don't stick your fingers in his wounds or something " she mumbles "Maia, are you a good at catching?" she asks, cautiously, taking her evidence bag to put the destroyed uniform into it, folded respectfully and even sealed. She shifts to wash her hands a little paranoidly. "I lost control of a situation and there was an incident. I've spent my day on my ass because my last two bloodtests are slow coming back." she offers, drying her hands now and filling out the form, tilting to grab a small dossier, gathering a small package for Maia before sliding over to drop the small cardboard box into Maia's hand." the uniform up close is gorier than most that come in off the living. The chart is taken "stable, recovering, cleaned up. Expected healing time is a bit slow but more speciality care is going to be provided. I peaked on him this morning. She tilts "Its not quite as bad as Luc's because he got cared for by us right away." she offers with a smile "Raptor transports make abdominal injuries worse half the time." she admits, tucking the chart away.

Phin keeps his mouth shut as Maia speaks to Lleufer. He listens. He can hardly help that. But he broaches no questions of his own. Mahasti is blinked at. "My fingers?" Puzzled. "Umm…OK." He crosses his arms along his chest. As if to assure the doctor he does not intend to do that.

The MP finishes taking down a few notes while Rhodes goes to get the copies he requested. Lleu turns and starts to walk back to the others, his pale eyes coming up at Maia's question and Mahasti's new position. He'll collect that bag of soiled clothing if the doc's done sealing it up. A look is given those who are laid up in the sickbay, a slight nod offered to Phin whom he doesn't know but who's awake and watching them. Lleu's voice is equally low when he meets Maia's eyes, "We ran into the rest of the survivors, if you could call'm that. The Cylons had been at them. They weren't sane anymore." The Marine looks around to see if that woman he and Winston had carried out is strapped down in here or moved elsewhere. "There'd been a lot of fighting in the first hall, and the rec room after that … " Ynyr swallows, makes his own face quite neutral, "Looked like they'd been butchering and feeding on them they'd killed."

Lleufer adds low, "I hope to hell the Cylons did that, to make those people act like that or … Gods help us."

Confusion dances across the features as Mahasti begins speaking a mile a minute and Maia looks towards Phin's fingers as if expecting to see them doing something they're not supposed to be doing. "Catcher?" The word is offered blankly in reply, unable to associate it to anything at all in the conversation. But suddenly she finds a small cardboard box in her hand and just as blankly, she lifts it, then looks at Phin as if he knows the answers and is withholding them from her. TELL ME WHAT THIS IS! Her eyes shout at him, but her lips twitch in a bemused smile.

As Lleufer relays the information of what happened.. her expression suddenly turns grim. "We left them too long." The words are flat. Straightening, box still in hand, she paces a few steps unable to remain idle any longer. "I think they were so hungry… they were eating themselves and going crazy."

Phin shudders at Lleufer's account, swallowing hard. He nods in grim agreement with Maia, though he can't seem to find the words to add anything.

Mahasti eyes Maia "Open it, dork." she comments. She pauses "This kind of outbreak has happened before. Insane cannibals." she frowns, wincing and sitting down, moving the bandage and cotton ball off of her left elbow to toss in the rubbish nearby "could one of you do me a little favor?" she asks, cautiously, taking out a small bottle of tylenol from her pants to fish two out and swallow without water. She watches the couple "Its been over twelve hours since I changed my bandages." she offers, a little sheepishly.

Clearly it's not something Lleu wants to talk about. He'll have his own reports to make for his superiors and other than that, he'd rather fraking put that nightmare behind him. If that's possible. The Marine thins his mouth, doesn't say a word about the Trident and those other ships recently found, another mission he'd been on that shook them up a bit. He skims a tongue over his teeth and tucks the evidence bag under one arm with his tablet. Mention of bandage changing decides him, "I need to get this back, write my own report before my shift ends. Thank you, Dr. Nasreen." Hopefully he said her name right this time. Him and his damned Welsh.

Without further ado, Maia lifts the box and opens it. And does a double take. Mmmm. "Hey, thanks!" Reaching a hand in, she pulls out two or five, offering a caramel to Phin and one to Lleu and looking at Mahasti. "Want one?" The smile that curves her lips is friendly, no more confusion there! When the Marine moves to leave, she lifts a shoulder. "I understand," she says quietly. "I really do. Come find me if you ever just wanna talk." Walking over, she volunteers. "I'll do the bandage."

Once more Agrippa stirs slightly in bed, mostly his head turning again though this time it is accompanied by a quiet groan as if the pilot is trying to wake from a deep slumber. A heavy dosage of drug induced slumber that is as he has not awaken since he passed out in his cockpit after landing. His eyes are slightly open, very narrow slits as he finds the room incredibly bright, accompanied by dull sounds his ears aren't registering yet.

"Seriously? Thanks." Phin takes one of the offered caramels, though he pockets it rather than eating it right away. He leaves Mahasti in Maia's care, turning to Agrippa as the Viper pilot stirs. "Hey, Grips. Heard that was a hell of a landing."

Lleufer stops and smiles thinly back at Maia, "Thanks but don't care much for sweets." He makes no comment for talking about what they saw down there, to chat about it. He gives a nod and heads on out to get back to his duties. It may well disturb him more to think about what happened on Pallas was due to long confinement and starvation than Cylon tampering. But it makes sense.

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