Inter-Colonial Collegiate Pyramid Association


The top-tier collegiate Pyramid association in the Twelve Colonies, the ICCPA is the governing board that coordinates the activities of all Tier I collegiate Pyramid conferences. It counts approximately three hundred colleges and universities as members.

The ICCPA partners with media commentators to rank each team across conferences. The top hundred-ranked programs advance to fifty end-of-year “bowl games”: two-day, five-game competitions that can draw up to a hundred thousand fans a day. Many of the ICCPA’s members have started to push for a playoff system, but thus far they have made no progress.

The ICCPA serves as a de facto development league for the Colonial Pyramid League (CPL). Successful collegiate players will frequently abandon their studies to declare for the CPL draft, held in January of every year.

Notable Conferences

All-Picon Conference

Colony: Picon
Teams: 16

Founded by Picon University ("The U") and an assortment of truly awful programs, the All-Picon Conference split off from the Picon Twelve in 1988, much to everybody's consternation. To everybody's surprise, the APC now contains some of the best Pyramid in college. The U in particular has managed to maintain its reputation as one of the top programs in the Colonies — though rumors of recruiting violations and under-the-table payments to players have clung to the university despite (or because of) its success.

Northern Virgon Conference

Colony: Virgon
Teams: 20

The intensely competitive Northern Virgon Conference has produced the most pro Pyramid players of any conference in the ICCPA. Once dominated by Astraia University and the University of Themis, in recent years the NVC has witnessed the rise of the Kingston State University Mustangs. Under the tutelage of Coach Liam Shireson, a former all-star swing for the Reds, the Mustangs are now seen as the team to beat in the NVC. The conference motto is "Passion and Pride."

Independent Schools

Colony: Various
Teams: 34

While the vast majority of programs belong to one of the ICCPA's conferences, there are several dozen that remain independent. They retain the the rights to arrange their own schedules and media deals, which makes independence an attractive option for a few high-profile schools, like Our Lady of the Hunt University, an historic women's college dedicated to the worship of Artemis (but also more recently to the worship of Pyramid and lucrative television contracts). It also includes all four Colonial Fleet Academies, the Marine Academy, and a handful of religious institutions across the Colonies. Most, though, are small universities who are seeking entrance to one conference or another.

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