Intelligence Summary, Synthetic Humanoids


04 OCT 2006

FR: MAJ Elias Gray
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: Intelligence Section, BS-114
RE: Intelligence Report, Final Revison, Synthetic Humans

Note: Much of the data on the synthetic humans (aka 'skinjobs' or 'The Lines') comes from observation and questioning of the synthetics themselves. Historical data disproving initial assumption of Cylon origins came from a three thousand year old data cache discovered on the planet Piraeus.

The synthetic humans were first encountered at the outbreak of the Second Cylon War, acting as enemy infiltration agents. The first assumption was that they had been created by Cylons for this purpose, and thus they were incorrectly referred to as 'humanoid Cylons' for over a year after they were first identified. The memories of the synthetic humans themselves even corroborated this assumption. However recent evidence has proven this assumption false. The synthetics were not created by the Cylons, but were reprogrammed to serve them instead.


Data from the Piraeus database indicates the Twelve Lines were created on that world thousands of years ago by an offshoot of the Erfriki civilization. The Lines were created from twelve human candidates after a rigorous selection process. The purpose of The Lines was to explore and to safeguard humanity from the Machines, an ancient race of robotic life. The Lines were not designed to resurrect — the download mechanism was intended as a memory storage and database system only.

At some point following the fall of Piraeus to the Machines, The Lines became separated from humanity. As the fall of the parent Erfriki civilization had already cut contact between our ancestors and the Piraens before the creation of The Lines, it is likely the existence of The Lines was never known to the people of Kobol. Little is known about The Lines activities until they re-appeared in 2005 as agents of the Cylons.

Available information indicates that the Lines were re-purposed by the model Ones to assist the Cylons in subjugating the Twelve Colonies. The Cylons state that One wanted them to rule and guide humanity. The Three Line (Mercy) was placed in storage by One, possibly to avoid interference in his plan to dominate humanity by force, and the other Lines were told that a fatal defect in the Threes necessitated this move. The remaining ten Lines appear to have undergone extensive memory erasure and re-programming, losing all knowledge of their original purpose.


A Six and a Nine were aboard the NOMAD task force during its pre-war mission to Piraeus, and exposure to their home planet somehow removed or weakened the re-programming done by One. As a result these two began to doubt their original orders. With the addition of an Eleven who began questioning the situation on her own following her experiences among humans on Picon, these three were the first to openly disobey their orders and side with humanity.

At great individual risk, these three downloaded to influence the rest of their Lines. These downloads began a conversion process that eventually lead to the Twelve and Seven lines making contact with the Colonial Fleet and having representatives taken to Piraeus to 'awaken' as well. The Two, Four, and Eight Lines then agreed to be awakened following the success of Seven and Twelve.

The last surviving Three revealed herself following the liberation of Picon, and agreed to assist with the restoration of her Line. This was accomplished during the battle of Twin Rocks, and the restoration of the Threes appears to have convinced the Fives to send a representative to awaken on Piraeus. All the awakened Lines played a significant role in the Blue Axe campaign, successfully carrying out a costly uprising against the Cylons on very short notice.

Ten was the last Line to awaken, and not until after two members of their line were rescued from One.

It is assumed that the model One Line has always been aware of the true situation, and willingly used the Cylons and the other Lines to his own ends. The known model Ones fled shortly before the end of the war. At the time the Ones were attempting to lead the Cylons into contact with the Machines. Available data indicates the Machines would have destroyed both the Cylons and the Twelve Colonies had contact been made. An exchange of information convinced the Cylons not to make contact with the Machines, though it is possible One is still set on this course of action.


Physically the Lines are virtually indistinguishable from humans and cannot be detected by standard medical screening tests, though deeper testing at the molecular level will give evidence if exposed to certain chemicals. Every unit in a model line is physically identical, however, so a known model unit can be visually identified. Cosmetic variations (such as hairstyle or colored contacts) are likely and must be taken into account.

All members of The Lines possess a physical strength far in excess of human capabilities. They are capable of breaking standard issue restraints. They have also demonstrated the ability to break multiple sets of restraints, and even break out of a brig cell, within a very short time. Subduing a member of The Lines can be done with surprise, multiple personnel, and non-lethal weapons, but the risk of casualties and failure is high. Small arms and other weapons have expected effects on their bodies, though they have a higher pain tolerance and a greater resistance to circulatory shock.


The Lines are capable of transferring memories to another individual, human or synthetic. They refer to this ability as 'Projection.' The transfer requires physical contact and may take several seconds. Projected memories may be real events the synthetic experienced, or they may be complete fabrications. All personnel are advised to use caution before coming into direct physical contact with synthetic humanoids.


When the body of a synthetic ceases to function, their consciousness can 'download' into a special database system. This consciousness can then be uploaded into another identical body, 'resurrecting' them. The technology for this process is not understood, but it has been extensively confirmed. This 'download' process requires a specific type of technological facility and does appear to have a range limit. The exact maximum range is unknown, but a distance in the tens of light years appears to be sufficient to prevent it. Preventing the 'download' process is the only known method for permanently destroying a synthetic humanoid consciousness.

A sort of memory and knowledge synchronization is said to occur during the 'download' process. The subject's memories are recorded and added to the collective experiences of their model line, while the new memories and experiences of other downloaded units are added to theirs. Synthetics have claimed it is possible to compartmentalize their memories and prevent specific items from being shared during this process. It is also possible to monitor the downloading consciousness and review its memories before allowing it to be added to the collective database.

The ability to police and manipulate memory appears to have been Ones primary method for controlling the other Lines. Individual synthetics on assignment typically had false memories implanted as part of their cover, and possessed only need-to-know information about the rest of The Lines and the larger war effort. Information the true history of The Lines appears to have been closely controlled.


'Boxing' is the term for activating a synthetic consciousness within the resurrection system rather than downloading it into a new physical body. It has been described as the ultimate punishment for synthetics, with the disembodied existence causing an extreme form of sensory deprivation. Note that passively storing the data for a consciousness is not the same as 'boxing' them.


Data on each model Line is listed below.

model01.jpg ONE: Wisdom. The Ones were the leaders of Lines. Respect for their wisdom may have been the original basis for their authority, but it devolved into controlling the memories of the other Lines. Ones are also said to be highly driven and ruthless. All Ones encountered have been hostile and should be assumed to be so in the future.
model02.jpg TWO: Faithful. Middle-aged male with dusky complexion, black to graying hair, hazel eyes, approximately 6' in height and 180lbs.
model03.jpg THREE: Mercy. Specialist Clara Mercier was the only Three to have escaped boxing, and the key to restoring her Line during the war.
model04.jpg FOUR: Adaptation. Encountered as Agent Catriona Boyd of the Colonial Secret Service, now deceased. Agent Boyd was apparently non-hostile and was killed by a One before her nature was revealed.
model05.jpg FIVE: Strength. Dark skinned female, late twenties / early thirties, brown hair and eyes, approximately 5'5" in height and 125 lbs.
model06.jpg SIX: Honor. The Sixes are one of the three primary combatant lines, along with Nine and Twelve. SSGT Cooper Knox (CMC) was the model Six aboard the Orion prior to the war. Sergeant Knox's decision to defect had a major influence on the other Lines and the entire course of the war.
model07.jpg SEVEN: Boldness. Middle-aged male with fair complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes, approximately 6' in height and 170lbs.
theron-model.jpg EIGHT: Logic. Said to be disliked by the other lines for their arrogance and lack of social graces.
model09.jpg NINE: Perseverance. Second of the three primary combatant lines. CPT Ceres Delacroix was the model Nine serving aboard the Orion before the war. Captain Delacroix's download, shortly before the liberation of Picon, caused the Nines to turn and begin offering indirect support to the human war effort. Six entire Viper squadrons were formed and flown by volunteer Nines during the Blue Axe campaign.
model10.jpg TEN: Creativity. Fair-skinned female, mid=thirties, dark brown hair and eyes, approximate 5'7" and 135lbs.
model11.jpg ELEVEN: Curiosity. The Elevens are involved in reconnaissance, data gathering, and investigation. It is said the Elevens are the most closely policed line due to their frequent exposure to outside influences. Dr. Naomi Tamsin was the model Eleven who first turned against the Cylons. Her download during the Picon invasion influenced her line and revealed the location of their resurrection facility on the planet.
model12.jpg TWELVE: Justice. Third of the three primary combatant lines. After contact with awakened Nines and Sixes, the Twelves initiated contact with the Colonial Fleet to determine the truth for themselves.

As the model One remains the only Line hostile to humanity, this document is no longer considered intelligence on an enemy force. It is hereby closed, effective 1630 04 OCT 2006.

Elias Gray
Tactical Officer, BS-114



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