AWD #270: Infiltration
Summary: An unwelcome individual is spotted within Crandall's perimeter.
Date: 03/Oct/2013
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Aircraft Apron
The heavily creased and cragged tarmac has seen better days but there is plenty of room for any number of aircraft that need to find ready station and waiting room on the base. The apron spreads out, further away from the runway to the West, but in the immediate vicinity are a few buildings. To the North across a large taxing area are the hangars, spread out in a line that leads away from the central buildings and towards the runway. To the East are the buildings in question, the closest being Operations which is a stark, well built brick building with the heavily reinforced munitions bunker attached. The two buildings are ensconced by an extra chain link fence collapsing at one side and likely no longer worth its weight.
AWD #270

It's morning at Crandall, the sun is up but not yet overhead and, by the sudden increase of marines moving one way or another it looks like it's shift change too. Given the recent sniper incidents there's a lot of purposeful walking and less hanging around for a chat, but it's not to the point where people are doubletiming whenever they're outside. Anyone paying attention would spot a small horde of familiar faces, over there there's Lt Billington from the Peak heading for his breakfast. Everyone's favourite Six is heading out of the Ops Offices and heading for what looks like a parimeter patrol. Staff Sergeant Matthews is being shamlessly flirted at by to Lance Corporals of from her platoon and all in all, it's actually, just possible, for a few moments, to forget there's a war on at all.

Kostas is coming out of the building where most of the company has their racks. She even looks freshly scrubbed. She too seems about ready to head over for breakfast as well, her battered tin mug dangling from her belt. There's somethingor someonethat catches her eye for a moment, her gaze lingering for a few seconds, but she doesn't comment on it or call out, instead hiding a smile and starting to move the direction she was going in the first place again. Her wariness returns though, perhaps because of that patch on her arm underneath her armor.

Boots crunching along with the flow of Marines, a tall Corpsman, now properly outfitted, Picon five-seven on his hip, the short, boxy Picon P90 assault rifle in his hands as he moves, head turning taking in his surroundings. He's moving and treading that line between rubbernecking and moving along as if he knows where he's going. Leightner is wearing all the identity he requires or expects. The tan brassard announcing his name. Medic. He's moving towards the offices once he locates them, but has the eternal ear out the alarm that will change the day into something less peaceful.

To say that Lance Corporal O'Connell's been in a shitty mood the past couple of days is an understatement. It'd be better to describe her as a big ass storm barely contained in the shell of a tiny blonde MP, the fact that she hasn't blown up at anyone being due to how she really hasn't said anything non-work related since her meeting with Captain Ommanney. Geared and armed, she is getting ready to go out on another patrol but something catches her eye and she stops short of where it was she intended to go. That 'favorite Six' is watched curiously, her already-deep frown growing more so as she takes that in.

Lleufer has been reassigned from the Operations Offices out here to where the 379th is working on rehabilitating birds. Quite a switch to go from assistant to Captain Ommaney with planning ops to suddenly pulling hot, dusty and endless shifts of walking patrols around the fields and hangers. Ynyr's taking it in stride, kept his mouth shut, doing his job and staying alert as he can despite fatigue. He's found himself a spot of shade while he waits for shift change to relieve him of his current post, watching the border to the north and west along Marlin City. The Sergeant has concealed himself as much as possible from easy sight and takes a bite of a MRE before he wraps it back up to tuck it into his vest pocket. Pale eyes skim over those who are out walking, the barest grimace at the taste. His face is grimy with dust, eyes shielded by ballistic shades against the glare off of the runways and fields. His rifle laying across his knee. Ynyr spots Kostas stepping out and his gaze moves on, there's Knox, several others he knows and lots of bodies he can't make out or doesnt know the faces that go with them. Lleu's gaze backtracks to study something with a touch more attention.

Mallas is, like about half the Marines outside right now, waiting to be relieved. And likely no one is surprised that the smart-mouth private has been pulling a lot of night duty. Last night, it looks like he and his watch buddy have taken some liberties with their post — a half-dozen knocked-out Centurion have been piled up in a rought semi-circle, forming an impromtu fortification for them. And with the sniper out there, Mallas is sitting down behind the low-wall of silver metal corpses, just poking his head up enough to look for the next shift grunt who should be heading his way. Familiar faces are spotted, but it's Knox he focuses on, squinting at the Sergeant. "Hey Mike! You got a hot date or something?"

'Mike' seems to entirely ignore the comment from Mallas, in the same way that when you walk down the street and you hear someone calling a name that isn't your's you pay it no heed. Instead, the skinjob just continues his purposeful stride, heading towards one of the perimeter patrol points.

There's a shrug from Brina who moves closer to Knox, her intention being to say hi quickly before heading off. "Hey, Knox. What's up?" Voice level to try and conceal her mood, Brina maybe manages to sound like nothing wrong. Newp. Just your normal, happy-go-lucky O'Connell here!

*Something* clicks in Kostas' mind, and the ensign's attention snaps to full bear. She points towards Knox briefly, right before she starts bringing her rifle from its shoulder carry. "SERGEANT!" she bellows. "Halt where you are NOW!" Her gaze is suspicious as it's leveled at the six. She is walking towards him though, rifle in hands though she has not taken aim.

There's a shrug from Brina who moves closer to Knox, her intention being to say hi quickly before heading off. "Hey, Knox. What's up?" Voice level to try and conceal her mood, Brina maybe manages to sound like nothing wrong. Newp. Just your normal, happy-go-lucky O'Connell here!

Lleufer notices something odd though the distance is too great for detail. Knox is walking in his general direction though and his own location is reasonably concealed by both shade and brush on the hot, sunny day. Ynyr shifts his position and brings his rifle up, fingering his radio mike on, "Ynyr to Operations Offices. A Six has been spotted departing your location posing as Sergeant Knox. Checking ID now. Security Check for explosives. Repeat; Ynyr to Operations Offices. A Six has been spotted departing your location posing as Sergeant Knox. Checking ID now. Security Check for explosives, Over." While Kostas is shouting out her orders to do the double check in case it /is/ Knox, Lleufer raises his rifle to aim for a head shot if it's not.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.

"'The frak is his problem?" Mallas asks the other Marine in his outpost. The other grunt just gives a tired shrug in answer. Mallas mutters to himself and shoots Knox an unfriendly look. Guess the skinjob is too good to even hear him, even when he goes out of his way to give him shit. Frakker. He's just getting comfortable and preparing to bitch about how late their relief is when Kostas is shouting something out on the tarmac. Mallas peers over the outpost wall to see what that's all about. Kostas and Brina are converging on Knox, with Kostas raising her rifle? What the frak is … oh. Something clicks, and Mallas kicks his watch-buddy while readying his own weapon.

Well now. There's the dulcet tones of Cancerion Marine that Leightner recognizes. His head turns along with most everyone. The tall Corpsman ducks at the shout, really before what is said is recognized. Ducking at the first shout has saved more combat lives than the Corpsman. Bullets don't announce themselves. He starts moving that way, but slows, hanging back to observe. He sees Knox, of course, and watches, frowning. He doesn't know what's going on and he's going to not interfere. Any thoughts he keeps to himself. P90 remains unpointed. There's enough guns around here, in the hands of people who know what's going on.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Brina passes.
<COMBAT> Six subdues Brina!
<COMBAT> Amos has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

There's a quick sideways glance from the Six as Brina appears at his side before he replies with a shrug. He looks like he's about to say something in return when Kostas' shout rings out and he knows the game is up. Still, there's a marine, right here and so Quick as a flash he's reaching to grab the Lance Corporal and pull her bodily towards himself as he angles to get her between himself and Kostas.

Brina is caught unaware, having expected the Six to be theirs and not one of the others, and is easily snagged and held to the guy's body. "Oh shit…" There's the immediate urge to struggle and try to free herself from this skinjob's grasp but something tells her quickly afterward that to do so will probably end with her in a body bag. So she stands there for now, praying that the others converging on him will be able to take him out without hitting her.

Kostas's grin is feral. "Game over, man," she says. She doesn't raise the rifle yet, though she's ready to. She looks at the Six and then the much smaller MP. Shitty choice of shield, dude. Yeah, she's trying to keep him distracted. Her attention's on his hands. "Either way, you ain't walkin'. Stand down." Surely other people are watching, and the permimeter's being secured.

At the action and the guns coming out Leightner steps back, to ensure his position out of the various lines of fire, before dropping to one knee and aiming at the hostage situation. Holding fire, and in all truth, getting ready to sprint in, not with his rifle, but Medkit. This kind of thing tends to not be drawn out.

Mallas had just enough warning to bring his weapon up and lay it across the barrier as things go down. The big Zasta M80 LMG clunks down and Mallas peers down the sight, aligning it with 'Knox' and his captive. His first thought is to just shoot, but Brina is filling most of his sights, and he hestiates. "Frak!"

Calm, cool, Lleufer has one knee up and one knee down at his position of concealment, rifle up and taking careful aim as the Six grabs Brina and slings her around to use as a body shield towards Kostas. Sergeant Ynyr doesn't react, keeping carefully on target. Aiming for that headshot, waiting to be certain he'll get a clear one and not hit Brina. Smooth, even breathes, no thinking, only focus. Gods favour him for all those years spent hunting and rifle competetions back home before he even joined the Corps. The Six hasn't even drawn a weapon yet so Lleu's got a good chance to nail the bastard before it can put a gun to Brina.

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Six with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kostas passes.
<COMBAT> Leightner passes.
<COMBAT> Six passes.
<COMBAT> Mallas takes careful aim at Six.
<COMBAT> Brina passes.
<COMBAT> Amos has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

"Kill me, and I upload everything I've seen here," the Six calls out, still keeping a firm grip on Brina as he starts to move backwards, away from the marines he can see. His eyes are mostly on Kostas, but he catches sight of the lmg and smiles a little as he uses one hand to reach for something on it's belt, a grenade by the look of it and he's in the process of lifting it to pull the pin with his teeth when Lleufer's shot cracks into the back of his helmet. The shot staggers him but he keeps hold, proclaiming loudly, "Heavenly Father, grant me strength!" before the pin is removed and he's thrown the grenade towards Mallas' position, turning once it's left his hand to try and locate this new threat.

"Let me go, you sunuvabitch," is scathingly hissed out from clenched teeth just before the Six arms himself with the grenade, his voiced threat ringing in her ears. The information he has seen is important (why would he be here otherwise?… he sure as hell isn't here to take inventory of the supply of toilet paper, that is for sure) and it'd help the Cylon greatly in their efforts. With the grenade now thrown, Brina winces and tries to cover her ears, not wanting to have an issue with hearing on top of being held hostage.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't stop ya from killin yerself and doing it anyway. You don't wanna die, then prove it an' drop the fuckin' shield and get on the ground." Kostas growls, as she brings her rifle to bear. "Now 'r never, asshole." Let's hope Brina's ready to run for her life if it happens.

Leightner blinks at the sniper shot. Kind of expecting that. The grenade on the other hand, thats more of an immediate problem, and he shifts his stance slightly, before going from kneeling fire stance to shoulder roll, away from the expected explosion. Schrapnel don't care.

Mallas is on sight and ready. The crack of Lleufer's rifle shot is all he needs to know it's going to get really, really ugly. He drops his sight, aiming low for the skinjob's legs, and squeezes the trigger. The LMG barks out a short burst, even as the Six is lifting that grenade. And Mallas is too busy shooting to duck.

Ynyr's rifle cracks the air with it's report and his rifle finds it's mark, hitting the Six in the head! Nice shot, but not enough to drop it in one go, alas. Those Sixes /are/ tough bastards, as Knox warned. Other warnings are in Lleuffer's head even as his body twitches, instinct making him want to run out there and try to subdue that mother fracker and knock it's ass down. But, Knox also warned Sixes are a hell of a lot stronger than a man and that'd be a stupid move. A blink and Ynyr stays his place, keeping to his cover and tries to get another good shot lined up. Lleufer can feel sweat trickling down his back.

<COMBAT> Leightner passes.
<COMBAT> Kostas takes careful aim at Six.
<COMBAT> Brina passes.
<COMBAT> Mallas fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Six with Lmg Ap - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Six with Lmg Ap - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Mallas attacks Six with Lmg Ap - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Six with Rifle AP - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Six uses a Handgrenade Frag!
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Pretty Close To Mallas - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mallas - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mallas - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mallas - Serious wound to Right Foot.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Mallas - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amos has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Mallas has been KO'd!

Brina sniffs indignantly while trying very hard not to let Mallas' being injured get to her. Six is not going to get the satisfaction of that from her. "You're not going to win. Even if you die and upload and you give all your bastard friends the info you found here, we'll be ready and we'll mow your pathetic tin-can frakking asses down." Her eyes lift to the Ensign then. "Shoot us both… it's the only way you'll be rid of him!" Hopefully she'll listen as well as the others, otherwise someone… or maybe several someones… will wind up dead and the Six will get away.

Mallas's LMG rattles of a burst, and somehow all three rounds hit the Six and miss Brina. He's just steadying the weapon for a followup when the Six's grenade lands behind the barricade and explodes. Screams of pain mix with the *CRACK* of the high-explosive, and both he and the other grunt hiding back there are peppered with high-velocity fragments. When the smoke clears there's just a damage machinegun lying across the Centurion bodies and no sign of movement.

The Six staggers once more at the incoming fire, limping, and with blood oozing from underneith it's helmet it knows that the end is near. It doesn't seem that bothered though, besides the pain that is, as it starts to laugh at Kostas' words. "I do not fear death, that is for your kind," and with that it pushes Brina away sharply, bringing his rifle up and squeezing the trigger. Looks like the plan is to empty as much of the clip as possible before it's taken out.

Kostas's cold smile grows wider as the Six makes no effort to get down after the bluff was called. "Typical," she says. "Fuck you." She fires a burst at him, apparently not thinking him worthy of a fullauto—though then again, she knows her marines have her back.

Leightner completes his shoulder roll and comes into a crouching kneel, looking to the explosion, then back, he pushed her away. Bullets start flying, but that grenade looked like it hit and he starts moving toward the blast. Grenades are like the random number generators of pain. Either way, he's staying out of the fire lines and heading to see what is left of the Marine. Hopefully not just chunky salsa.

Lleufer still isn't breaking his cover. If his two shots haven't given his position away, and there have been a lot of shots so it may be hard to tell, he may as well keep still and not waste time doing anything else. All the frak he knows, this Six may not be the only one to deal with when it's over. Ynyr makes a slight adjustment to his rifle's setting and lines his sweaty brow up with the sights. There might have been a barely there wince for his comrades who took that grenade over there - Mallas and who else? Gotta get this son of a bitch and do it NOW.

A few stumbled steps gets Brina a bit further from Six but not anywhere near safety, leaving her an open target and most likely between the bastard and the Marines who are trying to shoot him. The rifle she has on her is hurriedly reached for and is aimed but with the frantic way she does so it's debatable as to whether or not she'll be able to hit him. Kostas might not think it worthy of the ammo a full-auto spray expends but she has zero problems with it and tries to get as many rounds in him before he can in her.

<COMBAT> Kostas fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Kostas attacks Six with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Kostas attacks Six with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Kostas attacks Six with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brina fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Brina attacks Six with Rifle - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Mallas passes.
<COMBAT> Lleufer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Six with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Six with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Six with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Leightner treats Mallas:
< Left_Hand (Moderate): successful
< Right_Foot (Serious): successful
< Neck (Light): successful
< Mallas is back in the fight!
<COMBAT> Six fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Brina with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Brina with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Six attacks Brina with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Six attacks Brina with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Brina with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Kostas with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Kostas with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Kostas with Rifle Ap but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Six attacks Kostas with Rifle Ap but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Amos has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Six has been KO'd!

The exchange of fire is brutal, but mercifully short. The Six goes down in a hail of bullets from all directions but not before a few of it's own rounds find their home in soft, quishy marine flesh. Talking of soft, squishy marine flesh, it's not a pleasant sight behind that improved barricade of centurions. Of the two marines who hand been there, there's now one, and a large mass of blood, guts and torn flesh.

It isn't like the war movies that show time slowing down when one gets shot in a firefight. Everything happens in 'real time' which means Brina finds herself injured and stunned in what is only several seconds. Good thing as she'd hate to feel like everything takes longer while the rounds are passing through her body. The chest wound has her sucking in air in a wheeze but it's the shot to her hand that truly hurts and she cries out in pain.

Kostas fires her three bullets with devastating aim into the Six, unflinching and cold. "Call in ta HQ, tell 'em we got a fuckin' security breach!" Kostas bellows, to one of the gawkers in the area who's watching this unfold, not wasting a moment. She looks towards Mallas and then Brina then, but when she sees the corpsman also at work she relaxes a bit. Taking stock. She toggles on her radio but it's to address the patrols she's set. "We got an infiltrator, boys an' girls. Continue on current assignment, but we mixin' it up. All leave currently revoked 'til Cap'n Ommanney orders otherwise. All personnel IDs ta be checked before they allowed on a shuttle t' Orion. Briefing held at th' end of your shift. Send some of th' reserve patrol to my location so we bag this shit up for the Docs."

Leightner runs, boots crunching as he throws the P90 down and to the side, the boxy, barrelless rifle sliding on its strap to Leightners back as his hands pass over his Medkit, a pop from an Al-Cap as his fingers writhe, spreading the alcohol over his hands and gloves almost seeming to slide onto his hands magically. running to Mallas' side, he drops, leaning over the Marine, ripping open the neckguard, lips pressed togeather as he checks and places an emergency clotting compound to the neckwound. Very lucky there. The pressure bandage that follows is affixed right before a styrette is jammed into the opposite side of the throat then it's the left hand. Worse there. He seals the hand on the bandaging, and manages to keep the thumb and first two fingers free from treatment. Shifting down to the right foot. K-Bar knife flashes out, slicing the boot away to expose what's going on there. The following procedure, the flash of foreceps, digging into the foot before yanking out a piece of metal, and clapping the artery down. Stabalizing, fighting blood loss. Yeah, he could go back to the fight, but he's kinda frakkered up still. "Stabalized! Treatment soonest."

"Prepare medivac team," Kostas barks into her radio next. "Sending Private Mallas and Lance Corporal O'Connell up t' Orion," She's not looking over at the injured soldiers though, trusting the corpsman to do his work, as he runs over to tend to Brina next. Instead she stays out of the way, her eyes still scanning the area warily. Where there's one…(or six)…

Lleufer can hear Kostas bellowing out orders so giving nothing else has yet broken loose and Brina's gone down hard, he finally breaks cover. Ynyr pushes himself to his feet, rifle still in hand and makes a sprint for the Lance Corporal. "MEDIC!" He shouts, top of his baritone. When he gets to her, Ynyr looks for that Corpsman who's busy at the moment and he lays hands to Brina to turn her over if he must to see if he can slow her bleeding with presure from his hands until Leighter is finished tending to Mallas. Who presumably is going to require the Corpsman's attention for a few minutes. "Hold on, darl'n. I'm here. Just like at the SABER site, yeah? You're going to be all right." Lleu's hunched over to shield her body as much as he might incase their sniper decides to pop off anything at this very opportune moment.

One look behind the wall of the outpost is enough to show that Private Mallas has been knocked cold by the explosion and is bleeding all over the tarmac. The other grunt back there wasn't even that lucky — half of his face is blown off and he's stone dead. Corpsman Leightner's work brings Mallas around after a minute, and he groans without opening his eyes. Thank Gods the morpha kicks in fast. "Frak … me…" He stares, glazed-over, at the medic as Leightner works on his foot. And then the Corpsman is running off, and Mallas is left staring at his foot, wondering if it's really still attached or not.

Affirmatives come quickly back over the radio and shortly there after there is the purposeful sound of boots heading their way and confirmation that a raptor is being tasked from Orion for the lift. Shortly there after comes another call, a perimeter team has found a breach in the fence close to Marlin City.

Lleufer's actions draw Kostas' ire. Her boots pound the pavement as she steps over. "As you were, Sergeant." Her expression is stony. "Leave it to th' corpsman. She listens to her radio for a moment. "There's a breach in th' fence near Marlin. Take some engineers. See what you can find."

Brina is roused by that familiar drawl and her eyes flutter open. This time she isn't as hurt as she had been during that mission he just mentioned but it hurts and she finds herself wanting to sleep until it stops hurting. "I'm still pissed at you," she tries to joke, the words playfully said but she can't do anything like smile outside of a brief grin and a quiet chuckle. The officer's arrival is noticed, barely, then. "Sorry I got… sir, sorry."

Leightner looks over to the call of 'MEDIC' That's his name. down to Mallas, "Stay down." He orders, the styrette of happy time fog settling iver the Marine. He frowns, and rises to one foot, pushing himself, hurtling really as his hands cross in front of him and in a hard downward jerk, he stripps off his gloves. Two steps later and his hands have fresh gloves as he approaches, dropping to Brinas form, frak the hand the CHEST wound is the problem. One look tells that. Kbar comes back out, as he's slicing the armor free and exposing the wound. An instant of looking before one hand clamps the hole, and the other jabe a styrette. Night night. Now he can work, shaking his head slightly. "Immediate Evc here." He announces, bending closer to begin ensuring the staunching of blood loss. He's not going after that bullet. Not here.

The Corpsman is telling him to stay down? Finally, an order Mallas has no problem obeying. "Yeah … tell the Queen Bitch I'm taking my vacation time …" His voice is thick with the pain killers. Maybe he has no idea what he's saying. He certainly doesn't care.

Sergeant Ynyr looks like he might hesitate at Kostas's orders. Lleu glances for that Corpsman and seems reluctant to leave Brina, but here comes that medic. He glances to the Lance Corporal, not able to do anything for her chest and applying presure to her arm for her hand. "Yes, sir!" He says to Kostas, getting out of the incoming Corpsman's way. Ynyr takes his rifle back up into his hands and moving off at a run, he heads for the next piece of cover on his way to starting for that perimeter. His baritone breaks over the radio frequency, asking for a few spares to form up, meetup at the breach that's been found. And thus, the MP Sergeant departs to head off as he's been told.

It isn't being shot that Brina's apologizing for but rather for being sloppy and letting herself be held hostage. Not what a properly trained member of the CMC allows. Her brain is too fuzzy and words just can not be formulated, however, and she never gets to explain what it was she was apologizing for. Lleufer's watched for a bit but then, as the corpsman attentds to her wounds, she lets herself slip into unconsciousness.

Leightner looks to the team, and jerks a head to Mallas, "Stretcher him out, he can be moved." The Virgonese is just thick as Leightner stays with Brina, "I'm on her. Get a scoop and we hit the air ten seconds ago." He preps to move with Brrina directly. She's apparently the more dicey, with a hole just under the left breast that he's keeping the hold on and is ready for her to take any tricky turns. Some people just need personal attention.

A squad of marines turns up at the double to aid in securing the area and moving the wounded as directed. One of them, a Sergeant, moves towards Kostas and after offering a quick salute asks, "what do you want doing with the bodies Sir?"

"Gotcha, PO3." Kostas nods to Leightener. She's still scowling, jaw set. As Ynyr already is calling for his group, she adds, "Once th' breach is mended, let's start searching all the shit nearby. I'll send teams too, but you got the better eye. After this shift, you're on rack-'r-rest. Good shot, Sarge." She huffs out a breath, and then turns towards the other Sergeant. "Take the marine to the morgue." She purses her lips at the ruins of the Six. "Bag this'n as a enemy skinjob and tag it for intel an' Dr. Nadir."

As the medic instructed, Mallas is duely hoisted on a stretcher between two Marines. "Hey man … " he mutters to the indistinct shape near his head. "Cut off that skinny's head and save it for me, would ya?" The stretcher bearers ignore his ravings, and Private Mallas is carted uncerimoniously over to the LZ to wait for the evac Raptor.

Leightner nods to the team as they place a scoop stretcher to either side. "Three two ONE." And the scoop closes under the LC, as, hands firmly over the wound, Leighter rises with Brina and they start moving, getting ready to medevac.

Brina gets helped to the evac point as well although she insists on being allowed to walk. She's not as hurt as Mallas is and she's more than happy to tell where they can shove their suggestion of a stretcher.

Ynyr's voice comes back over the radio, "Airfield, Ynyr, copied. Over." It's not like the Marines have callsigns but for the moment he doesn't have a patrol designation for a scratchup of spares.

Kostas sighs and pops a squat by the fallen cylon, nudging the gun away, and any grenade's he's got left. She'll make note of the uniform nameplate, if any, and any ID. Sure, she can play Guess what's in it's pockets as well as anyone else, and blood and guts don't really seem to bother her that much. "I think th' Cap'n won't mind bein' woken up for this, if he's sleepin'," she mutters to nobody in particular.

Kostas peels out some bloody and holey sheets of paper from the Six's pockets, resisting the urge to kick it. The dark scowl on her face doesn't improve. She holds them in her fist—that shit is not going to go in her pocket. It's to the OO that the Ensign heads, angry steps clipped and swift.

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