AWD #221: Incursion
Summary: Planning for behind-the-lines attacks.
Date: 15/08/2015 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #221

The woman is nothing if not punctual — and alarmingly so. It should come as no surprise that the DCAG is already in the room, standing calmly at the podium in what must be her default posture — parade rest. Several folders have been laid out upon the tables in the room's front row. Materials to be reviewed, no doubt, and positioned in such a way that does not allow for any to lurk silently. She's drumming her pen back and forth, banging it against nothing but her own palm as she waits for the others to arrive.

When he steps in Cato starts to sit, but pauses as he sees the little presentation table up front and approaches it with a questioning look toward the DCAG. He's bound to take a folder before sitting.

Holtz strides through the door, resplendent in duty blues. Powerful strides carry him to the front of the ready room, his eyes distant as he likewise picks up a folder and slides into a seat in the front row.

Phin enters, in his blues, on time and under budget. Well, at least on time. "Major." He gets any protocol acknowledgements out of the way quickly, and gets himself a folder.

Bennett, on the other hand, is clearly not the punctual sort. She slips through the hatch a couple of minutes after the meeting's official start time, trying to be subtle about fastening the top couple of buttons on her blues jacket while clutching a file folder between elbow and ribs. The buttons are winning.

Elias's arrival might be considered a tad late, though to his credit he does look to be hurrying. The Intel Officer offers a quick nod of apology to Atalanta as he heads straight for the nearest unclaimed folder. He sits, arranging his own clipboard and the folder, and composes himself for the meeting.

"Ah-ah," Franklin clucks at Phin, chidingly. "Lieutenant, since it is your suggestion that we strike behind enemy lines that we will be planning, using your reconaissance, please join me up front." One hand, palm open, sweeps out to the side, indicating the empty space next to her. "Gentlemen, you'll find Lieutenant McBride's full report on his trip to Cylon space in the folders in front of you, as well as Captain Grey's memo summarizing the potential targets surveyed."

This is about when Cato sits and cracks open the folder to start going through its contents. His eyes are stuck on that as if to the point of distraction. He may not even be listening anymore!

Bennett sends a wink across to Phin, should he chance to look her way. And then, having finally wrestled the top button into submission, she slides into a seat near Cato and opens up the folder that's been placed there.

Phin wasn't quite seated before Atalanta's instruction makes him spring back up. There's a jack-in-the-box quality to it. To his (marginal) credit, he manages a semi-dignified "Of course, sir" and proceeds up front to join the DCAG.

Holtz flips open the folder and pulls a weathered metal pen out of his pocket, aimlessly twirling it between his fingers for a few moments. When Phin's name is called and the younger man summoned to the front, Holtz looks over at him, lips twitching in mild amusement. Then his eyes go back to the open folder as he begins leafing through the contents.

Holtz flips open the folder and pulls a weathered metal pen out of his pocket, aimlessly twirling it between his fingers for a few moments. When Phin's name is called and the younger man summoned to the front, Holtz looks over at him, lips twitching in mild amusement. Then his eyes go back to the open folder as he begins leafing through the contents.

Elias looks down the front row to take in the assembled squadron commanders and other pilots, then quickly flips through the folder. Satisified there's nothing in the materials he has not seen before, he slips the folder under his clipboard and fishes out his pen.

"The flight into Cylon space was conducted on AWD #146," Franklin continues, flipping open the cover to her own folder. "By my count, that puts it exactly seventy-five days ago. At that time, both the Armstice Station and the Roland Reese were in ruins and left abandoned, the latter scouted, I believe, at the request of Captain Gray." There's a nod in the man's direction, for any of the Air Wing who may be unfamiliar with him.

Phin clears his throat, nodding along with Atalanta some as she begins the presentation. "That's correct, sir. Superstar and Royal - that is, Lieutenant Springthorpe and Lieutenant Kingsbury - piloted the recon Raptor. The Armistice station appeared to have been nuked, presumably at the same time as the Cylon attacks on the colonies. The site of the Reese was in the same condition as the Orion had left it when it jumped to that location prior to the attacks. Commander Jameson had ordered the ship destroyed, and that wreckage was still in the area."

Bennett is multitasking between perusing the contents of the folder in front of her, and listening to what the two viper pilots up at the front have to say. She has a pen out and lying beside the file folder, but no apparent intention of using it yet. For now, she's merely absorbing information.

Elias gives a brief nod to confirm the DCAG's point, then settles his gaze on Phin, studying the Lieutenant as he adds a bit more. "It's … curious that they bothered to nuke the Armistice Station, but it doesn't seem the Cylons are likely to return to either location."

It would appear Cato is pretty engrossed in the intel presented in his copy of the folder. He's probably listening but doesn't clutter the air with any questions yet. There's really only one question worth asking anyway.

Franklin nods to McBride at his further explanation. "Two jumps were then made further into Cylon space." The projector flicks to life, a glowing image brought up on the screen. "The first location is an unknown asteroid belt, estimated to be at least as large as the Ouranos belt. One basestar was sighted in the area, with heavy raiders observed landing on this asteroid." A red dot appears on the screen, circling the asteroid in question. Pointer-pens! Fancy. Of course, what else should they expect from the DCAG. "The reason for their presence in the belt is currently unknown; it's presumed that mining operations are the most likely cause. You can see Raiders making their landings here and here." Point and point.

"The Raptor didn't get too deep into it," Phin says, sounding half-apologetic. "The first couple zones of space we'd scouted had been totally empty, so if I'm being honest, I was almost surprised to find anything at all. So I'm not sure how much can be discerned about what they're doing there, apart from that it's an area with confirmable Cylon presence. And might be just as harsh to navigate as the belts on this side of the line."

Holtz continues to slouch in silence, eyes flicking from the contents of his folder to Phin and back again. His pen continues its twirling dance through the fingers of his right hand. He squints at the screen as the first image flickers into place; there's a grunt. "Any idea what it is they're mining?"

Elias takes a stab at Major Hotlz's question. "It could be anything, given the Centurions and most of their other technology uses a variety of metals. But they seem to be very interested in Tylium. So that would be me my guess, if I had to make one."

"Unfortunately, Major, we're cannot even say with any certainty that that's what they were doing; it's simply a best guess, based on historical uses of our own asteroid belts." There's a faint frown as Frankling says this. Apparently, she's not particularly fond of unknowns. Of course, who can blame her? Unknowns generally aren't particularly welcome in strategy meetings. The slide changes, bringing up a view of an enormous green gas giant. "Tylium, as Captain Gray has noted, is what we believe they may be mining here."

Cato seems to sense this is the time for his one main question as he glances up with just his eyes and asks, "…what's the op, sir?"

"The readings from that area were more concrete, at least in terms of what the toasters seemed to be doing," Phin says, when the gas giant pops up. "There were tylium signatures, in addition to the other readings the Raptors gathered. And a type of vessel that wasn't in Colonial records. One guess is that it's a mining ship, but that's unconfirmed." To James, he replies, "Command wants to use this information to plan a strike behind Cylon lines, if possible. Diminish toaster resources if we can. And make them think they need to put some attention back there, and maybe take some resources away from other areas, like Picon." That's a lot of 'if's.

Bennett has been rather quiet thus far, taking in the possibilities posed by the other officers, and cross-referencing with the mission notes in front of her. At James's question, however, she looks up — also interested, apparently, in hearing the answer.

"Destroy these targets, to divide and conquer. The ultimate goal is to force the Cylons to withdraw as many of their forces as possible prior to retaking Picon. With the vast distances between the heart of the Cyrannus star system and even the edges of known Cylon space, communication between their occupying forces and those within their own territory should be impossible, unless they retreat and jump out of the area. That means, gentlemen, that if we can distract them elsewhere, they won't be bringing in any reinforcements for some time." The slide changes again, focusing on a moon of the gas giant. Nearly it's entire surface is covered in a sprawling mining operation; visible in the shot is a cylindrical ship of unknown make. "Unfortunately, this means taking on two basestars and their accompanying Raiders. And this, whatever 'this' is. There are no known records of any Cylon vessels like this." Frankling falls silent, letting that announcement settle over the room.

"So it's a kidney shot. Pop then in a rear position that'll hurt to take some of the fight out of them?" Cato leans forward a little in his seat to examine the cylindrical mystery vessel, frowning in consideration. No guesses forthcoming from him on that count.

"The success of this plan requires, of course, that the cylons are sufficiently motivated to consolidate their defensive forces in their own territory, rather than simply sending out a smaller detachment," Captain Saint Clair points out quietly. She is not so forceful a personality as many of her rank, so it's possible her observation is missed entirely.

Elias is content to listen and watch as the conversation opens up and more of the Air Wing join in. "Our mystery vessel there is the first major Cylon ship we've seen besides the basestars. It's not our primary objective, but if there is an opportunity to disable and capture it…" he trails off, leaving the suggestion for the combat commanders to decide. And Bennett's contribution does not go unnoted by Elias, and he twists a bit to address the other Captain. "Right now the Cylons are spread out. We need to give them as many reasons as we can to stay that way."

Holtz gazes at the unfamiliar silhouette of the ship on screen. "Tanker, maybe?" he guesses. "Far as we know, their ships need gas as much as ours do." He shrugs. There's a moment's pause as he considers the information that's been given. "We'll need a real kick in the teeth, somethin' that'll get their attention. Preferably without havin' to resort to a knockdown drag-out fight with a pair of basestars." His expression goes thoughtful, and he jabs his pen in the direction of the image of the moon's mining station. "Jump in, nuke the site from orbit," he suggests. "Only way to be sure."

"That's correct, Lieutenant," she says to Cato. "At the moment, there's roughly three to four basestars over Picon on any given day. We've heard estimates of anywhere from three to six over Caprica. When Major Holtz and I last scouted the Helios Alpha system, we counted five, with two parked directly over the capital in geosynchronis orbit. That puts them within a half-hour's comm-range of Picon, roughly." Franklin folds her hands together and leans forward, allowing them to drape over the edge of the podium. "I want those numbers down when we strike back. There are thirty-something ships in this Fleet, but we're the only battlestar. We can't take on ten basestars; not even with the super-dreadnaughts of Taskforce Blackjack behind us."

Phin grins at James' 'kidney shot' description. "That's a good way to put it, yeah. Hard to tell how much back-up of…anything they've got back there, given how little information there is about what they've been up to for the last forty years or so. But they seem to consider those spots important enough to keep some kind of presence around." His grin crooks at Holtz's contribution, and he nods. The only way to be sure. Elias' suggestion makes his eyes widen slight. "That'd be cool." Ahem. He clears his throat, and tries to reframe that in a more professional, older-officer sort of way. "If it was possible. How'd you even go about something like that?"

Cato grins a little at the surge of comraderie in the room but has to douse a little icewater on things. "I like Major Holtz's idea, but nukes are detectable. If that mystery ship is a high enough value target, they'll probably just jump it out as soon as we bring nukes into the fight. Maybe if we knew more about it we could assess the chances of that, or figure a way to disable it or something…"

"Captain Gray," Franklin asks, both of her brows arching upwards. "Have you spoken to any of the Cylon defectors or prisoners aboard, to see if they have any information they would care to share with us regarding the unidentified ship?" She doesn't use their names. That would imply that they're people, which is an opinion that the DCAG doesn't really hold with.

Bennett nods slightly to Elias in apparent agreement, blue eyes flicking back to Holtz as the viper squadron commander speaks. "Lieutenant Cato is right. Jumping in with nukes may not be the wisest idea. Better to gather a little intel on our mystery ship first, I think." Her attention shifts to Atalanta. "As to spreading the enemy fleet out, I agree. Perhaps we could arrange some precision missile strikes on the basestars, with viper support. Single them out, go in for the kill." A flickering smile curves her lips.

"I was talkin' about the mining operation, Torch, not the ship," Holtz replies. "I doubt even the frakkin' Cylons have an FTL big enough to jump a whole damn moon. That sonuvabitch ain't going anywhere," he adds dryly. An eyebrow drifts slightly upwards at the suggestion of capturing the mystery ship, his neck craning slightly in Elias' direction. "And howabouts do you intend to do that, Captain? Torch is right, if it is a high value target, they'll just jump out anyway as soon as it looks like they're under threat, yeah? And what if there's Centurions aboard? Marines'll be fightin' tooth and nail, and if we stick around, those basestars'll have all the time they need to pound our ships into scrap."

He shakes his head. "Don't get greedy, people. This is supposed to be a diversionary strike. Get in, hit them hard and get out, without gettin' mauled in the process. This frakkin' 'mystery ship' is nothin' but a godsdamn distraction."

"Point taken. I just look at that thing and I'm wondering what kind of mind would design it, and to do what…" Cato sits back and sighs lightly. "It just kind of feels in my bones like an opportunity."

Elias pauses when he hears Atalanta's question, and when he responds to the DCAG in a carefully neutral tone. "Yes. I spoke to Sergeant Knox, sir. He wasn't able to identify the ship." And that seems to be all he wants to say about that. Holtz's question draws his attention, and Elias answers with a brief nod. "If the opportunity is there, it might be worth taking. But it's just a suggestion, sir." He glances between Franklin and Holtz. "I have an idea on how we might secure the ship, but as Major Holtz pointed out, we probably don't want to get distracted with specifics about that right now."

Bennett has said her piece for the time being, and does not interrupt the other officers' discussion about the mystery ship. She does click her pen on, however, and jot down some notes while she has the opportunity.

"It might be an example of a class of Cylon vessels we're unfamiliar with, not just a single ship. If that's the case, it's unlikely to be the only one we run into, depending on how much attention we pay to back there," Phin says. "If the opportunity arose. Right. Respectfully, I think it'd be useful to have a plan for how to go about it established, even if it can't be used on this particular mission. But Major Holtz is right. Just need to hit them hard and fast, and figure out what else can be done after."

"I would hate to waste the opportunity, if it is just that — an opportunity, instead of an unncessary hazard. I assure you, I'm just as curious about what's lurking in Cylon space as the rest of you, but the point of this operation isn't recon. It's to set as many fires as possible, so that our enemy is too busy putting them out to pay any attention to the guns we'll be pointing at their backs." A nod towards Phn's suggestion of putting together a proposal, and then Franklin rests back on her heels, shifting her center of gravity by several inches. It's an almost predatory posture that she's dropped into, stretched out over the podium like that. "So, what do we know about blowing basestars and mining facilities halfway to Hades?

Bennett looks up to Atalanta as she brings the subject of conversation back around to setting fires. "Seeing as we have not yet gone toe to toe with a basestar, it is difficult to say what we 'know'. I think the cylon defectors may also be useful in that respect." She too does not mention their names. "As to striking a mining facility, I would suggest a joint task force of predators and ALQ-448 equipped raptors in high orbit, to help take care of any anti-air sites."

"Ground outpost that size, that spread out? You're not gonna blow it to hell with conventional ordnance. Best you could hope for is to put it out of action for a few months while they repair the damage. You want to blow it off the map, now… go nuclear or go home," Holtz replies, strident in his assertion. "As for the baseships… only way you're gonna take them out quick is the guns on Orion or one of the SDs… or nukes. And I'd rather not put one of our capships in the line of fire when we can load nuclear shipkillers on a few Raptors an' get the same effect."

He purses his lips in thought. "It takes time to spool up a capital-class FTL drive. If we target the basestars first thing, even if we do trip their radiological alarms, I think we'd have enough time to blow them before we can jump. Then we hold off the Raiders long enough to do the same to the outpost, and then get the frak out of there."

"I respectfully disagree, Major," Bennett interjects, looking to Holtz when he speaks. "There is no need to waste nuclear ordnance 'blowing it off the map'. The intent should be to cripple and hopefully disable. Complete annihilation is unnecessary." Her voice is soft, yet her conviction in that statement is strong.

"Besides," she adds with a small smile. "Resources the cylons are putting into repairing something they see as salvageable, are resources they are not devoting to other endeavours."

With the question of trying to capture the mystery ship put to rest, Elias falls silent for a time and listens as the Air Wing discusses tactics. He nods agreement with the idea of nuking the mining facility, and seems about to speak up hismelf. But he checks it when Bennett disagrees, and keeps his thoughts to himself while he waits to see how the combat commanders hash this out.

Phin also quiets as Holtz and Bennett go back and forth, eyes switching between the pair of them as he follows the conversation. He looks to Elias, almost saying something when the Intel officer almost speaks. But, like said Intel officer, he checks it for now. Watching how the debate between the two older pilots plays out.

"Well, gentlemen?," Franklin asks point blank, her green eyes flicking back and forth between Phin and Elias. Her expression is expectant, eyes widened slightly and brows drawn together. "I invited you to this meeting to contribute your ideas and opinions. If you have something to say, speak up." Nothing quite like putting them on the spot, is there?

Holtz shakes his head. "Takes far more resources to rebuild than repair. Look at the size of that outpost, Captain. An installation that big, that whole bloody rock's gotta be lousy with tylium. You think they'd just shrug and write it off if we torched it? I don't. Imagine how long it would take, how many resources it would take, to rebuild somethin' that size. And that's not even takin' into account what they'd have to do to decon the site first."

"The point is to make 'em sit up and take notice," Holtz continues a moment later. "You want the Cylons to think there's a serious threat behind their lines, we've got to do some real damage. A peckin' on the surface with a few conventional bombs ain't gonna cut it, in my opinion."

"I am rather counting on them repairing, actually," Bennett counters lightly, twirling her pen between her fingers in an absent fashion as she speaks. "If we utterly destroy it, however, they may well decide rebuilding is not worth their time, and focus their attention elsewhere. Do you see where I am going with this?"

A questioning lift of Elias' brows is his only visible reaction to Atalanta putting him on the spot. "We should have the element of surprise, sir. I would suggest jumping right on top of them and destroying the basestar immediately. Before it can launch raiders. The basestars seem to rely on their raiders for anti-missile defense, so a surprise strike with nuclear-armed Raptors could work. But so could a broadside from the Baker Bay." He glances over at Bennett and Holtz, the two squadron leaders, and adds his two cents. "As for the moon, if it were my call, I'd nuke it as well."

"I was just wondering what Captain Gray thought of the proposed plans, sir," Phin replies quickly to Atalanta. His response to her drawn brows is prompt, if not particularly interesting. Though he does at least add, "If we took out all their forces there, they might think we wanted to use the site ourselves somehow. Which might make them devote more resources to it, even if they needed to rebuild completely."

Outnumbered, Bennett merely lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug and returns to scrawling notes on her page. She, apparently, is not going to argue her position further.

"This ain't some penny-ante asteroid operation. A moon that size, they could mine for decades and not even come close to drainin' all the tylium and whatever else is buried under the surface. And you don't leave two capital ships guarding a resource that ain't crucial," Holtz points out. "They're not just gonna write it off." Well, certainly no one can accuse the big Tauran of being indecisive. He nods in agreement with Elias' statement "With one of the dreadnoughts along, we could just bombard the facility with her guns, beat it into scrap and not have to burn any nukes. I'm still not sure draggin' one of the big guns along is the best idea though. Something goes wrong, that's a hell of a lot of firepower to lose, and the Cylons can stand to lose a few basestars a hell of a lot more than we can stand to lose Baker Bay."

One hand reaches up, brushing a few stray strands of blonde hair back out of her eyes. "Unfortunately, our nukes are not an unlimited supply; if we can avoid dropping them on the mining facilities, we should. After all, our sensors have indicated that it's tylium they're processing there. Why nuke it, if we can simply light it up and let it burn, and burn, and burn?", Franklin muses, as much to herself as to them. "Major Holtz is right; we need to hit the basetar first, but we can't afford to lose the Baker Bay or the Black Harbor. They're too important to waste on such a small facility. But there are, what, ten cruisers and two flak frigates with us, spread across NOMAD and BLACKJACK?"

"If you are adamant about utterly destroying the facility on that moon, then I agree with Major Franklin," Saint Clair offers mildly. "Slash and burn. Save the nukes, and the Baker Bay for the basestars. They do carry orbital bombardment guns, if I recall correctly, but they would do us more good in a stand-up fight involving viper deployment."

Phin does quiet down and listen to the senior officers now, especially as they discuss how to employ the big guns. If he has an area of expertise, such as a thing could be called at his age, it's flying tiny Vipers.

"Three heavy cruisers, seven light," Elias confirms for Franklin, even though her question may have been semi-rhetorical. "And the Linten, sir. A guided missile cruiser. She's designed to salvo all her missiles in a surprise strike. I'm not sure she can destroy a basestar, but it might be possible…" He trails off, thinking that over.

There's a sharp nod from the woman. Her gaze trails momentarily over the assembled, before settling, finally, on the Raptor's resident representative. "Captain St. Clair," she says, finally straightening her posture. "How experienced are your crews with flying the Foxtrot configurations? Were they flying them under Shephard or mostly taking out the G's for possible SAR ops?"

Holtz grunts thoughtfully. "What if they concentrate fire on the center axis?" he asks Elias when he mentions the missle cruiser. "Hit it in the sweet spot with enough ordnance, you'd split the bastard right in two." His head swivels back to Atia and Bennett, and he shrugs slightly. "Blow the tanks where they're storing the tylium precursor with an incendiary charge, or one of the liquid fuel lines, that'd start one hell of a fire. Dunno if it'd be enough to torch the whole place, but…"

Bennett looks up from her lefthanded scrawling, pale eyes alighting upon Atalanta at the question posed. "They have done a few simulator runs with the gunships, but no live fire drills or operations. The situation is worse with the support buses; they were hard to come by before warday, and as far as I am aware, Major Sheperd and myself were the only ones trained in flying them. What did you have in mind?"

Elias nods slowly, still half-musing as he responds to Holtz. "If their guidance systems can hold a lock on a basestar, perhaps." He gives a small shrug. There are a lot of 'ifs' involved. "I would still recommend the Baker Bay. Both because it can handle more than one basestar, should it come to that, and because the Cylons already know about what it can do. If they think the Baker Bay might be cruising their home space, they may be more inclined to hold back basestars."

"Targeted strikes with incendiary charges," Franklin replies briskly. There's a smile that accompanies the statement, albeit a brief one. "You're right; if we destroy it outright, they may well abandon it. If we damage it, they'll need to work to repair it. If we set one hell of a fire, they'll need to work to put it out before the whole damned moon goes up in smoke, if they even hope to salvage it." A beat. "I'd like to see your crews polish their skills with the Foxtrots. As for Linten, Captain Gray, can you get us more specifics on her capabilities? I've never seen one in action. Not personally, anyway." Of course, most people probably haven't, what with that convenient forty-year peace…

Bennett nods to Atalanta. "Precisely so, sir." The blonde's smile is mirrored by her dark-haired pilot; Saint Clair is typically not a bloodthirsty sort, but there is something hungry about the curve of her lips. "I will step up my plans, then, for the live fire drill I had in mind." She also scribbles down 'more simulator time with Foxtrots' and asterisks it. "The Baker Bay, with a full complement of vipers for raider defense, and half complement of raptors with a B-81 nuclear loadout would get the job done for certain. I am not sure how a full spread of javelin missiles would fare against a basestar, but they may be an option as well."

Holtz grunts, mulling over the tactical officer's words. "True," he admits. "We'd probably need at least a couple other ships along for the ride, though. Those SDs don't have much in the way of hangar capacity," he reminds the group as a predatory smile tugs at his lips. "Might be for the better, actually. Make them think we're setting a whole battle squadron loose in their space, that could stir up a bit of panic. And that is the point of the exercise, after all." He nods slightly in the DCAG's direction, and then looks in Bennett's direction. "As Captain Grey said, basestars seem to rely on their Raiders for anti-missle defense. If the rest of our forces can draw the Raiders out of position and then get the Raptors in behind them, that ought to give 'em a clear shot, yeah?"

"An entire battlegroup? Now you're just waving your dick around, Major," Franklin quips, perhaps a bit louder than she intended. Mostly because, well, it's audible. From a woman who seems to be under the impression that muttering 'damn' qualifies as swearing like a sailor.

Elias nods curtly to acknowledge Atalanta's request about the Linten. "Yes sir." He quickly jots down the task on his clipboard, the first notes he's taken so far. He glances between the two squadron commanders as they discuss specifics, and only offers further input when it comes to using the Baker Bay. "Sending a Dreadnaught is a risk, but then the whole counter-offensive is risky to begin with." He seems to have said his piece, but then he catches the DCAG's quip and smiles faintly. "I'm not sure there is such a thing as 'overkill' where the Cylons are concerned."

"Mmhm, absolutely," the sole bus driver agrees with Holtz's latter conjecture, with a small nod. Perhaps we could fly in a separate support raptor with the ALQ-448s, in case the basestar gets any ideas about launching nukes." Atalanta's quip causes her to grin a little, though she reserves comment in favour of jotting down more notes. "No risk, no reward, as they say, Captain." Elias gets a wink.

Holtz's head whips around to Atia, and he blinks, clearly unsure whether to be shocked or annoyed by her statement. Nevertheless, he's able to keep himself from sputtering at the major, and when he finally speaks, his tone is composed. Mostly. "I don't know that I'd call three or four ships a battlegroup, Major," he retorts. "Besides, I don't see as we have much of a choice, yeah? Baker Bay's hangar can hold at most a half squadron of Vipers — not nearly enough to tangle with two Raider wings — and no flak defenses to speak of."

"Hence I suggested the frigates." The tip of Franklin's pen is pressed to her paper. 'ALQ-448s' is underlined, sharply. "Excellent. Captain St. Clair, if you could get those exercises going. Captain Gray, the report on the Linten's capabilities. From there, we'll see which of the ships I can wheedle the Old Man into giving me the keys to, if I promise to refill the tanks and be home by midnight." The folder is flipped closed once more, her pen clipped between two buttons on the jacket of her duty-blues. "Is there anything else? If not, thank you. That will be all."

Phin blinks at Atalanta's 'waving your dick around' aside to Holtz. He can't be shocked by the terminology, but he does look surprised by it coming from the DCAG. He tries to pretend that wasn't what he was blinking at, though. "Simulators. Right. We can maybe get some joint exercises together before this is off, Butch. Vipers drawing fire while Raptors blow a lot of stuff up." To Franklin's last, he shakes his head. He's good.

Bennett shoots Phin a smile, and makes a note of his comment in the margin next to her 'simulators' scribble. "Good idea. Could you please coordinate with Lieutenant Vashti on this? Let me know if you need my input." But otherwise, she seems fairly confident in letting he and her favourite backseater do their thing. "Nothing more for the time being, sir." She clicks her pen off and begins to rise.

Elias has nothing more, himself. He delays long enough to see if anyone else does, then collects his things and rises. Then he departs like a man on a mission, striding towards the hatch with his clipboard tucked under his arm.

At Atia's dismissal, Holtz shoots a final look at the DCAG before returning to his seat and gathering up his things. The pen is returned to the pocket of his blues, and he tucks the folder under one arm before moving slowly towards the exit in Elias' wake.

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