AWD #056: In Which Responsibility Has Clearly Been Misplaced
In Which Responsibility Has Clearly Been Misplaced
Summary: Newb LTJG McBride and various pilots, ECOs and other company celebrate his promotion with drunken silliness.
Date: 03/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's — Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #56

Phin wanders into Charlie's with a group of pilots, because he probably had to be cajoled into going out to drink-celebrate. He's still in his blues, albeit jacket unbuttoned, though he's carrying around his new rank pins in his palm like the slightly dazed dork that he is.

Ygraine is amongst the horde of pilots that has walked in, smiling brightly and tugging at Phin to hurry along. "Why ain't those pins on your collar yet, hmm?" she asks, "No matter, we're gonna get ya plastered." And she's so looking forward to it.

The easiest way to tell an unplanned promotion? Zach didn't bake. Already at Charlies, the CAG is discussing the tab with the owner, and taking care of a few things on the side as he lets out a nod and chuckles, settling with a handshake. "Alright, CVW-11, I have the tab tonight. Enjoy the evening!"

Cassie woots as she walks in just in time to hear that the drinks are on the Major who gets a very bright smile from her. "Thanks, Buzz. You're awesome." She'll be nice and not order anything 'top shelf' while he's paying. "I'll have a shot and a beer," she tells the bartender once by the bar. And Phin? He'll get congratulated once she's got her drinks in hand.

Following in the wake of the other off duty Pilots, Tasha runs a hand through the unbound fall of her hair before breaking off to see what music selection the recc hall slash bar has on order… Pausing near a battered music player, She eyes the selection and drops a few cubits to pick out a wide selection of hard hitting songs popular with aggressive work outs and adrenalin junkies mixed in with a but of jazz and descent dancing music.

Cole trundles in with the rest, and for one of the first times since he's been stationed on the Orion: he's wearing civvies. A pair of jeans have been rustled out of deep storage, the pants well worn around the pockets and at the heel. Capping his biceps is a tight white v-neck tee, the tattoos on his right shoulder sliced through with a wound that's more scar than scab now. As soon as Janitor breaks away from the throng, he's approaching Phin to ring him around the neck and delivery one knuckle-hard noogie. "Our little boy is all grow'd up!"

Holtz follows along at the tail end of the knot of pilots that suddenly besieges Charlie's. Unlike Phin, though, he's changed out of his civvies. He's now in his usual civilian ensemble, which means blue jeans, black t-shirt, and bomber jacket. The jacket has been added to recently; a VF-777 patch now resides on the upper left arm, along with a lieutenant's pin that wasn't there the last time he was seen wearing it. "Smells like jig in here," he says with a toothy smile, pounding Phin hard on the back on his way to the bar.

"Umm…" is Phin's super-coherent reply to Ygraine as he bellies up to the bar, parking on a stool. "I'm off-duty?" Lame. He adds, in slightly more explanatory fashion, "I just got them from the Quartermaster and it felt…weird doing it aboard." Not like it wasn't publicly posted. He asks her, almost shyly, "Would you mind putting them on for me? I don't want to do it crooked." A quick, "Thanks, sir!" is hollered to Zachary. Though he does not sound entirely sure he should be grateful. Holtz's pound on the back earns a grin. Though Cole's noogie gets a barked, "Hey!" And a snort. "Yeah, I've been waiting forever for them to finally drop. It's really exciting. Also, pins."

"Of course!" Ygraine says, visibly pleased, as she moves to back herself up against the bar. Since it's civilian night she's opted for the mini-skirt and bouse that she wore on the same night there was a bar brawl, she holds her hands out for the pins so she can affix them to his color.

Zachary takes a bottle of beer and moves to find a seat at a table. He settles back to watch the rest of the wing celebrate and he just wants to enjoy it for a little while, it seems. A smile and a nod of his head is offered to both Cassie and Phin as they thank him and he tips his bottle in a salute.

"Just make sure you're not pinning them to your balls, bro. Piercing is one thing, but using your new jewelry is just wrong." With a palm planted on the surface of the bar, Cole hops his ass up ontop of it.

Somewhere among the pilots is Luc as well, "Thanks, sir." He offers to the CAG as well and continues towards the bar for the moment. Also dressed in civvies for once. Which means dark blue jeans and a black tank top along with a jacket over. On his way it does bring him past Phin and a pat is given to the man's back, as a gratulating gesture. "Gratulations Dolly." He then continuing to wander on then. Hearing Cassie's order as he reaches the bar. "Same for me." Comes his words and a grin to her before looking around the area a bit.

As an intense beat begins to fill the bar, Tasha turns and makes her way back up to the bar. Wearing a.pair of tight fitting low rise hip hugging denim jeans worn through with a few rips and tears in places and a white cotton tank top under a break leather riding jacket with a dual white stripe running vertically down the left side. "Hey can I get a draft beer." Making her order while sidling up to the others arlt the bar, She leans her side into the bar and rests one arm.there while watxhing the newest member of the Jig club get pinned with amusement.

Any chance to dress in civilian clothing, Maia is going to take. Today isn't any different and as she walks in, her heels make that satisfying tapping sound as she crosses the floor making her minimal height about six inches taller. Her skirt reaches mid-thigh not quite so mini, not quite so tight, the ruffles more feminine and covers enough to leave plenty to the imagination. Legs bare. Her top is a tasteful off the shoulder variety in black, hair left down for no other reason than she /can/. Seeing more from the wing, she lifts a hand in greeting, catching sight of Tasha, she walks over and stands beside her. "Hey, how's you?"

"Phin! Phin, congrats, buddy!" Cassie downs the shot quickly and sets the empty glass down, the beer allowed to come with her while she approaches the newly pinned JiG. "How's it feeling, hot shot?" Ygraine and he both are given hugs if allowed, Cassie feeling too happy to care if it's proper or not.

After he congratulates Phin, Holtz heads on a straight line to the bar. "Sir," he offers sidelong to Zachary with a nod of appreciation before he turns his attention to the bartender. "Ambr… actually, give me a couple of shots. Don't care what, as long as it's strong. Make 'em doubles, too." He smirks. The bartender gives Storm a knowing nod, and wordlessly pours two shots from a bottle with a faded label. Holtz picks up the pair of extra-tall shot glasses and goes back to the group, handing one of them to Phin with a sly look on his face.

"You speaking from a bad experience, Captain?" Phin asks Cole with a smirk. "At least make yourself useful and get me a beer while you're up there." He hands the pins to Ygraine. He holds his neck very still, so she can pin them (on his collar) without risk of impaling any arteries. He snorts at Cassie's hot shot remark, hugging her back. Once he's not at risk of impaling. "Kind of surreal. And with Fleet Headquarters kind of…semi-destroyed, I'm pretty sure the raise isn't going to be what it used to. But thanks." Glib remarks aside, he is kind of grinning like an idiot. A called, "Thanks, man!" to Luc. And little half-wave to Tasha and Maia. Hello! The shot is eyed with an, "Umm…this is not quite what I ordered."

Ygraine thumps Phin on the chest. "Stand still." she orders and goes about affixing his new pins in place. "Woo!" she declares, because she's a woo girl, and waggles her brows at him, "Are ya gonna try and me call ya sir?" she teases, and then there are Cassie hugs.

Having gotten a frosted mug of dark beer on tap, Tasha xontinues to be amused by the banter as a soft laugh escapes parted lips. As Maia walks up, She takes a drink.kf the beer and then.offers the woman a warm smile before turning her back to the bar and lean against it causing the hem of her shirt to lift slighty and expose some of her midriff, "Im great. Free beer and seeing a fellow stick vet pinned is always a great wrap to a day."

As he drinks his beer, Zachary just shakes his head. Probably in amusement as the CAG listens somewhat to the conversations around him and lifts his long neck for another draw off of it.

"Do I look like a bartender to you, Dolly? Shut up and drink up." Storm retorts. He wastes no time in following his own command, either; the shot glass is thumped against a nearby table, allowing a few drops of the pungent amber liquid to splash over the side before he upends the contents down the hatch. The burning liquid sears its way down into his gullet, and he turns to Phin with an expectant look.

A nod is given in return, from Luc, along with raising his shot to Phin as he thanked him. For now continuing to stand there at the bar, not far from Tasha. Watching as Maia comes wandering in and up to the girl next to him. Offering a smile and a nod and offering the shot, if she would want it. For now drinking from his beer and he does look over to Tasha and Maia. "Well hello to the both of you." He offers since they are closest currently. Though there is a bright chuckle at Storm's words to Dolly.

You know, from this vantage point, a lot of women in the bar are wearing low cut shirts. For once, Janitor seems to notice, and he's grinning like a Cheshire cat. As his first foray with the Wing since Aerilon, this one is a humdinger. Cole reaches backwards, plucking up a beer that the bartender offers up to fill Phin's orders. The man is busy taking his promotion shots, so it's not as if he'd easily notice that Cole's tipping that beer precariously over Phin's head.

Late to the party as per usual, Ceres steps into the gathering just revving to a distant spark of life. She tugs at the long dark braid and sends it over her shoulder as she observes from further back before slowly approaching the back of one Ensign made Lieutenant JG. Once close enough and while he's not in mid-drink, Redux speaks up, "I hear congratulations are in order, Lieutenant." She smiles and waits to be let in near the rest. "One drink is on me, yeah, well one round I should say. Everyone else is celebrating, can't forget them."

Knox arrives from the Living Complex.

"Oh please, like that will last," Phin says to Ygraine, about calling him 'sir.' "Plus, it's just kind of wrong." Phin is at the bar, surrounded by well-wishers. Some of whom are giving him shots and generally expressing their well-wishes in other embarrassing ways. "Whoa!" That's barked as Cole tips that beer on him. He does his best to look martyred about the whole thing. But he can't, quite. He has to laugh. "Fine, fine, whatever. Salud, Storm!" And then he does his shot. Making a face as he swallows it. He is not a particularly heavy drinker, so he can't bang the things back with ease. Still, it's swallowed in one. "What the frak was that, man?" Blink, blink. "Oh. Hey, Redux. Major Sheperd already paid the tab. I think he feels sorry for me or something."

Returning the wave to Phin, Maia also gives a thumbs up, "Congratulations!" Slipping onto one of the seats at the bar, she realizes the chair between herself and Luc is now empty. Propping an elbow on the surface, she lifts a shoulder in response to Luc's offer. "Thanks," taking the shot and downing it in one go. "Feel the burn," she grins. "Good stuff.. I prefer wine or a beer usually though, thanks for helping me get the party started."

At least Cole doesn't shower Phin with the /entire/ beer. That would just be wasteful. "To Dolly!" Without waiting for others to join in the toast, Janitor lifts the glass to his own lips, taking a deep swig before licking off the foam from his upper lip with a dap of his tongue.

Ygraine gets some of the beer splash on her. "Hey!" she protests with a laugh. She gives Phin's collar a pat as she steps away, then turns and sticks a hand down the front of her bra. She plucks out a coin, shows it to the bartender and orders herself a drop shot.

"D-CAG beat ya to it, Redux," Holtz points out with a lopsided grin as he chucks a thumb over his shoulder at Zachary. He stifles a snicker as Cole dangles a beer over the freshly-pinned young officer's head. "You know what, Dolls, I didn't ask." The man's smirking grin grows even wider at that. Somehow, he's able to get another shot before Cole makes his toast, and he raises the glass in salute before sending the shot the way of its predecessor.

There's a quick assessment made by Cassie to see who is here. There's nothing but smiles from her right up until the point when she realize Zachary is sitting alone. Shaking her head, she meanders his way, only pausing to return the toast. "To Phin!" And then she's back to heading to the CAG's table. Cue onimous-sounding music.

The door opens and in walks Knox! He's in his Corps duds with his camera slung around his neck and arm, to the side. The guy holds the door for someone coming in behind him and he smirks. "Well then the guy I'm like 'How the hell did that happen?' and the Staff, she looks at me and goes 'Hon, that's a conversation your momma shoulda had with you'." Knox rolls his eyes. "Wanted to kick her in the shins, sir."

Over in his corner, Zachary lifts his longneck in salute and lowers it to finish draining it back. He waves down a waitress for a second 'neck and glances as Cassie approaches. "Shoes. What can I do for you?" he asks as he offers a polite smile.

"Well then what the hell am I here for?" Redux states in a teasing tone before her voice lowers. "Well done, Dolly. You deserve it." Slipping away from the tight knit group, the Captain wanders over towards the aforementioned D-CAG and nods her head. "So, since you bought and I am not much in the mood for a drink, why don't you make the call for my one and only tonight, yeah?" But she quiets, nodding to Shoes before her eyes flicker to the newly arrived marine and smiles faintly, dark eyes catching

Luc grins at the words from Maia after she downs the shot. Raising a brow. "Oh, well. You could had taken my beer instead." He says in a slightly teasing voice as he drinks a bit more. KEeping an eye on all the people congratulating Phin, and even the dumping of the drink on him. Getting another shot for himself this time and downing it in time for the toast. Resting his back and arms against the bar and taking the occasional drink from his beer he does let his head turn towards Maia. "That is what I am supposed to do, right?" He offers before chuckling a bit. "You look good." He offers and does let her slip onto the stool between them if she wishes.

Petra groans softly as he steps in immediately after Knox, slowly shaking his head, "Hey, I know I would have looked the other way, and just claimed they tripped over a rock, right?" He slows down and sweeps his gaze over the main room, lowering his voice, "Holy frak, is the whole damned boat down here tonight? Is there beer left?"

A little late to the party of the Viper pilot Agrippa, he had to fly CAP when word went out that Phin got promoted. So once his patrol was finished and the fighter craft landed, he went through the post-flight check in a rush before hopping the next transport down to the planet. Which means that he shows up still in his flightsuit, minus the helmet. Pushing the door to Checkpoint Charlie's open, Agrippa can already hear the celebration that is happening inside. So as he steps inside, he looks over to the gathering and approaches, calling out rather loudly, "Hey Dolly, I heard the bad news!"

Cassie grins as she just about has her bottle of beer lifted to her mouth, all smirks as she regards the Major. "More like what can I do for you, sir. You shouldn't be sitting here all by yourself. Come and mingle." Redux is given a warm smile but only after she takes her first sip of beer. "Sir. How are you doing? Holding up alright?" Petra's not yet notices nor is the Marine he has arrived with.

Phin sniffs his empty shot glass, trying to use some deduction to figure out what he just drank. There's no evidence he's successful. "Thanks, Redux," he says simply as she moves off, leaning an elbow back on the bar and looking around at the crowd. Kind of bemused. "Can I get a beer now?" This time he asks the bartender, not trusting Cole. "Hey! Punchie!" Hollered to Agrippa. He's even got his LTJG pins in place now. And Ygraine didn't even impale his neck putting them on. "D-CAG opened up a tab so, knock yourself out. Yeah. It's pretty surreal." To Petra and Knox he calls, a little abashedly, "Umm…there's a tab Sergeant, Sir."

Knox snorts to Petra. "Hey, a lump is a lump. Unless you use a sack of oranges, then its just an unsubstantiated rumor, sir." He cocks a finger at the Colonel. "Remember that one, just incase." But his eyes turn at the sound and he looks about and blinks. "Holy frak, indeed. Man if these pisshounds drank all the beer I'm going to start throwing people." Figuratively speaking. "Oh, hey, its Ceres. You know Captain Delacroix, sir?" he offers, angling his way towards Redux. "Hey! Captain Viperpants!" Phin gets a big ol thumbsup. Hell yeah, tab.

Agrippa will do what he can to push up to the bar to get himself a drink and one for Phin as well, catching the request for a beer from the newly promoted Lieutenant. "Beer? C'mon Dolly, leave the beers for later. Time for some shots!" No doubt Phin already had at least one round of shots but since PunchDrunk wasn't here, they didn't count, at least to him. "Bartender! Let's get some Tequila flowing!" If Tequila is flowing, tonight will be a fun night, guaranteed.

In the shadow of the newest arrivals, or rather at the tail end of the arrival of a handful of medical staff to join the fun, Samtara looks slowly around around before deciding two immediate plans of action. Inspect the booze dispensing station and find somewhere not loud to get a better look at the room.

"I'm drinking long necks tonight, Ceres." Zachary says with a laugh as he gets his next bottle. "But, lets see what this old man can put together, hmm?" And with that, the DCAG moves out of his own seat and rises to wander over to the bar. Once there, he starts digging around. "Oh, I was fine, Shoes. Just living vicariously through others." he says with amusememt. "Hmmm. Aha!" And with that, Zachary starts to mixing. "When I was stationed at Leonis, there was a drink that was unique to us, called 'The Embrace'. Damned thing knocked me on my ass more than once." he comments. And with that, he fishes out some Cognac, whiskey, vodka and some distilled rice whiskey and mixes them with some lemon juice before setting them on the table. Three across. One for Ceres. Cassie. And himself. "To new promotions, successful missions, new missions, and upcoming happiness."

As the tequila bottle is lifted and tipped, Cole grabs two of the shots and hops off the edge of the bar. "Alright. I feel like dancing. Who has on their dancing shoes?" As if to demonstrate, Ari starts to do a little freak dancing goodness on the new Jig. With a shot glass lofted in each hand, and some hippy action, Janitor shuffles in a little half moon around Phin.

Maia doesn't scoot another seat closer, opting to remain in the seat she had just sat at. She leans forward, ordering a beer, along with a second shot of tequila, having no intention of going back sober. Hooking one of her heels on the bottom of the stool, she spins it slight "Quite a party," the blonde pilot tells Luc, her voice raised a little due to the celebrations. Eyeing the Doctor, she grins, lifting her hand in a wave again, inviting her over if she wishes.

Staring at the drink that Zachary begins to mix together something she can only wrinkle her nose at. "I should be worried..well we should," Ceres notes as three are set across. She bites her lip, settling into a seat at the bar while Zachary mixes. I its the voice of the Sergeant that brings Redux' gaze away from the scrutinizing study of her drink being made. "I see you brought top brass with you, Colonel." She says and offers her right hand out to him. "You look like a tourist with that camera around your neck." She points out. "Where's the floral shirt, brother?"

"I was all set to back you up until you said the t-word, Grip." Holtz returns to the bar at about the same time as Agrippa, his voice dry as he addresses the other pilot. "Tall ambrosia sour," he says to the bartender. He gets his drink quickly enough, but for the moment he just lingers at the bar, sampling his drink as he pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Good ones, too. Seems he's got a little left from that pre-Warday care package. Storm lights one as he leans against the bar.

"Ummm…thanks," Phin mutters to Agrippa when his former fellow ensign orders him another shot. Which will drink, when it arrives. Peer pressure and all. Head back. Gulp. He still makes a face. Cole's freak dancing just makes him collapse. With laughing. He has to lean on the bar not to tip. "Dude, if this turns into a lappy I think it's technically frat."

Petra chuckles softly, starting into motion slowly after Knox, "Ahhh, I have a feeling this is going to end up being a very very interesting night." When Ceres is pointed out, his head is bowed in the woman's direction, "Hello again, but please…I think I'm going to have some of that alcohol before people get to saluting. Just Marcus tonight. At least until the MPs show up, right?"

Shoes takes off her tunic and sets it aside, totally breaking regs by wearing nothing but her tanks with the pants of her duty blues. All done so she can be comfortable while drinking, something she didn't allow herself to do at the last party she was a part of, and so she won't run a risk of spilling anything upon it. The shot Zach pours her is held aloft, all proper while he speaks. "To the pilots of the Orion. May our wings be strong, may the winds always be in our favor and may we always bear the laurels of victory upon our brow." And her drink is downed in one fell swoop.

Samtara edges through the crowd, doing a rather neat job of 'bob and weave' around the room until reaching there Maia is seated, "Lieutenant Kane," she says by way of greeting, offering a smile to go with her words. Still eyeing the room and trying to figure out a way to make herself take up less space than she already does, "Looks like the room is crowded tonight."

It appears that there is already a bottle of Tequila somewhere at the bar and Agrippa is doing his best to draw it towards him, by either cajoling those near it to pass it along, using Jedi mind tricks, whatever he can but soon it is in his hand after Cole was finished pouring his own shots. Hearing Holtz behind him, the Ensign laughs and pretends to look disappointed, "C'mon Bossman, it isn't a real party until tequila gets involved!" Shot glasses are aplenty tonight and Agrippa pours one for himself and one for Phin. Grabbing the small box that has salt and lime, he puts it in front of the pilot being honored tonight, dabbing some salt into a finger and raises his shot to Phin, "Congrats, Dolly, looks like it won't be long before I start reporting to you too." Lick the salt, pound the shot of tequila, then grab a wedge lime to start sucking, wincing while doing so. "Frak!"

Knox steps in to wrap an arm around Ceres and gives her a glompy, growling hug. "Whats up, kid," he asks and steps back. But the joke gets a laugh and he shakes his head. "Frakkin brat. Man, I love this camera. Besides, I just finished a day off. Been out takin photos all day. Floral shirts.." He chuckles, shaking his head. "Beat your ass, lady. Don't make me bust out the paintguns again." He grins and looks back at Petra. "Well, Marcus, I think you should start strong and taper off only when the MPs show up."

"Indeed." Luc offers in return and drinks the beer fast enough. Draining it only to relax a bit and finally shift to sit on the stool. Grinning as Maia keeps drinking quite a bit. Getting a shot for himself but waiting for now. There is a grin and a nod to Agrippa as well as he moves to get shots at the bar. "Hiya Punchie. Glad to see you made it." He offers and turns back towards Maia, in time to see Sam approach. "Doc!" He offers brightly.

Ygraine laughs in delight, and she heads out onto the dance floor with beer-dropped-shot in hand so she can go dancin' with herse-elf. With the occasional pre-requesite, "Woo!"

After Phin tips against the bar, Cole does one of the shots and clunks the empty glass down next to the younger pilot where it gets wisked away by attentive bar staff. "Nope. Stormy is your SL. Which leaves all this goodness for you." Cue some booty bouncing in Dolly's direction. "TO THE PILOTS!" Janitor catches Cassie's toast, echoing it before doing his second tequila shot. For a man that doesn't normally drink, he's off to a good start.

"Ugh, marine stink!" Ceres says in mock seriousness as she nods to Petra, letting her hand fall to her side. "Marcus then. Better get a drink before the Major realizes the grave error he has made in offering to pay the tab." Her head tilts and she glances to Knox, smirking faintly as dark eyes sharpen, glinting with her obvious humor. "Bet you look good in pink flowers on blue. Hot stuff." She says and jabs his side. "If I do remember correctly, I believe I may have eaten more paintballs but you ate more dirt. We could contest it again." Her eyes lift to the yelled toast and without a drink complete, she lifts up a cheer in regards.

Holtz wags a finger. "See, you say that, but you didn't see what happened in Tauron Phil's one night in 1984." He grimaces. "And that's all I'm sayin'." He shakes his head with a rueful chuckle as he takes another pull from his emerald-colored drink. "Hey, I ain't been told yet that shit is permanent," he hollers over at Cole with a wry smirk, but he will take another drink in response to the other captain's toast. "So, just watch yourself." Again, to Cole, with a wink.

Holtz wags a finger at Agrippa beside him. "See, you say that, but you didn't see what happened in Tauron Phil's one… inauspicious night in 1984." He grimaces. "And that's all I'm sayin'." He shakes his head with a rueful chuckle as he takes another pull from his emerald-colored drink. "Hey, I ain't been told yet that shit is permanent," he hollers over at Cole with a wry smirk, but he will take another drink in response to the other captain's toast. "So, just watch yourself." Again, to Cole, with a wink.

With the drinks handed out, Zachary laughs. "Don't worry, the tab gets cut at midnight." he says with a smirk. "I agreed to cook a few more times, so it's all bartered for and good." he promises. "Anyway, get back to your drinks and merriment. As I said, I'll continue to live vicariously through everyone else."

A shot of tequila just in time! Foregoing the lime and the salt, she echoes the sentiments in the toast, "To the pilots!" Throwing back the next shot, this one burning marginally less than the last one. With a crooked grin, she waggles her brows to Samtara. "Not too crowded, never too many for a party. Like to dance?" Maia is completely straight but hell the doctor needs to loosen up a bit. "Milkshake looks awful lonely out there." Giving Luc a wink, "Thanks," she rises, offering her hand to the doctor. "Come on, let's have a ladies dance." When Luc greets the Viper pilot, the blonde turns and grins, "Grippa, hey." That's the extent of that before she looks expectantly back at Samtara.

Ygraine is perfecty happy to dance and drink and drink and dance, calling out, "Somebody get me another drink, pretty please!"

"Yay?" Phin deadpans to Cole, turning back to the bartender. "Can I please get a beer now?" He's evidently already kind of buzzed by this point, which makes his order all the more earnest. Oh, girls are going to dance. He will totally watch that. Though he does half-turn to ask Holtz, and Cole while he's at it, "So. You guys should tell me stories. You get stories at times like this, right? What was going down when you guys got jigged?"

Cassie sticks her tongue out at the Major, showing her displeasure at how he seems to wish to sit removed from the party instead of saying it out loud. "Someday we'll get you to loosen up, Zach," she warns while waggling her empty glass, it looked at with a sigh. "Looks like I'm going to need another refill. Hey, what does a girl got to do to get a drink around here, huh?"

Samtara nods in return to Luc, being called 'Doc' along with 'hey you!' and 'medic' tends to get her attention fast. "Right, and none of them came back wounded, that's a unexpected probability," she remarks before glancing out to follow Maia's line of sight then back. "No, but it ..A drink looks like a good idea," she suggests instead, shaking her head slowly but firmly.

"Marine funk, sis. Get that shit right," Knox says back, looking vaguely (not really) offended. "Pink on blue. Sounds like the paint scheme I had you wearing when I tackled you," kicking to the side at her jab with a laugh. "Uh huh. Right. You wanna go again?" he offers with a laugh. "Alright. But only if you drink more. Because its not a good tussel unless at least one of the parties is drunk." He steps back, though. "Just, one second.." He raises his voice and camera. "HEY!! WANGKERS!! Crowd in!!!" Coop steps back several feet and lifts the lens on the camera to get a picture of the occasion.

Luc chuckles and nods, agreeing that the doc needs to loosen up so he just get two more shots. "Fine, Shakes! Coming up." He offers since he was at the bar anyhow. Turning to Maia and Sam once more, "Have fun." He offers to them with a wink before he does do as Maia suggests. Sliding over towards the dance floor and offering the shot to Yggy. "You looked naked without a shot in your hand." He teases.

After shaking off the effects of the first shot of tequila, Agrippa reaches for the bottle and pours himself another, definitely in the mood to let loose tonight. Eyes return to Holtz and he manages a laugh, "Sounds like quite the party at Tauron Phil's… I wish I didn't miss that party." Though back then, he was a little too young to drink. Just a little. Then the Viper pilot turns and grins to Luc, "Wouldn't be anywhere else, Crater. Would've been here sooner if I wasn't on CAP duty." Thus the flightsuit, Agrippa didn't even take the time to go get changed. His eyes then spots Maia by Luc and he flashes her a smile as well, bringing his shot of tequila along with him as he looks her over, "Centerfold! Looking good tonight. I see some had the time to get ready for this event."

"For the record!" Zachary raises his voice. "I am not bailing anyone out of the brig tonight." he points out as he actually does go to get into the picture, standing behind everyone else. "You were discovering that grils have boobs when I got my jig, Phin." he says with a smirk.

Ygraine grins at Luc as he offers her a shot. "Clearly ya ain't ever actually seen me naked." Ygraine replies, no doubt predictably. "Are ya dancin', or just totin' me a drink? Thank ya, by the way." And down the shot goes, during a pause in her dancing efforts.

"Huh?" It takes Phin a beat to notice Knox flashing the camera around. He scoots in with Holtz and Cole. Flashing finger-guns at the camera. It's probably done ironically. Somewhat ironically. Probably.

Cassie slides in somewhere in the middle, smiling. This is a night that should be memorialized and she, for one, does not want to miss out on being a part of the memory. "Everyone smile and say 'AIR WANG'," she yells, misprounouncing the word 'wing' with a bit of a slur.

Cole stops getting down and getting funky in front of Phin, turning back to face him and Holtz at the request for a story. It quickly turns into picture time, and Cole slings an arm around Phin's shoulders and uses the other hand to make a 'hang ten' sign. His tongue juts out of his mouth and his nose wrinkles for the flash.

Luc grins and nods to Agrippa, "Ah, well at least you arrived!" He offers and chuckles. Glancing over towards those at the bar before turning to Ygraine as he catches her words. "Can't say that I actually have. Not that I would complain if I did." He offers and grins. Downing the shot as she does and raises a brow at her question. Trying to find somewhere to put away the shot glass. Showing a bit of his fluid moves. "I can dance fine enough I'd say." He offers with a wide grin.

Oh this means she is needed in the photo and Ceres looks to Zachary. "Major, if I have to be in this…" She motions him over and slides closer to the main group of pilots. This means getting to her feet and finding a place where she is not blocking another face. Leaning forward a little bit, she crowds in with the rest and glances to the dance floor. "PICTURE!"

"Pretty good, pretty good. Aww damn, I missed the pic! I gotta get one with Phinny." Yggy declairs. Her solution is simple; she sashays over to a tabe and puts it down before returning to her dancing spot. "Ya got th'moves." she agrees. "But why ain't ya dancin' with Maia - and then Ceres is yeling. "To be continued." she says brightly to Luc, and heads over to worm her way through the crowd so she can end up next to Phin. Putting her arms around him, she hollers, "Knoxie!! Take a picture!!"

When Samtara does as expected, Maia flashes her a grin, "I understand. I had to get a couple of shots down first." But since Luc had gone out to dance, it would be really awkward for her to join now, so she remains at the bar ordering another shot of tequila. Seeing the grin from Grippa, she winks, "When it comes to the change to wear my heels, I make time to get ready. You know," she gently nudges his shoulder, "I ever tell you a man in a flight suit turns me on?" With the teasing remark out she laughs, reaching for the tequila. "Uh oh," she remarks at the CAG's announcement. "Better behave this time." Waiting a beat, she looks back at the viper pilot, "Care for a dance?"

Holtz leans into the picture with Cole and Phin, flashing the heavy metal sign with one hand as Knox snaps a photo. "When I was jigged?" he echoes to Phin, blinking. "When I made jig I was stuck at Argolis. Shittiest frakkin' shithole of all the frakkin' shitholes on that shit Saggie planet." What Holtz' cursing lacks in imagination is made up for with enthusiasm, apparently. He shakes his head. "Found this hole in the wall bar and dragged the rest of the squadron down there. Next thing I know a half dozen of us're wakin' up in the local clink, my head's ringin' like a fire alarm and I got dried blood all over my knuckles."

Stepping back when the picture is over, Zachary shakes his head, looking amused as the DCAG heads back towards his earlier table, and resttles there and takes up another long neck.

"Hey, Yggs!" Phin says cheerily, slinging an arm companionably around her shoulders for the pic. The other hand is still totally doing finger-guns. "So…you woke up in Sagittaron jail?" This is a little ominous, for Phin. Who finally gets his beer, which he drinks with enthusiasm. This seems to inspire him. He stands up and, very precariously, gets up on his barstool. He is not drunk enough for this to be a guaranteed fatally, but he's at the point where he thinks it's a good idea. "Hey! Hey! Guys! Excuse me! I have totally got stuff! To say!"

Luc shrugs, "She was going to dance with Sam." He offers and looks over towards the doc and Maia. Not really seeming to care too much. Although soon enough Ygraine is gone from the scene and he nods. "To be continued." He echoes to her and does turn to try and gesture for Maia, Samtara and even Agrippa if he is still there. Trying to get them all to join in.

Knox waits until people are done getting into the photo and he takes the picture with the flash on, laughing. "Oh freaking hell yes," he laughs, looking at it. "Oh man, this is going up someplace public." He recaps the lens and steps back over to Ceres, watching Phin get up on the stool. "Speech! Speech! Speech!"

Phin having STUFF to say currently saves Janitor from having to chime in about his various pinning stories. With Dolly on a stool, a bit of Cole's protective side gets kicked into gear and he's worried less about getting a buzz on and more about being a spotter for the new Jig.

Giving the group some room, Ceres hovers at the bar and glances to Knox with a smile. A sigh leaves her and she cringes. "Careful there, Dolly. We want you in the cockpit. THis is not an excuse for getting out of CAP." SHe smiles faintly and then sighs, leaning into the bartop and tilting her head.

Holtz laughs. "Yeah. Not an experience I'd recommend." He drains the last of his drink and signals for another one. "Our boss didn't even write us up. Just let us cool our heels for the day in that cell. Said that was a worse punishment than anything he could do." He snorts, and falls silent as Phin suddenly has Things To Say.

"If Phin gets lucky I bet he'll find himself in a cockpit without having to even step foot in a frakking bird," comes the crass joke from Shoes, that being said on the heels of Ceres' gently given reminder to the man of the hour.

Phin definitely needs a spotter. Cole is totally given a thumbs-up. He does see the sense in migrating from the stool to the bar itself, which is a little steadier. "I'm totally good, Redux!" he assures the captain. Raising his beer, in toasting fashion. He takes a second to ponder his no-doubt eloquent toast. "Guys. First of all. Thanks for coming. Means a lot. You're all awesome to fly with and you've probably all saved my ass a bunch of times and…yeah. Thanks for doing that. You guys are just totally awesome!" That…was it, apparently. This was not a well-planned speech. "Can I get another shot?" He's into them, now.

"Yeah, I know." Agrippa says with an amused laugh before he parks himself in a spot next to Maia, arching a brow when he realized what she ordered. "Tequila? Really…" He certainly appears surprised as he puts his own down next to hers before he shoots her a wide grin while countering, "Well, a girl in a short skirt turns me on. So it looks like we're event, Centerfold. And we only have to post bail if we're caught." Catching Luc's gesture, he waves back to the man, thinking that the other pilot is just waving before turning back to Maia, "So it looks like you're ready to party tonight, a toast to Phin then. One fine pilot who more than deserves the promotion!" He says as he raises his shot, the other hand dipping a finger into the salt box.

"Ain't no godsdamn probably about it, you skinflinted little pantywaist!" Holtz roars mock-fiercely at Phin over the commotion of the celebration. "Give this feather-haired little ponce another double," he says to the bartender with a sneering grin as he drains his own drink — again. A look of surprise is directed at the empty glass. "An' another for me."

Coop shrugs. Sounds about right for a drunk speech. He looks over to Ceres and chuckles. "One of the guys on Third SALT got married and invited everyone in the Fourth Ang. His best man was the officer on the team. This guy, Lieutenant Wallace, got so tanked before his speech for the groom that he decided to forgo the speech and try to get everyone to sing along in the Marine Hymn." Coop takes a beer off the counter and there's a long pull from it. "Luckily everyone else was so trashed that we all started belting it out. Even the wives and husbands that weren't in the Corps. They've heard it enough. Turned out hilariously bad on the replay tape the next Monday morning."

Even after three shots of tequila.. or maybe because of it, it doesn't seem unusual to Maia that Phin is now standing on a stool. In fact, she decides to cheer him on with the requisite woots. Damn she'd forgotten she just asked for a dance, good thing though, she wants more to drink. Time to let loose and party on. Her attention back on Alex, she loses track of the number of shots and goes for more. A double this time which doesn't take long since the toasts are flowing as much as the liquor. "Yeah? Guess I'll have to wear a skirt more often then." Leaning towards him she grins. "Only thing I'll go to the brig for is robbing the cradle, Grip." Lifting her glass, she makes her own quietly spoken toast before she lifts the glass and drinks half in one go, "To a hell of a ride along the way though."

Cole doesn't bother finding a new drink, he just nabs someone's that has been left on the bar. It's more convenient. Once he's sure that Phin isn't going to do a nose dive, Janitor sorts to start of wander off. Perhaps to find what trouble he can get into, or to find some quiet corner where he can park himself.

Luc chuckles and cheers on Phin as well. And as no one seems to be heading to the dance floor, he moves off towards them. Getting another shot as well. "Having fun I hope?" He offers to Maia and Agrippa. Glancing to the doc. Though as she seems to fall silent for now, he doesn't offer more to her. Just taken a moment to rest himself.

"Dude, I cut my bangs! I look totally butch now!" Phin argues with Holtz. Still standing on the bar. So it's shoutier than he probably meant it to be. He is handed his shot, and he'll take it while still standing on the bar. He does cheer a "Woo!" toward Maia, for her cheering, before drinking.

Seeing the double shot, Agrippa realizes that he is definitely lagging behind and scowls at himself for being late, people are definitely hitting the liquor hard tonight. When the toast is done, he raises his glass as Maia does hers, taking down his shot without hesitation after licking his salted hand before grabbing a lime, sucking on it again. It'll take a couple of shots before he can hit them straight. "Frak… man, I haven't had this crap in a long time. And just a warning, you wear a short skirt, you may just get into trouble." He says with a wink before looking over to Phin who had found his way onto the bar, "Yeaaah, Dolly! We need to get some drinking games going!"

Luc cheers for Phin on the bar. Downing his shot and perhaps picking up snippets of the conversation between Maia and Agrippa. As he is standing on the opposite side of Maia now. Just trying to enjoy himself for now. Keeping an eye on the man on the bar.

When she hears Phin, Maia laughs, "Woo!" Echoing Phin's word again. "To looking butch!" Assuming since he said he had something to say, that was completely reasonable to her. Hey any reason to drink tonight, to let loose. Glancing back to Grip when he downs the shot with the salt and lime, she smiles a little indulgently. "Careful now that stuff'll put hair on your chest." After a quick wink, she downs the rest of her shot. "I like trouble. S'fun." Hearing the cheers from Luc she looks over and smiles, lopsided, "Luc, you should show out with your breakdancing. Dammit it's a party, have fun!"

A couple more drinks are rapidly consumed by Shoes, those last ones being what does her in. "Think it's time I pack it in," she says to no one in particular but instead of leaving she finds a table, one ironically not too far from Zach's, sits down and just watches for the night.

"Aww, Phinny." Ygraine seems charmed, which of course, doesn't stop her from meandering. Holtz's green drink attracks her attention, edging closer, she tries to see if she can get a whiff of what it's made of.

Ygraine will be able to tell easily enough what Holtz is drinking: ambrosia sour. It's not his first one, either. More like his third. Or maybe fourth. He's sort of lost track. Storm laughs at Phin, rolling his eyes. "Yeah. Totally." He does his best to mimic the other man's tone, but his accent probably makes a horrible hash of it. He settles for drinking his drink and smoking his cigarette.

It finally occurs to Phin that sitting again is maybe a good idea. He still stays perched on the bar, but in a less standy position. Longish legs dangling over it. "Totally!" he replies back to Holtz cheerily. His own accent is heavier now that he's been drinking, Scorpian peninsula twang. He somehow didn't overturn his beer bottle during all that, and he locates it again and sips on it.

One thing that Agrippa has learned to do is pace himself if he wants to last through the party so he does look for the tequila bottle but is in no rush to down another shot in such a short period of time. It isn't /his/ birthday party or promotion party, so there is no need. The Viper pilot does shoot Maia a smirk, "I hope not, then I'd have to waist more time in the Head each morning and that's a pain in the frakking ass." Procuring the bottle of tequila he was using earlier, he pours himself another before motioning it at the blonde, to see if she wants him to pour one for her as well.

After a little while, Zachary rises from his seat and in the midsts of the celebration, slips back into the officer's area to settle in for some of his own drinking.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Officer's Lounge [OL].

Eventually Cole resurfaces, somehow managing to finagle himself behind the bar. He's not doing much but loiter at the moment, as he leans over heavily aside Phin. "D'joo know what this place needs? A mechnan…mech… a mechanical bull." He holds up a finger at the bartender that's trying to shoo him out from behind there. "Shhh. Jus' a second. I'm talkin' to my frens."

Well, in that case? Ygraine does something very bad. She plucks up Holtz's drink and takes a swig, and then puts it down quickly. Nope, nobody saw her do it. No one can prove anything!

Holtz sputters in protest as his drink suddenly disappears from his hand. "Hey hey hey, getcher own." The mock severity in his tone is belied by the lopsided smile that he shoots in her direction. His voice is a little slurred, but not nearly as much as Cole's. "Go home, Janitor, you're drunk." He laughs at his own wit.

Luc laughs and shrugs. "Fine! Soon! Although it is quite crowded." He offers in reply to Maia. He does however a spin as he moves around. "I think you would have to show off your own moves in that case." He tells her with a wink.

At the mention of the head, Maia looks down at her empty glass then cuts her eyes to Agrippa again with a matching smirk. "I've never minded spending more time in the head in the mornin's. Kinda nice in there, all that warm water." Reaching for the bottle when he offers it, she refills, sloshing a little over the side. "Frak, what a waste." Slapping the bottle back on the bar, she turns on her stool and faces Luc. "You first." Accepting the challenge.

"Dude, you're drunk," Phin snickers at Holtz. He also kind of is, of course. Moreso than Holtz. Maybe less so than Cole, but it's hard to tell. "But yeah. Janitor's right. You guys are totally my friends. Like, totally bros. You too, Yggs. I mean, you're not a bro. You have awesome tits. But you know what I mean." He finishes his beer. "Hey, Janitor, can you get me another from the tap?"

"Mmmhmmm." Agrippa hums back at Maia as she talks about the head, grinning as she shares her experiences in there before realizing the bottle is out of his hand. Well, that won't do, so as revenge, the Viepr pilot waits till she finishes pouring, then snatches that double shot of tequila out of the blonde's hand, replacing it with his single shot glass. "I got some catching up to do." Is all he gives as an excuse. When Luc speaks of dancing, Agrippa is glad to stay out of the way and just leans against the bar.

Ygraine casts Hotz an innocent look…and takes another swig of his drink. But out of kindness, she orders another for Holtz, and beams at Phin. "Aww, they are awesome, aren't they? Thanks, Phinny." The new ambrosia sour is for Holtz, seeing as she has no fully appropriated the previous drink. Now it's her turn to plant her ass on the bar.

"I'm not drunk, you're jus' blurry." Cole retorts, yanking the glass from Phin's hand with a little too much force. "F'my bro." He has to juggle it for a second, the slippery sucker, but he finally gets a hold of it. He pulls a tap like he's done so before and is just relying on muscle memory alone. "Y'know, my mom use'ta do this." The man wavers on his feet. "'Till she got knocked up and then they shuffled her off to be a maid. K'new believe that?" As the bartender snaps a towel at him, Janitor makes a little 'ai ai ai' noise and vacates.

Luc chuckles about spending more time in the head, "Oh, the head is quite the favorite, after the pool of course." He does then take Maia up on her challenge as he does a one handed stand. For a moment before just standing normally. Grinning at her and shifting around. Patting the younger man's shoulder. Turning to rest his back towards the bar as he waits to see Maia take up the challenge. Perhaps bumping against Yggy, but if so not noticing currently. Seeingly drunk, but not enough that he can't show off some moves.

"Frak off, so're you. Lightweight." Holtz gives Phin a light shove, but he's grinning all the while. He's about to protest again when Ygraine steals his drink a second time, but he's mollified when another ambrosia sour appears in front of him. A hand is waved at Phin's words to Ygraine. "Yeah, an' don't I know it," he says with a leer as he gulps down more ambrosia. "Whatever, frakker. You can't bullshit me." That's to Cole. "Blurry my bloomin' arse." Yeah, Holtz is definitely drunk; that accent of his is going into overdrive.

"Yeah, seriously? Mine too, for awhile," Phin says to Cole, laughing when Holtz shoves him. Taking his beer from…whoever hands it over. "I mean, my mom kind of did whatever. But bartending was among the things. You ever work one for real? I was a long way outta the 'Bay before I was old enough." This seems to give him an idea. "Guys! Is there a pond near here or something? We should totally go swimming." He's still contemplating the awesomeness of this idea as he blinks at Luc's breakdancing. "Whoa! Dude! That was choice!"

"Shake!" Agrippa calls out to the other short skirt blonde as she joins them at the bar, "You're still sober, that's not right." He raises the bottle of tequila, shaking it at the ECO Ensign along with a grin, one that looks like trouble. So for now his own shot is stayed, in case any others wishes to get in on the tequila party. Eyes then moves to Luc who appears to be ready to head to the dance floor, but not before swaying about and bumping Ygraine, causing Punchdrunk to laugh in amusement, "Whoa there Crater, don't need to crash and burn here! Careful!"

Maia seems distracted by Agrippa when he grins. "Hey!" She protests when he takes her double and replaces it with a single. Looking it over, she shrugs, a drink is a drink, then lifts and downs it again, feeling the burn. "Then catch up, n'hurry. Gotta like a guy in a flight suit who can hold his liquor." Though she's not holding hers so well. The tequila not her favored drink but it's getting the job done. When Luc does his move she looks back in time to catch it. Bravo, Gabe. Those lessons paid off. Now for the walking lessons," cringing as he bumps into Milkshake.

Ari half-squints at Holtz, trying to parse those words. "You're growin' flawrs outta y'rass? Dooood. Yigs. Whatchoo been doin' to this boy? He's s'pposta be fert'lizin' you, not the other way 'round." As someone starts breakdancing, Cole pauses with a drink half way to his lips. "Yip. I'm dronk. The room's not spinnin' but the people are…SKINNY DIPPING! YES!" Janitor points at Phin as if that's the best idea he's had all evening. "Lessgo!" And with that, the man is sprinting for the door. At least he /makes/ it to the door instead of running smack dab into the wall or something.

Holtz shudders at the mention of swimming. "Frak that," he mutters with a shake of the head. "Shit, I can't swim sober." An owlish look is shooted at Phin, but whatever he was about to say is lost as Cole pipes up. Holtz' mouth opens and closes a few times, but the normally sharp-tongued captain doesn't seem to have a response to the 'fertilizing' comment. He even gets a little red in the face, though that could just as easily be the alcohol at work. When Cole suddenly breaks for the door, Holtz just stares in disbelief for a moment before suddenly cracking up, his palm slapping against his knee.

Ygraine looks faintly amused as Luc bumps into her legs - she's seated on the bar, after. "Watch out, Crater." she laughs, and then perks whe Janitor starts yelling about skinny dipping. She looks around to see if anyone else reacts with favor to the idea.

"Sweet!" Phin hops off the bar, doffing his officer's jacket after he hits the floor. He wobbles a little. But he doesn't fall down. And he's sort of carried along by momentum. He has basically enough steerage control left not to face-smack into a wall. He does not remove anymore clothing before leaving the bar. He's not quite that drunk.

Luc chuckles and bows to Phin's compliment. Turning to grin at Agrippa as well with a bit of a shrug. He does look over at Milkshake though, Grinning quite wide. "Sorry there." He offers with a wink up to her. Then turning to smirk at Maia and Agrippa. "I can walk jus fine! Promisse!" Amusement sounding through in his voice. Giving Yggy's leg a friendly pat before turning around a bit. Leaning to the bar. Cheering about the skinny dipping. "Always fun!" He calls out.

When Maia lifts her smaller shot glass to her lips, Agrippa follows suit with his newly acquired double shot, quite a bit to take down in one gulp so he ends up taking two and winces once more, this time the expression lasting longer before he shakes his head, "Gods, I'm getting rusty. Use to drink this like water back when I was younger." Highly doubtful but it is how he remembers it. He does gives Maia a side glance as he says, "I hold my liquor just fine… especially when games are involved as well." To prove his point, he reaches for the tequila bottle, finding that it is getting rather light.

Derailed from her own dancing by the mention of a swim, Maia lifts her glass only to find it empty. She eyes Luc then Agrippa suspiciously, forgetting she had drank it. "Awright, who's the thief?" Forgetting about the glass, she stands, teetering on her six inch heels a little, she steadies herself. "I'm all for swimming /'specially/ without my clothes on. C'mon." This said to no one in particular before she follows along.

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