MD #196: In this world
In This World
Summary: "We are all a little lost in this world" - Samtara, Adeliza and Lleufer talk to Rance about his missing daughter (Kelly Romo) and his granddaughter Emily Benning.
Date: Sat 21/Oct/2017 (OOC Date)
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CMO's Office - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Deck plating of the same composite that spans the length of the ship is softened with a miniscule area rug placed between the desk and the door. The wall to the left holds a large screen that interfaces with the data and communication system. The wall to the right holds a large whiteboard that is retained as much for sentiment as practicality. Storage lockers are stacked side by side beneath each board, the tops of which serve as additional space along with room for a coffee maker. A pair of comfortably worn chairs take up the floor space to either side of the door and a sleek looking desk faces the door itself with a desk chair that looks as well worn as the two visitor chairs that flank the door.
Tue 08/May/2049 (IC Date)

In light of everything that still needs to be done, not just in sickbay and recovery but all throughout the entire ship, sickbay is strangely - notably - vacant at this hour. With the exception of Sam and the handful of others who've been called at this specific hour at this specific time, that is, there are no other medical staff or personnel on hand, no patients either. Sam has a pot of coffee brewing, some things are standard no matter the cause hour or reason, and she is pouring a new cup of coffee for herself as she glances at the time then sets out another pair of mugs to be used.

Lleufer arrives, fiddling with his burnt ear that is healing and itching. It is apparently bugging him a lot but, soon it will be good as new. He drops his hand and makes his way over towards Samtara. Ynyr is in his duty uniform and looks rather tired. "Please let me bother you for another cup, Sam." A chair is found and turned about so Lleu can take a seat straddling it with his forearms crossed over the back of the chair.

Rance isn't formally military so he gets away with civilian clothes for the most part, but he still takes orders from just about anyone at or above his old rank grade. He'd come off a roving fire team patrol and up-stocking his gear when he was told to head over to see Samtara. He's wearing a black t-shirt with a skull and crossbones where the bones are replaced with rifles, the design and lettering in white to read 'C.M.C.' above and 'Bug Hunters' under. When he gets to medical and notices that its empty, he almost turns to leave until he realizes that Medical being empty is probably bad. The guy walks straight through, looking for a threat he might tackle with his bare hands before seeing Sam's office open. He heads that way and knocks twice, looking to the people inside. "Hey, Doctor? There's nobody in Medical. Everything alright?" He's about to ask about calling the MaA, but Lleu is already here. "Oh, hey man. What's goin' on?" Adeliza gets a friendly nod.

Standing off to the side so that she can turn to hear the room a little better, Adeliza returns Rance's nod with a little grin. She doesn't seem quite as tired as Lleufer, but there are some dark circles under her eyes. She cradles a cup that she brought in with her, her tablet tucked under her armpit.

Sam is already pouring a cup of coffee for Lleufer by the time he has the chair turned around and hands it to him once he's settled. "We're going to have to find a planet with a working coffee bean trade, or I'm going to end up growing coffee bean trees in the halls like some environmental nut," she admits as she glances toward the door at the sound of Rance's voice. "Everything is fine," she replies with a wry curve of a smile. "Were everything not fine, it'd be all hands on deck and sickbay would be wall to wall medical personnel and it'd be very loud," she adds as she carries the pot over and tops off Adeliza's cup (whether she was really wanting more or not) and waves Rance into her office itself. "Come on in. We actually wanted to talk to you about something and, collectively, we thought it a good idea to do so with some relative privacy. Do you like coffee, by the way?" she holds the pot aloft slightly by way of invitation.

"Thanks." Right now, Lleu could really use a strong cup of coffee to get him through the rest of his day. Adeliza gets a look but Ynyr's not in the best mood ever today, for some reason. He sips his hot drink, then gives Rance an upnod, "Hood." The Gunny looks back to Samtara, "I'm sure folk on Pitchfork will be trying to set up greenhouse space to grow coffee as soon as they are able. There will be no lack of demand for it."

Rance just kinda fixes the Doctor with a gaze as if trying to discern if she's joking about the situational aspects of staffing. "I'm pretty sure you're trying to be serious and dodging the question. But if nobody else is worried, I suppose I can relax." His ballcap is turned forward and crosses his arms as he enters. "Nah, I'll pass on the coffee. If I drink another cup I'll end up getting out behind the ship to push." He glances to Adeliza, briefly wondering why she might be here, then back to Lleufer. Why is lleufer here? "Okay, so all three of you wanted to talk to me about something? The Master at Arms, a Junior Tactical Officer, and the Chief Medical Officer." No surprise, the guy has a little suspicion in his eyes. "This is either a mission pitch or has to do with the Lines, I'm guessing. How close am I?"

If Adeliza notices any look directed at her, she doesn't seem to particularly note it as she takes another sip from her cup. "Well, that might be an improvement on our speed," she remarks with that same, slight, grin, then looks to Sam. "Lukewarm, I'd say?" she supposes, bringing her gaze back to Rance, and sipping her milky coffee concoction again.

The Master-at-Arms just shrugs, "Doctor Stone's ball." If Lleufer was going to comment on how close Rance's guess is, Adeliza already beat him to an answer so he sips his coffee instead and just waits.

Sam sets the pot back on the burner, picks up her mug then sets it right back down without drinking from it before she glances around the room and back. "Well, if some enterprising farmers want to start growing coffee trees, I would absolutely pitch in, somehow." She exhales a breath of a startled laugh at the image of Rance helping push the ship along then gives a slight grimace at Adeliza. "Coffee should be served in it's natural state, strong enough to stand up on it's own without needing a mug to keep it in it's condensed shape and without tampering with additives like milk and fancy creamers," she chides the Lieutenant with a quick wink before she focuses on Rance again, as stalling isn't actually making this any better. "Right. So. No. This has nothing to do with a mission pitch and, well not actually anything to do with Lines at large. So I'm going to just put this on the table and we can carve out the details from there. You put your daughter, Kelly Romo, on the list of missing family. As we encounter survivors or other personnel from the planets that we're operating on, we're gathering DNA samples where we can to try to match to the crew. We believe that we have found a match for your DNA in one of the survivors from Picon. As your DNA is not specifically linked only to you, as a Line member, we needed to dig a little deeper than just DNA analysis. The Lieutenant can give some more insight into that, and by that I mean who and how, but to the point, we believe we've found your daughter's daughter."

Rance shrugs to Lleufer's reply. Its about what he expected. The coffee talk around him doesn't bother him but he doesn't have strong opinions about the brew. But as soon as the name Kelly Romo comes out his face drops, as do his arms. His daughter? Samtara might as well have caught him on twenty grappling hooks. Nobody else in this room exists except for he and Sam while she is speaking to him. But the more she says, the more cautious he is. "My daughter's daughter." Just to be sure he heard that right. "You think I'm a grandfather, and this child is without her mother. Yeah, I'm not quite tracking here. How can anyone prove this girl is my granddaughter if my DNA is common to all Sevens?" He isn't following how this all figures in. But he does eventually look to Adeliza, waiting. "And if you're about to confirm what she is saying, you better be damned sure that you're right, el-tee. One hundred fifty frakkin percent."

"I'm finding that stand alone coffee is an acquired taste. One that I have yet to acquire," Adeliza responds with an easy grin to the Medical Officer. "I'm getting there. You can actually see some coffee in my cup, now." She tilts it towards Sam as if to prove her point before turning her head slightly so that her left faces the occupants so that she can hear, and focuses a bit on their faces, when she can. She's learning how to read lips a little more, these days. When the ball is tossed into her court, she turns to look full at Dr. Stone, then nods, before turning her attention to Rance. Setting her tablet down, she tucks her hair behind her ear. She draws a breath and releases it when Rance turns on her.

"When we first picked up Emily Benning, she had issues with her memory. As her memory returned to her, she told me her family name is Romo. It rang a bell, so I looked through the records of missing persons. You had listed Kelly as Missing on Picon. Emily was from Picon, and claimed her name was Romo." She sets her coffee cup down and then clasps her hands behind her back. "Later we recorded a confrontation between Benning and Atticus in the brig where she told him that her last name was Romo, her mother was Kelly Romo, and her mother's father was a marine." She pauses, considering, and then decides to go on. "I did not see her mother when were on Picon, so I cannot verify, but she claims that her mother, who is Kelly Romo, was touched by the Clerics and now believes she is Queen Madilyn. That is the summation of our proof, Staff Sergeant. We do believe that this, coupled with the DNA testing, would point to the conclusion that Emily is your granddaughter."

Lleufer still isn't saying anything much. He remains seated and eyes his coffee like maybe he wishes it were something stronger. But he's on duty. Probably not been a good day for him, today. The Gunny listens but adds nothing.

Samtara's expression conveys a moment of surprise, "Emily's mother is actually her mother, and her mother is alive, and she's Kelly Romo?" making the entire question on data point after another as she blinks several times. "Huh," is more murmured than actually said and she leans against the edge of her desk, hands tucking into her front pockets, a speculative - carefully cautious - expression forming on her face as she studies Rance.

Emily Benning. He knows who that is. She's been the butt of a few jokes recently, some he's even laughed at. The Naval Enlisted haven't been kind and he saw her walked into the brig. But while Adeliza continues his eyes are drilling holes in her face. Its rationally lain out for him, but this is no guarantee that he will handle this rationally. When she seems like she is done, his eyes drift to look over her shoulder at the wall while he is doing math, fists balling and shaking. The tension in the man seems to be quaking towards an explosive moment. "Clerics wiped my daughter, that's what you're tellin' me? They've got her set up as some kinda godsdamned royalty?" he growls, looking back to Adeliza. "Thinks she's some kinda Queen? …And my frakking granddaughter has been parked in the brig and now housed in Naval Enlisted with people like frakking SHACKLETON??" His voice has gone very, very quiet but the anger is boiling his skin to a near lobster color of red. The veins on his temples are easy to see.

Lleufer has turned his head to watch Rance, to see how Hood takes all this data. As Rance then starts to get really pissed, the Master-at-Arms sets his coffee cup aside and gets up from the chair. "Rance, I've been keeping an eye on Emily. She's trying to intergrate and adjust and she wants to stay, to become a Marine." Ynyr thins his mouth, "Pull yourself together, Hood. Instead of anger, maybe you should listen first." Lleu eyes the other man, not seeing a Model Line so much as somebody with a Marine's training. "Lieutent Zahav was /able/ to reconnect Benning's original memories. Miri undid the damage the Clerics imposed on Emily. Giving time and a little help, I think she can adjust. -I- think that it's possible, you could help her. Give her something she can anchor herself too while she's lost, trying to regain her balance." Lleu keeps his baritone low, watching Rance closely.

Adeliza can't spare a response for Samtara's musings as she keeps her focus on Rance. "That is what we have gleaned so far from Emily, Sergeant," she says evenly, her hands still clasped lightly behind her back although her shoulders are a little straighter. "And as she is interested in meeting you, she would have told you herself. Given the possibility of this reaction to the news, I thought it better to tell you now." She returns his gaze with calm, and gives one nod. "Until her trustworthiness could be proven, she was in the brig. She stated a wish to join our crew, and Admiral Io considered the Mess Hall a good place to start. I believe her idea was for her to be able to meet as many people as she could, and learn the different opportunities she had before making a definitive choice as to where she would wish to serve. She wishes to 'matter', to make a difference. She has had an MP detail with her at all times to help her become adjusted and protect her physically. We have also scheduled time for her to be with other people that can assist her in adjustment period and help her learn to take care of herself."

When Adeliza hears Lleufer, her face does actually shift slightly, she looks to him, then she looks to Samtara and Rance. "/That/ is extremely confidential information, Dr. Stone and Sergeant Hood, and we will thank you to not repeat what you just heard about Lt. Zahav outside of this room. It was kept between the officers in the room at the time for good reason."

Tipping her head subtly to the side, Sam's expression conveys again that brief touch of surprise before she gives a slight shake of her head and smooths one hand lightly over her face as she takes a step toward Rance. Her head tips back slightly as she speaks to him, parent to parent. "Your daughter is alive, your granddaughter is alive. Everything else, ever other thing that is crazy and infuriating, everything that makes you want to shout the universe down and burn it to the ground?" There's a brief grimace that isn't a smile but it's a look finds it's way to Sam's face more often than not. "I get it. Believe me, I get it. So does Lleu. So does everyone else who's children are lost or gone, whose family is just.. no where that we can reach. I want to set the universe on fire and tear the remains to shreds if it would get my children back. Your granddaughter is here, she is alive, and your daughter.. she's alive, which is no solace, I know. But it's a starting point. We're the crew of the Orion, Rance, you think something a trivial as the Skath war machine and some trumped up royal guard are going to keep us from getting to your daughter?"

Rance slowly looks to Lleufer. "My granddaughter wants to be a Marine. And do not tell me to pull myself together. I just found out my daughter is basically a slave to the Skath rule and her own kid has been thrown to the wolves. The frak 'get a hold of myself', are you kidding me? I think I got a pretty good reason to be angry." His fists open and fingers rewrap into the ball. "So the Skath tried to brainwash my granddaughter, too? Yeah, okay, definitely not happy. Something to anchor to? Help her? You mean like how she could have been bunking with Marines and learning about us and giving her some stability but instead the frakking Admiral thinks its a good time for a godsdamned social experiment?" Yeah, Rance ain't happy with the Admiral. No, sir.
Looking to Adeliza, there's a look of devil-may-care about him. "Yes. I have seen the Admiral's decisions. I gave much fewer shits when this wasn't my own family. She wants to matter and she's said this and she's cleaning frakking dishes. Dishes. Yeah, I'm real impressed with how this has been handled."
His eyes then tilt to Sam, "Burn it to the ground? No. Kick the door in, walk the halls killing every last one of those fraks, and then find out who is responsible and make sure they live forever and regret every second of it? Yeah." Bold enough, yes. "I am WELL aware of everyone's losses. WELL. Do not try to play this down by talking about other people. Don't you even dare. And yeah, considering the Admiral has thought so well as to keep my granddaughter in those berthings and kick around in the Galley? I've already seen what you'll do to my family." A thumb stabds his chest. "I'll handle my own daughter. I clearly can't trust the Navy to help them."

Lleufer blinks as he looks at Adeliza, then glances at Samtara and Hood. He shifts his hands to his hips, "Rance already knows, Lieutenant. The lines and those of us with Arpay modifications already had met, to which Miri was also presant, to discuss what could be done with projection. And the other … parts came out. That was what? Several months ago. You're right, that I shouldn't mention it causually, but Doctor Stone is also aware so there's no one in this office who doesn't already know." He thins his mouth and looks back to Rance as he listens. Ynyr doesn't look any happier about Emily's placement than Rance but the Gunnery Sergeant can't do a damn thing about it. Admiral. So he doesn't say a damned thing on it. He retakes his seat instead and flicks his gaze to Samtara.

In the face of so much palpable anger, Sam takes a measured step back from Rance and meets Lleu's gaze as she does so. "Nothing I can say, in fact, nothing anyone in this room can say will make this any better. Make this not what it is, Rance. You want to smash things and shout at us, and everyone else, then do so. But you will still need to lock it down before we introduce you to your daughter. You want to tell the entire navy to go frak itself? You want to yell at command all the way up to the admiral and back down to the deck crew and everyone in between? Be my guest," she picks up the cup of coffee this time and turns with it to face Rance again. "It won't change what is, or what has transpired to this point. It wont' change the fact that your granddaughter wants to meet you. And I promised that we'd explain who she is to you, first, before just tossing you two into a room and leaving it to her to explain who she is and why. So shout it out. Get it out of your system. Then look around this room and realize that we're doing this - privately - to give you a chance to do and say what you need to. All of us? We care about you. Not a Line member. Not as a carbon copy. But as a person. As a father. We give a damn. So we'll take it, because that's what family does, Rance. It isn't pretty, but that's also how it works."

Adeliza stands her ground, focused on Rance at the moment, and she doesn't respond at first, letting Sam get her piece out. "However you feel about how this has been handled, Sergeant, we do have one request to make of you." She glances once at Samtara, then back to Rance. "I am going to take this as a yes, you would like to pursue familial relations with Benning. Which is what we'd hoped. What we ask is that you give Sergeant Ynyr and Dr. Stone a chance to prepare her to meet you. You are, after all, what she has known as a Cleric up until a few weeks ago. All we ask is that you give them a chance to prepare her for the fact that her grandfather is a Line, rather than springing it on her as a total surprise. From there, whatever you wish to take up with command as for her placement, is, of course up to you."

Rance aims his gaze at Samtara first. "Believe me, I sure as shit would not mind giving the Admiral a piece of my mind right now." It's not a verbal threat, but he's angry enough that he'd probably hit her. Bold is as Bold does. "I'm disgusted. I'm beyond pissed. I wanna go down to the brig, rip Atticus' door off, and swing his head into the bars by his ankles until the steel or his skull breaks open. And good luck trying to keep me from her until I cool off." Its almost a dare.
He then slides a look to Adeliza. "Yes, yes I am going to pursue 'familial relations' with my granddaughter." He keeps his cold eyes on Adeliza, "Tell me why I should trust any one of you, the people who put her in the galley, and GODS help you if she as seriously injured in that explosion, to respect her when you tell her about me? Or to respect me? And belive me, I'm going to take this up with command. I'm going to make the Admiral understand that I am better off being dropped on Picon so I can handle this shit properly."

Lleufer isn't going to finish his coffee. He gets up from the chair, "Rance, anger isn't going to help Emily. If you set foot in my brig, I'll taser your ass until you are a twitching pile of piss on the deck." The Master-at-Arms gives Hood a look that conveys he's serious. "I've killed enough Sixes to know I can stand my ground with you. Don't push it." All the while, the Gunnery Sergeant hasn't raised his voice one bit. "Now, I'm heading back to my office." Ynyr gives Adeliza and Samtara a curt nod, presuming he may dismiss himself and goes to step out the hatch. You can bet his Arpay senses are focused on Hood, should Rance get a wild hair and want to try something as the Master-at-Arms moves to go.

Sam shares another nod with Lleu, this time the look on her face is both troubled and solemn, the worry evident in her eyes as well as she rests one hand on LLeu's arm as he rises from the chair. "Thank you for being here for this," she says in a low voice before he leaves the room. "Then be angry at me. I ran the DNA analysis. I ran the comparison to see if there were any family matches among the crew. I checked the missing registry once I knew who she might be. And I waited until she expressed interest in making this connection. I told her No, that I couldn't give her your name until I had a chance to give you the option to make yourself known to her or not. I gave her as many choices as I could, Rance, up to and including this conversation. Choices and the time and the respect to make choices, which is something i don't think she's had an awful lot of so far in her life. You should have seen her face when I took her for a walk to the obs deck the day she arrived, Rance. The look on her face. I hardly know her, at all, myself. But I do know that any girl who can nearly faint at the sight of space needs a little more diplomatic handling then a furious and frankly frightening male stomping his way through the emotional morass that is her life right now. If I think you're going to scare her? Then yes, I will stand in the way until you lock some of this down and start listening. She has choices, Rance, for the first time. Choices. Don't you dare tear down the decisions she's made from what she had to pick from. Start listening instead of shouting."

Adeliza nods to Ynyr, and considers. "Benning was not seriously hurt, and her performance during and after has earned her some respect among the crew. Nothing that we have done has been meant to purposefully disrespect you or your granddaughter, and any disrespect has been unintended. We have never had anything but utmost respect for you and your capabilities and contributions to this ship. Which is why we are trying to do what we can to lessen any stress she may have in realizing that she is related to someone like the people that she's been taught to fear all her life." She looks to Samtara, and her expression softens slightly as Samtara points out the all important 'choices'. "I am due on Watch. Colonel, Sergeant." She nods her head, and follows Lleufer out the door.

"No, but anger will help keep me motivated to make sure this is dealt with properly. I can not-be angry later." Rance watches Lleu from the corner of his eye. "Relax I'm not actually going to go down there, much as I want to. Pop his frakking head like a zit." He moves from the door so people can get past him. His eyes stay on the Doctor, though. Nope, no intent to strike Lleufer or stop him. But the more she explains, the more he seems to lose some of his uncontained fire. The knuckles of his hands are still white but he no longer looks like he is about to rip the Admiral apart. "Fine. But this is total bullshit. Complete. If she's already had Miri in her head then Miri can tell whether or not she's a threat." The Seven is still angry, yeah. "There is absolutely no reason for her to be stuck in Naval Enlisted unless people just think its funny at this point. She might be too afraid of you all to speak up or not know how to speak for herself, but I will. Keeping her there is third grade behavior, and the last time I checked this was not the Orion Elementary and Grammar School." When Rance leaves, Samtara can probably imagine him putting holes in something that will be difficult to repair. "But you've made your point. I'll stay away from her for now."

Outside the hatch, Ynyr lingers long enough to be sure Rance calms himself and is under control before the Master-at-Arms really leaves. Lleu doesn't say anything, doesn't look angry. Just tired. Then he glances in, sees Samtara has control of the situation so he isn't needed here. Ynyr heads out. (repose)

"I don't think it's a matter of her being a threat, potentially or not, at this point, so much a matter of giving her time to find her feet and decide what she wants to do. You know we're not just going to drop her off on the nearest relatively safe port in the storm with a few credits and a spare pair of shoes and a 'good luck' wave, Rance. Even if there -was- a safe place to just drop her off, we wouldn't do that. She's your granddaughter, Rance. From what I gather, she's been more or less sat on, her entire life. Told what to do, what to wear, how to speak, how to think, and any time she's so much as squeaked without permission I think the Clerics lay hand on her and 'adjust' her thinking. Which is a real and genuine fear, Rance. She's been surrounded so far by clerics and guards and the whole Skath way of life, where Men make all the decisions and women do what they're told. Seeing women in positions of authority is .. unfathomable for her, I'd imagine. For better or for worse, Rance, you look like a cleric. Putting her in a position where she gets to make choices, gets to say yes, no, maybe, ask again later? That's huge. That's.. vital. Take it from someone who spent a year in that life on my first tour. It's .. the biggest mind frak that I've ever encountered. Coming back from it, with an entire lifetime of experience going in to use as a buffer? Wasn't an easy thing all the same. I'm saying that you need to take this one step at a time, give her room to react, respond, be what ever she needs to be as she needs to be it. It may not be the.. classic greeting card moment of happy harmony when you meet. You have to prepare for that."

"The Lieutenant and you both said she wants to be a Marine. I've heard other guys in the barracks joking that she wants to be a Marine. Everyone knows it. She told Adeliza that she wants to make a difference." Rance is cooling off a little more, but he's still got some anger simmering. "You're going to stand there and tell me about how important decisions are to her right now, how she needs to understand that she has her own say, but the Navy is refusing to grant the one request she's making? Denying her an ability to make the biggest decision of her life?" Hood shakes his head slowly. "Frak you, Doctor. I cannot believe you are going to look me in the eye and tell me that sort of stuff. I can grudgingly accept that your approach to this is the right one, but do not underestimate how angry I am about how this is being handled. Dishes. Someone today mentioned that someone finally gave her recruiting pamphlets." He stares at Samtara, eyes hard. "And the next time we get someone like her, suppose they don't have family aboard? They get mistreated and decide we're a bunch of punks. They go back to Pitchfork and tell everyone else that they tried to join the Marines and they ended up washing dishes. Or suppose SHE goes back to Pitchfork and tells people her story. You think those civilians understand fleet security? They're going to hear her talk about how she wants to be a Marine but she's washing dishes cuz the Admiral thinks its cute. Two people tell two people. Those people tell two people. Then we're going to have a recruiting problem." He shakes his head. "I'm not blaming you, I'm blaming the Admiral and everyone else who has caused her some shit. Its a damned shame it took this news to make me see the underlying problems here. Let me know when I can see her. I'm out of here," he breathes and turns to go.

With a sigh, Sam shakes her head and speaks to the back of Rance's head. "I'm not telling you not to be angry or to let any of this go. I'm telling you to get it out of your system before I put you in the room with your granddaughter. Everything else, Rance, is everything else and none of it means a damn thing in the face of the fact that she's alive, and you're a grandfather." She exhales another quiet breath then glances down into the mostly empty cup she's holding before continuing, "I'll arrange the meeting as soon as possible, trust me or not, take my word on it or not, that's your decision. Do maintenance a favor, however, and try not to break anything that we don't have a spare or two of to repair with."

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