In the Fall of '95
In the Fall of '95
Summary: Stabbed, handcuffed and saddled with parental duties. As if Augustus Garrido's life weren't hard enough.
Date: 26/01/2013
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Augie Ekho 
Naval Hospital, CFAB Caprica
October, 1995

The nice thing, about being stationed planetside, is that you tend to have more freedom of movement, not to mention wardrobe. The downside, is that when you decide to muck around with the military, it takes a bit more convincing before they actually believe that you're military too. But clearly, the woman walking into the ward, baby on her hip has learned the ins and outs of flashing ID and all of the other more secret Navy gangsigns. It's the baby's mad cackling that announces their presence first, and then a knock at the door, "Augustus?" Ekho's voice is soft, edged with that perpetual exhaustion of the still fairly new parent. "You awake?"

It's bad. She would know this immediately. Not because of the blood transfusions and the IV but because one hand is handcuffed to the bed. As he hears the voice, he struggles awake, clearing away the fog. "Lin? Dat ya?" he asks, voice slurred as he tries to blink and clear his senses. "When'd ya get here?"

"Ages," Ekho offers, as she steps into the room. "Continents rose and fell in the time it took for you to wake up." She turns her head, plugging the girl on her hip's mouth with a pacifier to shut off the noise she's making. Mischief managed, Ekho skirts the tubes and wires and with a push of foot on the rolling table, makes some room near the edge of the bed, on the side Augie isn't handcuffed on, "No, really, we only just arrived. You feeling up to visitors?"

"Would make sense." Augie mutters as he settles to turn. "Visitors? Ya got a hot twin sister I didn't know about?" he asks. He probably does see two of her as he considers the young woman. "I can handle some more than others, yah."

"Sadly no. There are none like me. There is only me. And her." Ekho perches, settling just on the edge of the bed, lifting the baby girl, all of about ten or eleven months, into the spot between where Augie's turning and where she's sitting. Handcuff and all, it says something that Ekho's willing to place her child so easily within Augie's reach, "I thought you might like to see what she looked like, when she's not mooning you in an ultrasound." Camera-shy, was Ava Lin. "I can't promise she won't try to pull something out." Kids are just that way, at her age.

"Oh goodness." Augie says, the large firefighter pausing at the little bundle that's presented to him. "…hello." the large man melts in the presence of a baby. Fingers lift, knuckles bruised and wrapped up to touch the child's cheeks. "She's a beaut, Lin. Ya did a good job on him. Galen know he ain't the dad?" he teases, and makes a face at Ava. "Yer just the most precious thing I've ever seen."

Thankfully, the little girl is old enough that she can sit up on her own. But, seeing as that she's at that age where she's all hands and grabby fingers, she wastes no time spitting out the pacifier, ignoring the dribble of drool shining on her chin, and reaching out to grab a couple fistfulls of Augie's hospital johnnie, staring at him in that sometimes unsettling way children have. They just don't blink. They're like snakes. "He doesn't have a clue," comes the cheeky answer. "He's the proudest papa in the fleet." Ava's face is almost all Ekho. Skin tone, the shape of her cheekbones, but her chin is Galen's. "Want me to pop those cuffs?"

"Naw. I deserve them." Augie's voice is suddenly tired, reminded of his perdicament even as he plays and pantomines at the little Ava, letting her smack him with her little fists and laugh at his funny faces he makes at the child. "Gods, I am so jealous, Lin. I want a whole litter of these, but I doubt it'll ever happen."

"So…we put them back on after…" But, if he wants to stay cuffed, she won't force him. "I don't. Some people just take a little more time than others. I was flirting with menopause when Ava decided to make her entry into the world." Well, not really, but she was well into her 30s before she got pregnant. "We're looking at three more years on the Solaria." Galen hasn't had a shore-based duty station since they were married. "You're welcome to borrow mine. Gods know I could use the help." She considers a moment, "Or you could tell me how you ended up handcuffed to your bed like a psycho."

"I doubt I'll be able to help fer the next couple of months." Augie says, and then sighs. "A gal." he mutters, laying back, and lets Ava settle in next to him and beat on his chest. "..I was stupidly in love with a gal and she went out and got frakked up and I got her revenge fer her."

"She's not going anywhere. And neither am I." Ekho shifts, making herself more comfortable on the edge of the bed, shifting so that Augie's Ava's barrier on one side and Ekho on the other. "You've got a big heart, Augustus. Sometimes I think it's too big. From the tone of your voice, she's not all that grateful for your assist." With one hand cupped at her daughter's back, the other reaches out to cover the one still handcuffed to the railing.

"Nope, she wasn't." Augie says. "I have a big heart, but I don't give it easily. And I wanted to give it to her. And.. she ain't wantin shit to do with me now." he lets out a breath, brushing his fingers in the child's hair. "This one's lucky. She'll know her maw and paw and that they love her very much." She knows his story. No parents, raise on the streets of Scorpia, scrapped for everything.

"That's no fault of yours, I'm figuring, Augustus. One of the things I adore about you, is the way you always seem to want to see the good in everyone." Ekho turns, rummaging away in her bag, pulling out a bottle of formula. Ava is making her hunger a known quantity, by starting to stuff Augie's gown into her mouth in baby-sized handfuls. Course, being that the gown goes with a body, she's essentially just drooling all over everything she can get into her mouth before it pops out again, "She'd know her godfather too, if he ever could stay out of trouble." A lopsided smile, "Or if he stayed in town long enough to get things written up officially."

"I'll work on it, Lin." Augie says with a chuckle. "Maybe I shouldn't bother, Ekho." he finally says. "I ain't that good looking, and I scare the hell outta most gals, and the ones that are left just want to have some sack time. I should be happy with that, right" he asks her, taking the bottle from Ekho to offer it to Ava. "…come on, little Ava. Ya need something more tasty than me. I'll give ya rabies." he teases quietly.

"Good. Because I think you could do her a world of good. And I think she could do the same for you." With the milk passed over, and Ava, knowing she should get when the getting it good, cuddling up against the big man for her bottle, Ekho seems to have the time to consider the man's predicament. "The priests of Aphrodite tell us we're made to be two together, not one apart. They also tell us that love comes easily, but that real love, true love, takes time." She lifts a hand, reaching out to touch Augie's cheek, much as he touched her daughter's, light and gentle, "There's nothing wrong with your face. And the only reason you scare girls off, is because you're more real than they're used to." That impish look resurfaces, "That, or you aren't getting them properly prepared before you drop your skivvies. Timing is everything, Garriddo.""

"Most of the time, they're pushing me to a corner to get into my skivvies, Lin. Ain't saying it's all their faults, but why the cow when they can milk me fer free?" Augie says with a sardonic chuckle as he feeds the little one. "Wow, I thought I had a big appetite." he says with a grin towards the little one. "And ya talk about my prick like it's a work of art." he teases her. "Does Galen know ya worship it?" Her thoughts about Aphordite make him smile. It's one of their common bonds. Their mutual worship.

"And what happened to knowing when to say no? If you keep hanging out your shingle, you're going to have every woman in town looking to play doctor." There's a smile, in her daughter's direction, "You should see her with a bowl of sweet potatoes. And bananas. She's a fiend for bananas." She holds up a hand, "Don't even let that thought come out of your mouth." The admonition is punctuated by a belch much louder than should be possible for a child that size. "I might be an old married woman, Garrido, but I know a good piece of meat when I see it. And if he did, I'd never be off my back." Men are so competitive.

The thought is shelved as he chuckles at the child. "Gal's got good lungs." And he leaves that alone. This is his godchild. She's off limits. "Ya ain't that old, only got a few years on me." he teases her as he lets out a long and slow breath. "And when I fall in love, I find in love with the woman that wants drugs and parties instead."

Fed and properly coddled, there's only one thing let for Ava Lin to do, and that would be burrow into Augie's chest like an alien and promptly fall right asleep, "Don't get your hopes up. She'll be up again in no time." Despite her words, however, her voice is softer, "You're a knight in shining armor, Augustus. A hero who wants to come in a sweep a girl off her feet. Trouble is, most girls aren't holding out for a hero."

"I don't wanna be a hero, Lin. I just want someone that's willin to accept me and my faults. I want a family, Ekho. Ya have no idea how much I ache for that idea." Augie says, stroking the small child's back.

Ekho shakes her head, scooting back on the bed, and pulling up her legs, so that she's curled around her daughter, a hand holding her just shy of leaning against Augie. His bandages look barely able to deal with an 11 month old, much less a thirty-three year old, "But you are a hero, Augustus. You see a woman in need, and you want to reach out for her. You see pain, and you want to find a way to make it go away. There will come a day when you'll find what you're looking for. I believe that." Ekho sighs, and there's regret in her voice. "I know you do, Augustus. If I could have done…for you…you know I would have." Ava, still fast asleep, dozes on without a care in the world.

"Lin, don't do that, lass. I missed that boat." Augie offers her a smile and reaches up to caress her cheek. "I met ya on the day ya married yer man of yer dreams. Maybe some gal dreams of me somewhere in this big universe." He doesn't use his foul language around the small bundle in the crick of his side and gives her a fond smile. "I hope I'm so fortunate that she's as headstrong as ya are."

"I remember the day very well. It's a good thing we never rented that limo." That's all she's saying about that. "But you know how Galen and I live our lives…but some things…that's just not part of the way we are together." Some boundaries are more fluid than others, but others, like creating life, are only for husband and wife. "A girl should be so lucky. Maybe next month, next year, maybe ten years…you'll find your forever too. Until then…" she reaches down, tucking a lock of her daughter's hair behind her ears, "She doesn't mind having two papas." A snort, "You want the woman of your dreams to be a mule?"

"I'm surprised ya weren't already pregnant by the time ya got home." Augie says with a laugh and leans up, giving the doctor's cheek a light kiss before he leans back down over the child. "All the responsibilities, none of the benefits." he teases her, as he smiles fondly. "Ya think a mule's gonna be the only gal that loves me like that?"

"It wasn't for lack of trying." Ekho smirks, though she does accept the kiss with a graceful tilt of her head, "Not none of the benefits. Just not all of them." But joking aside, she considers the question, "I don't think that a relationship you didn't have to fight for would hold your interest. If it were easy…I think you wouldn't trust it to be real. I heard that's a Scorpian sort of dysfunction." She ducks her head, evading the retaliation she's sure is coming.

"It is, sadly, and I have it worse than most." Augie admits as he brushes the child's hair with his fingers. "I have to fight fer what I want, or it just ain't worth it. But I don't think ya'd appreciate me trying to punch Galen fer ya." he teases.

"Are you willing to wait, Augustus?" It's a simple question, but a serious one. "You remember the story of Pandora? Hope…is the most precious gift of all. But sometimes….hope can seem to be very far away." Ava responds in typical, for her, fashion, to the playing with her hair. She promptly rolls onto her back and starts snoring. Snorty baby snores, "Well, that depends on whether we're at the start of one of his deployments or towards the end."

Augie chuckles. "I don't have a choice but to wait, it seems." he says, a shake of his head. "Yeah, I remember the story well." he murmurs quietly as he sighs, teasing little child's gair in a gentle pet.

"Of course you have a choice. You could give up." Ekho reaches over, touching the bandages through Augie's gown, just the lightest, barely a hint of pressure, "How bad is it, really? You completely out of commission? Or are you going to be rolling out of here as soon as you scab over?"

"Depends on what the JAG says." Augie says, wincing as she touches those bandages. "I'd be up walking today if I could. Damn knife.. but beatin the shit outta a drug dealin asswipe is still assault on a civvie."

Ekho doesn't seem inclined to poke around. She's not that sort of doctor. Her hand's withdrawn, and she reaches out to take Augie's free one, "Whatever you need, you know I'm here. JAG or no JAG."

Squeezing her hand, Augie smiles towards her. "I trust ya, Ekho." he says quietly and kisses her fingers. "…good thing ya brought Ava, I'd hardcore flirt with ya otherwise." he comments.

"Well, I sort of planned it that way. If she weren't here, you might have torn all of those stitches right out." And for now, that seems a good enough note to go out on, Ekho settling in for the long haul. They're on Ava and Augie time.

Augie chuckles. "Well, aren't ya just a cunning devil." he teases her as he snuggles in with his godchild to rest as the pain medications settle in.

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