ALT #430: In At The Deep End
In At The Deep End
Summary: Amos puts his newest MP straight to work.
Date: 12/Mar/2014
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Amos Dray 
Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.

Having just returned to Orion from another trip across to look into the explosions on the Mallfut, Amos makes his way to his desk via the coffee machine. It's not bad coffee, but it can't really be described as great either. Settling down he glances at the never decreasing pile of folders in his intray, takes a slurp, and reaches for the first one. Reading the cover sheet, and then the two below it he considers for a moment then reaches for the secure phone on his desk, "find Ensign Locke and send him in would you."

After hearing word to enter, Ensign Dray Locke makes his way into the XO's office. He approaches the desk, stops and salutes at attention. He was a large beefy like man and his uniform seem to show that well enough. He stands there waiting to be let at ease. His eyes looking straight forward as it showed the sharp discpline of the man he was. "Sir, Ensign Locke reporting for duty, sir!" His words come clear and crisp as a man who was fresh from hell week of basic.

Amos has closed the folder but kept it in front of him while he takes another drink of his coffee. Watching the younger man as he enters he gives a short, sharp nod before he corrects easily, "no need to salute here ensign, we're inside. No lids, no salutes." Then, gesturing with the hand that isn't wrapped round his tin mug he states "as you were, and grab yourself a chair, we've got a bit to go through."

Dray listens to the XO and then shifts into parade rest. His hands moving to shift to his lower back. His head tilts so that he can look at the XO, keeping eye contact and giving the man his complete attention, "Aye, sir!" He says and waits to hear what he needs to. He moves then finally to a chair and sits down relaxing into it before wondering. The Ensign seemed eager to start on this new path. His accent was that of Tauran and his standard was clear enough to understand.

Amos's own accent is light and clipped Libran, the kind that speaks of expensive educations and contrasts sharply with the dings and dints visible on his features. Tapping the folder infront of him absently he states, "I'm told you're a good candidate for the Militray Police and to be frank, right now I need all the active MPs I can get my hands on so you can consider this as a form of on the job training." Another sip of coffee while he lets that settle before he continues by asking, "how aware are you of the explosions that hit the flight simulators onboard here and then the suply ship Mallfut?"

He was glad that he was going to continue in the line of work that he had come to know back on his planet. "Not much to be honest with you sir. I heard the basic from others talking about it but not extensive details on it, sir." He states as he sits there and wonders if his first assignment will be a large one. The large man looks like he's rather to take on an army of Cylons.

"In brief," Amos starts, "two IEDs went off in the simulators while one of the Viper squadrons were in there conducting exercises. Two dead, multiple injuries. A few days later there was an explosion aboard the munitions ship Mallfut which has damaged our stocks somewhat. I have the lead on the Mallfut, Ensign Haddon on the flight sims. He's a busy man though, and could use a little help, so I have a couple of investigation threads for that incident that I'd like you to follow up and then report to both him and myself." Reaching into a draw of his desk he pulls out a schematic of the room in question then points to the two explosion sites in turn. "This one, destroyed a section of the databanks and I want you to go hunt down the techs and find out what that section was doing. Controls? Telementry? Data recording? Essentially find out why the device was placed there." Then, the second explosion site, near the cockpits, "was there anything special about this particualr cockpit? Would the debris from the explosion maximise damage to others, essentially again, why here, or is it a case of random selection. I'd also speak with the first responder medics about that one if I were you." A quick check of a file and he offers, "Lieutenant Thales and Petty Officer 3rd Class Leightner would be good places to start."

He was taken in all the information that was being given to him, he would make notes of things himself. He loved his job, he loved this type of work and this was something he was going to give his hundred percent too. He marks the names of those he's to go see. His eyes scanning over the schematic marking the places he's to ask about. He glances back to the XO, "What do we know about the victims? Anything useful that may help our investigation?" He wonders while leaning back in his chair. "Were any of them tied to a politcal figure or high ranking officer?"

Amos is more than happy to let Dray take as many notes as he wants, taking it as a good sign. As for the questions, most of that is easy enough to answer, "both members of the 777th, aka, the Lucky Strikes, that's the viper squadron that was in there at the time. One was 'flying' the cockpit that was targetted, the other I believe was in one nearby. Near as we can tell hey weren't targeted specifically but their CO is Major Holtz if you want to check their backgrounds or see if cockpits were assigned beforehand or not."

Dray offers a nod of his head while taking in the information. He had three people to speak to now and answers will be gotten, "I will do my best to find out the truth of this and bring those responsible into the light." The large man was not one many will say no two when asked to meet. Being a guy of his size had it's benefits. "I will not let you down sir!" He states with much enthusiasm in his tone.

"Very good then Ensign," Amos replies with a satisfied looking nod. "I know you have some previous experience but sometimes the military can be a bit different. If you have any questions, queries or difficulties then do not hesitate to come speak with me. You've been at this what, two weeks? I know you'll be eager to prove yourself, but don't be afraid to ask if needs be. No questions are stupid quetions."

"Aye sir! My father always taught me to see what can not be seen and to ask when one may find himself lacking the right questions." He takes a small moment of a pause as he reflects on the information that had been given to him. He had a place to start and soon he shall begin his new life, "Then only question I have is what airlock would you like to show the guilty party too once we find them and after a long interrigation." He grins a bit at this.

"I rather suspect that will be up to the Admiral," AMos replies neutrally, "for now, the brig will do. Although I fear we need to narrow the suspect list down a fraction before we can start looking at that option. Hopefully, your results will aid that." Draining the rest of his coffee now it's cooled a little he then states simply, "if there's nothing else Ensign, dismissed."

Dray comes to a stand, "Aye sir!" He then comes to attention, pivets on his heals and makes for the door. He had his information and his work cut out for him.

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