PWD #04: Imogen
Summary: Augustus and Ceres discuss the dream that woke up the DCO the night before.
Date: 01/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Ceres 
Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
PWD #04

(OOC: - That is what will greet Ceres as she enters the Observation deck.)

The observation deck is mainly empty. People are on duty, running here and there, but there is one fixture sitting over on one of the couches. His guitar is reversed, because his left hand is heavily bandaged from the night before, but he plucks away at the first chords of the song that refuse to leave his head.

You know the type. You're driving down the road, and you catch the tail end of it and the DJ doesn't tell you what it is, and it's right there, on the tip of your fingers, begging to be announced to what it is. Yet it isn't. So you search. You hum it, you try to find the missing pieces, but it hides from you. Augustus is totally suffering that.

His fingers pluck the first three chords over and over again, trying to figure it out. "..what the frak." he murmurs, drawing a deep breath through his cigar, causing the coal on the tip of it to flare brightly.

Her normal greeting for Augie might have been a bump and an interruption but his careful study and devotion to his work cause her to stand back and wait - watching. Ceres presses a hand into one of the backs of the chairs as he speaks aloud. A drawn breath and she moves closer, silently, trying to get behind him without being noticed before her hands reach forward. Light, careful and she presses them into his shoulders, thumbs working at the base of his neck.

"You seem like something heavy is on your mind. Stillt aht nightmare?" She asks softly and tilts her head and leans in to kiss the back of his head in a fond way. A squeeze to the tension there in his shoulders before that rubbing slows, those slow circles growing fainter unless he approves of the motion.

Stiffening immediately as she touches him, Augie almost stops, but then sinks into the familiarity of her caress and massage as he lets out a low rumbling mumble of approval, smoke trailing from his nose. He totally approves of the motion as he tilts his head towards her. "That thing? Naw. It wasn't anything. Just have a song stuck in my head." a grin up at her. "It's in my craw like a little bit of chow that gets stuck in yer teeth and ya don't have anything to pick it out with, ya know?"

He nuzzles against her cheek at that kiss and considers. "I hope I didn't scare ya too much, sweetheart." he offers to her as he plucks at the chords. The same three chords, over and over again. It's maddening in his head.

"I can't say that I am overly familiar with that metaphore usage, but I can understand and sympathize." Ceres sniffs at the scent of the cigar, nose wrinkling where he can't see but not making a comment. She seems willing to deal with it after that nuzzle. Her fingers press, deepning their purchase on his shoulders and neck while he speaks. "I am fine, Augie. Promise." She looks down at his guitar. "Keep playing it, maybe I know it."

Its an offer, though her reply in regards to his scaring her is tense at best.

Plucking the cigar from his mouth, Augie sets it aside to let it rest for a bit. Maybe Ceres can make him forget about it. He draws in a breath as he feels that press on his shoulders, and closes his eyes. "Alright, but I'm playing off-hand, so this ain't my best." he points out to her.

And with that, he settles the guitar in his lap, and plucks out those three same chords again, fingers pulling on the steel strings. It's haunting, it pulls at something. And it is nothing like what Augie usually plays.

Continuing to work fingers into his shoulders and neck, Ceres simple nods, exhaling as she listens to the notes. Her gaze falls to the guitar and she studies it as if the instrument would likely scream the answer. It doesn't - sadly. This causes her grip on his shoulders to increase, pressing inward to work at the tension and perhaps her own that she will never reach. She hums them, her voice is not entirely amazing, but she is not tone deaf.

A shake of her head and she tries again, unable to stitch he tune together for him. "Play it again?" she asks, her gaze staring out the viewport.

"It's all I've been doing since I got here." Augie says as he relaxes into her, and tries to find the next elusive chord, playing the same tune again. As he thinks about it, he considers, brow furrowing.

"Hey, Ceres? Ya got anybody in yer family named Fayth or Imogen?"

"You may be over thinking it, hum it maybe?" Ceres offers as a suggestion. Her hands continue tomove, pressing harder against the tension built up there. She sighs and is only brought back down by his question. That causes her to furrow her brows. "Yes…" She whispers softly. "My mother was named Imogen…why do you ask?"

Perplexed perhaps. "Imogen May Delacroix…that was the tattoo of her initials on my back hip." She says again, reminding him of what he saw.

"Just a couple of names that popped up last night. I never saw them before." Augie admits as he removes his hands from the guitar, one reaches up to brush one of the ones pressing on him as he tilts his head back to look up at her. "Maybe it was just a guess considering those letters on your hip." he winks. "So, ever considered getting a cute little duck on your other hip?" Another avoidance is issued.

"I see, just popped up?" Because she was with him last night and this causes her focus to fall to him entirely. Ceres shifts, her hands moving to the outside of his shoulders and ceasing their massaging. Her gaze meets his finally and she offer a faint smile. A light snort and she leans over him, braid shifting to brush his head as she does so, "Funny, Augie…funny. I think I will pass." She admits and smirks some, shaking her head at him. "No, no duck. Besides, it will be another seventeen months before I cold even get the chance."

"Fair enough." Augie agrees. They may not even be together in seventeen months. "..yeah. It was a weird frakking dream. Even thought you were Aphrodite." he winks up at her before tugging her and setting the guitar aside. "Come sit on me for a while. I liked feeling you next to me."

"Me?" That causes Ceres to laugh and then she looks thoughtful. A breath is drawn and she shifts, coming about and sliding into his lap as instructed. "Well…that may have some truth to it." She's not a shameful woman. No shame. People have needs. She sighs and leans back against him, gazing out over the dark vastness of space and stars. "Fayth and Imogen…your dream. Tell me more about it. It really did upset you…" Her eyes look down to his hand and she reaches out to take it, lift it up and study. She handles it gingerly.

Augustus looks down at Ceres, his arms wrapping around him, and rests that stubly chin of his against her shoulder. "Well, it started with being back on Impervious. I kept hearing this song play, over and over, and when I went to find out what it was, there was this little gal playin' and calling me da." he shrugs his shoulders. "Then the fire that destroyed Impervious came, and it threatened to burn us both up. And then we were back on Orion and you came to me as Aphrodite. It was just a weird dream. I'd swear I'd drunk too much, but I ain't had a drop since Saturnalia." he admits. "I don't drink very much. I hope yer gonna be okay with that, being a tetotaller and all." A wink at her, and a press of his lips against the base of her neck. "Mmm, you smell nice."

"A child? Oh Augie, I never thought I would hear you talk about having a child." Ceres sounds amused more than anything, turning her head to glance at him and consider the rough damage control officer. She worries her lip with her teeth and then can not help but laugh at the mention of herself as Aphrodite. "Now I know it was a dream but likely influenced by our time spent together…" Shifting in his lap, she gets comfortable and lift sher hands to his around her, pressing there. "Drinking…" She draws a breath before continuing. "I don't approve of it entirely, but I won't stop you…." She reacts to those lips on her neck with a light squirm and gasp, "Careful, ticklish.." But she does smell good. She smells like jasmine and vanilla.

"Hell, ya think I think about kids? That's like way down in the last. I'm a lifer." Just like her. "I think yer pregnancy joke stuck her in there. Probably why I called her Imogen." Augie shrugs, not making too much of it as he twines his fingers between hers. His kisses warm against her skin, and he tugs his teeth on her earlobe. "..Oh, ticklish, huh?" he says with a wink, and holds her close. "When I was younger, I drank alot. I keep it down now, usually just holidays and life altering shit, like deaths in the family. But I haven't had any of those in twenty years, when gramps passed away." No mention of a mother or a father.

"Agreed, I actually never have plans for children. There are enough of us all scattered around the colonies, I don't need to add to that." Ceres says with some humor. A laugh escapes her and she looks somewhat pleased. "Good, I am glad my bluff could come back to bite you after your reaction." His reaction scared her. Twisting as he worries her earlobe, her brows furrow and she slaps his hand lightly but does not pull away. "Augie, its your life. I won't try to keep you from what you want to do. You want to drink, you drink. But you get stupid around me and I will kick your ass."

"I ain't changing anything cause you're in my life, Ceres." Augie responds, poking her in the stomach. "It's my life, you're a part of it for now. However that long it lasts, I'll enjoy it." he breathes against her ear. He smirks up at her. "Well, I had to control that response, because I was gonna originally ask who the father was since there was no way in Hades we coulda had a kid together less than a week after that night in the showers."

That last comment causes her to tense a little and then she clears her throat. "Yeah..well. So very true." She is silent for a long moment, staring out into the inkiness as she is lost to thought. In fact she seems to be distancing herself more and more. "I…I have to report for a meeting soon." Ceres starts to push herself up from his lap unless he holds her there. There is a rather disturbing numbness about the viper pilot.

Augie frowns, watching her pull away. "..Ceres. Stop." he says, though something in his voice seems to demand more than ask. "Ya keep jumpin like yer expecting me to produce a ring and ask ya to marry me or some shit." he comments, folding his good hand into hers. "I ain't. I'm not like.. whatever ya think I am. I'm just me. No strings." he reminds her, and lets her hand go.

A sigh. Yes, Ceres sighs and she studies him. "It's okay, Augie..really its not you." She whispers softly and offers him a smile. Her hand lifts to touch his cheek, "Its me..and some hangups I have. An old flame." Her hands draw together when he lets the one go, rubbing. "I just need to get over a few things. It changes nothing between us." SHe reassures him and then leans down to place a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

Augie leans up into that kiss, and nods. "I'll be here while ya sort it out, okay?" he promises her with a smile to try to reassure her. "Get up to your meeting, I'll see ya later. Except maybe it should be my bunk, since I left dents in yours. People may start talking about how rough we like it." He grins, attempting a bit of humor to give her some of her levity back.

Coughing faintly at his mention of rough, Ceres counters, "You have no idea." A brow is waggled and she slowly disengages from him, drawing up and away. Her hand lifts to smooth over his head and then she says in way of thanks, "Greatly appreciated..I need the time. I am sure things will clear up and I won't be such a debby downer when you want a quiet interlude." Tugging at her dark braid, she settles into place before heading for the hatch of the obs deck.

He turns and watches her. "Oh, honey, ain't nothing about you gets any part of me down." Augie winks at her and watches her go. Once she's clear of the hatch, he lets out a breath, his expression loosening back into one of concern, and looks back at the stars. He picks up his guitar, and starts that play those three same chords.

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