AWD #044: Idle Hands
Idle Hands
Summary: Idle hands make for heavy souls.
Date: 19/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Afton Samtara 
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
AWD #44

The change of shift sees the exchange of physicians on call, or duty, which ever word suits the mood of the day. Dr. Nadir is speaking quietly with one of the nurses assigned to handle the follow up of Captain Cole, "Really? She slept in the sickbay?" is said in a low tone, her hands lifting to tuck into her pockets. "Alright. Next time make up a pallet or just get her a pillow and a spare blanket, no sense in having her sleep cold, lets not have her get ill," she decides before nodding and wishing the nurse a good evening.

Afton is in the sickbay, dressed in her green fatigues and going through the duty list. There is a fuzz sprouting in over her scalp now and she rubs her hand to it a moment before mouthing something to herself and quickly filling out the notes on a file before closing it and moving to the next. She starts in towards the recovery room, adjusting the stethoscope hung around the back of her neck before she glances up at the sound of Samtara's voice. "Doctor Nadir." She smiles, those beautiful scars puckered and mostly healed. "How are you?"

Dr. Nadir lifts the thermos that she's holding, "There's coffee. Thus, the day is made inmeasurably better simply by being adequately caffinated," she says in a voice of mild amusement and resolute optimism. "The scars look like they're healing well. Itching yet?" she wonders curiously, her eyes lingering upon the scars for a moment.

"I see, well some of us have been up for a while, sir." Afton comes to stand nearby and laughs, nodding her head. "Yeah, itchy as of late, but not too bad." She smiles and pauses, slipping the pen back behind her ear and running her fingers to the fuzzy skin again. "I am worried about the in between know? Either I should keep it bald or likely grow it out at once. I really only have one option in that case. Did you want to get a look at them? They seem to be doing just fine and you had a steady hand in stitching.

"Enough caffeine and sleep is utterly inconsequential," Dr. Nadir remarks with another of those small smiles, amusement coloring her tone of voice. "Itchy is good, though, you know that it means that your skin is knitting, it's growing, it's healing. These are good signs." She eyes Afton's head, again, a look that is part pensive part speculative and part appraising. "If you don't keep it shaved we'll have to take patches off to apply the antibiotic ointment and the salve to reduce scar tissue. But.. the other side of that coin," and she does nod toward the nearest unused bed to invite Afton to sit upon, "is that when your hair grows over all, once again, no one is going to see the scars. Unless, that is, your hair grows back a different color.. you could end up with a distinctive stripe of color or something. I've seen it happen. And thanks," she adds, "you do to, you know. all of you, top flight in what you do."

"Yeah, its a pain when they itch but at least its something." Afton points out and with the talk of hair, she ois. "Well then, I guess it stays shaved, for how long do you think?" She asks Samtara before moving to sit on the bed. Taking the middle of it, she puts aside her folders and clipboard, and leans forward a bit over her legs to rest her hands there and hold her head steady. "James went and shaved his head for me…PJ solidarity and all. Cooper Knox did too…I think I got two of the ship's finest ground pounders supporting me. May see how long they want to keep that up."

The compliment however brings a shake of her had, "Nah, sir. That arm I stitched yesterday, wasn't as good as I would like it to be but then that happens." SHe admits and bites the edge of her lip. "Now don't hold back."

"I'd recommend keeping it shaved until the wound finishes the process of scabbing over and turning to soft tissue, new skin. After that? Well, it'll be up to you to decide how much scar tissue you want to combat. There's something to be said about letting your hair grow again, it'll offer a measure of protection against the elements, UV rays, etc. But without applying any sort of salve or even basic lotion on the tissue it'll be more scar tissue than not. There's also a measure of 'eh, it's just a scar' to factor in, I would imagine," Dr. Nadir says after examining the scar tissue - which does appear to be healing quite nicely. "And did they? That's .. that's really something. I'm often amazed at how much of a unit, solidarity I think is the word you used, that exists. And these things do happen, yes. I'd say that it'd be a ideal time for a skills lab, but we don't have one of those, and 'lab' is done live. IF there's time, take more time, make your stitches as small as possible, it helps reduce scar tissue. But we dont always have time. There are times, and there will be days to come, when it'll need to be fast, dirty, efficient, and move on to the next. They call it meatball surgery. You're damned talented, trust yourself."

"Well then it stays shaved for a while, maybe forever. Who knows. Its growing on me and definitely is low maintenance which is a plus." Granted she loved her hair but her hand passes over the fuzz. "Due for a shave." A grin splits her lips and the PJ holds still for her to get a better look. "Well we need solidarity now more than ever, I suppose they are just sweet and I couldn't love them more for it." She squares off, hands going to the edge of the bed and resting there as she listens, brow raising and made more obviously by the lack of her hair. "Ah yes well, I think he was chatting me up too much. James is much better with his focus than I am, as you have noticed. Need to work on that to be honest." She drags her fingers to the back of her neck and then starts to slide off. "But thank you, sir. For the vote of confidence. SHip is glad to have you, but if things go the way they are going, we may be seeing surgery like that. Bringing back survivors every day, you just be careful around them unknowns when they come in, we lost a Doctor to a crazed Civvie.

"I know," Nadir replies quietly, her voice measured and level, "I was with her when it happened. But we should consider adding another layer of security or maybe just get a MP to stand by the door when we bring survivors in," she wonders. "I'd be nice if we could frisk them for weapons, too, but that's sort of a pipe dream, isn't it?" added with a breath of laughter. "And, crazy as it sounds, I'm glad to be here. It makes me wonder if I'd have been on PIcon when.. but then we all wonder, don't we? Where we might have been, if we hadn't been here."

Afton gives Samtara an understanding look. "We should ask for it, it would make sense and it would be senseless to risk the rest of the staff." Gathering up her files and clipboard once more, Afton rests them against her chest as she considers the Doctor. The mention of Picon causes her to hesitate. "I was down there, sir…," she bites her lip and then shakes her head. "So hard to be there, I wanted to stay. They were in such a bad way. In need of proper medical attention, even a facitility. They were in a cave or tunnel or whatever it was. People were suffering, dying slowly, unable to receive treatment. Picking five to go with us…was not easy." She rubs at her neck. "Situation wasn't good…may not be any better but hopefully we can bring back more. Children were helping carry water around amongst the dying. Orphans likely."

Nadir is quiet for a long moment, more than just a moment before she shakes her head slowly and moves to take a seat on the end of the medical bed, resting her hands in her lap. "I hate this. I believe that's the proper phrase for it, because nothing other than 'hate' is strong enough .Though 'loathe' 'despise' 'detest' are close seconds. Staying here, where everything is clean, neat, organized, sterile, linear, and knowing that there are people .. there are children. Why is it that it's the children that makes it so much worse? It's the children that bother me the most. Why can't we do more?"

Afton's thoughts of work are gone but likely she had to have known that given what she just said. Setting down the files and clipboard again, she lets Sam talk but moves to pull the curtain to allow the woman some privacy. The rings clank into place and then Afton is there, standing beside her and looking down. "I know….we are trying to do more," Afton promises. "They wouldn't let us bring back kids. The Chaplain and I are outlining rules for doing so, setting up accomodations for the possibility of it happening." SHe draws a breath though and reaches out her hand, carefully setting it on the other woman's shoulder and gives it a light squeeze. It's a motion of true empathy, one that is meant to offer some understanding. "We are one ship…just one. We need to be able to help when we can and if we overdue, we won't be able to at all. What you are doing here is fixing those people who can keeping going out try to stop the damage that is being done."

Nadir is quiet again, though the gesture from Afton is appreciated and she gives a small nod to accompany her words once she draws a deep breath, shoulders rising and falling subtly with the breath. "I know that what I'm doing helps, but the data isn't all that helpful in the long watches of the night - as the saying goes. The Major has a idea regarding landing one of the Liners on the surface, turning it into a home for the children, women, pregnant civilians and more that will eventually be lifted off.. of Picon and the other worlds." She rubs at the back of her neck with one hand, "I think I'll see what I can do to help the Major and Doctor Sheperd get that place ready once they pick a liner and get it on the ground."

The hand is removed from Samtara's shoulder, pressed into her other waiting hand as she listens, unable to help the Doctor as she might like. "It's all so chaotic now, you are doing everything you can at this point. I know we all want to drag people out of those warzones and I hate going in when I can't bring back more than just our people. Seems pointless, its disheartening. I dropped for the Captain just a few days ago and I had insurgence rushing past me towards incoming centurions. I had a mission. Captain had valuable information about the Orion and Piraeus. He had to be lifted. Gods hope he didn't reveal too much to anyone else there…" She offers a faint smile and scratches at the edge of a scar before stilling herself. "If you want, I can let you gather your thoughts for a minute and go about my last bed for my rounds. No one should need your right away."

"Thank you, I .. yeah. I need a moment," Nadir replies, looking down at her hands as she speaks, realizing with a measure of dim bemusement that her hands are shaking. She grips her hands together before saying, "If you have a chance to speak to the Captain, can you ask if Picon Laboratories is still standing or if it was.. just. If it's still standing. I can work forward from there."

"Sure, of course, sir. Anytime. I will talk to them about it and see what I can find out." Afton promises and lingers a moment. Pausing, she hesitates and then grabs up the clipboard and files once more. "Sir, if you need anything. Just let me know. Take your time and just …yeah. Take your time." SHe offers an understanding smile and shifts the curtain open just a tad before slipping out, sliding it back closed and taking a moment to stand out and adjust her files, her own hands are trembling.

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