AWD #079: I Will Kill For The People I Love
I Will Kill For The People I Love
Summary: A quiet confrontation occurs in the Recovery Ward after Ygraine's meeting with Petra and Zach.
Date: 26/03/2013
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Ceres Ygraine 
Recovery Ward
The Recovery Ward! With extra shiny MPs.
AWD #79

Like she promised, when she shows up in the recovery ward, Ygraine does not have her gun. She's timed things though, so that she and Ceres can be alone, or at least, alone with the MPs who are stationed nearby. And she keeps her distance, standing at the foot of the bed as she watches the darker woman silently. That highly expressive face is closed off, freckles stark and hair twisted into a single braid. She's looking at Ceres as if she's simply unfathomable.

Ceres has been getting a lot of looks lately and the pilot's attention fastens on Ygraine the moment she enters and then takes post at the foot f her bed. Dark eyes search the younger pilot, studying her for a time before she finally speaks and its with a dry humor. "It seems that everyone comes in her to view me as if I am on display. A few more people and I am going to think they changed the recovery ward to a zoo." Letting out a breath, she speaks, "Shake, are we to stare or did you want to talk?"

"People don't know what t'think when they look at ya." Ygraine says frankly. "Lotsa thoughts run through their heads. I won't be th'last, but I ain't tellin' ya nothin' ya don't already know."

"Talk then, good." Ceres says and sits up in bed, now in her tanks and sweats as she has been given her leave to do light duty but return to be watched by the MP's. She wets her lips and slowly stands, pushing herself up with care so that she doesn't tear stitches and the like. There is a bruise on her jaw. "What did /you/ wnat to know?"

"I just want t'hear the truth." Ygraine says. "Because I'm told that me and th'others, we don't got a choice, we can either fly with ya, or hand in our wings. So I know for me, if I am goin' t'even begin to try t'trust ya, I want t'hear the truth. And not some namby-pamby psychology class bullshit about personal truth, and dreamin' and breathin' and cryin', either." Ygraine is very quiet, very contained. Her body language isn't aggressive, even if her words are.

"Truth then." Ceres admits and meets Ygraine's eyes, steadily. "I was a spy, a sleeper agent. My personality that was forced on me…the background. Ceres Delacroix. False. It was false for many years. The years it took to get where I was." SHe is steady, watching the other pilot and keeping her distance. "I was woken, given a choice by my fellow. To live on my own terms. To stand with you, those I watched, bled with and more from behind a mask. Or be put back to sleep. I chose Orion. I may not be /you/, Shake. I may not have had a lot of things you all did. I remember what I came from and I don't ever want to go back. Ever. But I want to help you get back whatever is able to be saved." SHe hesitates and then continues. "I can die, just like you. And so can the others of my kind out there." She makes a motion with her hand. "I want the chance to make those who will not listen to reason, to pay. You can hate me. But let me fly with you. Let me seek vengeance for those I cared about and still do. Let me earn your trust all over again."

Ygraine listens. Whatever she's thinking is for once, a closely guarded secret, but she is listening, from the attentiveness of her expression. Then, "You're a Cylon. That's what I came t'hear ya say. I don't hate ya. I don't. But you're not a human, and no amount of protest is gonna change that. I can call m'self a lion all day long, but I never stop bein' a human being." She takes a step forward. "I know if I live th'right way, I can learn t'be accepted by th'pride."

Lips part and Ceres looks to Ygraine when she says Cylon. There is a heavy sigh, "No, I am not human. I may not be a lion, I may not be 'human', but I am not a machine, Shake. I can die just like you, the same way. I can do everything and feel everything. No program." She studies the tall younger pilot as she has closed that distance. "All I want to do is fly, fight and protect this damned planet and this ship. I want to shoot every toaster out of the sky or die trying. /That/ is what I want. I have not been the one working with command. My brother has. He wanted me to live my life, was content to keep me hidden so that this wouldn't happen." SHe makes a motion.

"Cooper." Ygraine says. "I know. I met with the CAG this mornin', along with the TACCO. Did ya know I spent nearly 24 hours alone in th'woods on Piraeus with him for my Survival eval?" She shakes her head. "I told him he reminded me of my brothers, back on Leonis." She looks back at Ceres. "I…can't apologize for pullin' my gun on ya. I won't. But I'll be glad if I never have to again."

"No one better to learn survival from. He warned the crew. Only him that saved all of you. Saved me." There is a light smirk. "Damn Saint, frakking Cooper." There is a fond smile to her lips before she nods her head to the last, her expression growing more somber. "I know why you did. I don't blame you. Hell…I wanted you to shoot me. But I would prefer you don't try again. I am not going to give you a reason to."

"I'll hold ya t'that." Ygraine says peacably, despite the violence of her next words. "Because if ya do, I won't hesitate. I hesitated then because I looked at ya and my brain was screamin' Cylon, and my heart was tellin' me ya were th'woman who walked me through landin' a predator. But I will kill for th'people I love. I know ya get that. I'm bettin' we have an understandin'. Do we?"

"I am Ceres…that is the only person I will ever be." She admits this much and nods her head. "I will kill for the people I love too. That includes you, Shake. We have a clear understanding. I won't ever give you a reason to second guess your heart." There is a nod of her head and the Captain remains right where she is. There is not advancing.

"Tell everyone th'truth. Th'real truth. Soon as ya can." Ygraine is not ready to say she loves Ceres, not even in the broad, familial way of a ship's crue. Not again, not yet. And that seems to be all she has to say, so she starts to retreat back from the bed.

Ceres starts to let her go, the Captain does speak up, "Thank you, Shake. For coming by to see me." Redux nods her head and smiles to her. Not much else can be said between them.

Ygraine puts up a hand, as if to aver the thanks, but she doesn't go so far as to verbalize it. She slips out silently, with another nod to the MPs.

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