AWD #261: I Will Find You If I Can
I Will Find You If I Can
Summary: Naomi explains the plan to Lleufer.
Date: 24/09/2013 (OOC Date)
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Naomi's Lab on Orion
It's full of Science!
AWD #261

Lleufer arrives once he's gotten the message that Dr Tamsin was asking for him to come to her lab office. He's on duty and in his MP uniform and had been grabbing a very late lunch in the mess hall. Ynyr raps his knuckles on the hatch frame briefly and listens for sounds of someone telling him he may enter before he tries the hatch. Only once he steps in and closes it, and looks around to be sure that no one else is in here does his baritone speak up, "Naomi?"

Naomi is not on her computer. She's not doing much of anything actually, except for sitting and waiting for him. It's the usual couture of course; short red dress, long lab coat, and she'd been a little slumped prior to his arrival. She straightens her spine with an almost audible snap once he enters, and then puts on her brave face. "Lleufer." she says, mouth curving into a smile. It doesn't quite meet her eyes. "Sit down for me, would you? I need to tell you some things. It's important. Please." Her fingers twine and twist against each other. She's nervous.

He doesn't at once catch on to her body language. Hatch toggled, he walks on in and smiles, "Sure…" though it fades as he hears what she says. Lleu draws out a chair but lingers to stand there to study her. That red dress always distracts him, and for a few seconds he remembers taking it off of her. Could be desire to do that again. No, stay focused. Lleu draws the chair out and takes a seat, starting to catch onto her anxiety, "Is everything all right? You look … kind of pale."

"Well, there's some good news." she says, trying to put a spin on it. "Captain Elias is arranging for my citizenship to go through. Without a review." The smile can't stay on her face. "I just have to do something."

Lleufer starts to smile, "That /is/ good news!" Only, she clearly isn't happy about it. There's more. He thins his mouth instead, the smile dying before it was much born. The barest furrowing of his brows as he leans forward to rest his arms on his thighs, "What … does Captain Gray require of you to do, Naomi?"

"I'm going to go back to Picon." she says, her smile becoming tight. "I'm going to infect my line. Like Ceres did. But I'll make my way back. Either prior to the invasion, or during it." Infecting her line means she's going to download. Downloading means she has to die. At least in this body.

He's not liking what he's hearing. Lleu frowns, "But going back to Picon would be very dangerous for you, wouldn't it? They want to box you." As Naomi continues to explain, Lleufer's own face begins to blanch. His posture stiffens to straighten his back in his seat, "No." His mouth and his tone becomes angry, "/Why?/ What purpose does that serve?" Ynyr moves to stand, "Captain Gray asked you to do /that/?!? He wants you to download! But that will jeapardize Pireaus! You'd have to die to download, Naomi!" As if she didn't already know that. His heart rate has jumped up with his anger, out rage. Lleu's hands make fists, "He has no right to Blackmail you, Naomi."

"No, it won't endanger Piraeus. They already know it exists, but I don't know the jump coordinates." she's very firm on that score. "He's not blackmailing me. He's offering me a chance. People accept Cooper because he's done so much for the Colonies, but what have I done? Maybe with this, things will change. Things will be better." She flinches at his anger, adding softly, "If I can infect my sisters, they'll know the truth. The One who was here said they'd box us all, and the entire line won't stand for that. And they'll know things. They'll know important things. I need you to help me with that…and something else."

Lleufer is angry. He's trying to keep a check on it, the initial shock simply that. Maybe. "Gods damn it, Naomi. You put yourself to great risk. How would we get you back? Keep them from getting to you first?" Lleu's left hand surprisingly is able to make the fist, little finger and all, in his anger and he's not aware of it. He begins to pace the room, shoving his hands into his front pants pockets, "You /are/ doing things. Your research into detecting hiding skin models we don't yet know about is making strides. That is important work." It's a small lab. The Marine stops and turns to look at her, "How do we /know/ your downloading will have the impact he thinks it will have? What's next? Blow out Knox's brains to make him download too?" Lleu starts to pace again but stops short at the help her with that part, "What?"

"Knox already plans to, one day. It's just not the right time. I suspect he'll be rather cross with me for beating him to the punch." She makes a weak joke and shakes her head. "People don't care. All the work I'm doing, at the end of the day, I'm still hated, not because of who I am or what I've done, but because of what I am. And it's hard. It's more difficult than you think. And there's already proof that it worked with Ceres." Her smile becomes a little more genuine, a little more hopeful. "Twenty-four hours on my own, on Piraeus. Come with me. Captain Grey will clear you for it. I have to be able to show them what it's like. You can help me."

The Marine steps close. Lleu pulls his hands out to place them on Naomi's upper arms, "Knox has had more /time/ than you have to do things. That's hardly fair to you. Your work /is/ important. You write yourself off too cheaply, Naomi." He studies her face, her eyes, then lifts his left hand to skim along her face, thumb to grace the contour of one of her hidden dimples, "Show them what Piraeus is like?" Lleu still frowns, "When? I've got mission prep, planning to finalize. We've not much time until deployment." His face has become stern, serious, and his voice much lowered.

"No. Or at least, not just that." She looks tentative before saying, "I know you don't love me, but you're the closest thing I have to it. They need to understand and they can do that through me. And I can do that through you." But that's only the first part.

"I .. don't understand." Lleu shakes his head faintly, "I'm a Jarhead. We aren't known for being very bright. But I do care what the hell happens to you. Friendship, or … whatever there is between us, it's something. I'm not a fella to turn my back on you and say frak off, and not worry about what will happen to you if you do this." He lowers his hands to shove them into his pants pockets again, very uneasy about all of this mess.

"I'm sure Captain Elias will put you on the retrieval team unless you don't wish to be." Naomi murmurs, and then adds softly, "But the thing I'll need from you is…I can't take my own life. It's a sin against God. At the right time, a bullet to my head would be best."

What the frak is she saying to him? Lleufer /stares/ at Naomi, "You have got to be frak'n kidding me." His throat tightens, "I'm not a murder, Naomi. There's lethal injections for shit like that. You just want me to pop a cap in you and bury your body on Piraeus and Captain Gray will take care of the paperwork? Or throw my ass under the bus for it? We are talking about /your life/, Naomi." It's still sooo hard for him to wrap his head around this whole she's a model thing and there's lots more just like her out there somewhere, let alone the whole she'll awaken in a newly revived body just like this one. Ynyr rubs his face, his eyes, "Gods help us."

Naomi blinks. "No, my god no! That's not what I'm asking at all!" She stands up, horrified. "Listen to me. I'm going to have to go to Picon, where there's a resurrection facility. When you shoot me I will download to there, and if I don't die and I'm not boxed…I'll come back. But if I don't, I can't have died at my own hand. God will reject me if I do. You wouldn't really be murdering me, I promise." How can she promise that?

Lleufer swallows to clear his throat, "On Picon. Right before the invasion then. Because I'm supposed to be going on a mission for the assault." His mouth is damned dry. He licks his lips though it doesn't help, "Resurrection facility. Do we even know where there is one? How to get to it? We don't have much time to do this if the timing is … " Things /Elias/ had said /at the Gods damned meeting suddenly comes clear. Too fucking clear, "He said, Captain Gray and Knox both said something about throwing the skin models into disseray for the invasion." Lleu's pale eyes have focused hard on Naomi's own, "But I can't just go off to hit the Crandall base and not stay to find you, Naomi."

"There is one. Or else Ceres wouldn't have been able to download and infect her line." Naomi is firm on that score. She smiles at him, and actually reaches out, putting her hands to his cheeks. "You do what you need to do. Some of it I have to carry. Getting out of the facility, that's on me. Finding the Colonials…the retrieval team. If you can't be there, I understand."

He's crossed his arms over his chest, damned unhappy about all of this. Lleu watches her, "I'll do what I'm ordered to do. Whereever I'm most needed, but damned if we won't get you back out again. I dunno who'll be on that team but I'll come to find you if I can. If you do this, you have to be smart, Naomi. Damned smart and not let fear panic or stop you from thinking, hear? You'll have to move fast." Ynyr grimaces, "They'll know your face. Might be some of Spree's people know where the facility is, can help." A pause, so much to think about and only a few days, "And if you want a day on Piraeus first… it's cutting things awfully short." (repose)

She smiles at him then, the first real smile of the whole conversation. "But you haven't said no." she says. "We'll go soon. You won't suffer for it, I promise.'

Lleufer did say no! But who else would Naomi want instead? Damn. "I'll see what I can find out. You or Gray arrange the shuttle down. Finding a spare pilot who's not going on the mission tomorrow to ferry us down won't be easy." Lleu turns to open the hatch but stops. He looks at Naomi for a long, long moment before he setps out to see to digging up info on where that ressurection facility might be. Spree has a pet Nine, after all.

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