AWD #243: I Think You Should Know
I Think You Should Know
Summary: Mahasti brings Amos some information she thinks he should be aware of. LLeufer also chips in.
Date: 06/Sep/2013
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Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.
AWD #243

Mahasti is quiet, led in and quietly waiting as instructed. Her hands in front of her as she waits. Obviously her business is not necessarily official or she'd of walked over instead of waited for Amos' attention. Her face looks a little better rested and she has a mug of tea in hand.

Amos seems to have appropriated someone's desk, who's desk he's not sure, but they weren't using it and the duty sergeant hasn't batted an eyelid so he's not too worried about potential repercussions. Back in his greens he's sat carefully in the chair so as not to stress the wounds that are healing, and seems to be reading from a stack of files, making fairly copious notes as he does so. Reaching the end of one he closes it and sets it off to one side and only then catches sight of the Doctor. A quick glance round confirms that there's no apparent medical emergency in the room so he assumes she's there to see him and gestures her over, asking as he does so, "What can I do for you Doctor?"

Mahasti watches Amos moving to pull a chair up beside him "You looked confused yesterday at the mention of Pallas. May I take a moment to unofficially fill you in, sir?" she asks, voice soft and polite. She has a folder with her too, apparently prepared to mini brief him. The woman is if nothing else prepared "It won't top a marine briefing, but it will help you until you get caught up, right?" she asks, that thick accent sounding bright and sunshiney and perky!

Amos gives the desk and his files a quick once over as Mahasti sits, making sure there isn't anything visible that she's not cleared to see, then leans back carefully into the chair. "It was on my list of reports to read," he replies conversationally, "but please, go ahead. It's always useful to get information from multiple sources."

Mahasti sits down, her eyes focused ahead out of precaution before he finishes "Pallas was bad. A case of too little too late. Subjected to frequent Cylon .. we'll say harassment and hostility. The brilliant minds cracked." she opens her folders, taking out very brief notes "Reports of cannibalism are confirmed, reports of insanity are confirmed." she offers, voice soft and gentle. She pauses "The marines saw the worst of it - I can't personally tell you what they saw, but I can say what I saw coming out of there - viciousness from the Cylons, it was a very rough raptor ride home." she seems to contemplate "Do you want any medical data from me regarding Pallas - I can't give you some but I can fill you in a little bit." she offers, voice soft.

Someone saw Mahasti coming down the hall, and as this isn't her usual territory, he got curious. Lleufer's already been cleared to leave the sickbay and skip the recovery ward to go directly back to light duty. That means mostly filing paperwork at a desk for the next few days but whatever. For the moment he's in off duty clothes with a bandage on his left bicep as he turns and walks through the corridor towards the Batallion HQ. The MP slows when he hears voices before he comes by the still open hatch. His hearing is still a bit off as he glances in, ready to pass on as he walks if it looks like a meeting.

"Marines always see the worst of it," Amos replies with a faintly crooked smile, "it's part of the job we all have to come to terms with at some point or other." That said though, it does look like the talk of cannibalism is a step beyond expected. "They ran out of supplies?" he asks, trying to rationalise the description of events a little, although he's equally aware of the mention of insanity. He shakes his head at her question though, "not for now. I have the report. If I find I have questions though I am sure I know where to find you to ask."

Mahasti watches Lleu, not her territory? She's always leaving treats for Captain Siska and visiting her patient in the brig, but the HQ isn't her territory sure. She is in off duty clothing, likely because her schedule is weird for the day. "I wanted to make sure you didn't scold Lleufer for raising his hand at me. It is an occupational hazard for a doctor in the sickbay and a personal hazard of being around people in a war zone." she sort of half requests. She adjusts her weight, taking a sip of tea. Her expressions hardens "No, the doctors patching up the marines, see the worst of it." she offers. "I think so, yes. They went, pardon the term, but entirely ape shit." she takes a moment, pulling down her tank top, to show the large angry scar across her chest. "This is from a man we rescued. I tried to give his wife medical attention and he decided knifing me was much better for her physical well being." she lets her tops snap back up. "It was overall very bad. The marines came out shaken, so it had to be bad." the tiny doctor offers.

Lleufer clears his throat since eavesdropping isn't his style, "What the Doc says is true, about what happened on board the Raptor with the survivors, sir. One that attacked her stabbed and killed Captain St. Clair's ECO, LTJG Watkins. I wrote up an investigation report and submitted evidence. The Sagitaron was transferred to Piraeus for further medical treatment so I don't know where that is going." No, he doesn't look real happy to hear them talking about Pallas.

Amos hadn't spotted Lleufer until Mahasti looked at him, he'd been concentrating on the Doc instead it would seem. Her gaze and the clearing of the throat make make MP's presence clear enough though and he gestures towards another empty seat to invite him to join the conversation properly should he wish. It's as he's turning back to Mahasti that she pulls down her vest, and it's fair to say that he wasn't expecting that. Pulling back a little until it's clear of the purpose of her actions he then gives a small nods in return, "I see." Lleufer's mention of his investigation is a welcome distraction though and he turns back to his fellow marine, "If that isn't in my stack I'll request a copy."

Mahasti eyes Lleufer, extending her hand to him gently. "I would think, Lleufer, that I am fully capable of reporting on things I personally witnessed." she jokingly teases. "That was a week of personal failure for me." she admits "But I'm moving forward. I apologize if that was too sudden for you." at least she was wearing bandages today and not just hanging out - not that she has a scenic down the shirt view. "Thank you for not freaking out like Winston and Siska." she offers to Amos. Her smile shows "Just be careful alright? I'm thinking I might go grab some food, maybe see if I can find that mysterious Captain Siska or not." she eyes her folders "I have to give forty three x-rays today." she half complains.

Lleufer gives the Captain a nod, "Yes sir. I wrote the AAR too, on our part." Nevermind why Staff Sergeant Titus didn't do it like he was supposed to. The Marine thins his mouth, "Lots it's not going to tell you. Like how those folk were running out of supplies all the way back in March but we didn't get out to them until August, Captain. They had noth'n to eat, except each other, all those months." He looks unhappy to think about that, "It was … real ugly, sir." To Mahasti Lleu manages a thin smile, "Don't mean any slight, Lieutenant."

A quick glance around the room confirms that Siska is not present at this time, so Amos merely gives Mahasti a brief nod in acknowledgement and understanding. As the Doctor seems to be on the verge of leaving he then replies, "thank you for the information Lieutenant, I shall keep it in mind when I study the reports." To Lleufer he starts with a simple, "the AAR I do have, although I've not got to it yet." There do appear to be a stack of such reports infront of him. He listens to the other remarks though, keeping his expression impassive, although the time delay involved does cause the almost imperceptible rise of one eyebrow. Once Lleu is finished though he nods again, "Alright Sergeant, if there's anything you want to add, unofficially, to your report, then I'm all ears."

Mahasti smiles innocently at Lleufer "Don't make me pop you one, Lleu." she playfully taunts. "A lot of people try to slight me, I won't tolerate it any longer. You hear?" he asks, softly to Lleu. Her expression gives away she wouldn't actually pop him at any point. "Its a damn shame we provided too little too late." she offers to the captain and Lleu. "I'm hoping my beloved home is not beyond hope. If its as bad as Pallas, I hope they torch it." she looks between the two "Personally, I found it less depressing than the Trident. The Trident officers gave up hope and died so sadly. Pallas kept hope but cracked. The cracks can be plastered maybe." she offers. "You can fix cracks, you can't fix dead." she sighs out. She stands up, moving to brush her knuckles to Lleufer's uninjured arm "Let me see your hand, before you too fussy or busy, Lleufer?" she asks, medically, extending her hands gently and curiously.

"What?" Lleu holds up both hands, "I didn't say /anything/ to slight you, Doc." She's real touchy today. "All I said was what you said was true." The Sergeant eyes the woman warily before he gives her his left hand, the nerve damage slowly regrowing. He's taping his little finger to the third finger less often. "Still tingles." To the Captain Lleu directs his attention. He opens his mouth, then decides not to talk about Pallas anymore, "Yeah, the Trident … " He just shakes his head, "A damned shame, sir. But we recovered five extremely useful, almost fully stocked ships. Save for their crews."

Mahasti takes Lleu's hand without warning, gently massaging his hands "The Rubaul should no longer be at 180% staff I suppose." she smiles "Petra was a wonderful Lt. Colonel. He was brilliant we'll surely have great support." she offers, voice soft as she slips away, satisfied with Lleufer's progress "Sorry for being irritated. I've been told a bit too much about what I am and am not capable of. What I am and am not good at and what not lately." A bright smile is shown as she shuffles away.

Amos watches the exchange between doctor and patient with no comment but then nods to the comment about the Trident. "I read that one," he offers, tapping the far smaller of the two piles infront of him, "so it would seem. Is there anything else you feel I need to know right now Sergeant?" he then asks while the man is here, "or do you want to be getting back to your own duties?"

Now she's left, Ynyr gives Amos his full attention, "No, sir. Going to go catch up on my OCS I missed. Didn't mean to intrude, Captain." Lleu waits to make certain he's dismissed and then he'll go.

"Good day Sergeant," Amos notes in reply, along with a short nod to indicate that yes, Lleu is dismissed to get on with his own work. That done the Captain then turns back to his acquired desk and lifts down the top file from his 'to-read' stack and flips it open.

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