AWD #546: I Must Respectfully Decline
I Must Respectfully Decline
Summary: Angelis comes to talk to Amos
Date: 19/12/2016
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Angelis Amos 
Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
AWD #546

Following the festivities and the short-lived mission run to Leonis, Tabi's not letting things stagnate. After digging out one of her better uniforms and rebraiding her hair, she makes her way to the Battalion HQ. Here she'll step inside and wait quietly for the Major to acknowledge her. Standing to attention, it's just her fingers that betray her slightly nervous state, fidgeting subtly with a loose thread, her blue eyes scanning the room idly.

It's appears to be coffee o'clock on battalion HQ, with most of the officers and NCOs present gathered round the pot as it brews. This means, sadly for Angelis, that Amos doesn't actually notice her arrival until a fresh mug is in his hand and he's heading back to his office. Given she doesn't seem to aim for any of the others present he gestures for her to follow him. Settling himself down into his chair he indicates one opposite for her, then asks, "news from the surface Corporal?" He's assuming that's what this is about anyway.

Angelis doesn't seem overly stressed by the wait. Even she understands the importance of coffee. She falls in behind the Major when he gestures her to follow him, and once he's seated and posing his question, Tabi shifts slightly, "Ah… Not really Sir." She admits in a low voice. "We followed her tracks to an intersection, but it would seem they put her on a Raptor there, and jumped. Judging by the damage to buildings further away." Short and to the point, though it's quite obvious that the young marine is less than pleased with her lack of results. A small frown creasing her brow as she stares just past the Major. It might be noted that she's yet to put her new pins on her uniform.

Amos frowns a little, although at the news rather than at Angelis. "Well, we know more now then we did before," ie. not to bother looking for the ensign in hidey holes in Luminer. "Has this been reported to the Air Wing? If not then you'll need to let either Major St Clair or Colonel Io know what you found. They may have questions, so be prepared for that."

Angelis nods once, "Yes sir." She pauses, "Lieutenant Wescott took me down, and was with me the whole time, but I'll speak with Colonel Io as soon as I can and let her know." There's another hesitation, and then Tabi reaches into her pocket and pulls out the box that holds her Corporal's pins. "Ah… just one other thing, Sir." She says quietly, "I um… I must respectfully decline these." She steps forward and puts them down on the Major's desk, for the second time in as many years.

"Very well then," Amos replies, "thank you for keeping me informed, and good work down there. Even if it was not the outcome we were hoping for." It looks like he's quite happy to leave it there, but then the box comes out and she has his full attention once more. Remaining silent for a few moments he considers her carefully, then reaches forwards and takes the box, placing it back in a draw. "Very well Lance," he replies slowly, trying to decide if he wants to ask her reasoning or not, but in the end deciding to leave that conundrum for another time. "If that is all?" he asks, still clearly watching Angelis and her reactions, "then do please consider yourself dismissed."

When the box is put away, Angelis is quite obviously relieved. Can't quite keep that one emotion from her face, though there's clearly also a bit of conflict going on with this decision, but it's not one she's made lightly. "Thank you, Sir." She says softly before doing an abrupt about-face and making her way toward the exit.

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