MD #276: I Miss Riding
I Miss Riding
Summary: Rowan and Atticus meet and talk of joint joys.
Date: 09/01/2018
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Atticus Rowan 
Pool - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The floors of the whole room - including the bottom of the pool - are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.

Atticus is about two weeks from the end of Boot, and from the looks of how exhausted he is, Knox is really kicking his arse. It's evening, and he's done for the day, so while he would love to go down to Ostia and find a lake or river to relax in, he just has to make do with the ship's pool. Having finished his planned swim he hauls himself out to sit on the side, with his feet dangling into the water. He'll need to hit his rack soon, but for now he just enjoys the peace and quiet as he watches the ripples on the water.

A head emerges at the end of one of the lanes, wearing a hot pink swim cap designed to look like a wrestling mask and violently green goggles. She folds her arms on the side of the pool, pops the goggles on top of her head and catches her breath. She turns to look at Atticus, resting her cheek on her folded arms. Even though her ears are tucked into the swim cap, there's no mistaking her oversized Arpay eyes. She doesn't seem to recognize him. "I heard that older Battlestars don't have pools. Sounds like hell."

Atticus had been wearing goggles too, a gift from Dr Galen, but they're hanging round his neck now. Rowan's appearance is first noted due to a change in the ripple patterns in front of him, but once he turns his head to look that cap/goggles combo is hard to miss. He does stiffen slightly at the sight of the Arpay enhancements, but it's not all that noticeable any more as he become more and more used to seeing them around the ship. Relaxing again he shrugs once to the point made, "I wouldn't know, this is my first. Still not used to all the chemicals they put in, but better than nothing certainly."

"Yeah, back home, we would swim in the lake at the edge of the farm and get leeches. Or, you know, put leeches on my brothers. That was always a good time, even if Julian would cry and tell on me." Rowan realizes she's rambling and wrinkles her nose. "So there's that. Did you just join up from the civilian fleet or something?"

Atticus ducks his head back down to stare at ripples as Rowan mentions lakes, yeah, he used to swim in one too, and misses it. Clearly. He makes no comment on the leeches mind, but he it does get him to look back to her. There's a quick blink as she mentions the civilian fleet and then he shakes his head once, clearly considering how to answer for a moment before replying shakily, "Picon. I was picked up from Picon. My Dad was a marine, so some of them looked out for me."

"One of my moms is from Picon," Rowan replies, lifting her head up. She lazily kicks her legs in the water, mostly just enjoying the sensation of being in the pool. "I'm glad they managed to grab you. I just finished my training, myself, and I'm apparently an officer or someshit because apparently it matters what pins you have on your collar to fly planes. I think that's kind of dumb, but whatever. I'm Rowan, by the way." She shifts her arms so she can offer one wet hand for a handshake.

Atticus tilts his head for a moment at the strong implication of multiple mothers, cogs clearly churn in his skull but in the end he just gives a silent nod before offering his hand across. "Atticus," he replies, clearly conflicted about if he should come clean as to his past or not, "I guess you could say I used to be an officer, sort of, but now I'm just learning to be a marine. Aiming to join her," he says, pointing to an MP who's lurking off by the far end of the pool, "although I have to pass basic, and then specialist training first."

"It happens, I guess. Different things go different ways, and then we have to jump through the hoops to make everything right. I'm sure you'll pass basic. You look like you can run and shoot a gun okay." Rowan gives an encouraging smile.

"I don't mind," Atticus replies, sounding as if he means it, "so long as I'm fighting against the Skath it doesn't matter what's on my collar. Besides, I've got a lot of learning to do about how to live here, it's very different to what I've been used to." He smiles faintly as she compliments him though and adds, "and swim, and ride, too. Less useful, but you never know when these things might be of use. There's talk of teaching some of the marines to ride, for future operations, so they fit in better if they need to travel a long distance."

"I miss riding. We had a couple of horses on the farm, and I loved to just go out and ride after school. And before school. And when I should have been at school." Rowan gives a little guilty grimace, but it's not really all that guilty.

"There's horses down on Ostia," Atticus replies, "we even got a couple of trained war horses last trip. I not sure who's going to take care of them long term, but they let me ride them last week when I had shore leave. It felt good to gallop again, even if we didn't really go too far due to the security concerns down there."

The pilot's eyes light up. "Really? You think they'd let me go for a ride down there? Maybe under the pretense of exercising the horses…" she schemes aloud. "That would be amazing."

Atticus shrugs slightly, "probably. I think some of the farmers have their own horses too, so maybe ask about? I'm sure some of them would accept bartering for stuff in return as well." He doesn't know what Rowan can get hold of to trade, so doesn't make suggestions, but hopefully there's something. "I think Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr might be interested in such things too."

Rowan grins when he mentions the Gunny. "Ooh. Good idea. I'll go bug him." She dunks her head under the water for a moment, just because. When she resurfaces, she asks, "So how long have you been with us? Are there any basic things you still need? I know when I got here, I had only the clothes on my back and it can be tough getting some stuff."

Atticus has to think back for a few moments then says quietly, "about three months I think? It was a bit, messed up, at first. Well, I was a bit messed up at first. I've been in Boot for a month now though, and I guess you could say I've only really been with the fleet for a week or two before that." At the question relating to his needs he shakes his head, "I have food, clothes, a safe place to sleep, friends. I don't need more than that."

Rowan lets out a snort-chuckle, pulling herself out of the pool. She walks over to grab her towel and shower shoes. "Yeah, I think a lot of us can agree with the messed up part." She drapes the towel over her shoulders. "Well, Atticus, I'm sure I'll be seeing you around or dropping you on some planet at some point. If you're looking for someone to go riding with, find me. I want to go!"

Atticus smiles up to Rowan as she stands and goes for her towel. "I imagine we'll see each other around," he agrees, "one way or another. "I might not get the chance for a while, a couple of weeks at least, but sure, if I do get a shore pass I'll let you know. Good night Rowan."

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