PWD #05: I'm Pregnant
I'm Pregnant.
Summary: On the vid screen, the head of Naval Medical is going on about, "And on shore leave, it is your responsibility to sheath your organ to protect yourself from veneral disease or other consequences."
Date: 31/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Ceres Augie 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
PWD #05

Shadowed into medical by Augie, Ceres rubs her fingers into the side of her lower stomach as she waits for the desk to clear out from th person currently talking to the attendant. She sighs, wincing a bit as she straightens and stretches and arm over her to try to work out the tension. Glancing back at him, there is a faint smirk before it fades. "I am fine.." Really, she is. Its just a persistant pain. Shifting on her feet impatiently, she strains to see the attendant who is filling out some information before filing the last patient's away.

"Yeah, and you were fine yesterday, too." Augie says with a shrug of his shoulders. He let it slide, but she turned down a meal after a marathon frakking session, so there might be something wrong. He takes a seat on one of the waiting seat benches and leans back. "Anyway, I like havin' yer company. If yer tired of mine, just say the word."

"I was…" Ceres' story is getting thinner by the minute and this only serves to make her all the more impatient to get in and out of this medbay. Sighing as the attendant gets up to slip away and hand off a file, she takes a step towards Augie where he sits. "You are very much welcome to stay, but I fear you may be bored. I wonder if that furry blob in the pipes gave me something." Of course it couldn't be him. "You worry too much, especially for one string." She holds her finger up to note one, giving it a wag.

"One string." Augie agrees, "But if I hit ya too hard, it's my responsibility." he comments casually, and frowns. "You did wash up after you fished out that damn thing, right?" he asks her, and starts to sit up a little. "If you're afraid of forming more strings.." he shrugs. "It's either this or laying in the bunk and trying to get some shuteye before my shift."

"I asked for it afterall, nothing like a lesson learned the hard way through rough impact," Ceres offers and shakes her head at him, arms folding before her. "No..well yes I did sort of. I mean of course I did before I ate anything but as for a shower." She makes a motion down to her flightsuit still in limbo and wrapped around her waist. A long look is offered to him as he mentions fear of more strings. "Just one." She tells him again and is about to say more when the attendant is back and looking between them before speaking up, "Were you waiting to be seen." Ceres turns her head towards the voice first and then nods, "Sure…"

Augie nods and shoos her off with a smirk. "Seeya in a few with a clean bill of health, one string." he winks at her cavalierishly. After she leaves, he looks around and frowns. "Gods damned. Who needs parenting magazines, dating rags and the gossip papers on a ship?" he rumbles to himself. "Make him a cobbler he'll never forget? Ten tips to get him to stay the night.." he frowns, glancing at the attendant, who's probably ignoring the large man. "Is it too much to ask fer one titty mag? Even a sports mag?"

Glancing back to Augie, she hesitates and then gives him a nod. "See you in a few." She steps back and turns to give her name as her file is quickly pulled and she is ushered back. Lady is in uniform - means she gets seen first. Duty and all. Disappearing, it leaves Augie's talk with the attendant who glances up at him. The young man gives him a knowing look and shrugs. "Something about being proper. But I am with you…a sports mag would be nice to grab when its slow here."

Augie smirks, gives a worried glance to Ceres, and murmurs a small prayer to himself. "Asclepius, please don't have made me ruptured her spleen or something stupid like that."

Augie is left to his ponderings for a good forty minutes. Damned slow procedures. But soon enough, Ceres is exiting, a few pieces of paper in her hand with some pills that sound large with how they move around in the bottle. Handing off what is needed for the attendant, she speaks to him softly, keeping the conversation low. She stands there, getting another pieces of paper and the instructions involved as she nods, dark eyes focused on the corpsman.

Augie kills the time looking at the vid screen and the same looping video again and again about how to take care of your health and hygeine on a Battlestar, trying to nap, but whoever invinted the seats designed them to be just comfortable enough to be nice but if you try to lay back, it hurts like hell. Bastard. He moves to stand up when Ceres comes out, but doesn't immediately go over to her. He'll learn the deal in his own good time, and waits patiently for her.

"Thank you…" Ceres manages to utter as she steps back, "See you in a few days." She turns away from him and begins to sort out what is in her hand, relocating a few things to organize it more thoroughly in her grasp. Finally she looks up at him and offers him a wan smile. "Everything's fine." She tells him. "I told you." But there are meds in her hand! What do they say?

"Welcome back. Pulled muscle?" Augie asks, offering his arm to her, if she wants it, and a smile back as he glances towards the bottle.

Looking at his arm, Ceres slips in close and she lowers her voice to say something to him and then glances around. There is an arched brow as dark eyes assess his reaction.

Ceres whispers: I am pregnant

On the vid screen, the head of Naval Medical is going on about, "And on shore leave, it is your resonsibility to sheath your organ to protect yourself from veneral disease or other consequences."

"I knew it wasn't anything maj…" he starts to say. She was supposed to say she has a bruised sternum. A pulled muscle. Something like that. "…oh." he trails off for a moment, studying her eyes for an answer to a pretty basic question. Those blue eyes consider her, and the surprise finally starts to fade as right there in front of everyone, he lifts her into a kiss, trying to support her as much as possible.

Ceres blinks a few times, meeting his gaze before a smile starts to crease her lips. That fades when he pulls her into a kiss and she tenses a bit. Her hand grips at his shoulder and she draws a quick breath. "I…frak, Augie. I was kidding." Oh that backfired sorely and she eyes him now as she pushes back from him. "You are off the hook, promise. Just some bruised muscles and organs. You hit like a brickhouse in more ways than one." She studies him now, warily before she clears her throat. She really sucks at jokes apparently.

"Oh.. frak, whew." Augie lets out a breath and then she punches him in the arm. "You're such a bitch!" he tells her, and sets her on the ground. "I just failed some strings test, didn't I?" he asks her, glancing down at the deck with a sigh. Here it comes, right?

"I am not sure…" Ceres admits and then considers him. She clears her throat, "I was expecting a freak out or denial. Good to know if something were to happen you wouldn't go running for the hills." Is that points in his court? It seems that way as he doesn't get shoved off for his rather classy reaction. "Still one string." She murmurs and eyes him still, but reaches up, giving his cheek a light pat and then glances around. "I think you earned your rest after my asshat attempt at a jest."

"You scared the shit out of me." Augie says, as he smirks at him, and then smirks, bumping her hip as he starts to stroll after whispering to her, finally that surpirse becoming more mischeviousness. "May not want a child yet, but I don't mind the practice with ya."

A look is offered back to him as she tries to remain neutral in the medical bay, a soft snort sounding off in lieu of her laughter. Ceres responds, "Good to know…I will remember that." She admits and chews on the side of her mouth, flipping the pills at him - mucle relaxants and pain killers. "I get a day off flight because of you. I should kiss you."

"You should." It takes Augie a couple of minutes to reboot from that cold crash that Ceres put him in, but he's finally getting back to form. "Remind me never to play triad with you."

"I would prefer never to play triad so you don't have to worry, I can just bluff you on other matters." They slip out of medical and those near the hatch might catch the distinct yank of a damage control officer by a viper pilot.

Augie falls against his viper pilot, pulled off to wherever she decides to drag him to this time, making sure not to drop the pills she flipped to him. "..well, no shit, you just bluffed the Hades out of me."

"I am not sure how I top that, I think I overshot for my first bluff." Ceres sounds displeased, shooting him a look as she bumps her hip into his and falls into step at his side. "But I remember about the boy that cried wolf, going to be in trouble." She breathes and then grins. "Just believe me when I tell you its really real, okay?"

What's really real? He looks confused for just a moment, and then smirks. "Hopefully, we'll have a few more strings than one before we consider that string." Augie responds, slipping his hand to the small of her back for a moment before dropping it to his side as they walk out of medbay. "You finally hungry?"

The mention of more strings earns him a very tense viper jock, likely feeling her back straighen. "Yes, I suppose so." She says evenly. Ceres gives a nod, "I have to eat something with these horse pills, might want to grab something quick." She offers, holding out for said pills as she leads the way a bit stiffly towards the mess hall.

Augie hands Ceres the pills, and smirks. "One string." he reminds her, a little touch to her cheek. "Relax. We have time to work out what this is." A genuine promise as they continue on.

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