ALT #344: I'm looking for a Crewman Shackleton
I'm looking for a Crewman Shackleton
Summary: Orion's JAG officer comes asking questions, gets a load back in return.
Date: 16/Dec/2013
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Toby Kazimir 
Landing Zone - Piraeus
Just outside the fences and gate to Sheridan, the first official town on the new planet, is a large area about one hundred yards by one hundred yards covered in perforated, steel planking. The dirt below seems to have been tamped down solid and the planks sit several inches below a 'step up' to the rest of the terrain. There are several green lights surrounding the plating at the edge to mark it as visible from the air. Along the edge are a few Vipers and Raptors parked under semi-permanent structures with basic ground crew kits nearby. A cinderblock shed sits at the edge, the entire top half covered in plexiglass that acts as a control tower, several long, whip antennas on steel supports sit on either side.
AWD #344

It's late morning down on Piraeus and while cold, it's not threatening to freze or anything such. Sheridan is buys, still not yet adapted to having three thousand more people dumped in it, but it's no longer the utter chaos it had been previously. The arrival of a raptor down from Orion though is met with a small crowd at the landing zone that comprises of a couple of people wanting to head back up, and the rest forming a human chain to unload a shipment of supplies from the fleet. The group is mostly minoan men, but anyone not used to it down here liekly wouldn't note more than that there are precious few uniforms to be seen in the line. One of those dressed in battered looking civies though, and taking station by the raptor, is wearing a pair of fleet issue boots, which perhaps betray his true status. That or the cheerful greeting of 'Crewman' from the ECO as the hatch is flung open.

Apparently an officer travelled down with the supplies, and he looks like a man on a mission. The civilians are almost entirely ignored as he steps out, and the man in those fleet boots almost goes likewise ignored. And then the ECO's greeting is noticed, and the up-down look recognises those boots. "I'm looking for a Crewman Shackleton, Crewman. Do you know where I can find him?"

Having passangers on the supply runs seems to be a normal enough occurance that no one seems surprised when the officer appears before the cargo starts moving. Mostly infact they just stand around in a vague line, chatting to each other in Tauran, just passing the time until their muscles are needed. When the officer turns to address him though, Toby pauses in the conversation he'd been having with the man next to him and looks towards said officer a moment before giving a brief nod and switching back into colonial standard, "that's me Lieutenant. If you've one of those who was wanting to volunteer some time then feel free to join the line."

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you about another project of yours." Kazimir explains with a slight shake of his head. "And somebody told me this is where I could find you." A pause, and then it seems to occur to him to introduce himself. "I'm Lieutenant Kazimir Aleksandrov. I'm a prosecutor with JAG." He seems to feel this will identify his business here, perhaps reluctant to speak in front of the civilians.

"A project of mine?" Toby repeats, looking faintly confused at the responce, but then there comes the job title and he gives a brief, shallow nod. "Give me a moment," he says almost resignedly, then turns back to the guy he'd been talking to and has a brief exchange in the language they'd been using previously before stepping out of the line and gesturing the Lieutenant a short way off towards an area away from the pad itself. Sticking his gloved hands into his pockets as he walks he asks, "alright then, if you'll excuse the expression Sir, just how frakked am I?"

Kazimir heads off that way with Toby, and now it's his turn to look faintly confused. "Frakked, Crewman? Not at all." A shake of his head, as if to emphasise the point. "Actually, I'm here because I think you can help me. And I want to find out what I can do to help you. The word around the ship is that you think you have a way to find a stolen bird."

The initial response from the JAG officer doesn't seem to help clear up any of Toby's confusion, but realisation does seem to dawn as the Lieutenant goes on. "You mean the hunt for Colonel Shepard? Yeah, I've been talking with people. Got a couple of ECOs who think they can reconfigure the DRADIS to light up any large metallic objects. Not so good on somewhere like Picon say, but out here should work a treat." Still with his hands in his pockets he pauses to consider something though, then shrugs, "now you mention it though, haven't heard from those two in a while. I've got a set of their notes though, so I guess finding a new ECO or two who's willing to help and then convinced Captain St Clair and the CAG to let us try the modifications out is the next step."

Kazimir nods as he listens, with a slightly 'away' look as though writing mental notes. "So, an ECO or two. That part I suspect you don't need my help scaring up, though I'm willing to assist if you need or want me to." A pause as he considers. "Convincing Captain St Clair and the CAG, though. That might be an area I can assist with. Finding Colonel Shepard is a priority of mine."

"Captain St Clair is at least aware that there is something in the works," Toby states with a slow nod, "not sure about the new Colonel though, and everything'll need to be cleared by the Master Chief too, but I'm not too worried about getting it past him." There's a broef glance back toward the raptor as teh unloading starts and he then asks, "mind if I throw your name in when I talk to the ECOs? Might not need to, but if they end up reluctant it might be the motivation needed if they know it's all offical."

"Not at all." Kazimir shakes his head at that. "You can certainly throw my name in in connection with this." He follows Toby's glance toward the unloading. "I hope I'm not keeping you, Crewman?" It seems to be a genuine question, especially since the other man is apparently off-duty. "If you can pull this off, it might allow us to close the books on this one."

Toby gives Kazimir a quick nod as permission is given, then shakes his head slightly, "just checking it's going smoothly." The, back onthe main topic he adds, "anything I can do to help you nail that frakker to the wall, you just say, and I'll let you know if there's anything you can do to help me find him for you." No love lost there apparently. "You mind if I ask you about something else while you're here though Sir?"

"Excellent. That's exactly what I hoped you would say." Kazimir nods with satisfaction, and there's a brief smile even. At the latter question, he shakes his head. "Not at all, Crewman. I'm here, you're here, you might as well ask."

Toby enjoys the brief mental image of literally nailling the former CAG to a wall, then drags one hand out of his pocket to rub at his chin a moment. "What I said earlier, about being frakked." It's an awkward start, but he pushes on, "one of the reasons I'm down here and not on deck right now is because I'm waiting on a disciplinary hearing. You know when it's likely to be or if there's a hold up or something?"

"Disciplinary hearing." Kazimir considers for a moment. "I'm guessing you're referring to a meeting with your commanding officer for NJP? If that's the case that is at the convening authority's pleasure, within reason. He or she may also be investigating and trying to decide what course of action to take. Or do you mean you've been preferred for Courts Martial?"

"The former," Toby replies, "Captain's Mast was the term used, although I guess it might be Admiral's in this case?" Given the CO of the Orion is infact, the admiral. "Just wanting to get it over and done with rather than hanging around if you get me, but I've not heard anything since just after the, hmm, incident, in question."

"Oh, no, it won't be the Admiral." The lawyer shakes his head at that. "It's called Captain's Mast, but the convening authority of disciplinary proceedings is the immediate commanding officer. So in your case, your Department Head. A superior commanding officer may choose to take over but I can't see any reason for the Admiral to have done so."

"So the Master Chief then?" Toby asks, what with the knuckledraggers having no actual proper officers of their own. And as for the Admiral, he just gives a brief nod to that, "can't see any reason why he would in that case." Then, having returned his hand to his pocket he checks, "it's nothing to do with your office then?"

"Not the Master Chief. He's your Senior NCO. But there's an Officer somewhere who is at least nominally in charge of you. In your case it would be whover the Master Chief reports to as far as Deck goes." Kazimir explains, before shaking his head. "Not unless they decide they want to make it that way. It works this way…once an arrest is made, your immediate commanding officer becomes what is termed the convening authority." A pause. "The convening authority investigates, and can decide to drop charges, perform NJP, or request a Court Martial be convened. You also have the right to appeal your NJP and request a Court Martial. We generally only come into the picture when a Court Martial is convened or an appeal is made, though you always have the right to consult JAG for advice on legal matters including NJP."

Toby listens carefully, nodding at a couple of points before summing up in his own style. "Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but in short, you don't know how frakked or not I might be because it's nothing to do with you guys unless it's Court Martial, or someone comes and asks for advice." He thinks thats what was said anyway. "If there's still no word in a week or so, should I start asking questions? See what's going on? Or is it one of those things thats best just left to take it's own sweet time?"

"Well, I don't know exactly what will be done, no." Kazimir shakes his head. "But there are definite limits on how, ah, frakked you might be. Maximum punishments in an NJP are limited. Reduction in rank, confinement of no more than a week, restrictions of no more than thirty days, a formal letter of reprimand..those are about the limits." A pause. "As far as how long to wait…if they're still investigating and trying to decide what to do, that could take some time although I doubt your case is especially complex to investigate. If they've already notified you you'll recieve NJP I'm surprised it hasn't been taken care of already. Especially if you've been told not to do anything till they decide."

Toby looks almost, almost, faintly amused at the idea of being reduced in rank. Crewman is such a dizzying height to fall from after all. "It's not overly complex no," he confirms, "so I guess they've just been busy with more important things. If I don't hear anything in a week or so I'll have a word with the Senior Chief who called in the MPs, see if she's heard anything." Glancing back to where the unloading is almost finished he tilts his head towards the minoans briefly then states, "I should probably be getting back. Thanks for your time though Sir, and I'll let you know when I've roped in some ECOs."

"Not at all, and thank you for your assistance Crewman." Kazimir looks back toward the unloading, and his return flight that will shortly be leaving. "I think as far as following up that's a solid plan. If they haven't talked to her about the incident, send up a query through your chain of command to see what's going on."

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