AWD #265: I'll See You Soon
I'll See You Soon
Summary: Lleufer and Naomi say goodbye.
Date: 02/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Naomi 
A random space on Orion after it's jumped into orbit over Picon.
AWD #265

24 hours is up. Lleufer had to go reunite with his team, at least during the jump to Picon. But soon enough, Naomi has made her final arrangements and Gray has secured a small, out of the way office on the ship for her use in what may be her final moments of life. Dressed as ever in red, she sits with a false veneer of calm, hands folded and head bowed while she waits for Lleufer. "Heavenly Father, grant me the strength, the wisdom, and above all a measure of acceptance…" The Prayer to the Cloud of Unknowing is only offered by a skinjob when they believe there is a possibility they will in fact meet their final death.

Lleufer is directed to an office. He's put on his full battle kit, not entirely certain where they are going to do this and presumably to the surface somewhere the body isn't to be easily found. Sergeant's in his black battle garb with armour, rifle, helmet, sidearm, knife, grenades, the whole nine-yard kit on the assumption they'll be boarding a Raptor. And if not, he's got to get his ass down to the surface pretty quick after for the invasion proper in any event. Lleu's face is grim, his expression unreadable aside from wary eyes and mouth in a line. He steps through the hatch, glances at her, then turns to secure it closed before he'll say anything to her. Then he only stands there a long moment to study Naomi and not further interrupt her prayer.

Naomi looks up when she's finished. Her gaze is very stark, but she hasn't been weeping. That's to her credit. "All that isn't necessary." she says with a soft smile, meant more for him, really. "Captain Gray will have arranged for a clean up team. They'll take care of…me. Afterward."

He glances around, "/Here/?" Son of a bitch. No, not in some office he had thought, but outside somewhere down on Picon. Lleuffer shifts his jaw and lays his helmet aside he's not yet wearing. "Doesn't matter. Soon as I am done with you, I've orders to get my ass dirtside for Crandall prep." But one supposes this means he won't be late as Lleu was expecting. He takes his rifle off and sets it to lean upright by his helmet, not loaded yet. Briefly Ynyr looks around the office again and steps close to slip and arm around Naomi's shoulders. He's a little tense, turning his head to nuzzle her hair. Their shared 24 hours on Piraeus was … well, nothing short of memorable. Lleu frowns, wishing she hadn't chosen to wear the little red dress for this. He touches Naomi's hair and kisses her brow, quiet.

"Would you lie to me?" she asks him suddenly. She's not asking him if he would, she's asking him to do so. She lifts her gaze to his. "Tell me that you love me." She looks him right in the eyes. "I want you to lie to me now. It's alright."

Lleufer tips his head over and looks at her, a hand to lift her chin to look at him, "No." Firm, definite. He traces the shape of her face with his thumb, gloves off and tucked into his web belt. "I'm not going to do that, Naomi. I'll … tell you a piece of truth, instead. Whether you want to hear it or not." He shifts his weight to slightly lean away from her and to better see her lovely face, those large, dark eyes of hers. Doesn't break contact touching her, "I'm having a hard time sorting out what I feel about you. Been a hell of a ride, especially recently. Going to get a lot worse, for both of us." Lleu keeps eye contact and tries not to let Naomi evade his own. He swallows to clear his throat, "I … eh, can't go through this shit and not … feel … something. What you are doing, it upsets me a lot. I shouldn't care, right? Just another damn skin job and be glad to be rid of you." Lleu drops his hand from her face and frowns, "But maybe I do love you, Naomi. I'm not really sure. Lot of pain twisted up in all this that shouldn't be there." A muscle in his jaw tickes, watching her.

"Pain is better than nothing at all." she says softly. "I hope it's enough." Her hand briefly touches his cheek, and then, "Would it be easier for you if I closed my eyes? Or if I turn around?" She'd rather look at him than a stark grey wall, but this is hard enough for him as it is.

Shit. Lleu looks away from her, bile in his stomach. Her touch brings his gaze back to her. He's not ready for this, is he? Expected a flight down, time to mentally prepare a bit more. But how do you even do that? It's an execution of a sort. Like a wounded comrade you can't carry out or leave behind, an ECO or fellow Marine you won't let fall into the enemies hands. And yet, Lleu's sending her right to the enemy, who are her own people? Man, it's all fracked up, convoluted. He's already checked and double checked his sidearm; hollowpoint rounds. Make a big shockwave, fragment, not do any real damage to anything behind her but make a big mess. Ynyr tugs his gloves out and puts them on, black like the rest of his combat kit. Don't think, just do.

"No, you can look me in the eye or you can look away, whatever you want." Lleu's baritone is tight. He draws his sidearm and racks the slide to chamber a round.

The sound is loud in this tiny little room.

Funny. In a secret selfish way, she felt like this moment would be all about her. But as the gun is fitted into his hand and she steps back to give him some distance, the fear is there, like a squirming mass in her stomach, but she's more worried about Lleufer. What this is doing to him. How he's going to deal. "I'll see you soon." she tells him, a promise accompanied by a smile, beatific with the certainty of her statement.

When she steps back from that frightful, gruesomely necessary sound of the round being chambered, Lleu steps closer. His left hand comes out to take Naomi's arm. No, not strong by the standards of Knox, but still a pretty strong grip for a man who's arm got as mangled as he had been. He's watching Naomi's face, her eyes, closely and he knows she's afraid. She's too human for him not to pick up on it, in her way. His hand skips up to grab the back of Naomi's hair at her nape and Lleufer's mouth finds hers, demanding. His heart rate is accelerated and now where as fast as it's about to become, his body tense and smelling of his sweat. Lleu can smell her womanly scent, taste her mouth. He keeps his right hand with the gun held low and for a long, lingering moment he kisses Naomi like he's never kissed her before.

She wasn't expecting that. The kiss is wonderful and frightening and it makes her brave and it completely undoes her all at once. This might be the last time she'll ever kiss him, so it has to count, and she makes sure it does, briefly burying her head in his shoulder before straightening. She can practically hear his heart. Hers is pounding too. "I'll see you soon." she says again, though now her eyes are a little wider.

Damn, he just wants to hold her. Frak him! Lleu is very reluctant to break that kiss, to end it. So he holds her close instead, for a long moment. Can't be too long though or he might loose his nerve. Naomi knows when he shifts his weight that it's coming. There's a tremble as Ynyr lifts his arm, eyes locked on her and the gun comes up to the side of her head. It's quick but precise, no hesitation as his left hand keeps as firm a grip on her as possible.

It's an incrediably loud sound in the tiny room. A shockwave of Zeuz's thunder to rip open their world. Dark blood and bone will splatter the far wall in that instant. A frozen moment.

Lleu does his best to lay her down gently, Naomi's hair to spill over the floor before the blood catches up to pool further. Ynyr's breath is ragged, hosltering his sidearm. Can't hear a frak'n thing if any alarms have been raised. Deafened by the shot. Numb and cold. Rise to stand, staring at her laying there. Turn, collect his helmet and his rifle. Not a sound. A moment later, open the hatch and step out, closing it firmly behind him without another look.

Maybe those on the Raptor ride down will attribute his violent throwing up to pre-invasion nerves. Even Marines loose it a little, sometimes.

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