AWD #633: I'll Miss You
I'll Miss You
Summary: Toby breaks news of his decision to Niamh
Date: 20/03/17
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Niamh Toby 
Naval Enlisted Berthings, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.
AWD #633

Niamh is sitting on her bunk. She's been rather scarce of late, probably working on various projects, or just inventory taking. It's quite down in storage, not many people to see her being a little clumsy. Though she's sporting a fresh bruise on her forehead, just above her left eye. With her legs crossed indian-style, there's a notepad open on her lap, pencil wandering idly across the paper, a small frown creasing her brow, chewing on her bottom lip as she concentrates. The Deckie is looking a little better these days, the dark shadows have disappeared from under her eyes, she's still on the thin side though, probably from skipping meals.

Toby has been scarce for the past three days due to having temporarily moved residence tot he brig. Despite what his reputation might say it's only for the second time but still, it's not good. Word has it that he made it as far as the hanger bay upon release before being summoned to see the TACCO. That was a couple of hours ago and now he's finally made it back to the berthings. His expression is clear enough to read, he's both relieved about something, and deeply conflicted at the same time. Outright ignoring a few called questions from others as he makes his way to his own rack he kicks his boots off and just drops into a seated position up by his pillow.

It takes Niamh a few moments to realize that Toby's arrived in the berthings. She's busy concentrating on a particular point of shading. But eventually, maybe it's someone calling his name, or a question, that brings her out of her focus and green eyes blink, darting around the barracks, finally falling on Toby. Of course she's well aware of where he's been the last few days, and there's a small frown that meshes wierdly with her faint smile. Pushing to her feet, Niamh sets the notepad aside and tucks her pencil into her messy ponytail, wandering on over and sitting down beside him, not bothering to wait for an invitation. No greeting is offered, no questions thrown at him. But she does lean over and bump her shoulder lightly against his in a sort of silent hello.

Toby glances up as he senses someone approach then side-eyes her with an expression thats actually mildly amused, even if he's faking mere tolerance. "Hey Callaghn," he greets simply, not apparently about to demand his rack back, "do I even want to know how pissed the Chief is at me?" Despite the question, he doesn't actually seem overly worried about the reply, almost as if the Chief's reaction doesn't matter.

Niamh huffs out a soft laugh and shakes her head slightly, «It's you…» She replies, simply, in Tauran. «Chief'll get over it.» Habit forcing her fingers to realign the seam of his blanket, making it straight for as far as she can comfortably reach. Then those fingers move to the off-duty sweats she's currently wearing, checking the threads to make sure nothing's coming loose. «So how bad is it, this time?» Despite posibg the question, Niamh's clearly not entirely convinced he'll actually answer, she keeps her voice low enough to stop it from carrying to prying ears.

Toby shuffles back a little so he can comfortably rest his back against the back of the bunk, which no doubt ruins Niamh's work on the blanket as he does it. He's briefly conflicted as to how to reply that before he shakes his head very slightly, «she won't have to. Major Grey just told me it was frak off now, or stick around for Court Martial on whatever charges JAG reckoned they could make stick. Not much of a choice really, given the war's allegedly over. Leave, which I was going to do anyway once we beat the cylons, or rot in jail for a few years. I went to double check with one of the JAG officers just now, but it hasn't changed my mind. THis time tomorrow I won't be the Chief's problem anymore.»

As Toby shifts back, Niamh turns, folding her legs indian style again and sitting sideways so she can keep an eye on him. She listens quietly to his answer, fingers twisting themselves into a knot. She watches him as he speaks and when he's done, her gaze drops to the blanket beneath her. She nods slowly, thin shoulders tense for a moment or two, then sagging forward. «So um… where do you think you're g-going to go?» A slight stammer, words just slightly trembly. «You know, in c-case I need to… in c-case I need to f-find you.» Keeping her eyes focused downward, Niamh pulls in a careful breath, releasing it slowly, if somewhat shakily.

«Piraeus» Toby replies gently, a slightly concerned frown touching his features at her reaction. «We can't go back to Tauron, so it's probably about the closest to a home I have left.» There's Minos of course, but he's never been, so has no great affinity to the moon. «Not sure what I'm going to do there mind, but I'll find something. Fetch and carry for the scientists perhaps? Help work on the ancient sites. I dunno, like I said though, I'll find something and make it work.» He flashes her a faint smile, «shouldn't make me too hard to find if you need to.»

Another careful breath pulled in and held a moment before being released slowly. «Piraeus. Okay… okay…» Niamh shifts slightly, then sniffs and quickly wipes at her eyes, only then glancing up to give Toby a damp smile. «Well, Piraeus isn't too bad, and the C-Captain is there, t-too,» trailing off, she looks down again, murmering something under her breath, probably aimed at Toby, but somewhat incoherent, caught around a soft hiccup.

«She is,» Toby replies with a hint of amusement in his voice, «you know I'd not thoguth of that.» Well, he had, but he's trying to cheer her up a bit. «You jsut do me a favour and keep an eye on Wecott's Raptor for me would you? You know what pilots are like. Oh, and the new guy, Pratt, he's one of us, doesn't seem like too much of a .. well, pilot.» It's clear from the fact that the shelves around his bunk are almost empty that he doesn't have much he can pass on as a memento, but there is a photo tacked up from shortly after the cylons attacked, when he'd made it as far as Spree's forces on Picon. Reaching for it he tugs it down and offers it across, «shitty gift I know, but if you want it it's yours. Was just a few of us who used to catch scratch games of pyramid when we could.»

Niamh nods, pulling out her notebook and tugging a pen from her hair with trembling fingers. A few scratchy notes are made to help her remember. Thenthe notepad and pen are put away in their respective places. «I um… Pratt… Wescott's Raptor. Got it.» She accepts the photo when it's offered to her, and she blinks, staring down at it for a long moment. «Frak it…» She mumbles, suddenly scooting forward to try and give the grouchy man an insanely awkward hug. «I'm going to miss you.» Her sudden action probably doesn't draw too much attention, most folks know how strange the young woman is.

Toby accepts the hug, and while he doesn't exactly return it, he does lift the arm that's closest to her up to rest briefly on her shoulder. «I'll miss you do,» he says, «so I guess that means you're just going to have to come visit when you're in orbit.» Assuming she stays in of course. «I don't imagine I'll be too hard to find, it's not that big a town down there after all.»

Pulling back, Niamh blinks a couple times and blushing, mumbling an apology under her breath, clutching the photo in one hand and using her free hand to wipe at her face. Sniffing a bit and taking a deep breath, she nods. «I'm not going anywhere.» She says after composing herself somewhat. «I mean, Orion's my home now, there isn't anywhere else for me really…» Pulling back further, her legs swing back to the floor. «But yes… I'll definitely come by and visit when we're in the vicinity..» Offering him another smile, there's a moment of quiet, «You take care of yourself, Toby. Try not to get into too much trouble… you're a good person.»

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