AWD #273: I Just Want to be Clear
I Just Want to be Clear
Summary: Elias visits Ceres in the brig. He is convinced she can be returns to Sick Bay to recover from her injuries.
Date: 06/Oct/2013
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Ceres Elias 
The Brig
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
AWD #273 — Sun Oct 06

After their 'guest' has been moved, Elias does not return to the brig for about twenty-four hours, and though he looks a bit worn down, his appearance otherwise is much more pulled together. He's armed only with his clipboard under one arm and an ashtray in the opposite hand, and he spares only a quick glance towards Ceres' cell before he moves to the MPs. After a short and quiet conversation he sends the Marines to wait just outside the brig proper. Perhaps oddly, the MPs seem prepared for this and comply without comment. Has this happened enough to become SOP?

Ceres is resting on the bench in the cell, idling plucking at the collar of her shirt and the cut sleeve that allows for her shoulder to be seen. It is when the Captain enters that she rises slowly and stands, waiting as she notes the MP's and their movements. A brow raises, but she does not say a word, rather waiting patiently to be addressed. She looks just as worn, though her wound is healing fast enough. Her hair frays out from the high braid that trails down her back and her hand lifts to rub at her neck before she steps closer to the bars.

Only after the hatch clangs shut behind the departing guards does Elias turn back to Ceres. He considers her a moment, standing at the bars, then clears his throat quietly. "How are you feeling, Captain?" Of course it could be an innocuous pleasantry, but the Intel Officer is studying the Nine as if he expects to learn some deep secret from her response.

"I have had worse accommodations, sir, but thank you for asking," Ceres intones, lifting a brow as she studies the intel officer in turn. She can be just as quietly composed as he and possibly more so. Her staunch expression does not break for him. "I trust you have questions, perhaps we should get on to that so we can both attempt to smile." Her tone suggests she doesn't believe he ever smiles.

Elias does actually smile at that, but it's thin and somewhat forced, with only a trace of wry humor in it. "Yes," he agrees quietly. "That is true. I do have a great many question I'd like to ask you." He moves to one side, setting both clipboard and ashtray down. "But, let me start off with just one." With his hands free, Elias digs into his pocket for something as he starts to approach the bars of Ceres' cell. What has he got in his pocket? It's soon produced and offered to the 'prisoner'. A small note with a few lines of hand-writing on it. And of course Elias has moved well within grabbing distance to deliver it.

(OOC note: The paper is a note from Knox to Elias, confirming Ceres identity, which happens to contain the phrase "I'd bet my citizenship on it.")

Looking at the object, Ceres extends her hands through the bars and takes the note. Unfolding it, she glances over the handwriting, a brow rising. "How nice, he left you a note. I trust this was good enough for your approval, because he did seem in a hurry." She smiles though, vaguely as she eyes the note again and then folds it over, passing it back through to him, making no sudden movements forward. "I suppose you wish to ask me questions anyways while the bars separate us. Yet I will say again, if I really wanted to do harm to anyone, this cell would mean nothing."

Elias waits patiently while Ceres looks over the note, then takes it back when she offers. Her comments about the ability of the cell to restrain a Nine draws a small nod from Elias. "Oh, yes, I'm aware it wouldn't hold you for long. But it does make the crew feel safer." He carefully folds the note and puts it back in his pocket, and continues without bothering to step back. "I just wanted you to understand that Sergeant Knox was putting his citizenship on the line." That might be a /slightly/ too literal interpretation of what Knox wrote, but Elias does not bat an eye at taking it that way, or bother mincing words when he does. "There's only one other thing I'd like to ask of you, before we get you back to Sick Bay."

"I realize what he is risking, Captain, do not worry. I would not give him reason to ever doubt me, nor this crew. Which is why I am here…in this cell." She offers a faint smile and the nods her head to him. "Ask away, Captain. I have information for you as well, something that will benefit your people and those on Picon. But ask first and then I will give you whatever I can that will be of help." She motions for him to start, remaining upon her feet.

"I just want to be make things clear," Elias responds, still calm and even tempered. And while the offer of information gets an arch of his eyebrows, the Intel Officer is content to leave that until the other business is out of the way. He takes a deep breath, considers a moment, and then finally launches in. "I'd like to ask you to swear to me, in the name of your God, that you are Captain Ceres Garrido and that you intend no harm to this ship, her crew, or to the Colonial war effort." Is it a useless formality? You wouldn't know from the interest he clearly has in the Nine's response.

A soft sigh follows and she nods, Ceres rubs at her face briefly and then her neck before her dark eyes meet Elias'. Without flinching, she wets her lips and proceeds to swear. "I swear to you by all that is holy and true of the One God, Captain Gray, that I am Captain Ceres Delacroix. I have died once, my ex-husband has been freed by our binding so I was formerly Captain Ceres Garrido." She waits, eyebrow arched before asking, "I trust this serves you well enough?"

Elias's head tilts curiously as he listens to Ceres' oath, intent on remembering every word. And even when she's done, he still seems to be expecting something more. What exactly? Who knows. But he lets it go when Ceres ask if that will serve. "Yes, it will. Thanks for humoring me, Captain. And I'll put a note in your personnel file about the name change." He steps back and turns towards the hatch, calling out to the MPs. "Corporal of the Guard! We're done here!" And while he waits for them to re-enter the brig, Elias lowers his voice to speak to Ceres once more. "I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to accept an escort, and restrictions on your movement. At least until we can set up the tribunal."

"If that is all you wish, when do you wish me to give you the intel I have?" Ceres asks of him, a brow arching even as she looks up to watch the MP's reenter. "Yes well, I am certain I will become used to such things. Perhaps this time I will reach my tribunal. Here is to hoping," she dips her head and waits a moment before stepping up to the bars completely, her hand taking hold. "The info I have Captain…could give hope to you and yours as well as hit them where it will count. They are…flustered, Captain. They are on the defensive and spreading themselves thin and more of us are leaving their ranks daily."

Elias had been turning to speak to the MPs, but Ceres' words pull his attention back to the cell, and he listens intently to what she has to say. "I see," is his only response for a good few seconds. This leaves the Marine guards standing in the hatch, wondering what they're supposed to do now, but they're well trained enough to stay focused on their job, and the prisoner. "Flustered," Elias muses. While that should be relatively good news, he doesn't seem terribly pleased about it. "I just hope we can end this before that becomes 'desperate', Captain."

"It might already be there, sir….but you are not alone anymore," Ceres reassures, a gleam entering her dark eyes. "But whatever we need to do for me to pass this on. I can't stay here for long, Captain. I need to return to my sisters, to lead them. They look to me to make certain our moves are with the least amount of losses. The more we lose, the more obvious it become we are traitors to those of our kin. This is…it is important for us all." She looks past him to the MP's and pulls back from the bars, letting her hands fall away.

There is no surprise in Elias' expression as Ceres discusses her sisters, or her need to rejoin them. "I've spoken to a few of your Sister's already, Captain. To say they've been helpful would be an understatement." His voice is still pitched low, and he has not yet called the guards forward. "And of course we can all use some good news. But was there anything more specific you wanted to tell me?"

"There is plenty to tell you, Captain, but not here. It may be best to discuss this somewhere more secure. You have me here, I won't be hard to find and I think the sooner the better." This she admits with a faint smile. "I am glad they could be so obliging. Those that came know what the crew has meant to myself and to Knox. I do not think any have taken it lightly, knowing what a real life could mean for them, rather than constant sacrifice for no gain for themselves."

Elias nods slowly at the offer to discuss thing further, then frowns thoughtfully when Ceres uses the phrase 'a real life.' But he passes it off quickly enough, forcing a wan smile. Just a hint of nervousness there. "There's just one thing…" Elias says as he takes a step away from the bars, clasping his hands loosely behind his back. "You left off part of that oath I asked you to swear, Captain. The bit about intending no harm to the ship, her crew, or the human war effort?" He's now watching Ceres very, very carefully. "Would you mind?"

A brow lofts, "I missed that it seems…forgive me." Ceres motions and then nods, saying with as much grave earnest meaning behind her words as we before. "I swear on the one God that I will intend no harm to the ship, crew or the human war effort. Or humans in general." She meets his gaze, that speculative study he gives her. "For as long as I continue to live."

Elias relaxes, arms shifting to hang at his side, while the Marines look on uneasily. The Intel Officer exhales slowly. "Thank you." And he does sound quite relieved. "I suppose I'll just have to try and keep you alive as long as possible then, won't I?" He half-turns to beckon the MPs forward. "We're taking Captain Delacroix back to Sick Bay. Her movements are restricted to the medical area, for now."

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