MD #181: I Have Been Notified
I Have Been Notified
Summary: Lleufer has an update for Toby regarding his request to transfer to the CMC
Date: 06/10/2017
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Lleufer Toby 
Master-At-Arms - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
A small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floor space is taken up by a desk with chairs on either side and filing cabinets. There is a coffee maker on low cabinet with a tray of cups and condiments. A large flat screen for meetings to project maps and charts from the Master at Arm's data terminal covers one grey bulkhead. Wall file slots for blank forms are mounted by the hatch beside the current MP roster. A large black and white aerial recon shot shows destruction of a city where Marines made intense battle. The caption reads: 'Santos Ridge, Picon, Liberated 0935 13 OCT 2005. 2500-3000 Centurions destroyed.'

Lleufer has been back and forth a lot, between the planet and the ship, staying busy with his Security duties. About to go back down on another Raptor later today, Ynyr is in ground combat fatigues but without his gear. His cover and sunglasses lay on his desk so he doesn't forget them as he flips through papers on a clipboard and stops by the wall to check off his 'To Do' list for the day. MP schedules for next week are done. Check. Today's security concerns addressed on ship, check. Shackleton due to show up any moment. Lleu checks his chrono and turns to lay his clipboard on this desk, then goes over to pull Toby's file out of his locked cabinet. A cup of coffee sits ignored on the corner of his desk, already drunk down to the dregs.

Toby has been at work on the hanger floor, everyone in marineland can tell that by the way he crossed to the Master at Arms' office still in his orange coveralls, and smelling ever so faintly of tylium. That, and his hands are filthy. Having been summoned he kicks his toecaps against the hatch to save smearing too much grease higher up then steps inside and looks to Lleu, "you wanted to see me?" There's a certain nervousness to his tone. He knows he's done nothing wrong, recently, so it's more nervous excitement, but it's there.

Shackelton's file is brought out, a fairly thick one compared to some he's had lately. Lleufer drops it on his desk and picks up his coffee cup, then glances at how empty it is. His head turns as the Devil himself shows up, right on time. "Come on in. Close the hatch and have a seat, Shackleton. You want a cup of coffee?" As for himself, the Gunny goes over to pour himself a cup straight and black. Not a lot left in his pot. "Your file's one hell of a read, and thicker now, Psyche eval has finally completed their study."

Toby grabs a rag out of his pocket and uses it to cover his hand as he closes the hatch, then gives both hands a good wipedown with it before tossing it in the bin. "Sure," he replies to the offer of coffee, "less than 50% viperfuel is hard to come by down the way." His hands are still grotty as anything, but at least the worst is gone as he takes the seat offered and eyes the file a moment. "Kept 'em busy did it?" he quips, "anything good in there I should know about?"

Ynyr glances over his shoulder and grimaces, "Tillium smells bad enough. I couldn't stand it as a flavouring for my coffee." Lleu pours a second cup into a clean mug, then brings it over to hand to Toby. Soiled hard working hands don't bother the Marine Gunny. He parks his arse on the edge of his desk and sips his drink before he answers. "Yeah. Some of it I knew already, but … well, let's say it explains a few things I didn't understand as well as I thought I did, about you." Lleufer's mouth is grim, "Anyway, you can put in a request to see what's in your file now it's been so thoroughly updated." His own cup of coffee is set down on his desk, "I am disappointed to have to inform you that your psyche evals aren't going to allow your transfer. Our temporarily assigned Marine CO is nixing it, and as Master-at-Arms in charge of ship's security, I just can't in good faith try to fight it. I am sorry, Shackleton." Strange as it may be coming from Lleu, it sounds like he may actually mean that. Despite the huge pain in his ass Toby has been over the years.

Work with it enough and it doesn’t smell at all," Toby replies with a slight grin, lifting a hand up to his nose to sniff it then shrug, as if to prove his point. He says nothing more are the coffee is passed though, taking a sip instead, "not bad, missing that metallic taste though.." At the mention of needing to put in a request to see the file on the desk he raises an eyebrow slightly, but as Lleu keeps going he doesn’t say anything yet. No a word, he's too busy reeling from the verbal gut-punch. Shock, disbelief, both flash quickly over his features, hurt, loss, then a splash of anger and he's leaning forwards to set the mug on the desk, to the side of Lleu's leg so he can stand. "Why?" he asks bluntly, "what do they say about me?" His eyes scan the marine's, looking for anything really, anything at all. "What.." the question dies in his mouth as his emotions start to oscillate wildly between gut-wrenching loss and sheer blind range. He's got it reined in for now, but mostly likely it'll go one way or the other shortly.

If it was anybody else, Ynyr would step forward and put a hand to Toby's shoulder to quiet him, to steady him. But as it's Shackleton, Lleu aborts that thought and keeps his place leaning against his desk and refuses to tense up. "Some of it's the usual objections, concerning your past on Tauron. Your past anti-Colonialism, and especially your anti-Marine sentiments. Additionally, your problem with authority, and difficulty in following orders. Keeping discipline. Which, I have to admit, are -my- primary concerns. You argue and refuse orders in a combat mission and people, including yourself, are liable to get themselves shot. So in that respect, psyche eval says you are totally unreliable. But more, they are deeply concerned about your anger issues." The Gunny shifts his jaw, "I think any fighting man needs an outlet, a focus to unleash his anger. Getting you into combat would give you that, but … not at the risk of Marine lives and mission objectives." Ynyr thins his mouth, "You did damned well on Aerilon at Pliss. At best, we may be able to get you in on more ground missions that need techs, but I can't do more than that. I'm sorry."

There's very few people who Toby would let touch him right now, and Lleu chooses right. Whatever steps have been made in the past month or so to improve the relationship between them, he's a long way off that point. "Tauron was a long time ago," he mutters, not really able to talk louder for fear of his voice breaking, "so very long ago. I thought perhaps long enough.." He doesn't look at Lleu at all, starting off with a glance towards the file, and then lifting his gaze to a spot on the back wall over the marine's shoulder that he can focus on. "Unreliable," he repeats once the litany is complete, still talking barely over a mutter, for some reason that one seems to have cut deep, and he looks down as he attempts to process any of it. "Well then," he starts again, stuffing his hands deep into the pockets of his coveralls, "probably best I don't waste any more fo your time. Will your lot tell the Chief, or do I have to?"

Lleufer thins his mouth, "So was your dishonourable discharge, but the military never forgets. I guess they have to look at the whole picture. You aren't the only one. Everything that's in /my/ record, or good or ill, never goes away either." Like, his having attempted suicide. A big black mark Ynyr wishes like hell he could blot away. A slow deep breath, "Your file's right there. You can look at it but I can't let you take it. You know how the military requires paperwork for everything, including your requesting a personal copy." Which may well be edited. "I'm sure they have already notified her officially, but it would still be a good idea if you follow up with her. There will be an official letter in your inbox you and see have to sign off on as having been notified."

Toby is still firmly of the opinion that he was entirely right to go for Kapali that night, it's only what happened once Lleu got involved that he regrets, so bring up the DD just gets a momentary look of displeasure at having it brought up before he crosses to the blank forms by the door. Pulling one out, and plucking a pen from one of the holder-loops on his arm, he flips it over to the blank side, leans it against the bulkhead and writes, 'I have been notified' before pressing his thumb against it to form a print from the imbedded grease. Turning to hand it across he says simply, "why drag the sorry mess out longer than it has to. There you go, if it's done then it's done." It's not anger in his tone, nor exactly resignation, but it's more the latter than the former. Slipping the pen back he starts to open the hatch, pausing briefly to look over his shoulder at the mater at arms and offer a moment of recognition, "thanks though, thanks for trying." And for not just laughing in his face, that he can't say out loud.

The Gunner grimaces at the signature and thumb print on the back of one of his forms, "You know that doesn't count for beans. File the correct form that's already in your inbox." Lleu drops his own gaze to the floor of his office until Toby stops in the hatch. He gives Shackleton an upnod, "I won't forget your effort either. You aren't a bad man, Shackleton. You do damn fine work and I won't ever forget what you and Yates did at Pliss. You have /my/ thanks for that."

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