AWD #165: I Don't Like Talking About Monsters
I Don't Like Talking About Monsters
Summary: Mahasti and Toby talk about monsters, amongst other things.
Date: 20/Jun/2013
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Toby Mahasti 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Library
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
AWD #165

It's morning. A little after breakfast but not yet time for minds to start turning towards lunch. Those on early shift are hard at work while others make use of a few hours free time to exercise, relax, read or complete any number of other tasks that might be required of them. Toby is in the library, and given that he's not in his coveralls it would appear that this is extra-curricular reading rather than something for his day to day work. Infront of him are spread several sheets of paper and the odd book which he seems to be dipping in and out of while making a few notes in a little notepad that rests next to is right hand. Not just reading then, study.

Mahasti is quiet, slipping in to look for something to read. She pauses "Hello." she almost whispers to him, passing him to look over some older books. She touches over the spine of a novel, two fingers resting in its place as she reads the back, thoughtfully. She replaces it, fingers to touch along the surface of the shelf "I .. apologize for offending you yesterday." she offers towards him, keeping her voice soft and polite, fingers taking another book off to read the back of it, a slight smile crossing her face. She holds the book, pulling it to her chest.

The material infront of Toby seems to be a mix of chemistry and biology, and by the frown that creases his forehead it's clear that a lot of his is above his head. Hearing another arrive he glances up briefly and gives Mahasti a vague nod before reaching for the relative safety of a familiar COSHH sheet, chlorine as it happens, and starts to read that. As the officer speaks again he glances over once more, setting the sheet down infront of him as he does so. Rubbing his eyes a moment he then waves away the apology, "you didn't offend, they did. So long as we're all working against them then thats all that matters."

Mahasti smiles "You left looking like you were going to pop someone." she offers "I was a little worried." she offers. She looks over the sheet "May I ask what you are studying today?" she asks, curiously, her own reading is just a crappy romance novel - something to be devoured as a distraction. "I don't really want to talk about them, if its okay with you. I don't like talking about monsters." she whispers, keeping her voice low.

"If one of the ones onboard had crossed my path I might have," Toby admits with the faintest of shrugs. It certainly doesn't seem that such an action would be anything he'd loose sleep over, even if it would like as not land him in the brig a while. Waving a ahnd over the documents infront of him he answer simply, "prep work for Picon, got to cover all eventualities and there's too much other stuff to be doing to take study time during my shift."

Mahasti takes a breath "Take a small first aid kit with you, even though you aren't a medic. Take a few meal bars, okay?" she asks softly. "I'm not sure what to make of them, to be honest." She takes a piece of candy out of her pocket "It pisses me off that we're treating them better than non violent criminals." she admits. She takes a moment unwrapping her candy to pop it in her mouth, taking one out of her pocket to offer to him "You must be smart to do all this prep work." she offers, just sort of observing the sheets. She isn't really familiar with them, she only deals with medical reports.

"I'll likely not be going," Toby replies, leaning back a little in his chair as it becomes apparent that this is likely to be an actual conversation rather than a few words in passing. "That sort of thing is for the flyboys or the groundpounders." There's a faint shrug before he half snorts, half chuckles, at her coments regarding the skin jobs. "Brass like 'em, so we have to play nice, otherwise they'd've been out the airlock a long time ago. Thankfully, they avoid Deck, get the feeling they know what sort of reception they'd get if they poked their noses in." Then shaking his head he finishes with, "not so much smart, more too dumb to get out of the way when they were looking. That and being just about the lowerst rank in the hanger meaning there's no one for me to pass it onto."

Mahasti chuckles "Its my job not to be a bitch." she offers bluntly, sitting down "Its quite bothersome at times. You've no idea how many times I've come close to punching people down there." she offers, grinning. She pauses "Well we all get crappy jobs sometimes. I'm the newest doctor and not a surgeon." she offers. "Ah so you fell victim to the lead or get out of the way policy." she offers, chuckling. She hums "Your name is Toby, right?" she asks, after a moment.

"More I fell victim to the 'people of higher rank get to tell people of lower rank what to do' policy," Toby replies with a relaxed shrug, "I hear it's one of those military things." No matter what the reason he's doing the reserach it doesn't seem to be bothering him overly. He raises an eyebrow faintly as she mentions his name, then gives a slight nod, "readin gup on me eh?"

Mahasti laughs "No. I just don't want to be one of those cliche doctors that can't remember anybody's name!" she offers "Besides, eventually you'll need to come in and I should know your name. Do I need to snoop on you?" she asks, looking around, smiling "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. I can piss off." she offers, gesturing at the door. "I just have been with Marines for the last few months and I have been starving for talking. 'ngg' 'move' 'move it' not conservationally gifted folk on the front lines." she offers, half teasing.

"No offense Doc," Toby replies, resting his hands on the table infront of him, "but I'm hoping we never meet in your professional capacity. I've avoided such things so far and intend to do my best to see that that continues." There's a proper grin at the talk of the marines though, "yeah, they can be like that. As I said yesterday about remembering their own names.."

Mahasti chuckles "I'm not a scalpel jockey, I'm the doctor that hands out little combs and special shampoo." she offers, dryly. "Surgeons are that way too." she quips, softly, "Insert scalpel, position infront of flesh, allow 1-48 hours for hacking to be complete." she offers, folding her legs. "My favorite marine line is 'move your stupid ass.' she offers with a grin." because clearly as a doctor she's an idiot.

"Well, if they reckon you think with you arse then I suppose it explains why some of 'em spend so long kissing each other's," Toby answers, evidently amused, "that or thsy just got the ends mixed up. Who knows?" There's a slightly questioning look at the mention of little combs and special shampoo before he decides he doesn't want to know and just shakes his head.

Mahasti holds up a hand "I'm the everyday doctor, not the wrist deep in your guts doctor." she offers "People are gross." she comments with a nose scrunch "I'm kind of glad that a doctorette is a doctorette is a doctorette, it really keeps a lot of that ass kissing to a strict 'I need a big favor' basis." she offers. She pauses "Marines like to do a solid 3 Fs." she offers, grinning "Feast. Fight. and you guess the last one, alright?"

"Still going to be avoiding you whenever possible," Toby replies with an nod of acknowledgement, "no offence. Still I guess that at least means that you know if I do end up your way then it's not time wasting or such." He then tilts his head, pretending to ponder what the third F could be before offering innocently, "frakking things up?"

Mahasti pauses "FOUR Fs!" she jokes, laughing "I don't care if you waste my time. Its all I have left, I might as well share it." she offers with a shrug, taking her sucker out for a moment before jingling it just slightly before replacing it. She looks amused "How about you don't waste my time when I'm on duty but you feel free to waste it when I'm off duty, hm?"

"Don't think most of 'em can count that high," Toby answers, then pauses for a moment before raising his hand infront of him. "No, wait, they might be able to manage five." A point he illustrates by pointing to each finger and thumb in turn. "Off duty? Oh I don't waste time off duty," he continues with a smile before waving his hand over the papers again, "look, see. No time wasting here, just hard work and the occasional game of Pyramid. There's no time to waste, there's a war on don't you know."

Mahasti pauses "I never really played pyramid, or triad much. I'm inept, aren't I? I just sat like a shut in with my violin and played with cameras and read about the human body. I'm quite boring. I can't swim much either." she nose scrunches. "I like getting to know people, so I guess ultimately it isn't a waste maybe?" she sort of seems to be thinking for now.

"Swimming is over-rated," Toby replies matter-of-factly, it would be fair to guess that he's not the water type either. "Just don't admit you're bad at triad too loudly, or there'll be people offering to teach you so they can cream off whatever you're prepared to bet. Ain't many free games around these days, even for beginners."

Mahasti laughs a bit "I've only played it a couple times in medschool. I'd be more impressed with my bank account if I had something to do with it. Its about as useful to me as a life jacket in the middle of the mountains on Tauron." she admits, she has a point, there are very few things to spend money on these days, and given he's only seen her in sweats and scrubs? She probably doesn't wear a lot of high end fashion.

"Stay away from the Air Wing then," Toby advises, "they're like sharks for fresh blood when the cards come out. Must be all that sitting around on their arse that they call being on duty." Glancing up to the clock he makes note of the time then glances back to his sheets once more. "Hate to do this to you Doc, but I'd best be getting back to this or it'll never get done."

Mahasti stands up, patting his shoulder once gently "Careful with the chlorine, ok? You might make a few marines vanish if you dump it on them." she jokes. "Being a doctor means never running out of coffee." she pauses. "Good luck, if you need something for eye strain later, let me know, I'll bring you some acetaphetamine and prescribe you a nap." she offers, chipperly, clearly joking. She checks out her book and heads off. Likely off duty but oncall at all hours.

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