AWD #083: I am Trying to Watch This
I am trying to watch this.
Summary: Diomedes has to put up with conversations about pyramid, cylons and the destruction of Tauron while he just tries to watch a film in peace.
Date: 30/03/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recreation location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #83

Another day in the Rec Room. The place is never empty, but it's not terribly crowded at the moment, either. Phin, for his part, does not appear to mind the relative quiet. He's gotten himself a cup of coffee and is browsing the available books and magazines. It's getting to a point where there's not much available he hasn't read, but he looks anyhow.

Another day and another shift in the bays over with. So far since coming off duty Toby has showered, eaten and is not doing his best to throughly ignore the procedures manual he has open on his lap. He'd come to the rec room to read it as there was someone snoring away in the birthings, but it seems that here is little better. Eventually, having managed half a page in about an hour he closes the folder and sets it down beside his feet, then pushes himself upright and goes to grab a coffee. Hopefully it wasn't Morgan that made it this time.

In snuggly sweats, Diomedes wasn't far behind Toby. Head cleanly shaven the wings on his head seem in particular contrast. Dark against his naturally tanned skin, the tattoo was easily visible on his now well shined head. He heads towards coffee, filling a cup before grabbing a bag of Sweet-N-Salty snacks and stuffing it into his pocket before he goes to find an unused television, and a sofa. He claims each for himself, sandal clad feet up and crossed at the ankle while he sets a movie to play. Some awful little wanna-be horror film that was more unintentional comedy than true horror.

"It's not great, but it's no worse than usual," Phin comments to Toby, when he sees him approaching the coffee pot. "Take it with two or three sugars, can't really tell." He sips from his own cup, a ceramic blue mug with the 'Argentum Bay Silverstars' Pyramid team logo on it. And then goes back to frowning at the available magazines. He finally picks up an issue of 'Colonial Geographic' with a cover story about spelunking into the caverns of Aquaria. It was months outdated even before the worlds were blasted.

Toby eyes the coffee pot, eyes Phin, then eyes the coffee pot again. He seems unconvinced but then there's not much else really so he pours himself a cup anyway. "Silverstars fan then eh?" he starts, attempting to be conversational, "shame, they had great potential with the youngsters coming thorough, just needed a new coach. How long had they had their old guy now?" Dio is given a brief nod as he's spotted and taking his coffee with him he goes to grab the folder he'd left and make for a seat close to his fellow deckie.

Dio gives a nod up towards his fellow Deckhand and Tauron, as he pulls the snack out of his pocket and sets the coffee on a nearby end table, gets comfortable and begins to watch the hilara-bad movie in question. "Here we go." he says, largely to himself as he crunches away on that mixture of salt and sweet in his snacks, sipping coffee. He half listens into conversations happening elsewhere in the Rec-room. Feeling out the general 'stress' of the crew, and getting an idea of how things were going.

"They totally could've taken the title this year, if the season hadn't been frakked," Phin replies wry to Toby. "But, yeah. Home team, so it's not like I'm unbiased. A new coach probably wouldn't have hurt. It's not like Trayhan hadn't had his chances. And with the forward line they had, they should've made it way farther in the post season than they had the last few years." He does not look exactly unstressed, but he's happy to keep the conversation light. His neck does crane a little to the vid Diomedes has put on the screen.

Toby rolls his eyes a little then shakes his head, "I said they had potential but there was no way there were ever going to win the title. Too inexperienced a defence. A year or two down the line and they'd've had a change at challenging but I reckon even the Reds would have beaten 'em this season." He takes a sip of the coffee, which proves to be foul, and then sets it down within reach of Dio should he wish to claim it for himself. "Still, at least you're not trying to tell me that the Stallions were dead certs, so I can still respect your opinions a little."

"See, this is why I don't talk sports." Diomedes said- he had his own coffee that he happily sipped away at, with his snacks resting at his side on the sofa. "Particularly sports that ain't goin' no where. If you folks like Pyramid so much you should set up a few teams and play it yourselves." Diomedes just clicks the volume up a few bars on the Television. Laughing as some very badly put together monster appears on screen. Clearly some dude in a badly made suit.

"The Reds? No way," Phin scoffs. "They fall apart in the post. Especially once injuries start piling up, the way they play. The 'Stars've got finesse." He drinks of his coffee, which he's acclimated enough not to wince at. "I wouldn't be so quick to respect my opinions just now. But thanks. You work the Deck, right?" The recognition is there, but it's vague. He half turns to Diomedes. "Maybe we should. Get some pick-up games together, I mean. People keep talking about it, but it hasn't happened yet. There's a full court down on the planet."

If Toby had a ball to hand he'd bounce it off Dio's head, but alas he doesn't so he contents himself grinning at the man instead, looking far more relaxed than he has in days really. "Yeah, but at least you don't do sports while supporting the right team, so we can let you off." Turning back to Phin he nods at the question, "yeah, survival systems, mostly Raptors for now. You're right though, we should, we did on Picon and it worked well. I think someone said there was a court in the fitness centre as well, there's certainly the posts for it."

The presence of the CAG used to be a nice thing. But with all hell breaking loose as of late, Zachary isn't as warmly welcomed as he once was. "You wanted to talk, Lieutenant?" is offered formally to Phin as soon as he lays eyes on the young man.

Diomedes turned the television down when some big-brass made himself known. Still, the badly made horror movie had Dio laughing again, "Ah. Just so awful. Looks like the bloated corpse of Hannah Trojana.." he grins to himself, as he crunches away- leaving his thoughts for Phin for after Zach has said his piece.

"The court on Piraeus is bigger, but the center'd work in a pinch," Phin says to Toby. "Oh yeah. You're one of the new guys from Picon." Pause. Gulp of coffee. "So…what's Picon like, really?" He tries to ask subtly, but subtle kind of fails. At the sound of Zachary's voice, his posture snaps straighter. It's almost attention, though he restrains himself from saluting in the Rec Room. It is quick and tense enough to slosh his coffee onto his hand. It's not too hot, fortunately. "Uh. Sir. Yes, sir."

"Good. Step into my office." Zachary offers as he gestures his way out of the recreation hall. "Which for the moment is right outside of this door." Whatever Phin expected? It's probably worse. The CAG's expression is a flat line. No smiles are offered, that usual reassurance in his eyes is dead and gone.

"Probably easier to get teams together up here though," Toby replies, "without having to start ferrying people around in the Raptors." As for Picon he simply shrugs, "wasn't there long and most of that was at Colonel Spree's HQ. Not a bad place, as I said, we almost had an unofficial league going by the time I left." He leaves it there though as Zachary arrives, turning back to Dio;s film to let the officers talk.

"Can I have fifteen, sir?" Phin asks, putting down his coffee cup so he doesn't drop it. "I just need to grab something from the berths. I think…I think you've got the wrong idea about what it is I wanted to do and I'd like to actually show you, if I could. Respectfully, sir."

"Fifteen. Briefing room." Zachary's tone is efficent and clipped. Once the agreement is made, the Colonel turns and briskly leaves the room, expression stern. As if the whole world may come down on Phin's poor head at the moment. Just ignore the fact that the CAG is actively carrying a sidearm these days.

"Bird's brains got something to talk about." Dio said with a wry smile towards Toby. "So, Toby, how you liking it so far on deck?" the Specialist wondered. Dio didn't care about a sidearm- he didn't carry one of his own. Not while he had paper cups and plastic trays to defend himself with.

"Looks like," Toby confirms, peering at the screen a moment to see if what looks like a badly spraypainted rubbish bin on legs is actually what it appears to be. "Got to love the high budget effects eh?" he offers before shruging at the question. "It's different, managed to avoid having to go up to the landing zone yet so thats a plus. I'm kinda used to working on my own though, so all the hustling about is hard to get used to."

"Yeah, the pace of work on Deck can take some getting used to." Dio agrees, "But, there's plenty of places you can hide out, if you're smart enough to look busy." he says, with a little grin. "I'm lucking out with light duty for a couple of weeks." he taps his side. "Stitches can't be let to rip now, can they?" he chuckles at the 'monster' on the screen. "I prefer bad movies."

"I prefer a few decent beers and a good woman," Toby replies with a wry grin, "looks like you're in for more luck." Settling properly into his seat he continues, "you do Raptors? Vipers? The lot? They haven't let me loose on a viper yet but I reckon they just want to make sure I've got Raptors sorted first. One at a time like. I'm just hoping the Viper manuals as thinner, I swear I don't think I ever so much in my life as I have this past week or two."

"If it flies, I fix it." Diomedes said, with a wave of his hand. "I'm a mechanic, the machine bits need to be cleaned, or replaced- That's what I do." he shrugs quietly, at that. "Anyways, its not that hard. You'll get the hang of it- of course, I don't work on life-support too often. Mostly, all Mechanical."

Toby nods to that, then blinks at the screen as some indeterminant body part flies across the shot. "Oxygen calcs are a bitch and a half," he replies, turning back to Dio, "but the nuts and bolts stuff is similar enough to stuff I've done before. Guess it'll come with time." There's a brief pause and then, dropping his voice quieter he asks, "you worked on the Toaster's viper?"

"I've worked on just about every Viper." Dio says, as his eyes slide over towards Toby. "But, since I've been shot, I ain't worked on whole machines. Mostly part pickin' and some cleaning work. Lube-jobs and whatnot." he says, "Don't think I'll be workin' on a Toaster's bird, just figure some excuse to work on birds that deserve my work."

Toby nods silently at that, before replying, "yeah, I was thinking I'd likely not were it a Raptor pilot. There's plenty of other birds need working on after all. Never a quiet moment and all that." Seemingly a little heartened that others are thinking the same way he then continues, "I was thinking 'bout what you said in the birthings, an' I reckon I do want the colonial banner somewhere on my skin. Bygones are bygones and there are too few left to start getting stuck in the past."

<Well.> Dio began switching to Tauron- still whispered., <If that's what you want- that's what you'll get.> The Tauron said to his countryman. <It ain't no thing. But, skuttlebutt is the Old Man is protecting the skins. Don't know why, mind you, makes me wonder if he ain't one of them.> This, of course, was said very quietly. <And that other one is still on the loose. Who knows where he got off to. Frakin' marines lost him in the hall.> Those brown eyes slide again towards Toby. <You keep that sort of talk quiet, with that in mind.> he offered as way of advice to his fellow Tauron, in their native tongue. <And certainly don't be sayin' it in standard.>

Toby switches easily back into his native tongue. <Load of good Taurans died under that flag and their souls are screaming just as loud as those who wanted else.> Thankfully in space though no one can hear souls screaming, 'cept maybe priests. He nods at the remarks reagarding the Toasters though, all previous frivoloty gone from his expression and his tone. <There's an unhappy thought, but if he's one then how come we're still going, surely we'd be surrounded by basestars by now? Was talking to a couple of marines yesterday, just said the seach was 'ongoing' or some crap like that. Wouldn't even use the two we definitely have to bait it out of hiding.>

Dio gives a little shrug. <Not a clue.> still speaking the native Tauron dialect. <But, could be something else, even. Maybe we're what's left. All that's left, and this is some fraked up Toaster-Zoo.> he says, with a shake of his head. <As for the search, I'll leave that up to the jarheads. I did my part. They just got to find the dude with a huge dent in the back of his head. Ain't no human could have taken a hit like that.> he just gives a sigh, a quiet thing. <I'm fed up with toasters. Talkin' about toasters. Hittin' toasters. I just want this shit to be done and overwith. But, those sacks of tacks done made our homes unlivable. Tauron's surface is /molten/. Ain't nothing alive down there. And Minos? They was left to suffer.>

<I'm fed up of Toasters too,> Toby agrees almost sombrely, <but there are billions of souls out there that need us to deal with 'em. I saw what they did to Tauron and I heard what they did to Minos,> he pauses there, just for a moment of silent respect, then starts to change the topic. <What do you want to talk about then? Or should I just shut the frak up and let you finish your film?>

Dio's mood has clearly turned more sour as toasters and the fact he might be required to repair one's Viper has become the topic of conversation, followed close behind with the destruction of Tauron and Minos. His Minos. <Just hang out, brother. I just want to watch bad films, and laugh, and forget for a little while.>

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