MD #186: I. Am. Adopted.
I. Am. Adopted.
Summary: The Master at Arms visits Emily. She tries to recall memories and realizes something terrifying.
Date: 10/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Emily Miri 
Orion Brig
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
MD #186

She's been quite easy to take care of. Emily's requests have been fairly simple. Bathing at regular intervals and little else. Being polite is probably a nice change for an inmate. Her clothes have all been folded at one end of the bed and the colonial gear brought to her is still sitting on the duffel on the floor at the end. The tablet still doesn't have network access so most of her time is spent in silence, staring at the floor. It has to be immensely boring, especially for this long. But endure it she does and without complaint. At the moment she is sitting on the bed, where she has been for hours, barely having moved except for the more occasional pacing. Her right hand goes into a tremble every now and again but otherwise things are very quiet.

There is the sound of the hatch opening and then sealing, and low voices. One of those voices she will know belongs to that pointy elf demon they call the Master-at-Arms. Lleufer Ynyr hasn't been around to bother her since the fallout with Atticus at the Recovery Ward. After signing in, Lleu comes down the corridor with another MP who moves to unlock the cell for Ynyr. The Gunnery Sergeant seems to be carrying a box. People have been coming and going to collect Emily's clothing to take it away for washing and then bringing it back, but this is something else today.

When there's a sound to the hatch, the woman turns her head in the lead, then slowly rises to face that direction. She straightens her dress and moves to stand towards the rear of the room like the MP's usually ask when they come to the cell to deliver food. Seeing who it is, a brow lofts and she lifts her chin. "Gunree Lleufer." Like 'Sir Atticus', title and first name. Well, most of his title. Sort of. She's trying. "You look well." Its a diplomatic opening.

The MP opens the cell door, satisfied that Emily is staying back. Lleufer comes on in and then the woman as well. The Corporal closes the cell door behind them and she remains by the door to wait and watch while Lleu brings the box in further. He sets it down on the end of Emily's bunk, "It's not been my best week. But then, I expect it hasn't been your best week either." The box's folded top is opened up, "Since you are likely to be staying with us a while, I've brought you a few things." Lleufer lifts up an envelope, a small square one with things printed on it. There are several of them in the box, among other things. "I brought you data for the tablet. Music, some literature for reading, and some films for entertainment. Things that should be safe enough, especially if you aren't about to get too scandalized by women doing things as equals with their male counterparts. There's also things in here the gals around the ship have been gathering for you. Lotion, there's a candy bar, a better comb and brush and some things to help you with your hair." Lleu glances at her, "I guess it must not be easy when you are used to having people to help you dress." All those laces up the back of her corsets and dresses.

Lleufer's initial words are greeted with a long breath. "We have much to learn about each other. I suppose mistakes are inevitable on both sides. After much deliberation I have decided that you are not to blame, to my mind. You are not ignorant, just unknowing. I think that I should ask you in advance for your forgiveness where I shall make terrible mistakes." Her tone isn't from a higher post, but more hopeful. She isn't ignorant, either. Just unknowing. When the box is opened she goes to her toes and peeks from her distant location, not moving from her place. "Music, books, and …films." She looks down, trying to place the term. "Moving art? Like a painting. ..Moving pictures! Movies!" She claps her hands in celebration. Dots connected! "Thanks to you, Gunree Lleufer. So many." She holds her folded hands up in front of her. Annnnd more is coming out. This is Saturnalia. She wants to play with all of it. The last gets a low, mirthful laugh from her smiling face, "We would always joke that our clothing was complicated because the men wanted us to keep busy. Toiling, idle minds, that sort. I admit, I have not looked my most masterful since I lost my lady in waiting. …But as I am already in a rather judgmental setting, I gather that whether or not I am laced makes as much a difference." The smile holds, though. High spirits are a nice change.

Soon as he has made his explanation, Lleufer is about to turn and simply depart. Then Emily is being .. very civil, not at all cold. So he waits as he listens to her, briefly wary. "You can come over and look through the box. If you don't know how to use these things with the tablet, we can show you." He gives her a nod about moving pictures but hasn't decided right off what or anything he should say about mistakes and forgiveness, yet. Ynyr watches her excitement. He turns and motions the other MP to step out and he moves to follow but stops at the door. Lleufer makes sure it is secure and then leans against it without stepping out of her cell. "We can bring you some easy, comfortable things to wear but only if you want them."

Lleufer gives her permission and she moves slowly over, not wanting to get too close. It seems she's connected the dots about keeping out of arms reach. She picks up some of the thumbdrives and shakes them, not sure what to do with them. "Aye, yes, I will need some help to figure this out. I've not seen anything like this since I was very young." She is young. Memories and time are relative. But then she takes up the lotion and opens it, sniffing it to some delight. "Plastic. So rare and valuable." Happysigh. The last offer has her look over, bottle held to her chest. "I have these uniforms here at the foot of my bed. I'm afraid I feel awkward with them. Men's clothes, but they fit for women." There's a humored wariness, like she understands that she is ridiculous to the Colonials. "I do have a request, though. I understand that it may not be something you can do, but I need to ask." The bottle is placed down and she faces him squarely. "My legs and back are stiff. I feel as a caged animal. Is there any way I could walk? Anywhere safe for me to just.. walk? It can be alone with your guards, I will not protest. I will even wear these uniforms if you request it, though I would warn you I am much slower in a dress. Your ship was not designed for royal garb, clearly. How dreadful." Holy shit, she's making a joke.

Ynyr leans against the cell's door and watches her but says nothing at all until her request. "Your loose clothing, your dresses, are considered very unsafe on board the ship. Snag on things. This ship has a lot of moving parts like emergency barriers, some of the hatches are automated, machinery that is exposed. Same reason we don't wear long, loose hair or dangly jewelry. It can get you killed in space." Lleu shifts his jaw, "I am considering allowing you restricted movement on this deck, with MP escort. I need clear it with my superiors."

This is an explanation that Emily had clearly not considered. "Oh." She looks down at her dress and runs her hand over it. "But its pretty," she mutters to herself. "I like pretty things." She makes a face and nods in resignation. "If you request I wear your clothes for my safety, I shall do so. ..As long as nobody takes my dresses. I love them. I thought I had lost them." She flits a hand, "I know, nobody will take them but-" Emily lets off a long breath and her hand starts to tremble visibly. She frowns down at it and hugs it to her midsection, attempting to hide it. "I am scared, Gunree Lleufer. I have begun to see how much I have been lied to. I am unsure whom to trust or what is real anymore. You all have been very kind, but I am very far from home and… I am not being eaten by elves or tortured and humiliated by enemies of the Skath. Imagine being on my world and in our custody and being treated as I have been, being told everything was a lie." She opens and closes the hand, trying to get it to stop, to no avail. "Walking helps me think. I told Commander Marcus last night that I wish to be a Marine. I'm afraid I do not have any useful skills for your ship." But something changed her mind. Maybe it was that thing she mentioned with Palermo aiming a gun at her face.

Lleufer gives Emily a slight nod, "Yes, your gowns are lovely. But, not practical shipboard where we could loose gravity or pressure." Neither one of which she probably understands but at least one of the films Ynyr was careful to include is a basic introduction to safe shipboard life explained so that school children can understand. "No one will steal your things. When you are off ship, you can wear them to celebrations." Her trembling hand is noted and he frowns. Lleufer listens though her request to become a /Marine/ of all things makes him blink in surprise.

There's a pause where he says nothing. The Gunnery Sergeant glances over the small brig cell, "To be honest, if your people got hold of me, I'd be afraid. I'd be even more afraid if they got hold of my wife, or my children, or even my fellow Marines. Because I know what they'd do to us." Arpay mods or no.

"Gravity or pressure." She repeats the words, knowing she will likely need to hold on to these terms. They sound like dangerous beasts to be set loose on the ship. "I would love to keep them but…" She lifts her chin, trying to be regal. "I would like to know what is in fashion. This is not a request to be filled by you, Gunree Lleufer." An allowed smile. "But of my many thoughts, I think that if I am to leave my family and life behind, eventually so must the dresses. I also do not think your people would appreciate my wearing signatures of oppression. But…" She tilts her head a little forward. "They may be useful if one of your women must ever attend royal court." Probably a joke, but she does have a point. Like Rance kept the robes. Infiltration. The rest of her concern has her bow her head and take a small step closer. Small. "Then you understand my fears from what I have been told to be truth. And you have every reason to be scared of my family. Where we would show no mercy and the Clerics would cleanse you as warriors and make you loyal subjects, your own Clerics have been no threat. None of you have shown hostility to me except where warranted. I have a lot to resolve." Undoubtedly. "You disagree with my desire to be a Marine? Perhaps a Raptor Warrior like Recruit Rowan?" This girl would take years to understand flight.

Mostly Ynyr doesn't say anything. He just lets Emily talk. She's probably lonely and used to having people around. Isolation can be rough. He quietly studies her as he listens until she gets to the last part. A shrug, "No, but those things take training. Lots of time to master the skills. Especially pilots." Don't even mention ECO's. "Not my call to make. You'll sort it out in time." He gestures to her tablet and pushes off from the cell door to come over and show her how to use the data cards. Lleu's sidearm holster is empty, checked at the front MP desk, though he is wearing his taser.

"Someone may have shown you this already, but you turn it on like this, and leave it a minute to boot up." Which the tablet starts to do. The MP Corporal outside of Emily's cell is fully armed and watchful.

Emily nods, understanding that much. "I have been nothing but a pretty face for my family for so long. I've been kept protected and given everything I would want to keep me quiet. Just waiting to mean something, but unable to be worth something until I have a husband. And now I am here?" She grips the shaking hand. "I can be something. You cannot imagine what that means to me." There's strength there, a boldness. Where-as most women on the ship work with the team, she says this as something she could have been killed for expressing. But there's no demand in her tone, no foot to be stomped. She has been patient for a long time. Years. The spirit is starting to show. And when he steps close she does step back. No eyes to his belt, just to what he is doing. Her eyes go to the power button on the side and she watches carefully. "Yes, it beeped at me once when I held that square for a long time. …Boot up." The eagerness is unmistakable. "I want to read about who you are… who I was." She smiles up to him, then looks to the screen. "When I was very young my mother and I stayed with an elderly couple. He was a Marine, like you. He said he had fought the machines before but couldn't anymore. He showed me books with pictures. He told many stories. But he told too many. I cried all night when he told me it was gone and had died."

Lleufer glances at Emily, "Unfortunately, I do know. I took a bullet to my head once. It was a long, long time wondering if I'd ever be of any use to anyone again. So I know what that's like." He still has that scar both in the front and the back of his head, his hair shorn too short to conceal. When the tablet is booted and ready, Lleu inserts one of the disks, "I eventually gave up that hope. Then the Arpay fixed me and changed my life." He stops and listens to her story about the old Marine. "I'm surprised the Skath clerics didn't wipe his mind."

The tablet is handed back to her, "Now, when you put in one of these data disks, it cues this up, see? You touch it with your finger on the triangle and it'll play. Touch the double bars and it'll pause. And this line and dot across the bottom you can slide it either direction, forward or backward. Volume is here. If you close it and reopen it here, it'll reopen right where it was left so you don't loose your place. Try it." Lleufer hands Emily the simple device.

A bullet to the head. She looks at him with wide eyes. "They fixed you? The elven race?" She looks breathless. "By Metal.." the words just tumble out, likely a version of 'My Gods' imposed on them. She only glances to the disk and looks back. "No, they did not. He was guilty of a heinous crime. He and my mother-" She stops and he can watch her eyes flicker a bit. "My mother killed him." But there's a pain, somewhere deeper. "My mother killed him." She breathes heavily. "My mother.. killed him." She backs away and her eye twitches, hand shaking badly. "No, she killed him." Her eyes go back to Lleufer and she looks scared. "I can't say it. The truth. My mother killed him. Why can't I lie?" She stands against the wall, eyes wide. "I'm adopted. …I. Am. Adopted." There's real fear, unable to look at the tablet. Just him. "Gunree Lleufer, help me." She knows something but can't say it. …The clerics got her at some point.

Ynyr glances from the tablet to Emily, "Yes, but the Arpay people are gone. The Skath destroyed them. There is only a handful of us left who are anything like them, now." He is about to point out a few last features of using the tablet when Emily continues and seems to get stuck in her … memory rut. Lleufer drops the tablet lightly onto her bunk and watches her closely. She backs up, trembling and freaking out. He stands very still until she asks for help. He turns the rest of the way and carefully tries to take hold of her wrists, "Shhhh. It's all right. Don't force it. I don't know how to help. But I think I know someone who might be able. I can ask her to come, all right? Her name is Miri."

She isn't screaming, which is good. The girl is terrified but not losing her calm too badly. She's realized she doesn't have control of herself and that's more than a little unsettling. When he takes her hands she does slow her breathing and looks up to him, going quiet. He can feel her right hand shaking badly, like a nerve twitch. "I want to speak. I cannot speak what I need to speak," she whispers shakily. "Help. Get the demon out of me. I don't want to hurt anyone." She knows the dangers and likely suspects what Lleufer already knows. No objection to Miri.

Lleufer gently but firmly directs Emily towards the bunk, "Sit down. Try to relax." Shifting an arm around her shoulders, he will try to get her to sit and he'll sit down with her, the tablet out of the way. Slow, quiet. Rub her arm like it's going to be fine, nothing to worry about. "First I want you to focus on breathing. If you ride a horse that's spooky and antsy, and you tense up, it'll make the horse get scared, right? So you have to take slow, deep breathes and make yourself relax, so the horse can take it's cues from you and relax as well. I want you to try to imagine that for me. It can help to sing a song. It makes you regulate your breathing. Or hum."

Get Emily focused on something else, not her panic. Lleufer starts humming a very old but very popular tune she may well know once called 'Greensleeves' to see if she can use it to help. A quick look back to his fellow MP and Lleu waggles his fingers in the general direction of medical. The Corporal nods and puts in a call to see if Lieutenant Zahav is on shift.

Emily is fine with cues. She's easy to guide and sits, leaning against Lleufer. She focuses on the floor and what he's saying. The girl ends up closing her eyes, trying to follow his directions. Horses. She knows horses. Everything aligns and she starts to calm down, her hand starting to shake less. When he starts humming, it takes her a second to catch on and she joins. The breathing slows to something less hasty and slowly her hand even stops shaking. Breath by breath. Still leaned against him, she doesn't move. "Control the horse. Don't let it control you," she whispers to herself. "Master the beast. There's strength in the saddle."

Miri has arrived.

The Master-at-Arms sits on the bunk with Emily. Lleufer's in uniform though his sidearm is removed, his holster empty. He's still wearing his other MP gear like his taser and hand cuffs on his duty belt and the other MP's outside of Emily's cell are armed. Ynyr keeps his baritone low, relaxed, "See? You relax, loose the tension in your own body so you can become pliant, singing or humming and the spooked mare, she'll calm right down. Not fight your cues. She trusts you. If you aren't scared, she has nothing to be afraid of either." Lleufer rubs Emily's back with his left hand and holds her right hand while she chills out. He glances towards the brig cell's door, hoping Miri can come and until then he softly sings that old tune to Emily.

When the MP arrives, Lt. JG Zahav drops everything and runs down to the brig. She comes through the hatch and hurries down to the cell, a few dark curls escaping from her bun. "What's going on?"

The girl on the bunk has started to calm. Lleu's guidance with horses seems to have helped immensely. Her breathing slows and the more she thinks about the horse, the more her hand calms until there's barely a twitch. By the time Miri arrives, its stopped. She just continues humming the song. Even when Miri arrives, she stays still, focused.

The MP Corporal steps forward to unlock the brig cell door to let Miri go inside. She doesn't offer any explanations as to why the Master-at-Arms had them radio medical to request Zahav to hurry to the brig.

"Doing just fine, Emily." Lleufer looks up as Miri comes in and he's careful to keep his voice low, "Emily here became very frightened. She was trembling and one of her hands keeps shaking. Particularly when she tried to tell me something. She started to repeat herself like a damaged data disk, repeating and unable to say whatever it was she was glitching on. Then she asked me to help her. I told her I don't know how but maybe you can." The last is added quite low, "I think a cleric has altered a memory she has, something about her mother. She's been trying real hard to tell me something she seems to think is important, but is unable to do so."

There is plenty of room for Miri to sit on Emily's other side on the bunk. Emily seems to be leaning against him.

Miri walks over to sit next to Emily. She takes the young woman's hand, if she'll allow it, and gives it a gentle squeeze. "Gunny Ynyr was right to call me. Just keep breathing and we'll figure out what's going on."

Horses. Emily is focusing on riding horses. Mentions of clerics? Nope. Ignoring that. She allows the hand to be taken and looks over. There's an elf holding her hand. A slow nod leaves her, "Gunree Lleufer told me to ride horses. So I am. I hope that is okay."

Lleufer smiles a little bit now Miri's here, "You've met Miri already, haven't you, Emily? She's a good friend of mine. Try to talk to her about what you were trying to tell me. Don't worry about getting upset. I'm right here and we'll help you relax and watch movies or listen to music afterwards, all right? Nothing to worry about."

Miri breathes slowly and gently. "You're doing well, Emily. You're safe with us. We will never let anyone hurt you. I promise." Her words are soft, low, and powerful.

Emily nods slowly, gripping Miri's hand while she listens to Lleufer. She's trying to focus on riding, but she doe attempt an answer. Even as she draws her breath, her hand starts shaking again. "I'm adopted." Eyes clench shut. "I am. …Adopted." Her hands cinch tighter. "My mom… killed him." She tries to shake her head and ends up twitching, her hand trembling harder. "I want to.. lie." No, its clear that isn't what she's wanting to say.

"She's trying to speak some truth the Clerics did not wish for her to remember. But clearly she -does- remember it and knows she does, but their compulsion makes her say whatever they forced her to say. Does that make sense?" Lleufer looks at Miri, "She was begging for help. Now, I know … you have orders so, maybe we need to pass this up the chain of command to get permission, but I think it may be important." He strokes Emily's back.

"Maybe it would be best if you relaxed for now. Thought about something else. Your body can only handle so much stress." Miri gives Lleufer an 'I've got this' look and glances around the cell. "Where's that tablet? Let's show you what movies are."

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