MD #001: Hurry Up And Wait
Hurry Up And Wait
Summary: Wing memebrs gather in the Ready Room after the assassination in the hanger bay
Date: 09/04/17
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Ready Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred fifty seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. Each seat has a display screen in front of it, controlled at the front, with a small printer to give paper copies of what is on the screen. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The ceiling has a projector with the ability to display a large holographic image behind the speaker. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear of the room is a banner display with many photos of the Second Cylon War.
MD #001

Gloria had been asleep during the ceremony, but there's nothing quite like an explosion, the alarm sirens and then the ship going to Alert 2 to get you out of your rack in a hurry. There's clearly a lot of adrenalin in her system as she hits the ready room at a jog, still hauling herself into her flight gear as she does so. "What the frak," she asks of the first person she sees, "what's going on?"

Shay was one of the first pilots in here, on account of having already been suited up and slated for a training run. She's huddled in one of the front row seats, blue eyes wide and darting quickly to Gloria when she jogs in. "Bomb in the hangar bay," she states simply, unable to keep the slight tremble out of her voice.

Arriving a few seconds behind the last pilot through the door, Diaz is tugging her flight suit into place with one hand, and holding her helmet with the other, a bit of a juggling act while in motion. "Say again?" she wonders, sounding shocked. "Did you say bomb? in the hangar bay?"

Melissa walks in, still hauling on her flightsuit. She's dragging her survival vest and helmet bag in her other hand as she's trying to wrangle her arm through a sleeve while wearing the gloves. Its awkward and annoying. She looks completely fine if a little rattled. The wide-eyed look seems to indicate that she was there. She just rolls in and takes up a standing position at the end of the row where Raptors are hanging. Dropping her gear, she finishes getting the suit on and starts attaching glove seals.

Having made his way in, Garrett moves to take a seat over in the Viper section, and lowers his head, hugging his knees to take in several breaths now that he has the chance to actually breathe for a moment, though he's listening for new orders if they come in.

"Frak," is Gloria's only reply to that, a slow, reply that clearly indicates that she's running through all sorts of possible permutations in her head as to just what that might mean. Dropping down into the seat next to Shay she finishes zipping up the flight suit then glances to Diaz and just shrugs, knowing only as much as she was just told. Mels gets a distracted nod in greeting, but since the captain doesn't seem to be able to give a briefing she turns her attention back to the door. The arrival or more and more of the wing is oddly reassuring, she might have only re-joined a few days ago, but they've been through combat together already and that forms a bond.

Shay spots her SL amongst those filtering in, and her pale eyes trail after the woman for several steps before jerking away. Fawkes is still alive too, which is comforting. She fiddles with her left glove's seal, helmet parked on the seat beside her.

"Well.. how.. unexpectedly violent," Diaz murmurs as she moves to take one of the empty seats. Only she doesn't stay seated for long, instead rising to her feet again almost as soon as she'd taken the seat and instead paces slowly around the room.

Elena zips up her flight suit as she jogs to the podium. She taps the microphone. It doesn't work. She leans down to fiddle with some controls. She says a few words into the mic. No dice. She gives her head a hard shake and bellows, "SHUT THE FRAK UP!" She crosses her arms, waiting for the room to quiet down. "Yes, there has been a bombing in the hangar bay. There were casualties. We do not have any information yet on who did this. Right now, it's hurry up and wait, but when it's go time, it's go time in a way most of you have never experienced before. Most of you in this room were on the strike mission yesterday. You've proven you know what to do. For now, we hang tight until the CAG gets here with more information. That's all, unless there's questions. Don't leave this room before that unless you're dying." She scans the room for questions.

Shay startles slightly at the bellow from the DCAG, and pulls her arms more tightly about her knees. Her boots are hooked on the edge of her seat, like a little kid. Eyes up front, she spares Gloria the briefest of glances and a flash of a grateful smile. For what, isn't clear.

Melissa looks to the others in her squadron but doesn't say a word, she just looks at them with her masking-over face. Its the same thing her mom used to do and learned to live like that. She just looks at them until Elena moves up front. The squadron commander holds her post, standing at the end of the row with a shoulder into the wall. The only reason she moves from that is to haul on her vest, which is left unzipped. Her eyes drift to Elena and stays there.

Gloria shuts the frak up. As the DCAG confirms what Shay said a little of the colour drains from her face and she swallows hard. It's not the kind of thing she wants to wake up to. Ever. At the mention of casualties she glances round, mentally ticking off everyone who is here, and trying not to worry about those who are not. As there's no immediate briefing she takes the opportunity to start muttering a prayer to Zeus, for the dead, the injured, and for what they might be about to launch out into.

[TAC1] Adeliza says, "Alert 5 and CAP, this is Orion. We are moving out of Pireaus orbit, adjust patrol patterns. Repeat, adjust patrol patterns for a move out of Piraeus orbit."

Instead of pacing, as she'd just been about to really get into, Diaz finds a seat, parks her behind into it, and stays put.

Elena casts her eyes upward, as if CIC announcements came directly from the heavens. "Well, that's some interesting news. Looks like we're moving."

Catching sight of Shay after Elena gets things settled down, Garrett offers a weak smile, but for now, he's tight-lipped and anxious, waiting to hear what's coming down the pipe next.

Melissa hears the announcement and lets her eyes drift. She ends up staring at Garrett, the look on her face inscrutable. She's thinking hard about something with him and she doesn't exactly look thrilled, either. She glances back to Elena and pointedly looks to Garrett before she takes up her helmet bag. She casually walks to the back of the room and ends up standing there, arms crossed, staring at the memorial on the back wall.

Gloria might not be one of the sixty, but as her eyes follow her squadron leader to the back of the briefing room she eyes those pictures from a distance. There's conversations she wants to have with the younger Wescott, but now hardly seems like the time, or the place, to start them. Instead she just rises slowly to her feet and pads over towards the coffee making facilities in the corner and asks, "who needs a mug?"

Diaz glances up from where her hands are laced together over the curve of the helmet she's parked on the edge of the table in front of her, glances around, then rises to her feet again. "I could use a cup, thanks," and heads over to help out.

The CAG finally arrives, fully suited up and with his helmet under his arm. He doesn't look like he's in a rush, but his stride is full focus and determination as he walks down front. He pauses for a quiet word with Elena before turning to address the room himself. Only to find the mic is not on yet. He shakes his head to himself, then flicks a switch and tries again. "Okay people. Not much more information yet than what Phalanx has already told you. The Marines have swept the hangar and report no more bombs. So far, it looks like this was one APF frakker blowing himself up for the cause." He pauses to glance around the room, then takes a breath and continues. "Probably not the last time we're going to see this shit. But it doesn't change our jobs at all. Squadron commanders, check in with your people and report anyone missing. We stay on alert for now, but get comfortable. I'm guessing we'll be here a while and then stand down."
"Any questions?" Niko offers to the room.

When Niko arrives, Elena steps away from the podium and strolls along the side of the room, making her way to the back. She stands next to Melissa and crosses her arms. "Don't think too much. Not right now. Thinking just gets you all frakked up." Her words are quiet and gentle.

The Wescott in the room turns when Niko enters and follows him down the side to stand by her squadron. No sitting, it seems. She holds post and watches the CAG intently, one hand holding to her other elbow. A glance over for a quick recount, then back to Niko. She shakes her head and moves to lean her back against the wall and look down at the helmet bag as it hits the floor carefully.

Gloria the coffee hasn't finished percolating by the time Niko arrives so Gloria just turns her back on it to listen to what he has to say. With his lack of urgency she figures she's not about to have to dive for where she left her helmet at least. Once he's done explaining her expression is grim, but focused, and while she initially shakes her head then then grabs an empty mug and holds it in the CAG's direction with a questioning expression, "coffee sir?"

"Should have brought my music player." Garrett muses to himself as he leans back in his seat. Apparently they're going to be idle for a bit, and he makes a small 'O' shape with his mouth, flicking his finger against the opposing cheeks, playing what sounds to be a pop-py tune for a few seconds before he stops himself sheepishly.

Shay hasn't moved from her huddled position in one of the front row seats, next to where Gloria had been parked a few moments ago. She cranes her neck a bit to follow the CAG as he arrives, lips pressing together when he basically gives them no new information. At length, she unfurls her limbs and gets to her feet, slinking closer to where the coffee's being doled out.

Still holding the empty mug that will, at some point, have coffee poured into it, but not yet, Diaz glances sidelong at the coffee maker then around with eyes slightly widened at Garrett before she shakes her head and goes back to staring at the coffee maker. When in doubt, say nothing, until something really useful comes to mind.

Niko leaves it a few seconds for anyone to speak up. And when the only question he gets is Gloria's eventual offer of a coffee, he leaves them be for now. "Sure, Dodona. Thanks." The CAG flicks off the mic and turns to his Deputy. He speaks to Elena with a lowered voice. "We could debrief the mission from yesterday? We're all here anyway. Give them something to do."

The Wescott in the room looks like she might turn to come down the other side but sees Elena coming up. That keeps her from going too far, not more than a few steps. The woman looks down to the CAG while he speaks, quickly counting her own people before going back to sitting on the rear seats. While Ellie speaks to her she nods a little. "Thanks, El," she says quietly. "Just trying to.. draw.. something. Anything. I hate feeling helpless." The words are quiet, barely more than a whisper just for Elena. "Figured maybe looking at pictures would help. Sir."

Diaz and Shay get the first mugs on account of being right there with Gloria as the coffee reaches an acceptable point. Two more mugs are then produced and delivered to Niko and Garrett, cos nothing helps shock like a large dose of a chemical stimulant before maybe being hurtled out into space at who knows what speed to fight for your life. Only once those are delivered does she pour herself one and find a seat to sit in while they wait. "How bad was it down there," she asks in hushed tones, "did we lose pressurisation?"

Shay points a finger at Garrett and his cheek-tune-thing, stopping for a moment enroute to the coffee pot. "You're an ass," she informs him like it's novel information, then carries on to fetch a cup. She spares a glance for the memorial wall, but doesn't linger on it.

[TAC1] "" Petra says, "CAP and Alert Aircraft, Orion. Return to the barn, the Group is prepping for jump."

Elena claps Melissa on the shoulder. "Maybe you will, but maybe you should try and draw something from the living. That's why we're here." She sees Niko trying to get her attention and jogs back down to the podium. She nods at his suggestion. "Sounds good," she says, gesturing to the podium. "It's helpful and it'll kill time. Show's yours, ringmaster." She takes a seat when the ship's coms announce the upcoming jump. She hates standing through jumps.

Garrett arches a brow at Shay, but says nothing, instead he just kind of ducks back down, because well, he's trying to deal with this his own way and sitting around doing nothing isn't how to do it.

Melissa nods to Elena and takes a breath before moving off. She looks at a picture as she passes and looks to Elena with a lofted brow before moving to take her post up back at the end of her row. Seems she isn't one for sitting at the moment.

Offering a quick smile and a word of thanks, Diaz takes her cup of socially acceptable chemical dependency with her and sinks back down into the same chair she's almost occupied for about one consecutive minute at a time, thus far.

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