AWD #510: Hunger of the Torn Planet - Pt 3
Hunger of the Torn Planet - Pt 3
Summary: Marines escort some rebelling Sevens out of hot water.
Date: 13/11/2016
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Overnight the officers were able to get a small drunk on and it seemed like the first time they had been able to laugh about anything in a good while. It came out that this was Fuentes' primary battlestaff and they were a good ways from their network of tunnels to their command bunker. Just camping. Most of them pass out early and get up a little later than normal. Throughout the following morning, it becomes more clear that they are in something like a camp, but most of the people here were already out when the Marines arrived. There's a small 'tent' for the sick and wounded, most people are content to sit and talk to each other in the drizzling rain, though.

Miri visits the sick tent and finds out that there's a 17 year old Marine in there dying from an infection he got after going swimming and cutting himself. He didn't tell anyone about the wound on his foot until it was too late and he lost it. Another guy in there is suffering from deep malnutrition and is incoherent. He isn't starving to death, but the lack of vitamins has taken its toll and the guy doesn't understand where he is or whats happened. Most of the rest of the camp ignores him. The Doctor they have explains that they ran out of medications months ago any Spree has no way to resupply more. Because of how wet the jungle is, and the lack of kept-up tents, everything is always wet which compounds every single problem. Its medieval medicine at its best.

Angelis helps the camps quartermaster look into supplies so she can get a count to take him. Apparently this camp is pretty typical and that might be hard to hear. Their backup supplies are almost nothing. A single waterproof crate with some extra fishing wire, a package of cheap plastic lighters, some lighter fluid, and two bags of MREs. The MREs, he explained, are only to be used when people have not been able to find food for two days. Apparently they used to have more. The supply situation is beyond dire. Fuentes wasn't kidding when she said in six months theyd all be farmers or dead. Its unsustainable. Even as she looks around at the trees and tries to spy game, she can already tell the place has probably been hunted to near nothing. Bugs stick around, they always do, but there isn't even a bird to be heard.

Randy and Kapali take stock on the munitions and actual hard gear. Most of their munitions seems to be in pretty hot condition. The rifles are kept in plastic when not used - or at least dry when possible. Their ammnuition is kept stored in waterproof crates. Greandes and explosives seem to be all in working order, and some of the blasting caps and rigs are a design that is pretty advanced. Fuentes mentioned having a lot of SF people and that clinches it. Their radio gear seems to be pretty good shape, too, but the radioman was killed two months ago and nobody knows how to fix the SCAMP antenna - which they need in order to talk to the Raptor. Which means they end up having to set up a second drop for a new radio just to get the follow-up possible. Apparently someone else had been reporting to Spree for Fuentes.

After helping out as much as she can (without dipping into her own supplies too much — still have a long way home), Miri sits outside the med tent decompressing and having a sip of water. It's bad in there. Could be worse, but not by much. Without medical supplies, these forces are clearly fighting a losing war of attrition. She takes slow breaths, making lists in her head.

Other folks might've slept, but Tabi, not so much. She spent most of the night staring into the jungle, her brain working over time. The more she sees the angrier she gets, but does her very best to keep the feeling under wraps. Instead channeling that into something purposeful. Like the stubby pencil and ratty notepad that gets rummaged from her pack and stuffed into a pocket on her uniform. Once she's gone over things with the quartermaster, Angelis heads back to where her gear is stashed and starts checking over her equipment, making sure everything has survived the damp.

Randy took a look at the SCAMP enough to know she should not eff with it any more than taking stock of what's wrong with it. Her report will read, would take me too long to do right, needed expert. She makes the mental note as if composing the report in her head. Randy joins up with Kapali on checking the munitions and the rest of the gear. She stretches her arms out as she returns to where they've stashed all their stuff and notices Angelis. "How did everything go with the quartermaster?"

Holding a ration pouch of instant coffee, which she never leaves home without, Kapali is moving through the camp once it's clear that they have permission to be doing so. She makes a visit to the sick tent at one point, then the quartermaster then around and about, a turn around the perimeter and back around again. Lists are made, ones she'll commit to paper once they're safely off of this rock and not until then. She'd counted and checked the munitions and the rest of the gear with Randy, matching her count to Randy's as well before taking another turn around the perimeter. It's all so lovely, lush, green, deadly.

Once Miri discovers Kapali has coffee, she gets up and starts following her like a puppy, showering her with compliments. "And did I ever tell you how cute your nose is?" she tries.

Angelis pauses in her gear checking when Randy addresses her. She looks around the camp, watching folks doing whatever it is they do, and then back to the Senior Sergeant. One shoulder lifts in a shrug. "'Bout as well as can be expected." Tabi murmers quietly, a slight crack in the cool facade allows some of that pent up anger to leak through, seeping into her eyes before she takes a deep breath, forcing herself back to a semblance of calm. "I have a list." It's about all she can say, gloved index finger tapping the side of her head. The young Marine isn't even making a move for the coffee that Kapali's toting, or the MRE that she has stashed in her backpack. "If I … complain …. Orion … shoot them." This is probably all that's barely audible as Tabi refocuses on her gear, muttering to herself under her breath.

"Corporal. Memorize the list…" Randy sits down next to her pack and works on catching a few zzzs after checking in with Kapali. She's not going to stop an overzealous new Sergeant from doing her job. Nope! "Corporal, make sure /all/ of your opinions are kept to yourself." Her look is much less severe than her words though.

Wearing the first smile she's worn since getting here, Kapali fishes out one of the spares of coffee rations she'd squirreled into her pack and hands one over to Miri. "Why, thank you," she replies, "I'm pretty attached to it myself," and she tugs at her nose with thumb and forefinger by way of demonstrating the attachment issue. She shares another of those attempted smiles with Randy, a quiet look of commiseration with Angelis, but keeps a pretty damned good filter on her need to scream.

Taking the coffee packet gratefully, Miri pours water from her canteen in there. Mm. Cold instant coffee. She settles down on a crate, focusing entirely on her beverage. She will scream later if she has to. Right now, job face.

Fuentes has been off talking on the radio for the last five minutes and finally puts it down to come over towards the group. "Hey. Matt is calling in. He said there's a group of sevens who want to defect. They've already killed a One and they are fleeing. He's begging us to pick them up." She glances around the camp, then back. "I can't order my people to go on that. It'll be intense and the people here are not in great shape. The SWCC team running the boat is fine, but I need a ground team to go get the Sevens in a beach hamlet - if I have a team." They all know she could order it. But she isn't. She's asking on their own discretion and they all know why.

Angelis gives a short nod to Randy, pursing her lips together and putting her game face back on. She continues checking over her gear until the Major comes over, then she straightens up and gives the Officer her full attention. Tabi shifts slightly and glances toward her equipment, then the senior Sergeant. She /really/ wants to kill something.

When the Major voices the mission in the wings, Kapali shares a single - silent - glance with Randy before she straightens subtly and faces the Major. "Major, before we go anywhere, we'd like to know what happened to the liaison that you had that was relaying intel to Spree? Who was he or she?" she voices it quiet, and with respect, but she has to know; and someone has to ask. "That SCAMP . . it's obviously damaged, and no one has the know how or the clearance level to tinker with it to repair it, and those are bloody expensive, and by that I mean in man power to produce, to acquire the know-how of how to operate and to replace. We can't even begin to tamper with it to try to fix it, none of us have the technical know how or the training to even begin."

Sergeant Flynn does not get very far into her nap. She wakes easily when she hears Fuentes' voice and then pushes up onto her feet. The nod is given to Kapali. "Sir, I will send my team to go assist. I will stay here at the camp so that we can complete the primary mission," no matter what happens. "If you have any vital information, write it down this once, I'll work on memorizing while everyone is gone." She glances towards each in her party.

Miri nods at Flynn's orders. "Yes, sir," she says, pulling out a damp pad of paper and a pencil and quickly scribbling down a list of most-needed medical essentials for the camp.

Fuentes quirks a brow at Kapali. "You mean my radio operator? I don't have a liaison, per se. The only time anyone ever shows up on Scorpia i to pick someone or something up and leave. Nobody stays." The Major seems a touch confused. "Staff Sergeant MacNichols was killed by enemy fire several months ago. I'm not sure what you're asking, otherwise." Looking back to Randy, she nods once. "Thank you, Sergeant. I'll get you a driver. Arm up." Turning, she heads back for the radio and picks up the handpiece again to begin to start getting things moving.

Angelis nods to Sergeant Flynn and also pulls out her own notepad and pencil. She doesn't write quickly though, because she's trying to make her horrific handwriting at least somewhat legible. Her list isn't very long, because she puts everything into very broad terms. Food being at the top of the list and underlined. Followed by various things needed to make secure temporary camps, waterproofing, tools and the like. She pretty much sticks to the 'essential' basics. Then hands her piece of paper over to Randy before getting her gear ready to head out.

"Sergeant Kapali. You'll be CO. Don't piss me off, don't get captured, make sure you write down any shite you need me to memorize," Randy relays while the other Sergeant continues her talk with the Major. She grabs Angelis' list and starts folding it up. "We have 8 hours till we need to hit our rendezvous. That means you have," Randy gives the team an ETA, "till you need to be back here ready to roll out."

Taking the intel at face value, Kapali absorbs what is said without remarking on it, because that's how diplomacy works, in Kapali-brain. "Rescue a group of sevens who are fleeing after killing their overlord model unit," she says in a low voice as she turns to confer with Randy while shrugging back into all of her gear. AFTER practically inhaling the dregs of the coffee left in the ration pouch she'd been holding. The empty pouch is rolled up, stowed in her gear. No garbage left behind; carry out what she carries in. "What could possibly go wrong," said en sotto voice paired with a huff of sound that is almost . . almost a laugh paired with a brief gleam of a grin. She hands over a single sheet of paper that is crowded with tiny, precise, and actually very clear hand writing. "Contrary to the long standing rumor, I do actually know how to read and write, I can even fill out a proper AAR," she adds with a brief wink, referring to a long standing joke between the two. She then adjusts her own wrist watch, builds in the minimum safe time elapse to ETA then nods again. "We'll be here."

Miri hands off her list to Randy. "Meet back here for the skinjob circus. Yes, sir." She gazes balefully at her half-drunk packet of coffee, the wheels turning and doing caffeine-versus-nap math.

The same pick-up takes them back out. This time the drive is only about ten minutes and drops the team off at the shore. The PBR is already there and waiting and the people on board look about as mean as they had the night before. Nobody talks to the Marines, nobody even looks at them. They just keep their eyes focused on the jungle around them. Once aboard, the driver shoves the throttles up and in a few seconds they are rooster-tailing a pair of wakes. The air feels so much better when moving at speed, but the river is also rapidly getting wider. With the sun high overhead, it almost feels nice. The water begins to smell of salt and the air carries the scents of the ocean. Up ahead, past a few islands, they can see the inlet. This part? This isn't so bad. The boat captain speaks into his radio and they all pull their charging handles. The minigun's power switches are flipped on. The captain's sidearm even has the safety flicked off. Turning back to look to the Marines, he holds up two fingers. About the time its going to take them to get to the end of the river and hit the open ocean.

Aiming a nod at the captain once he gives the time indicator, Kapali turns and shares a look with Tabi and Miri before she gives her gear one last - swift - check to make sure everything is exactly in position and precisely where she wants it to be. Last thing she needs is to have something out of place when she needs it during a critical moment. The knives she carries in her boots are checked as well, canteen, ammo check and around again. All squared away.

Angelis gives Kapali a nod, and follows suit, checking her gear, adjusting straps to make sure everything is tight and secure and not going to slip or come off completely. She checks her ammo, and her rifle before making sure it's on red and ready to start firing at a moment's notice. Then she adjusts her helmet and runs her hands over her equipment yet again, because a person can never be too prepared. And once she's satisfied that all is good to go, Tabi fires another nod in the Sergeant's direction and awaits further orders.

The time check from the captain shakes Miri from her calm borne by the motion of the boat and the sea breeze. She looks to Kapali to follow her lead, instinctively checking her gear. Damp, but secure and in the right places. She adjusts her helmet, tucking in stray locks of hair.

As they reach the end of the river and the water begins to chop with waves, the view opens up and becomes more expansive. To the north a white/brown beach stretches endlessly. To the south, more beach but the sky looks darker. On either side of the mouth of the river, though, are old business and buildings catering to fishing and crabbing. Lobsters, too. Crawfish. You name it. But to look out over the side, near the shores they can spot a lot of dead fish. Not exactly a good place to stop. There isn't much time to ponder it, though, before the captain turns the boat northbound and moves about 500 yards before starting to slow on the approach to shore.

Ahead of them are lines of friendlier palm trees. The remains of plenty of umbrella stands can still be seen, but nobody seems to have used this beach recreationally in a long time. No sign of human habitation or footprints anywhere. There's a lifeguard stand about halfway to the trees and a line of huts that look like kitchy grass-hut themed bungalows for couples. Out of season apparently. The boat captain looks back to Kappa as he maneuvers the boat until the hull barely hits bottom. "Move inland 300 yards. They are holed up at a gas station on the corner of Third and Jude. Look for the brown vehicle. We'll be about two hundred meters off shore. If you get in trouble, drag it back here and get your frakkin heads down or they'll get cut off. Got it? Good. Go."

"Inland, 300 yards, ubiquitous brown vehicle, Third and Jude," Kapali reiterates in the pared down form. The words 'Gas station' make her for some not-explained-at-this-moment flinch but she bares her teeth in a parody of a smile. "If we have to lead trouble back here.. do us a favor. Blow it sky high. Make it count." She gives the signal to Tabi and Miri then goes over the edge of the boat into the water and makes for the shoreline, scanning the empty stretch of stand, it's empty kitchy huts, it's vacant lifeguard tower, the fact that it looks like a great place to get a sunburn. She waits until everyone is on the shore before taking a bead on their destination and shakes off the sand, "Lets hustle," and starts off at a jog.

Miri hops from the boat into the surf, sticking close to the other marines and making a beeline for the tree line. Her pants had just dried out, too. Scorpia is wet and gross.

Angelis piles over the side of the boat, taking the rear position as she follows Kapali to the shore. She's quiet, and wrinkles her nose, knowing how that salt water is going to start chaffing in just a minute. Reaching the shore, she immediately goes on the alert, her weapon at the ready keeping low as she hops into a job, following the Sergeant up the beach.

We all know what a beach looks like. Its sandy with extra sand. Its also a pain to run in. Thankfully the strand is only like 30 yards wide. Meanwhile the boat putters in reverse and moves off shore to circle. The gunners on board don't ever seem to take a moment to relax. Its a far cry from the fishing trip they used one of them for not too long ago.

Once past the bungalows, they're in a parking lot with the hotel check-in building off to the right. Most of the cars here still have their windows up and don't appear looted - one of the untouched locations. One even still has suitcases stacked and visible through the grimy back window. The street's name is First alone the coast, meaning they have to run up to Fourth. Luckily the road in front of them is Jude. Along Jude? The normal sorts of beach town shops you would expect. Places that sell Colonial and Scorpian flags and rah-rah items to show pride. A shop that specializes in seashell and driftwood furniture. 'Windsocks and More!' and a couple family friendly restaurants. Fast food joints. A drive-thru liquor store. Motels. Signs for a boardwalk and funnel cakes. Everything about this place screams 'generic beach town.' Even the pair of gas stations at Fourth and Jude. One has a brown SUV and the other an old POS brown car on cinderblocks. Details.

Reaching the first street that is, conveniently named First, and reading the cross street as Jude, Kapali pauses long enough to sweep a long look around the abandoned buildings, shops, restaurants, all the signs that have faded and weathered, all the ads for a world that no longer . . well a world that no longer is. She eyes the drive-thru liquor store, the car with the stacked luggage, all marked in the mental map for things that could be looted on the way back out. Nothing like a tidy loot during ex-fil. She indicates the street signs then leads the way forward, still moving at a steady jog, pausing as they approach the gas station on Fourth/Jude, spots the brown SUV and another old cinder-block-wheels-up POS and rocks to a halt. She waves Miri and Tabi to a halt beside her, slowing her breathing, listening intently, eyes sweeping.

Scanning the buildings for signs of movement, Miri runs along the street with Tabi and Kapali. She makes a mental note to cajole one of the cooks to let her into the kitchen to make funnel cake some day soon. She stops at Kapali's signal, rifle at the ready.

Angelis scans the empty streets as they make their way up toward their target point. Coming to a stop, she scowls at the matching gas stations and brings her rifle up, doing a slow sweep as she scans the two buildings and listens intently for any signs of life, friendly or hostile.

<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Success.

Kapali's eyes narrow as she tracks the silence in the area, suspicious, cynical, all key facets of her personality. "Right. I see movement inside the gas station," she murmurs in a low voice. "You two hold position here. If all goes well, I'll wave you in. If you don't see me back out within five minutes, return to the beach. Get the hell off this godsforsaken rock. We have vital intel. You get Sgt Flynn and that intel off this rock. Understood?"

Miri doesn't spot any movement, but she trains her rifle on the gas station with the sedan on Kapali's orders. She holds her position, keeping her head on a swivel and getting some cover behind the SUV.

Angelis shakes her head slightly, "There's a Seven on the roof…" She murmers quietly to the Sergeant, gesturing to the Seven that she's spotted at the same gas station that Kapali's referring to, "He's not looking at us…" He's looking down the street away from them. "We should at least…" Looking around, Tabi scans the street, then the building they're facing. "Zahav…" Looking over to see the medic taking cover behind the SUV Tabi frowns and shakes her head slightly, gesturing for the corpsman to come back and then gesturing toward the station with the car on cinderblocks.

"See if you can find some higher ground and figure out what they're looking at," Kapali glances up at the building their taking a bit of shelter behind. "Get in, get up, get eyes on, if there's something in the street out there that they're keeping an eye on, it pays to know what it is." She pats Tabi then Miri on the shoulder, "Five minutes. Count down from now," and with that she breaks cover and starts toward the station with it's cinder-block-mounted-car accessory as decoration in front.

At the instruction to find higher ground, Miri looks to see if it is possible to climb on top of the abandoned gas station.

<FS3> Miri rolls Body+body: Good Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Quieter than mouse farts, Miri makes her way into the abandoned gas station and finds her way to the roof. Once up there, she crouches low and surveys the town.

<FS3> Angelis rolls Stealth: Failure.

Kapali is making her way across the street and Angelis is working her way through the other gas station when a bird suddenly takes flight and knocks over a bottle of suntan lotion. It shatters on the floor of the gas station store. Everyone stops immediately. Those in the occupied station all turn to look, rifles moving as one. The Seven on the roof aims right at Kapali's chest. "Hi there," he greets. "You don't look much like a skinjob or a Cylon. What're you doin here?"

Well, that sucks. Tabi cringes as she upsets the bird that knocks over the bottle and basically alerts the world to their presence. She shakes her head slightly and removes herself from the third gas station and takes cover behind a car parked on the street, where she can have a good view of the gas station that Kapali's stopped at.

Holding her hands slightly out to her sides, though not far enough away that she can't go for any of the weapons that she's carrying if she needs to, Kapali aims a sudden smile at the seven aiming a rifle at her. "That's probably the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me. Thank you," tone of voice frankly honest and mildly amused. "I heard there was a band of misfits who got rid of their band manager and wanted to tour the continent in other directions. I'm here to see if that rumor is true. If it is, those who are serious could decide to mosey along with me out of this love beach side resort town."

Miri aims her rifle at the skinjob that's aiming at Kapali. She stays still and quiet, keeping and eye out.

The Seven up top lowers his rifle just a bit. At least its just 'general direction' rather than on target. "Yeah heard that, huh? Sounds like maybe we've got a mutual associate. Not sure I can call him a friend. Or you for that matter. But I ain't shootin. Yet. One last question…" He glances up the road, ten back to Kapali. "Whaddya get if you put two dozen APF loyalists into a bar together with two dozen bottles of rum?" he calls out. Inside, one of the Sevens starts snickering.

"A series of family trees that suddenly do NOT branch?" Kapali retort is immediate along with the quick gleam of a wicked grin.

Angelis holds her position behind the parked car, watching the street carefully.

Seven snerks a laugh. "Not where I was going, but close. We call that 'conflicted emotions' cuz darlin, goddamn, there's only soooo much rum left in the worlds. Be a shame to cook it all down in a bonfire like that." He slowly moves closer to the edge. "Okay, we've got three others downstairs and we've got a couple teenagers with us, too. Scared, armed, and willing to listen. They were kind enough to let us steal their car to get here. So they gotta come too. Where's your ride parked?" Slowly the group begins to exit the gas station, each of them pretty heavily armed.

Miri watches from her position on the roof, not quite ready to move yet. The greasepaint on her face is now not so much camo as post-coital chimney sweep.

Kapali waits while the Seven snerks out a laugh, moving closer to the edge as he explains the situation, then waits even more as the group begins to emerge from the gas stations, armed pretty heavily. "Well, for starters, we don't have a vehicle, we came on foot. Secondly, we're on the clock here so if you guys are coming, we need to move," said as she eyes each of the teenagers with a look of calm assessment before back up at the Seven on the roof, "If you're coming with and haven't decided to take up watch like a owl? I'm glad they're willing to listen, but you're responsible for them if you let them keep their weapons. I can't take them, armed, back to the tour bus, so to speak. You have to know that."

Angelis shifts slightly behind the car, rolling her shoulders to ease the tension slightly, but mostly just keeps out of sight and stares down the street, not watching the group emerging from the building, instead waiting to see what's coming toward them, if anything.

"No vehicle? What the hell, are you stupid? We can't walk out of here. This is the end of the line! There's Cylons north of here, can't go south, and our asses to the beach!" The Seven suddenly doesn't sound like he's heard her right, but just looks for a reason to complain and bluster. He ends up jumping over the side of the roof and hopping down onto a trash bin, then to the ground. "Lady, we got to go. Where are we supposed to go to? I can't tell them to drop the guns if we're going back inland." There's three teenagers, all guys. One of them has an old shoulder wound, but they're all carrying hunting rifles. They don't look particularly happy with the situation, but there's distinct anxiety. They have no idea whats going on. Not a clue.

"I'm a marine, we're known for our ability to improvise, don't you know?" Kapali counters, waiting the grousing and blustering out, and splits her attention between the Seven-from-the-roof, the other 7's, and the teenagers. "We have a medic who can look at your shoulder. Here is how this is going to work. We're going back to the beach. Our ride will meet us there. If we're followed, then do what I do, and if you can't swim, you'd better buddy up with someone that can. This is how we all get out of here," and she signals to her team. "Trust me. This isn't a trap. We aren't going to lead you into an ambush or screw you over. The CMC doesn't skimp on training us ground pounders, contrary to popular speculation. We're pretty scrappy. This is the plan."

"Sarn't…" Angelis calls out from where she's in cover, "We have incoming… sounds like tanks. Unknown number, moving quickly. We need to move." She's holding position though, not moving from where she's positioned herself behind the vehicle.

Miri makes her way down from the roof, moving slowly and nonthreateningly into view. She goes I've to the wounded teenager and asks him if she can take a look. When Tabi calls out incoming, she snaps her attention to Kapali.

The group looks skeptical. People mention having to swim. Uh. few of them look like they might take their chances going back inland. "Because in all of time, everyone who has ever said 'trust me' was always honest. Every time." The Seven who says it has a crisp Virgan accent, distinctly different from the others. He carries himself like he might have been a businessman or someone from kinder pastures. And then there's the call of tanks. "Oh isn't that lovely. C'mon, let's move. To the beach." he starts speedwalking the direction Kapali gestured. But after a few seconds they can all hear the sound. Less than a mile. Maybe even half a mile. Its going to be there FAST. Assuming its only one.

"This is where we all remember how to run like the world is on fire behind us," Kapali retorts in a terse voice. "Marines, we are /LEAVING/," she puts significant emphasis on that last word. "RUN, not walk. And lets try breaking the mold for the whole trust me thing, alright?" and she gestures for Tabi and Miri to take point, impatiently holding position to make sure that the group moves.

Angelis frowns slightly at Kapali's orders, and bites her lip for a moment, then points to Zahav to move ahead of her. She remains behind her vehicle until the group of survivors has moved past, then takes point, on Kapali. The orders were to take point, she's following them, to the letter as she breaks into a run, hustling the Sevens and the kids down the street ahead of her.

You don't have to tell her twice. Miri takes point and sets off at a dead run down toward the beach, past the souvenir shops and cars full of tantalizingly untouched luggage.

There's the sound of skidding treads, then. Its a screeching wail that means either its turning or its stopping. Given the sound, its neither or both. Something not normal. With everyone taken off running, they can look behind them and see what it is. Its two infantry fighting vehicles and neither of them look like humanity's own vision of them. about a quarter mile behind them, their engines scream as the Centurions standing in the turret reach for their gun controls. Those 20mm's on the front end don't look like they are for show and the group still have a goot one hundred yards before they even get to the beach. Time to dive for cover or take chances with the ugly tank-thing.

Kapali knows the sound of tanks, not just because she's a marine but because of DRIVE A TANK DAY on Picon, still top of the list of most awesome things to have accomplished from her bucket list. As they near their original point of entry from the beach and start to come in sight of all those abandoned cars in the lot, she pulls ahead to run alongside Miri, signaling to Tabi to fall in. "Miri, lead them to the beach and signal to our tour boat to get us the hell out of here. Tabi," she sucks in a breath to keep talking, "i'm going to rig one of those cars to go up, it should set off the one next to it and so on. Heat and flame shield. It won't slow down the tanks but it might buy us some cover. I need you to keep a watch on those tanks, cover fire." Back to Miri, "Don't let any of those kids fall behind. I'm not sure all of them can swim, so you may have to have the 7's help keep them afloat," and then she's dropping back again, scanning the lot then taking bead on the BIGGEST most souped up SUV in the lot and peeling off in that direction.

"You heard her, let's move," Miri says to the kids and sevens, patting her thigh like she's asking a dog to heel before setting off towards the beach, checking every few moments to make sure none of the kids lag behind.

Angelis nods to Kapali's orders, makes sure that the Sevens and the kids are well clear before she falls in behind the Sergeant, bringing her rifle up, making sure she keeps as much cover as possible between herself and the tanks, one eye on Kapali, one eye on the hostile vehicles.

<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Demolitions: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Demolitions: Good Success.

Throwing off the layers of ponchos as she runs, Kapali has her backpack off and is unzipping one of the compartments to extract the roll of tape from within the pack, dropping to the deck all in one motion to slide underneath. She wiggles enough to get in position, snags both grenades from the lot she's carrying and wraps them snug to the gas tank with a single pass of the tape around the ends of the tank. She wiggles again, sliding most of the way out from beneath the bulky expensive gas guzzling hog of a machine until just within reach of the pins on the grenades. "Tabi, run!" she shouts as she yanks the pins out, scoots, scrapes both elbows raw in the endeavor, snags pack, poncho and is bolting as fast as her legs will carry her.

Following behind Kapali, Tabi keeps her rifle trained on the tanks, watching Kapali's back like a hawk. She alternates between flat out running and crouch/crawling between and around cars, keeping as much cover as she can. When Kapa says run, Tabi runs, but she makes sure she's got Kapali in sight, too, just in case.

They are almost to the beach. Miri calls out to her charges, "Remember, sand sucks! Push hard!"

Counting out loud as much because of habit than to keep from screaming like a madperson, Kapali makes it over the little (decorative) fence around the parking lot, hustles Tabi along with her every inch of the way, and throws herself behind the first building edge the reach between the parking lot and the beach. The grenades go off, just like they're supposed to. Pieces of metal from the outer casing fly outward at great speed, embedding in anything within it's range. The cough/roar/boom of the explosion from both grenades is simultaneous, the gas tank going up immediately after, then the SUV is rocked upward like a bucking mule and goes up in flames as well. All in all, it's a rather satisfactory moment in pyrotechnic madness, the SUV slamming back into the pavement but setting off a chain reaction of explosions around it, flames - noxious fumes - even a few pathetic car alarms go wailing off as well. "Frak yeah," she wheezes out, coughs, then pushes to her feet, extends a hand to Tabi, then breaks into a run again, following Miri and the rest of the escapees down the beach. "If that isn't a signal flare, nothing else will work," she coughs again but can't/doesn't stop the grin on her face.

As she's grabbed by Kapali, Tabi stops looking to shoot things and runs like her life depends on it. Which it does. She keeps pace with the Sergeant as the first explosion goes off, and thank goodness for all that extra pting and weight training, because it's definitely paying off right now. The Sergeant's grin is slightly infectious and Angelis can't help but grin too as she flicks a look back over her shoulder, probably to view the carnage left in their wake.

"Smoke," Kapali puffs out, "screen," and shares a grin, sidelong, with Tabi as they continue pound down along the sand in the wake of the kids, 7's and Miri. "I've always wanted," another puff of a breath, "to get away," breath, "with doing that," wheeze, laugh, "in combat."

While some people may be chuckling and laughing. The Cylons seem to lack a sense of humor about the whole situation. They can feel it before they can hear it. The rounds don't -crack- like small caliber. They -bang- the chest and ears as they go by, disorienting. But not only that, they shred clothing and gear without even having to hit. The sheer force of overpressure sent with the speed of the rounds begins shredding their clothes and also exploding in the streets all around them. The firing is blind so nobody is directly hit (which would kill anyone instantly) but the pressure is starting to gash skin, as well as the flying asphalt and brick. Just getting to the beach is a nightmare. Especially when they finally get there and realize one of the teenagers lost half his head to a round coming within an inch of his skull. Thankfully nobody has to see his face. But the boat is already rnning in, despite the IFV's being right on their asses.

<FS3> Knox rolls Gunnery: Success.
<FS3> Knox rolls Gunnery: Success.
<FS3> Knox rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

The grenade launcher on the sideo f the PBR is whipping out rounds at full auto now, the HEDP tips hitting the IFV randomly through the smoke and temporarily blinding most of the sensors as it tries to fire even more blindly.

"Make for the boat!" Kapali screams over the sound of the explosive rounds that shriek through the air and destroy, shred, demolish everything in their wake. She doesn't look back, there's no point in looking back, seeing the boat that is running toward shore even as they are running for that magic line in the sand that turns the beach into open water and, as crazy as it is, the possible promise of safety once they get there. She catches up with the rest of the running group in time to see one of the kids hit the sand, and she knows without having to personally inspect the body, that they're already down a count in their rescue list. "SWIM FOR IT," falling back on every ounce of volume she can pour into those three words and herds people into the water, dragging along anyone who looks shaky or uncertain on their pins.

Angelis doesn't look back anymore, even though she sees the kid go down. She just runs, flat out but making sure to keep behind the group of Sevens and the remaining teen, ensuring they get into the water and head toward their exfil before she follows, securing her rifle before starting to swim out.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Body+Body: Failure.

"Come to me if you can't swim!" Miri calls out, watching the boy get his head blown open. She stands by, making sure their charges get in the water and to the boat safely.

<FS3> Miri rolls Body+body: Good Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Body+body: Success.

The rounds continue to whip through them all. One of the Sevens takes a 20mm directly to the calf and it explodes. It takes out most of his oter leg with him and he topples forward. The guy will bleed out painfully, but probably just regenerate up on a ship - with the fresh memory that a bunch of Marines tried to help him escape. For better or worse. The whole boat, though, is firing. It may have been something lost on them over the constant roar. They're mostly deaf for the moment, unable ot hear much over the constant pounding and ripping of the guns. The whole beach is a mass of smoke and the smoke launchers and generators on the boat are running at full steam. Beneath them, they can feel the whole thing start to ship as the captain turns. Three Sevens, one teenager? One of them must have gotten lost in all of it. The survivor doesn't look like he's about to go back for him, though.

Through the sound of the bullets, explosions, the hideous cacophony that is any field of battle, Kapali doesn't so much 'hear' the round that takes the legs out from beneath one of the Sevens. She can feel the shrapnel biting through the layer of ponchos, the gear she's wearing, the combat vest that has contributed to the weight of the other gear that has had her sweating beneath layers for the entire time they've been on this godsforsaken planet. She damn near trips over him in her effort to get TO him and, well aware that he is bleeding profusely, she still muscles him up into a rough fireman carry, swearing and sweating with the effort, and hauls him with her toward the boat. She can taste the bitter adrenaline spiking, the burn of her muscles, the slices that the shrapnel are taking out of her, "Keep moving!" is shouted at the survivors, because damn it all, they're going to make it to the frakken boat, one way or another.

Feeling the boat moving underneath them Miri calls out, "Hands up if you're hurt!" She scans the passengers for visible injuries.

Seeing Kapali gather up the wounded Seven, Tabi falls in with her, trying to shield the pair of them as best as possible as they head toward the boat. Even though in doing so she takes several pieces of shrapnel herself, the stuff tearing through her gear, and embedding itself in her skin. And godsdammit if that seawater doesn't burn like all the fires in Hades when they hit it and start swimming. She does her best to help the Sergeant get the Seven to the boat along with the others.

Kapali doesn't so much climb into the boat with the Seven and Tabi as she falls up and over the edge into the boat and flops there for a moment like a stunned trout. She waves a hand to flag Miri down, "His legs," she gasps out even as she's rolling to her side, then up to offer a quick high-5 to Tabi. "That's how we do it," she breathes this out with almost a laugh before flopping back again with a groan.

Who is wounded? What a wonderful question. Not that anyone can hear, but people see Miri looking around for signs of wounding. …Everyone's hands go up. Most people it isn't obvious because their clothes are wet. But some people? Blood is visible on their faces. The prim and proper Virgan Seven is sitting straight and looks immensely uncomfortable, helped by the izzling piece of metal sticking out of his shoulder. Ow. "Raising my hand is a tad uncomfortable, I'll note that I've been wounded!" he shouts above the roar of gunfire and motors.

Following the Sergeant, Tabi helps push the Seven up onto the boat before kind of folding herself over the side and joining Kapali in the flop. Swimming with all this gear and a wounded, and salt-burning wounds - not a piece of cake. It's all she can do to tiredly raise her hand to meet the high5 from the Sergeant before it flops down. She doesn't even have the energy to flag down Miri, instead just lying there, staring up into the sky and hoping they don't get blown up as they escape.

Miri pulls out her field triage tags and does a quick assessment on everyone, then gets straight to work, starting with the people who can't download.

Kapali does check the 7 they hauled into the boat with them, even though she's pretty certain… and flops back with a sigh. "We lost, what, three? two of the teens, one of the sevens?"

Angelis rolls her head to the side and blinks at Kapali, "Um…" She coughs a bit and tries again. "I don't know, Sarn't." Because she doesn't. Eventually pushing herself into something resembling an upright position. She doesn't even try to start removing the shrapnel, figuring it's probably safer left in, for now.

"Stay down, let Miri work," Kapali advises as she also does her best to stay out of the way of the people defending the boat or driving the boat in, the case of silk tie Seven, complaining on the boat.

"We lost two?" Miri looks up, doing a quick headcount. "Oh, frak me, I am so sorry," she says, gritting her teeth and moving on to her next patient.

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