AWD #183: How to Make Friends and Influence People
How to Make Friends and Influence People
Summary: Kingsbury, he has the knack
Date: 08/Jul/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #183

Kingsbury is sprawled over one of the couches, watching a bad movie andof coursewhittling. There's a block of wood being turned in his hands slowly, deliberately, with long, thin curls being shaved away by a pocket knife. He's whistling tunelessly as he does it, wood curls and sawdust making a small pile on his sweatshirted chest.

Mahasti slips in, quietly, looking a little sore. "Hello Mister." she addresses towards KB. She sits down on the arm of a couch, curling her legs up under her with a slight wince, "Thank you for helping yesterday." she offers, chipperly. She has gotten some sleep but she still stinks of disinfectant from the recovery ward. "Are your hands OK?" she asks, curiously, watching the whittling curiously.

Toby hasn't exactly been Mr Sociable of late, and truth be told he till isn't, but he's off-shift, has worn himself out in the fitness centre and is now thoroughly bored of the sight of his own bunk. So rec room it is, since he's not feeling particularly hungry either. Entering not too far behind Mahasti he spots the ECO and gives a brief nod to both him and the doc before heading to grab himself a beer and find a quiet corner to lurk in.

Kingsbury grins up at Mahasti. "Heya, Doc," he says warmly. "Not a problem. I wanted to get some fresh air, and being useful was good, to boot." He looks at her closely, shaking his head a little. "Get some sleep, Doc," he advises, before nodding to her, holding up his hands as proof that they survived the nettles. He then smiles and upnods at Toby, before returning to his whittling. He's fully able to talk, as long as he doesn't have to look up mid-cut.

Mahasti eyes Toby "Hey may I have a word with you? Maybe over here?" she pauses "Got a spare?" she asks, pointing at Toby's beer. She seems to mostly be in a good mood. "As long as you are positive you are okay." she rests her hands on her knees, eyes returning to Kingsbury, "I got enough sleep, a few hours in my bunk, and I slept on my nice spinny stool for a bit. I'm not really supposed to work a shift today unless someone goes into labor, all hands in the sickbay, or Luc busts his stitches or he rips out the pain killer drip." she mumbles "I bled through my scrubs earlier and got told to take five." she shrugs at that. "I'm fine, really." she reassures

"What you making?" Today asks of Kingbusy as he notes the wood and knife in the other man's hands, then glances down towards his beer as Mahasti points at it. Looking back to the Doc a moment he turns and gets her one too, removing the cap before passing it over. That done he stands and waits to hear what she has to say, unsure if he should be curious or concerned. Either way he waits silently.

Kingsbury shakes his head at Mahasti, but he's mostly amused. "If you're sure." He shrugs at Toby. "Not sure yet. Prolly a Raptor." He lets the pair talk, though, falling silent as he shapes the wood in his hands.

Mahasti takes the beer, smiling brightly "Thank you." she opens it, taking a sip "I wanted to apologize for cursing at you and for kind of being a bitch." she offers, a bit bluntly, frowning a bit "Just .. you found a raw nerve and it bothered me." she touches her chest with one hand, bowing her head apologetically. she smiles at KB "I'm fine, I promise. I already got a round of precautionary vaccines. I told you Sam wouldn't let me do anything if she thought I shouldn't." she comments, taking another sip of her beer. "Frakkin wolves though. Ow."

"Make a bull," Toby suggests, "two big horns, lots of muscles. That should be a challenge for you eh?" What ever it was that he'd been expecting from Mashasti, that clearly wasn't it and an eyebrow half raises in surprise as a result. A moment later though and it's back where it's supposed to be and he gives a very slight nod of acknowledgement. "Don't sweat it Doc," he states simply, "as I said, wasn't aimed at you."

Kingsbury looks to Toby, then nods slowly. "One bull, comin' right up." He grins a little before looking down to the wood in his hands and getting to work. He hadn't gotten to the Raptor in serious yet, so only a little reshaping needed to happen. He tries not to eavesdrop, but nods at Mahasti.

Mahasti rubs the back of her head "Samtara is the only reason I didn't slap you in the fitness center." she half confesses, looking at the beer guiltily "I don't normally get all riled up like that which is why I apologize, I kind of feel like having thoughts of violence violates part of my oath." she offers, giving a smile, looking thankful that her apology had been accepted. KB is watched "Can I take a photo of it when you finish?" she asks, voice full of curiosity.

Toby takes a sip of his beer while he considers what Mahasti says, then offers with a faint hint of a shrug, "any oath you break by thinking of something is a stupid oath. Do? Well that's what orders and shit are for, but not think. Don't let any frakker tell you how to think." After that, which for him is bordering on philosophically deep he turns back to Kingsbury and offers a slightly surprised sounding, "really?"

Kingsbury grins up at Mahasti. "Doc, you and Toby can each have one, if'n you'd like. I take requests." He then looks to Toby. "Goin' to give this to you when I'm done, n'all. If I kept everything I made I'd not have room for m'self, let alone my gear." Then he nods to Toby with a wide smile. "Frak yeah. Why not?" The animal is already taking shape under his hands.

Mahasti watches KB for a moment "Its a tenant of medical training to not harm your patients or do injustices to them, but thank you." she reaches and gently taps Toby's shoulder. "I'm rather glad toasters are not mentioned, meaning I can make my own decisions without guilt in regards to them." she comments rather coldly. Her expression a bit less friendly than normal. She watches KB sharply. "But what would you make for me?" she asks, curiously and surprised as well.

"Not your patient," Toby replies with another faint shrug, "and even if I was, you're still only in the khazi if you actually do it." He refrains from any comment about Toasters though, his own views are not exactly secret and he doesn't actually want to send this conversation down those lines if it can be avoided. Concentrating on Kingsbury instead he just watches for several moments as the work progresses, still not entirely sure what to say back to the ECO. Eventually though he does manage a "thanks man."

Kingsbury grins down at the bull, but it's meant for the pair of them. "Stethescope? Caduceus? Either would be a challenge." He nods toward Toby. Seems like the blonde man really enjoys surprising people. He's probably too friendly for his own good.

Mahasti pauses "No I'd like something less uh.. medical. Can you carve me a little lion or lioness or something?" she asks, taking a sip. "I like you, you are just so pleasant to be around." she comments to KB, chipperly. Toby is eyed and her hand extends, for a proper hand shake, not entirely comfortable looking, but trying to be polite "We should get a dart board. I sometimes think the only reason there isn't one in here is because marines would go goofy and throw them at each other." she jokes.

Toby knows exactly what pictures he'd put up on any dartboard that appeared, but bites his tongue and says nothing. The marine joke is acknowledged with a brief nod before he extends his hand to take Mahasti's. It's fair to say though, that most of his concentration is currently being used watching Kingbury work.

Kingsbury nods. "One lion, comin' up, only 'cause I need the practice on the mane," he says to Mahasti, before coloring faintly. "Well, thank ya, ma'am. You're not too bad to be around, yerself." Then he grins. "A dart board might not be bad. I could make the board, if someone else could make the darts. But it'd haveta be wood, 'course. I don't think we have cork available." He looks over at Toby, nodding once, like, yeah man, I hear ya on some of it. His strong hands keep working deftly, the outline of the bull slowly appearing beneath his hands. It should be said that KB is not the best whittler in the world, but he tries hard, and he's getting better every day.

Mahasti smiles, squeezing Toby's hand, giving a very feather light tug towards the couch. "Want a seat Toby? I can scooch over on the other side of .. what's your nickname?" she asks towards Kingsbury. She offers, leaning to get a look at his face "You know I've never seen anyone carve wood before in person." she offers, thoughtfully.

Toby seems to recall that he has a beer in his hand as Kingsbury talks about lions and takes a drink from the bottle. He's still watching the ECO though and almost misses the tug from Mahasti entirely. It does register though, after a moment, and he glances back towards the doc offering a slight shakes of the head. "Sit, go ahead. I can grab myself a chair." That said he glances round to find one nearby before heading to bring it back to the gathering.

Kingsbury grins. "My callsign's Royal, but plenty call me KB. Not really a Jim, y'know?" He moves so that people can sit with him, brushing wood shavings to the floor. Janitorial staff must know where KB's been. At least he's always friendly?

Mahasti releases Toby's hand gently. Careful not to grip for too long. "KB." she confirms "I can't see you as a Jim either." she pauses, blinking at him "You know that's amazing." she murmurs, watching him work, shifting to lean over her legs to get an even closer look "I'd love to have a nice macro-friendly lens and take pictures of your hands as they work sometime. It really is interesting looking. Has Sam seen you do this? Can you teach me?" she asks, full of a million questions like normal.

Toby sets the retrieved chair down close-by the settee and sits himself down so he can rest his feet on a nearby table. He's just classy like that. Beer still in one hand he uses the other to quickly leaf through the magazines on offer before discarding them all in favour of going back to watching Kingsbury.

Kingsbury laughs softly. "I can teach ya, sure, if'n you have a pocket knife. Already teachin' a couple others." He shakes his head gently. "Nah, Samtara ain't seen me do this, don't think." He's not used to being the center of attention, but he does okay with it, carefully carving the curve of the bull's horns and adding texture, musculature.

Mahasti smiles "I can get one or use an old damaged scalpel from the medbay." she offers, chipperly, watching both of the guys curiously, she smiles "Now if you can find me a violin, I'll be your best friend for the rest of your days." she jokes. She does seem legitimately entertained by the carving, sipping her beer calmly "Toby, I could kiss you for this. Its the third tastiest thing I've consumed since I ran out of wine on my birthday."

Toby had been content enough to just watch the progress of the whittling in silence, but Mahasti's comment draws his attention away. Looking to her, then to his own bottle he then points to where they can be found over near the coffee and gives a questioning look. It's not quite a look to suggest that she's nuts, but anyone willing to kiss for fleet issue beer? Yeah, that's a little weird. He doesn't move his chair away though, not yet at least, as he offers, "plenty of pocket knives in stores. Requisition one."

Kingsbury nods to Toby. "Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along to my students," he offers. The piece of wood now looks like a bull, and he finishes a few more cuts. Handing it to Toby, he then fishes for another piece of wood in a pocket. He pulls it out and gets to work, smiling up at Mahasti. Her turn!

Mahasti has been sober since February, she's likely forgotten what good beer tastes like, or nobody even told her it was available and she didn't think to look (the more likely option). She smiles a bit "I'll request one, thank you Toby." she offers, shifting to lean over and snag a bag of pretzels from the snack basket, opening them as she sits back down, sipping her beer as she ponders a bit. "Oh! its nice! Its not cute but it is quite nice."

Toby wouldn't personally describe the fleet issue beer as good, but what it is is available, and until people get their priorities straight on Pireas it's all there is. Taking another decent sized drink from his he then sets the bottle down on the table so he can take the bull from Kingsbury. Holding it in his hands for a moment he looks it over and is about to say something when Mahasti's comment diverts him. Half raising an eyebrow he shakes his head slowly towards her, "bulls ain't ever cute," before then turning back to the ECO. "Thanks man. I mean it."

Kingsbury nods in agreement with Toby, but he's grinning, blushing a little too. He's proud of his work. "Hey, no sweat, man. I like giving people my carvin's. 'specially if they requested it." He nods, then looks to Mahasti. "Doc, you said a lion, right?"

Mahasti chuckles " said I wouldn't call it cute. I think its nice. Yes, I'm from Leonis." she offers, chipperly "It will help with my homesickness." she eyes Toby "Bulls are strong and are not something you get in the way of if you can help it." she offers "They also are very tasty when slow cooked." she offers, calmly "On the upside, now that we've found potatoes maybe they can make vodka. " she half jokes. "Oh gosh, Toby, next time I go down to Charlie's I'm making some soup, you want some brought back up for you? We have yams and potatoes and chives now!" she seems pretty excited about this development.

Toby turns the bull over in his hands a couple of times, before setting it down on his leg, making a mental note as he does so to bump Kingsbury's raptor up the priority queue next time it's being worked on. Mahasti gets a brief not as she explains her reason for wanting a lion, it's basically the same as his for wanting a bull after all, before he offers a slight, but not particularly menacing frown at the comment about them being slow cooked. "I thought you could make vodka out of just about anything?" he starts, "frak, I'm surprised no ones made it out of the tryllum yet." The comment about soup gives him pause for a moment before he shrugs, "sure, just make sure someone else tries it first right?"

Kingsbury remains silent as he contemplates the wood, trying to figure out where to carve. He works quietly, listening.

Mahasti blinks "You don't slaughter cows to eat because they produce milk and young. You slaughter bulls for consumption." she points out "I didn't mean it as a slight or a reference to your colony. I'm sorry if it seemed like it." she offers, softly. "Its why you eat cocks and leave the hens for pheasants and chicken." she offers calmly "Why would someone else have to try it, I'm a fantastic cook. I'm from a family well off enough that I could have been a house wife if I had wanted." she half jokes. "I'm better at other things admittedly though." she offers with a shrug.

Toby shakes his head again, seemingly faintly amused, "You keep bulls for breeding and to protect the herd, oxen do the heavy work and are slaughtered." Apparently content to leave that there he goes back to the topic of soup, "because you're a doc, who knows where your hands have been before." Yeah, he knows she's just as germ-obsessed as Samtara is, but that doesn't mean the joke isn't funny.

Mahasti LAUGHS! "Its true, I do get to be intimately acquainted with more people on this ship than most of the pilots." she jests, softly. Her smile shows "I'll shove a bite in someone's mouth for you. If they turn green and melt into a bubbling mess you don't have to eat it." she offers, covering her mouth to hide some of her laughter.

"Frakking pilots," Toby mutters, which is after all, the point of Mahasti's comment. Giving her a brief shrug followed by an even briefer nod he states simply, "deal," before lifting up his beer once more and draining the remains of the bottle.

Mahasti laughs a bit "I can't comment in particular but that does sum it riiiiight up." She spots a uniformed nurse, tossing her beer can in the recyclables "I think I may be wanted in the recovery ward. Sorry, thanks for showing me where the beer is hidden. I know its crap but its seriously what I needed after worrying so much and getting knocked hard into the ground." she walks backwards, looking pretty graceful "Seeya Toby, talk to me again soon, if you are tense, I can offer you a shoulder rub to help keep your muscles ship shape." she offers, brightly. Her tone is bright and cheery, surprisingly not at all flirty.

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