AWD #265: How Many Marines Can You Fit Into One Sickbay?
How Many Marines Can You Fit Into One Sickbay?
Summary: It's the day after the assault on Crandall and the Docs are working hard to patch up the marines
Date: 28/Sep/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #265

Having done a fair amount of the planning for the Crandall Op, and having been the first pair of boots on the ground, Amos had been hoping to stick on world long enough to see the base fully cleared and secured. THe holes punched in him during the inital assult have been cleaned and dressed first by a parajumper, and then by a corpsman on the ground but he'd managed to avoid the evac raptors and keep off the medic's radars for hours. Sadly though, all good things must come to an end and now he's being helped into Orion's sickbay by another marine. His fatigues are stil bloody but it would appear that he did at least change out for armour that didn't have holes in it.

Wounded. Again. And so Fischer's sitting up a bit in his bed, looking at two photographs as long as nobody else is around, then putting the photos away whenever someone's near enough. Aside from that, he's keeping quiet, trying not to make much trouble for anyone now. Looking up as he sees Amos enter, watching the man a bit quietly now.

Brina has been laying in bed. Again. Injured. Again. On drugs… see a pattern here? At least she's ambulatory, thank gods. Means she won't have to deal with anymore PT or crutches. Just a couple bandages here and there. Yay! She's trying very hard not to sleep, though, not wanting the morpha to knock her out.

Keeping up with the incoming wounded is just part and parcel of the services that Dr. Nadir offers as cruise director on the Ship of the Walking Wounded. Those already triaged and tended too have been marked accordingly and set to rest, as much as they are able. Those who are newly arriving are triaged from their first arrival, walking wounded or those carried in by their comrades, and the newest arrival of the marine Captain has Nadir altering trajectory through the room to wave Amos toward the first open bed.

Amos is definitely walking wounded, although if there's a sub-catergory for walking carefully wounded then he's a good option for posterboy for it. His fellow marine spots the Doctor's guesturing and alters their course according which just generates a fresh round of grumblings from the Captain. On reaching the bed he insits on sitting on it himself, without aid, then starts slowly, and carefully stripping off bits of armour and setting them beside him. He's favouring his right arm, although the ragged and bloody hole in the sleve of his left is likely explaintion enough as to why that might be and he offers Sam a brief nod as she draws near, then a slightly gruff, "Captain."

Looking towards Amos for a while longer, Fischer offers the man a bit of a nod, before glancing around again, offering a nod to Brina as well. After a few moments, he looks to the photos again, muttering something to himself, a bit quietly.

"Captain… did we lose anyone?" That comes from Brina who is across the room. There's a lot of blinking from her as she's trying to rid her field of vision of the haze that keeps settling over it. Tired from being hurt and not having slept well the night before last, Brie looks like she could very well fall asleep right then and there. "Everyone present and accounted for, sir?"

Dr. Nadir arches one eyebrow ever so subtly at the marine Captain, "Was there or was there not some sort of training that teaches you Marine's how to duck, captain?" is voiced, with a measure of rather dry asperity. "It's right up there with keeping your weapons cleaned, oiled and in excellent working conditions and remembering where the mess hall is at chow time?" the question voiced next with that same measure of dry humor even as she's pulling on a new pair of gloves, turning in time for the nearest nurse to hand her Amos's chart to be scanned, "Let me guess, you have a hangnail and a bummed toe?" The nurse that hands the chart to Nadir circulates through the wounded, passing out water, adjusting blankets, checking vitals and meds, passing around the much dog-eared magazines to those who are awake enough to want something to distract them.

Amos spots Fischer and Brina as he slips out of his chest armour. It's an awkward manouver, given the battering he took, the bandages already applied, and the stiffing that comes post battering, but he manages it with only a grimace. Each gets a brief nod before he turns to Brina, "only confirmed 3/8th casualties is the raptor we lost inbound, although we still have boots active on the ground." Not his though, so that last comment is perhaps a little gruff too. Turning back to Sam he just lets teh Doctor talk, although when she 'guess' at his wounds he gives a faintly amused snort in responce before replying, "yeah, something like that." Armour done with and tidied away by the marine who helped him in, he then starts on his fatigues shirt, knowing well enough that the doctor is going to want to have a look, and most likely a poke too.

Fischer nods a bit again, letting out a breath as he hears Amos answer Brina's question. Looking up from the photos again, and putting them away now. "How are things down there now, sir?" he asks, after a few brief moments of pause.

At least Brina can be comforted by that. Minimal losses are minimal, after all. Doesn't totally perk her up, however. A lot of them did get hurt, after all, and Brina's displeased by that as well as the fact that she keeps getting injured while out on missions. Mouth opening to speak further, Brina finds herself stopping when Fischer asks the same question she was about to. "We're sharing a braincell," she grunts before laughing.

Waiting until the captain has shucked himself free of his chest armor, Dr. Nadir does the first round of exams on Amos, checking over the pre-existing damage (i.e. - damage that the captain had pre-combat vs damage acquired IN combat or post combat) and making note of the bullets that have perforated the marine's person. She makes a sound that's almost, but not quite, on the level of 'Hmmmph' but it's near to it. Darned close, in fact. "These dressings, i recognize the hand in these," she says in a low voice, all business despite the measure of dry humor offered to the marine as she sets to work removing all of the bandages so that she can examine each wound and set to real repairs vs ad hoc interim DON'T BLEED TO DEATH measures. "A brain cell?" she wonders with a brief glance toward Corporal O'Connell accompanied by a touch of a grin, subtle emphasis on the 'singular' tense there.

Amos grits his teeth as he removes his t-shirt and vest over his head. Having to use both arms it seems that that particular manouver hurts and so it's a moment before he answers Fischer's question. "There's still work to be done. Pockets of canners keep popping up and there's still guys from the 33rd and 379th being found. It's getting there though." He stills though as Sam gets to work, his face flinching slightly on occasion as dressing are removed but otherwise he just lets her work.

Fischer nods a bit quietly as he hears the Captain's words, before looking to Brina at the braincell comment. "Must be why there's such an echo when I'm thinking, right?"

Brina shrugs to Samtara with a smile. "We're Marines, sir. Aren't expected to have more than one. Just smart enough to know how to follow orders and which end of a weapon to point at our enemies." No, Brina's not serious. She's just joking around with the doctor. Fish gets her to laugh and she does so pretty hard which then gets her head to hurt and her to go quiet suddenly save for an 'ow'.

"Is there any civilian fighters joining in the resistance movement to assist, Captain?" Dr. Nadir wonders as she continues with her work, setting to the real work of extracting any remaining dirt and or debris from those bullet wounds and , after evacuating the one she's working on, flushes the wound until it runs clean save for the pale seepage of blood. Only then does she set to placing finite sutures from the innermost layer of tissue damage, using the sort of suture that will dissolve naturally without needing to be extracted at a later date, and then trimming the edges of each wound before she sutures the top most layer of skin and moving to the next. "We're to believe, Corporal Fischer, that you think?" is aimed at marine number two (or three, depending on where the count starts) with another wry gleam of a grin.

Lleufer has been sent up to the Orion to get schrapnal extracted from his left leg. Apparently that part went a bit too much like a certain training exercise when a grenade went off too close and put him down. All the same he isn't too badly hurt. Mostly struck muscle and any bone hit didn't shatter so he should be back up on his feet pretty quickly. For now the Aerilon MP is somewhat muzzy and not doing much, laying there listening to the other voices.

Amos does his best to sit still as Sam sets to, but from the tensing of his muscles and the occasional flinch of his facial features it's likely apparently enough that this is not a pleasant experience for him. He's a stubborn bugger though, so he says nothing, clenshing his jaw tight shut, although that doesn't stop the occasional sharp inhailation of breath giving hints away. As there's a brief pause while types of stiches are swopped round, he manages to take a couple of deep breaths and answer the question posed, "not on base at the moment. Maybe with Colonel Spree."

Well aware of the usual proclivity of most Marine's to object to being offered pain meds until they're on the edge of passing out (or, in some cases, only AFTER they've passed out) Dr. Nadir keeps a weather eye on the marine Captain until she sees the clenching of his jaw or the sharp inhalation of breath. She asks, silently, with a subtle tilt of her head toward the available pain meds - topical at this point not being offered via injection or IV - while working on the next of the bullet wounds. She glances up the same nurse that had passed out magazines and extra blankets passes the Sgt's bed with the offer of the same, drawing breath to ask the nurse to check his vitals when the nurse moves to do precisely that.

"It happens, Doc," Fischer offers to Samtar after a few moments of pause. "More than the alternative lately," glancing to wheere he's keeping those photos agaiin now. "More than enough," he mutters to himself.

Lleufer's finally noticed by the other MP and she sits up, looking fairly worried. His being here was unknown by Brina and now she has to wonder what happened… ugh. Sarge isn't the only fuzzy-headed one here. The doctor and the officer are looked at before she slides off of her gurney and, with I.V. pole in tow, she slowly makes her way over to where he is. "Hey, what happened?"

Who, what? Oh, nurse. Cuff on his arm again, thing over his finger, etc. It gets his eyes open but not much else at first. Lleu's been asleep and needed it. His vitals are steady, his blood preasure restored with fluids going in by IV. He turns his head to locate the owner of the voice, "Hey." His left leg is raised up slightly on pillows and bandaged up. Ynyr's a bit doped so it takes him a minute to digest the question, "Dunno. Someth'n got my leg. Don't remember." Big bangs do that sometimes.

Amos follows the tilt of his fellow captain's head and frowns slightly as his eyes alight on the pain meds. He's not against them in principal per-say, but right now they would certainly scupper his plans to be heading back down again once she's finished stitching and so he simply shakes his head after a moments pause. "Got to keep my head clear," he mutters, by way of explaintion, before Brina's movement catches his attention and his eyes track over to Lleufer's bed. "Ah, I wondered where you'd got to," he offers quickly, before it's back to not admitting to any pain as his next wound is tended to.

The sickbay doors open, and in walks another beat up Marine. Kostas has left her armor wherever she left it, but doesn't look to have cleaned up all that much, perhaps coming straight from transport, or close to. She's wearing her tank and fatigue pants, a sweaty red bandana still plastered to her head where a helmet should be. Hell, she probably has the line of the helmet's interior across her forehead. Her right arm is swatched with a bandage from elbow to shoulder, a little bleedthrough but not too bad, and she's got another patch across her left hand on the top. There's some gauze taped to her neck too, that looks fresher, but also with a bit of bleedthrough. She looks around for a moment, and then parks it in the waiting area apparently after talking briefly to the nurse, one knee jiggling a bit restlessly.

Fischer nods a little again as he leans back in his bed. Pausing as he spots Lleufer, and then Brina heading over in that direction. Looking away again, he spots Kostas as she enters, with a brief nod.

Brina leans close as much as she can, the railing of the bed and her wounded gut plus her height making it difficult. "Hey. That shit happens sometimes, huh." She reaches out to touch him on the shoulder, a friendly gesture that hopefully comforts him. "You need to stop getting hurt, Sarge. We need you to be on your feet, not on your back… even if you do look good on your back." Her glazed-over eyes sparkle just for a moment. "And I think I owe you an apology becuase I keep getting hurt, too." The light in her gaze dims and she looks down, clearly troubled. "But we can talk about that later, right?" Kostas is noticed and given an upnod from where she's standing by Yrnr.

Lleufer licks his overly dry lips and tries to smile a Brina, "Yeah, I prefer to be on top." A pause to try and track on what else she said and he nods, "Tired of gett'n hurt. Take a pass on that, next time." Whatever it is she wants to talk about later, Ynyr gives Brina a nod. Morpha is good shit.

Dr. Nadir pauses in the process of cleaning the last of the bullet wounds and fixes a steady look upon the marine captain and speaks, rather quietly, for the captains ears alone. "I'm not suggesting that I hit you with a dose of morpha until you're toes up and snoring, Captain. A localized anesthetic will take the edge off of the pain in the affected regions only. Low enough dosage so that it'll be filtered out of your body within a few hours, and not strong enough to impair cognitive functions," said as she sets her attention back to the smallest possible sutures that she can place and works her way outward again. Her attention shifts upward, again, this time to take in the arrival of another Marine, upping Nadir's current count yet again. A quick glance is swept over the new arrival before aiming a look back over at Fischer: "Original thought is not allowed, Marine, I'm pretty sure it's against the guide book." Brina's words make Nadir chuckle, and not quietly, "You're all marines, the lot of you. I swear the first thing that teach all of you is that you're made of cast impervium with a solid coat of vulcanized rubber coating possibly with a teflon finish."

Apparently the ensign from Canceron has a hard time sitting still if she's not in the middle of being stealthy in a war zone somewhere. So she's already kicked back up to her feet, pacing a bit. Until she catches sight of some of "her" marines. Then she's grinning, pacing over into the medical area proper, a nurse's nightmare probably. At least poor topless Amos gets a pass, since he's being orbited by Samtara. "How you holdin' up, Fischer?" she wants to know. Brina and Lleufer get a bit of a sidelong look as she catches part of that conversation. "Howzit, Lance Corporal? Look like you almost ready to add some more t' that kill list, eh? Sergeant Ynyr."

Amos doesn't immediately notice Kostas as she enters, given he's focusing really rather hard on pretending that certain part of his anatomy don't exist. His right hands grips the edge of the bed tightly but his left can't quite match up and so just balls up into a fist by itself instead. The clarification on the type of drugs on offer does get his attention though and after a moment's consideration he gives a short nod of consent. Leaving Brina and Lleufer to their converation he catches sight of Kostas and instinctively starts to turn towards her so he can see how things went after he was ordered away. Needless to say, that results in a sharp intake of breath and it's a few moments before he can ask, "you get them then I take it Ensign?"

Fischer shrugs a little bit at Samtara's words, "You know, my uncle always claimed I was a troublemaker…" he offers, a bit quietly now.

Lleufer drifts off before Brina even has time to respond but she doesn't go back to her own bed, yet. She merely stands there, hand still on his shoulder, looking like she just might be getting a tad bit upset over his being injured along with everyone else. Thankfully the Ensign distracts her. "One or two more to add, yes sir," she quips, her hand finally drawn back from the slumbering Sergeant. "How are you doing…" A draft cuts her off mid-sentence and, with a blush, she reaches behind her and snatched the back of the gown she's stuck wearing closed.

"We got 'em, Sir," is Kostas' easy reply to Amos "Three canners in th' building. One survior. Went conservative though an' secured 'im. Figured ya can't be too careful, yeh? Minimal damages to the supplies an' shit." She gives an uncomfortable roll of her shoulders from where the patch job is starting to chafe. Brina's save garners a smirk. "Not too bad, O'Connell. Same PJ was with us—she know her shit, that one. Ain't felt that unstoppable in a long time." she winks. She's standing kind of at the edge of the bed area, so she can talk to the other marines, though as of yet she hasn't been treated on-ship, if the battlefield dressings on her neck, left hand, and right arm are any indication.

Once Amos gives the nod, Dr. Nadir provides the topical dose of anesthetic to take the edge off of the pain. This done, and his wounds tended too, she finishes placing a clean set of bandages over those bullet holes and hits him with a fresh round of antibiotics before she discards the gloves and has to move on, leaving the marines to their post battle recap.

Huh? Was someone mentioning his name. Blinking a few times, Fischer loks to Kostas again, as he realizes she was the one that asked him a question. "Me?" Another brief pause, before he sighs, "Don't really know. Too many people around, I guess." After all, for the last few weeks he's been keeping to himself a bit. "Glad to be alive, though."

Mahasti is largely quiet, pushing a supply cart with her. She's got a face that gives away limited sleep. She moves the cart to a station, setting up a crock pot again - as is her own tradition for her patients. The gathered people are observed for a long moment "Good Evening ladies and gentlemen." she offers, taking a couple freshly pasteurized couple pints of milk to put into a supply fridge. "Can I get any of you anything?" she offers, primly, adjusting her white jacket for a moment before putting away a few more supplies from the planets' surface.

Amos nods apprecitively to Kostas' update, good news all round it would seem. He keeps still as still as he can for the re-wrapping then waits until she's moved off before reaching for his t-shirt and vest again. It's a slow, and not particulalry smooth process, but he gets them on eventually and then he's sliding off the gurney and onto his own two feet again. "Any sign he was a Jack?" he asks as he reaches with his good arm for his fatigues shirt, his armour having been cleared away by the marine who helped him in.

Brie scoots around from Sergeant Yrnr's bed but not before tucking him in, the injured MP's blankets pulled up around and smoothed. No, he won't know that she did that, being asleep like he is, but it's a comfort to her and that is what she needs at the same time Lleufer needs to be kept warm. That done, she scoots away from his bed and to hers, hand still clasped desperately at the back of what she had been given to wear, the I.V. pole situated before she climbs back in under the covers. "That PJ was great. Glad she want with us." And then Mahasti's here. "I'm good, thanks."

Kostas eyes Fischer for a heartbeat or two, nodding once, though her expression is thoughtful. "Well, hopefully w' these docs they have you out before you know it," she comments. As Mahasti comes in, Kostas nods. "When you got a moment, Doc, c'n ya have someone look these over? We got excellent patches in field, but…" She grins. "Guess a stitch or two don't hurt none." Amos' question has her back in a pensive state. "Not that I heard, Cap'n. By th' time Mallas an' I finished clearing the space we had *friendly* company. Found 'im in th' first room we looked, so just secured and moved through th' others right quick. But I radioed that I don't know his status," she explains. She nods to Brina. "You done good, O'Connell. You bounce back quick, hear? Be a pleasure ta work with ya again."

Mahasti puffs her breath "Darling Lance Corporal O'Connell, Did Captain Nadir give you permission to get up and about with that abdomen injury and all of those stitches?" she asks, tone authorative for a moment. She opens the crockpot, taking a bowl to fill with some variety of chicken soup with small dumplings. She takes it, and a spoon to set on Brina's table before moving back to spoon a secondary bowl, this time it is a bowl for Fischer "Would anyone else like any? I made enough for twelve patients this round." she offers, voice soft as she sets it on his table "Brina, while I like you visiting people, I do not want you up and about until you are feeling a little bette, alright?" she looks to Kostas "She'll be back on duty soon, pending infection, without a week." she offers towards the not-as familiar marine. "Out of you, Fischer is the only one allowed to get up and wander around." she offers with a grin, tilting to glance at charts.
Mahasti eyes Kostas a bit "With your neck injury, you should spend some time in your rack resting. Do you need your bandages changed?" she asks, curiously.

"Thanks…" Fischer mutters, letting out a bit of a breath again, as he once more leans back in his bed. Pausing at that bowl placed near him, sighing a bit. "Not hungry…" he mutters, shaking his head a little bit.

Amos looks like he might be about to make the effort of putting his shirt back on, but then he spots the incomming doctor and so just keeps it grasped him his hand instead. Deliberately chooing not to see the obvious affection that Brina is showing Ynyr he turns instead to give Fischer a brief 'get well soon' type nod, then to Kostas. "Undertood and good to hear." Since she's fessing up to needing treatment all by herself he then offers a "I'll se you back down there when they're done with you here. I figure there'll be a push to clear the AMARG soon and it'd be good if we could muster some boots to lend a hand." As Mahasti offers soup he raises a hand to decline before he's starting towards the hatch, offering Brina a similar one to the one he gave Fischer once she's back in her bed and fully decent again.

The bowl is taken as is the spoon and then she eats, her expression dour for a second when she's told she shouldn't get out of bed. "It was only for a moment, sir," she starts to explain. "Sargeant Yrnr woke up and I wanted to check on him. I was very careful." Not that her saying it will matter. If the doctors don't want her out of bed then she won't be allowed. Brina looks at the Ensign and the Captain and offers them smiles as well as Fischer.

Kostas shakes her head slightly to Mahasti's offer of food. "No thanks, Sir. Just gonna wait until I can get someone to stitch me up a bit," she repeats her request, "And then, yessir, it's off to clean up here, and a rack on-planet soon's I can." She nods to Amos, snapping to as he passes, though she decides that a salute might hurt just a bit too much at present. "Reporting in ASAP, Cap'n," she promises, and grins again at Brina. "Docs can get meaner'n yer worst drill sergeant if ya make 'em, Lance Corporal," she warns.

Mahasti looks exasperated "Captain, I can't order you into bed, but if you go out that hatch, you are doing yourself a diservice." she shifts, taking his chart to look at it. She sighs aloud "When you prematurely leave sickbay while in a condition that warrants observation you open yourself to infections and aggrivating the condition and essentially murdering yourself." she is more worried than angry it seems. "She'll be back in her rack as soon as I'm sure she won't get an infection. We all sleep better in our own racks, yes?" she offers to Kostas. "Sergeant Ynyr will likely not remember, waking up. He's not worth dying for in a sickbay because you tore your stitches due to impatient." her expression is patient, softening to kindness "At six am when the male nurses swap on, how about I roll your bed beside his." she pats a bed for Kostas "I can see if I can fit you, but I'm warning you, I can be a pain in the ass." she offers, voice soft.

"Oh?" Kostas looks at Mahasti, curious and somewhat impressed. "Think you c'n compete with Marine assholery? This I gotta see, doc," she laughs, but hops up on the sickbay bed, boots swinging off the edge. She winks at Brina though. And then just relaxes as she waits, untying her bandana to mop up at least some of the dried sweat and dust on her neck.

Fischer closes his eyes now, turning away for the others as he does. Keeping quiet as he does.

Amos gives Kostas an understanding nod and is just ducking through teh hatch when Mahasti speaks. Pausing, he turns back, half in and half out, as he tilts his head back towards the doctor. His tone is curious, rather than dismissive, as he asks, "have you spotted something Captain Nadir missed Lieutenant?" By way of reassurance he then offers, "if it eases your mind any I'll be spending most of my time on the Peak, where they have excellent medical facilities. I'm just useful down there as I've studied enough maps and charts of the base that I know it inside out, that and I can co-ordinate between Orion's marines and the others there."

The soup manages to get eaten and it and the spoon is set down. In a matter of mere seconds Brina falls asleep, giving Lleufer one more glance before saying to everyone, "Someone tell the sarge to stop getting hurt." The last is drawled out. Sleep finds her and she soon does a very good impersonation of a lump.

Mahasti sighs at Amos "Alright. If you see Siska, Punch him in the tit for me?" she offers "Worried sick, he hasn't popped by his bunk." she offers, voice soft. "Although he's logistics so he's probably in his other bunk." she pauses "Can I at the very least talk you into taking some fresh milk and a fresh first aid kit?" she asks. "I haven't gotten to examine you but your body posture shows you are not feeling very good." she gestures at his body line, smiling very softly. "If you can handle it, a thermos of soup for the road. I cooked it on the planet doing rounds down there." she offers, voice a bit softer than normal.

"Captain Nadir just finished doing exactly that," Amos replies, in relation to the comment about examining him. As for Siska, there's a slight pause before he states, sounding faintly mused, "if I see him I'll pass on that you are concerned." Ducking back in for long enough to accept the milk, the kit, and then the soup as well he then ducks out once more, "thank you Lieutenant. I'm sure I'll be back this way again soon enough, even if just for visiting this bunch."

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