AWD #358: Hoshi Awakens
Hoshi Awakens
Summary: Captain Hoshi awakens and is questioned by Major Gray with Captain Nadir, Sgt Flynn's & Ynyr in attendance. (Guest starring as Captain Hoshi as written by Retrograde.)
Date: 14/Jun/2016
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Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.

Save for the post Saturnalia roll call of Hangovers and all manner of over-indulgence related maladies, the sickbay and ergo the Recovery ward is relative quiet. A pair of marines from a recent mission are in recovery for minor wounds, one of whom is already treated and released while the other is under observation for a potential concussion, better safe than sorry, after all. The on duty medical staff are doing the usual routine of inventory and prep work, the MP's that are on station around the comatose nine (who is, as usual, secluded to herself at the very end of the ward with adjacent beds moved out of the way to create a clear space buffer for the MP's to work with) and the newest arrival reputed to be from the Galactica. MP's have been tasked to keeping over watch on the officer from the Galactica, medical staff interacting with the MP's more than the officer, as extreme exhaustion has only one cure: rest and more rest combined with slowly increasing his intake of fluids and nutrients. For her part, Samtara is seated on one of the empty beds, a stack of charts beside her as she works in the quiet of the recovery ward, a portion of her attention set aside for monitoring the main sick bay area while the rest is devoted to paperwork. Paperwork, after all, breeds in captivity.

Although the change has been gradual, the rescued Captain has slowly looked better…his skin's color has begun to return, he's put on a little weight and doesn't look quite so much like an emaciated horror story, he just hasn't been responding to anything. so it might end up a little bit of a shock when the corpsman is making her rounds and changing the IV bag on Hoshi when his closest hand reaches out to grab her arm. There's very little strength behind it and her initial shock gives her more than enough strength to pull away from him, but she still makes a startled sound and bangs her hip against the nearby chair as she does so. Hoshi's eyes flutter open and he groans, "Where…Where the frak am I?"

Lleufer stands quietly to one side while he's on duty. Relaxed, the Sergeant has suffered no hangovers from Saturnalia since he's still not allowed to drink, as per Doctor Nadir's orders. He's looked in on Sergeant Flynn while she was sleeping, and otherwise kept his position between the Nine's end of the ward and Hiroshi's bed to keep a general eye on things. The MP might be bored and stiffles a yawn up until the Corpsman suddenly draws back from a bed and bumps into a chair when the patient grabs her. Ynyr at once sharpens his gaze on them to see what's going on, but he keeps his place as well as his silence, more watchful.

Setting aside the chart that she's working with and clicking the pen once before tucking it into the top button of her uniform, which is frequently left unbuttoned for this precise reason, Sam rises to her feet and strides over to the bed where the rescued, still slightly emaciated, captain is stirring groggily at last. She shares a nod with the corpsman as she murmurs briefly, sending the corpsman to fetch a fresh pitcher of water, some crushed ice, and of course the oft requested flexible straw. Taking a penlight from one of her pockets, "You're aboard the Battlestar Orion," she answers as she bends toward Hoshi and carefully checks his pupils with the penlight. "I'm Dr. Nadir, will you say your name and either commission date or date of birth," she inquires as she straightens, sharing a glance with Ynyr as the MP focuses with her on the Captain.

Hoshi focuses on the voice that's addressing him, brows furrowing as he tries to bring bleary vision to bear. He sounds confused, "Orion? Whathefrak…" There's a pause, then with only a little confidence behind the tone, offers, "Hoshi, Louis, Captain. Tactical Officer, Battlestar Galactica." He pauses to swallow and tries again, "Orion? Battlestar Orion? Where the…what happened to the Cylons?"

"There are no centurions on this ship," Dr. Nadir replies, her voice both perfectly clear and reassuring at the same time. "None at all," said again, which is a clarification. "What do you remember from before you met our away team?" she wonders as the corpsman returns with the requested pitcher of water, cup of ice chips and bendy straw. "And do you want some water?" she offers. "And do you feel like sitting up, slowly of course?"

Only the MP Sergeant's eyes move, tracking on the Corpsman briefly. Most of Lleu's attention is on the patient Dr. Nadir is with, though Ynyr also glances in the direction of the screened off area for the Nine. Nice distinction there, Doc.

Hoshi takes a moment to digest that, "No, I mean how…" and trails off, clearly still confused. Sam asks him about sitting up, and he nods very slightly, shifting his arms to test his own weight, "We watched the fleet get…ow…massacred. Lost half our wing in 30 minutes, took a nuke right on a flight pod. ruptured a fuel tank before we could jump out. How are you here?" Realization blazes across his face, his eyes go wide, and he stops mid-sit up to look at Samtara, "Is the war over?"

Adjusting the bed slowly as the captain starts to sit up, Sam works the controls so that the upper portion of the bed slowly inclines as well, aiding the process which she pauses when Hoshi pauses. "I can't speak to that I'm sorry, I'm not privy to combat or mission details of that nature. I know that the away team that you returned with had some minor injuries of their own upon return, but you'll need to speak with someone in Intel for a better scope of these things. And no," she answers his question, her head shaking clearly from side to side in negation, "the war is not over. NOt as far as we are concerned or the war effort on the worlds occupied by the Cylons."

Lleufer tries very hard not to laugh at the patient's question, is the war over? Ynyr manages somehow to keep a straight face and barely make a sound, only a little faint sound before he caught himself.

Hoshi ohs softly when Samtara can't confirm the details but at least informs him that no, the war is not over, "I see." Slowly he resettled, laying his head back with a soft groan and a sigh, "Did your team find anyone else on the boat? What day is it? I feel like I've been asleep for a month. Did they…" he stops, and doubt creeps into his facial expression, before he asks, "Did they find anything else?"

"You've been asleep, mostly asleep really, for several days," Sam answers, confirming the passage of time but not to the extent that Hoshi had indicated. She adjusts the head of the bed a few more degrees before she speaks again. "I'm sorry, Captain, but the away team was unable to locate any other survivors aboard your ship," saying this as gently as she is capable of. The words sound a little uncomfortable, though the sentiment is true, she simply is not known for her bedside skills or particularly personable nature; though clearly she is making the genuine effort.

Nope, Ynyr's not speaking up. He's watching and listening, but not saying a word of whatever he's heard about that mission. The MP Sergeant shifts his weight slightly and moves his arms to hook his thumbs loosely into his duty belt. The left side of his face remains slightly slack, the bullet wound scar at his right temple clearly visible to the stranger if he's looked at. Lleu's not doing anything to draw attention to himself. He only glances towards Randy's bed.

Sergeant Randolph Kae Flynn is sandwiched into the ward somewhere near enough that the talking is making her squinch up her face. She shifts down off of the bed to toddle on her feet and pull a dividing curtain back, "Aren't visiting hours ove-?" It's more to herself, since when she sees all the people, her eyes widen and she shuts the curtain closed. There's a period of frozen silence from her area though her feet are still able to be spotted under the curtain. Then the curtain slowly opens a little and she stares at Hiroshi.
Oh yeah, and Randy's in a gown with bandages around her head.

Hoshi's expression darkens for a little bit at the answer, and the rest of his breath is let go in a soft, slow sigh, breathing, "I see." he closes his eyes and rests his head back on the pillow, "The Galactica needs a drydock or she's never fighting again. If the war isn't over, then I suspect there are no drydocks in service. She wasn't built to withstand…that." Randy's peek-a-boo apparently missed as he explains, "Am I going to survive, Doc? We had some bad radiation issues after the first attack."

Randy's bare footed brief appearance draws Lleu's attention. The MP makes a hand gesture to Samtara that he's got this before he leaves his position. Ynyr goes on over and lightly scratches on the partition with a finger, his baritone very low, "It's me, Flynn. Ynyr. You all right? Need anything?"

Glancing up as the curtain is drawn back, Sam aims a glance toward Sgt Flynn that is mildly amused at the sudden silence after the half spoken query, and the glimpse of those bare feet before the curtain is drawn open again so that the sgt can observe Captain Hoshi. Another measured glance is sent out, sharing a look with Ynyr, that half quizzical half concerned glance before she turns back to Hoshi again. "We ran the spectrum of tests on you to determine the severity of your exposure to radiation, but - while your reading is elevated - you are not in a critical or near critical stage of absorption. You didn't even need a round of anti-radiation meds to stave off any potential damage." She passes the cup of water to the Captain while Sgt Ynyr approaches Sgt Flynn and speaks quietly. "Have something to drink, it'll help," she advises. "You must have a lot of questions; I'll answer what I can and I've already sent a runner to bring in someone who can help fill in those blanks."

In full on stare mode, Randy jumps a little at the scratch on the partition. "Hey," she asks without revealing herself to the man-behind-the-curtain-who-says-he's-Lleu. "I'm awake? Or…Is Captain Galactica awake? That's him right? Hoshi? Is he okay?" Yet she doesn't come fully out still half shrouded. It's been kept rather dark behind her curtain, at least darker than the ambient light. "I'm really thirsty."

Hoshi takes the offered cup with both hands and nods slowly, though he gives Samtara a quizzical look, "Really? I…don't see how. But you're the doctor." His voice trails off as if he considered the matter settled with that comment. He glances over at the conversation going on to the side, then draws teh cup up to his lips and takes a drink…immediately coughing violently for a few moments, nearly spilling the water over his front in the process.

Lleufer stands near to where Randy is and keeps his baritone very low as the MP on duty speaks with her. Half of his attention is on the Ward, keeping an eye on things, "He seems to be awake, talking with the Doc. I'll see you get some water." Ynyr leaves the partition where Randy's peeking out. The Sergeant goes over to speak low with the Corpsman when she's available in a moment. He's not to leave the Ward while he's on duty but she can get more water, or pass on the word for an orderly. It'll take a couple of minutes. When it is brought, it's taken directly to Flynn's area and offered to her rather than handing it to the MP who needs to keep his hands free.

Calmly rescuing the cup of water from the captain before he soaks the thermal blanket, sheet and the hospital gown that he's wearing with ice cold water, Sam sets the cup aside and reaches for a towel that she hands to the captain as he coughs. "Easy now," she says in that same calming voice. "And yes, I am, actually, and I can personally guarantee that if you had been exposed to high doses of radiation that I would have started you on a regimen of anti-radiation doses and accompanying therapy before you'd fully awakened." she glances up as Flynn and Ynyr speak quietly before turning back toward Hoshi. "Ready to try that again?" she queries, tipping her head slightly to indicate the cup of water, once his cough has abated.

It doesn't take long for someone from Intel to arrive — in this case it's the Major himself, dressed in his usual rumpled blues and smoking a cigarette. At least until he gets to the hatch leading into sickbay, where Elias is forced to put it out. Following the messenger Samtara sent, the Intel officer is lead into the recovery ward and over toward Hoshi's bed. There's a brisk nod of thanks to his guide, and then Elias turns to the two Marines and the Doctor gathered near the patient. He doesn't interrupt with questions right off, instead studying the officer from the Galactica and then glancing around the med bay to see who else may be present.

"Thanks," first to Lleufer for putting Randy's order in, and then another, "Thanks," is given to the person who delivers her water. Randy takes the cup in both hands, squinting as she lifts it up to drink. Something keeps her there, even through the duration of waiting for the water. When the Major arrives, Randy lowers the cup from a sip and says, "Sir, I can go, or they can knock me out or…" The be-gowned marine's eyes seem to be softly focused and she just trails off when she runs out of ideas. She shrugs and then sips her water again.

Hoshi takes a moment to recover, clearing his throat a few times before nodding at Samtara. When he has his voice back under control he offers a rough, "Sorry." Retaking the cup, he tries another drink, this time just a small sip, savoring it around his mouth before swallowing. When this time doesnt result in another coughing fit, he eases back into the propped up head of the bed and manages a, "So what happens next, Doc?" Elias' arrival is glanced at, but at the moment, the Doctor has the captain's attention.

Lleufer has returned to his post beside the partition that blocks off the Nine's area from Hiroshi's. The MP resumes his duty, quiet and impassive as Ynyr keeps his post and his silence.

"I imagine that there will be people who have some questions for you," Sam answers as she observes the captain successfully working with that glass of water. "More than just a few, I imagine. From my end, I'm going to put you on a steady diet to bring up your body mass index until you're at a healthy weight again. Which means I'm going to either end up nagging you myself or you'll have one of my nurses bugging you to eat more often. We'll do several routine follow ups to ensure that you're getting the proper nutrition and I'm sure someone from the psych department is going to want to talk to you about your battle trauma so that you can work through it in semi manageable segments, but . . that's going to be busy work. There's still a war on, Captain, I don't believe that you're going to be twiddling your thumbs growing bored in here," she says this as she hears the approaching footfalls and discerns the telltale cigarette scent that accompanies the arrival of the Major. "The Major," she indicates Elias with a glance back and a nod in his direction, "will want to have a word with you now. Captain Hoshi, Battlestar Galactica, this is Major Gray," leaving off the intel designation so that the Major can make his own introductions. "These marines, Sergeants Ynyr and Flynn are also part of our marine contingent. Ynyr doubles at a MP and has been helping keep an eye on the wounded in sick bay. Sgt Flynn was, I believe, on the away mission where you were recovered. You may recognize her from that."

Elias does a bit of a double take when Randy addresses him, then gives the gowned Marine a small shake of his head. "I don't think we'll be discussing anything Top Secret in the ward, and it is the Doctor's domain." He indicates Samtara with a tip of his head. There's a glance aside at the MP on duty, and a look of recognition for Lleufer, and then Elias' attention is drawn back by the Doctor's introductions. He steps foward once Sam is done and nods to Hoshi. "Captain. I'm with Fleet Intel. I don't imagine you're feeling up to a full debrief, but the circumstances of your rescue are a bit of a mystery. Can you tell us how you ended up alone on the anchorage, and what happened to the rest of your crew?"

Hoshi lifts both brows and turns his attention onto Elias when Samtara explains who he is, and then Elias introduces himself. Military training returns the almost instinctual, "Sir," but then he lingers for a moment, glances to Samtara, then back to Elias and slowly shakes his head, "Sir, you aren't going to believe a frakking word I say. Especially if your team didn't find anything on the boat. Sir, there is stuff out there a lot frakking worse than the Cylons. It just…we had no idea. People just couldn't handle it."

Randy nods to the Major and seems content to listen from the shadows, even when she's introduced. It isn't until Hoshi begins to speak that she steps out from behind the curtain fully, squinting a touch. "What happened?" He may not remember her as the one he asked to kill him, but Randy does. There's a gravity to her, even in her limbs. Her shoulders drooping slightly. The impulse to keep up her inquiry dies as quickly as it emerged and the sergeant moves to sit down in a chair.

"The war has not been a straight shooting war since the beginning, captain," Sam replies in that same calm tone of voice, calm to the point of being almost neutral to be devoid of inflection while still allowing for mild emphasis to be placed on key words. "Without being privy to what your crew encountered in combat actions since the onset of this war, I can't say for certain whether or not we have encountered more or weirder or bizarre or just plain .." she pauses to hum quietly, "ah yes. The correct phrase is 'what the frak', if I understand the way the term is used in most instances. That said, and forgive me, captain, but honestly. Try us. Thus far we have seen human skinned cylon model. We have seen their advanced centurion machine soldiers. We have seen their weapons of war that are not mere machines but open the argument to the debate that they may not be just machines but beg the question as to whether or not they are soldiers in their own right. And more. We are, to our misfortune, currently residing in interesting times, as the curse goes."

Glancing up at Samtara, Hoshi slowly shakes his head, "No Sir. We've seen the skinnies. Shot one of those assholes myself once I got to the Anchorage. Not talking about that." he trails off again and shifts his attention to Randy, lingering for a moment, then to Elias, then back to Randy, "Adama thought he knew how to find Earth. He had books, and said he had been studying it all before the war ever started. Thought if we could get there, there'd be something we could turn on the Cylons and make em pay for what they did to Virgon…"

Lleufer's pale grey eyes had been on Elias briefly with a nod of respect given to the Major when Elias looked his way. Otherwise Ynyr's stayed still and quiet. Hoshi's words draw his gaze back more than once and the MP Sergeant's mouth thins a little. Not his place to say anything so he doesn't.

"MMm," is all Elias has to say for his possible disbelief. But as Hoshi is prompted to talk he simply pays close attention to what the Captain has to say, watching the man's face intently. And while it's not strictly disbelief, the Intel officer's face does betray a certain skepticism at what he hears. "I take it you did not find the Thirteenth Colony, Captain?"

Randy reaches up to rub at her head a little under the bandages. She sets her water down on some patient's food tray from earlier and then straightens up to see if anything was left behind. Crackers, anything neutral like that. When Hoshi mentions Virgon, she looks away, down at the ground, having given up the search for food.

"We are at war, Captain," Sam reminds Hoshi in that same calm, almost gentle, tone of voice. "And all data is relevant. All details are relevant. There is no way to discern, in advance, which one piece of data may change the equation, may re-shape the some emerging situation, may turn the tide of this war. You do not want to speak of what happened at Anchorage. And I have to tell you, up front, that you're going to need to work out a way to do so. Be it in segments, or by writing it out in your own hand, we need to know what you know," Sam gives a slow, measured, shake of her head, "because holding data to yourself, holding intel to yourself in reserve, might compromise our own current efforts." She turns then, briefly, meeting the Major's eyes with hers, "What is the captain cleared to be read in on, Major?"

Ynyr finally looks like he wants to say something to the Captain in the bed, but he glances at Major Gray. Lleu draws a slow breath and keeps his silence, patient to see if Hoshi will tell them more. He's not going to interrupt.

Hoshi shakes his head at Elias, "I don't…I don't think so, sir. Some of the command staff started disagreeing with the Commander after we had a reactor malfunction. Chief said we were riding the power grid too hard, but the Commander wasn't slowing down. Once we made it out to that white dwarf, we all could feel something was wrong. Adama started acting crazy. Yelled at Tigh right in CIC, demanding to know what the hell the Colonel was talking about. Tigh was telling me we might have to get the CMO up to declare the Commander unfit, and then Gaeta…just frakkin shot him, sir." He stops and chews on his lip for a moment, glancing down, "And I swear on Ares, sir, his eyes were on fire when he did it, and his voice changed. The computers started fritzing up and he told us all that we would pay for our sins, that the Dark One had lured us out to that system for the sacrifice…one of the MP's nailed him in the shoulder and he went down, but the system was frakked and the Commander was dead. We were dead in the water."

Elias gives a faint frown for Samtara's question, and the Intel officer is a little slow to answer. "Let's not rush the Captain's recovery?" he suggests to the Doctor. "There will be time for a full briefing when he returns to duty." And there is tight lipped attentiveness for Hoshi's tale, once the officer gets going. There are a few nods thrown in, to show he is following and to encourage the Captain to continue, but he's not taking any notes yet. "I see," he says when Hoshi pauses. He clearly has a number of questions, but all Elias does is prompt for the story to continue.

"So was that all that writing in the CIC about?" Randy lifts her head to ask the Captain. "We saw some writing there." No, she doesn't mention it was in blood or what it said. As for the interchange between the Major and the doctor, she pays little heed, only glancing from one to the other. Then she slumps back into her chair to let the bedridden Captain speak.

"We've encountered humans that have been commandeered by cylon technology," Sam notes from where she is sitting beside the Captain's bed, her head tipped subtly to the side, a grim expression on her face. "We know that their abilities and technological advances are giant leaps and bounds beyond our original expectation of their technological staging point. Their skinned models, the skinners as you call them, have the ability to look and sound like Humans, to react and blend and bleed just like humans. They are what i would consider ideal infiltration units," volunteering her own opinion on this matter as she shares a glance with Randy and a small nod of encouragement. "Your ship was dead in the water,but you managed to maneuver to the Anchorage all the same. You lost more crew along the way," not making it precisely a question but a statement of logical fact.

Hoshi's breathing has gotten a little more agitated with having to relive the moment, stopping to take a deep breath and let it go to calm himself or collect his thoughts. When Samtara tries to explain it, he frowns and shakes his head, "No sir. You haven't heard all of it. We locked Gaeta up after the doc made sure he wasn't gonna bleed out, but even in the brig, you could hear him howling and screaming about how it was time for the harvest, we weren't getting away, we were in His grip now. Tyrol and the Engineers worked 30 hours straight trying to get the core flight and FTL systems back online. I had to take over as Tactical and Tigh took command. Things went downhill fast, sir." He winces when Randy asks about the writing and pauses, "We got the FTL back up, but there were…incidents. MPs had to shoot some pilots for trying to get their birds online and engage their weapons in the hangar bay. Sergeant Mayweather called CIC and screamed something about tentacles reaching into the launch tubes and then the ship shuddered like we had been hit with a nuke, but there wasn't any fire, the flight pod just ripped off the boat, sir. Decompression warnings all up and down the board, and crew were fighting so much we musta lost two hundred people before we could get the computer to seal the bulkheads."

Lleufer might possibly look a little rattled as he listens to Hoshi's story of what happened. If it were to be believed. The MP Sergeant is a little uneasy. Ynyr continues his silence and keeps his thoughts to himself but his mind is certainly chewing on things.

He's read the AAR, but Elias wasn't there on the Galactica, so the writing in that ship's CIC is still an abstract thing for him. And skinjobs, he's seen a fair few of those, and Samtara's discussion of them is given a quick nod. But Hoshi's story seems to unsettle the Intel officer, at least a little, as calamity piles on calamity. He frowns to himself and reluctantly takes up his pen. A few quick notes are scrawled on the corner of his clipboard's top sheet of paper. A thought occurs and another note is made. "If we hadn't seen the condition of your ship," he says to Hoshi, "I would find it difficult to believe, yes."

"That's what I was told. It had been sheared straight off, like with an overwhelming force," Randy mumbles before reaching up to rub at her cheeks and eyes a little. "I'm sorry, other people started acting weird too?" She tilts her head with concern knitting her brow. She glances towards the Major when she hears the word tentacles.

"The thing is, captain, we do believe you," Sam says, her voice still that quiet tone, conveying both the serious nature of the conversation and the utterly unflappable sense that she is not treating this like some drug addled hallucination. Instead, she tips her head again in that slow nod. "Members of our own crew have encountered things that they cannot explain, experienced things that defy logical and scientific explanation. We have all been required to broaden our personal perspectives and understanding of what reality is, and work on comprehending how the shape of things continue to evolve beyond simple black, white and gray understanding." She tips her head slightly again, "Were you able to off load any of your unaffected crew members to some manner of a safe haven or will we be marking all hands lost?" and there it is, that question she simply had to voice.

Hoshi stops there to take a drink of water from the cup he forgot he was still holding on to, then takes a breath and shakes his head at Samtara first, "Never got a chance, sir. We jumped, I punched in the first destination back I could find and yanked the key so hard I mighta cracked it. I know when the jump finished, there was an explosion. Chief said Tylium Feeder #3 to the main engines had ruptured and we almost lost the boat. We had to stop to repair again, and Tigh said we had to get back here, we were just too crippled to survive long. Said that if the Tylium tanks were damaged when the flight pod was destroyed, we were sitting on a time bomb. So we made the last jump back to Helios and…some how, Gaeta had gathered him some followers that broke him out of the Brig. I don't know how he did it, I just know he was suddenly there in CIC with like ten folks in Marine heavy armor and they just started firing. I was able to get out the back hatch and ran to the starboard flight pod. Gaeta said we were going to dock at Ragnar and storm the cruiser that was here. I heard the airlocks trigger and then gunfire…Cylon cannons and people screaming. I hid, sir. I frakkin hid in an ordinance closet. Stayed there for…don't know. Passed out at one point, but when I came to, it was all quiet. Ship was empty, and I mean empty, like everyone had packed up and left me. Made my way to the station, thinking I could maybe find another ship docked, and that rat bastard was waiting thee, standing sentry. I…don't remember a whole lot after that, sir. And I'm sorry…" the apology directed to Randy, "I dont remember you at all."

The notion of tentacled space monster ripping the flight pod of a Battlestar is not one Elias is seriously entertaining, and Randy can probably tell that at a glance. Samtara's line of questioning earns an affirmative noise from the Intel officer, but when Hoshi cannot tell them anything specific other than more presumed deaths, Elias' frown deepens visibly. "I see." Another quick note. "I think that's all for now, Captain. Why don't you get some rest?" That's all the Intel officer wants to know at this time? So it would seem.

Randy listens to Hoshi's story, pouring over the details of what they found in her head as she falls into another stare at the casters on Hoshi's bed. "The One," she says in response to the 'rat bastard' comment. "It's okay. You were pretty out of it," she offers the Captain. "It isn't the time to speak of such things." Whatever that means. When the Major seems to bring things to a close, Randy pushes up from the chair.

A certain MP has more or less almost tuned out the conversation. Lleu's thinking real hard about something else. His attention is dragged back and he focuses briefly on Hoshi, then Major Gray. Frowning faintly, the Sergeant checks his chronometer to see how much, longer he has on shift. He shifts his jaw, then leaves his station to go and quietly check on the Nine lying beyound the privacy partition.

"Rat.." is as far as Sam gets before she tips her head toward Randy, a perplexed expression on her face, "ah. The rat bastard in question was a infiltration model that has been designated a One, in our understanding of their hierarchy," she muses before fixing a long look at the Captain. "So there's a possibility that any surviving members of the crew might have been collected by cylon agents or cylons themselves instead of being simply eradicated, as they have demonstrated a particular tendency toward." She shares a look around the small group before flicking a glance toward the far end of the ward where the Nine is comatose and under the watchful, if frequently bored, attention of an endless rotation of Marines. That glance is aimed again toward the Major before she turns back toward both the Hoshi and Flynn, "Alright. rest, for both of you. Captain, do you think you could stomach some genuine food instead of the IV drip and liquid nutrients?"

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