Sergeant Judah Hook
hook.jpg Hook,
SGT Marines
Station 4th ANGLICO, 2nd SALT
Position Wirelo (JTAC)
Age Sex
28 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Hazel


Judah "Padre" Hook. Sergeant in the Colonial Marines, and is an ordained Priest. Yeah you heard it right. Judah was ordained before he came into the Marines. However, a job in the chaplaincy was never in the cards for Judah.

The son of a farmer on Gemenon, Judah was the eldest of seven brothers and three sisters. His own family being strict followers of Apollo and Ares, and members of a sect known as the quiver full movement. A religious fundamental group that believed it should breed followers for the Lords and do their will. As such Judah has heard preaching all of his life and was groomed to head to the Colleges of Kobol and approved seminaries on the planet. However, Judah was a willful child and believing that he was indeed called by the Lord Ares, went to the School of Ares on the Hill, where he would become an ordained Son of Ares, or rather a Priest of the god of War. A poorer country school, Judah was able to work in the temple and preach to pay his way through his school work and thus applied to join the Navy as a means of passing the word of Ares to the men and women he believed needed it the most.

Sadly though for Judah, the school though highly respected on Gemenon was not an accepted Seminary. As such Judah could not serve as accredited chaplain as he expected. So with much prayer and direction both spiritual and from his mentor, Patriarch Krassus of Gemenon, Judah enlisted with the colonial marines.

He went through his hell week on Hydras Island on Caprica, off of Gup's Pointand then was assigned to Fort Cordova on Sagittarron, there after. A skilled enough rifleman, Judah was selected to go onto further training. As a Wirelo Operator. he took to communications like a duck to water-and did well in the Tauron Theatre, as well as during some of the cult troubles on Sagittarron. His main use though was in the "Troubles" on Virgon as a radio man for a marine scout unit. His work here earned him his NCO status of Sergeant and a trip to ANGLICO (his application was well received). His schooling serving him well enough to handle the calculations needed to make for the arty and naval units.

Judah himself, despite his fundamentalist background, is viewed as a rather laid back old dog. Though he is serving as a marine he still holds unofficial chapels, baptisms and other rites done for Ares. And for his part, the navy and the marines have not come down on the sergeant. Perhaps because he delivers on his tasks-or they like the thought of a god blessed man amongst the grunts.

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