Major Kurt "Storm" Holtz
holtz9.jpg Holtz, Kurt Anselm
MAJ Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position CO, VF-777
Age Sex
39 M
Hair Eyes
brown grey

A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal tested.



Standing just a shade under six and a half feet tall, with a frame that looks almost more befitting of a Marine than a Viper pilot, Kurt Holtz is a hard-faced man in his late 30s. Though his features retain a somewhat youthful cast, his face also bears the beginnings of crow's feet and worry lines that betray his age. When his dog tags are visible, a silver ring can be spotted on the chain along with the tags themselves.

Holtz obviously keeps himself well conditioned; his figure is trim and muscular, and he moves with the predatory grace of an experienced soldier. His dark brown hair is generally kept trimmed short, but his chin and jawline boast a seemingly perpetual five o'clock shadow. The man's eyes are a flinty shade of bluish-grey, and carry within them a look of intense focus and the promise of something volatile lurking under his collected exterior.


Knocked down, but never out.

That might as well be Kurt Holtz's life motto; from humble origins and a rocky upbringing on Tauron, through a tumultuous military career and a disastrous marriage, Holtz has shouldered his share of burdens and trials throughout his life. He's worked his way up through the ranks to become an officer and a Viper pilot(and instructor, to boot), despite occasional brushes with the regs. Although little has ever come easily to the man, the things he's endured in his life have given him a sense of resiliency he regards as no small a source of pride.

Pride doesn't pay the bills, though; when Holtz's messy marriage led to a messy divorce, he had no house and barely enough possessions to fill his car. With nowhere else to turn, he went back to the place that had once given his life meaning: the Colonial Fleet. The Fleet might not have had much need for a long in the tooth retread Viper jock, but nevertheless his application to resume his commission was accepted, and in short order he found himself whisked out to the Seventh Fleet Anchorage to join his new assignment: The 777th "Lucky Strikes" Viper squadron on the Battlestar Orion.

Service Record/Personnel File

Year Rank Station Notes
1984 Recruit CFAB Andross, Tauron Enlistment, Basic Training
1984 Recruit CFAB Radix, Virgon Technical Training (Starship Gunnery & Ordnance)
1984-85 Crewman Battlestar Triton (BS-39) Gun Crew
1985-87 Specialist Battlestar Triton (BS-39) Promoted to Specialist during tour
1987-88 Petty Officer 3rd Class Picon Fleet Headquarters Ordnance Handler
1988-89 Petty Officer 2nd Class Picon Fleet Headquarters Promoted to PO2 during tour
1989 Petty Officer 2nd Class CFAB Erebus, Picon Officer Candidate School
1989-90 Ensign CFAB Nike, Caprica Flight School
1990-92 Ensign Escort Carrier Tannerman Ocean (CEC-91) Viper Pilot
1992-93 Ensign CFAB Argolis, Sagittaron Viper Pilot
1993-94 Lieutenant JG CFAB Argolis, Sagittaron Promoted to LTJG during tour
1994-95 Lieutenant JG Battlestar Chimaera (BS-81) Viper Pilot
1995-99 Lieutenant CFAB Nike, Caprica Flight School Instructor
1999-2004 Lieutenant(inactive) - Mustered out (honorable discharge)
2004-2005 Lieutenant Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Viper Pilot
2005 Captain Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Promoted to CPT on 6 Feb 2005
2005 Major Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Promoted to MAJ on 4 Apr 2005

Other Information

  • Enlisted Years: He couldn't get accepted into the Fleet Academy, so Kurt got his career started on the enlisted side as a rating. Thus, he's no stranger to what some might call the less refined side of the fleet. As a result, he doesn't always come off in the same way as an average, Academy-graduate officer.
  • Flight School: Holtz spent time as an instructor at the Fleet's main Flight School campus on Caprica during his first term as a commissioned officer. During his four years on the job, he helped train hundreds of pilots, many of whom are still serving today(or were, before the Fall). Love him or hate him, few of his students found him forgettable.
  • Rowdy Times: There's something about a good fight that Holtz finds irresistable. He's far from a bully or a malcontent, and won't force a fight upon someone who clearly tries to avoid one, but it doesn't take much to get his fists flying, as the many notations on his disciplinary record will attest. (Though he has mellowed out — some — in the years since the end of his original term, so it remains to be seen whether he'll be the same thorn-in-the-side on Orion as he was on earlier postings.)
  • Civilian Life: In the five years since he mustered out, Holtz's personal life has been up and down. He's flown commercial star liners and even served as a civilian flight instructor on Caprica for a time. He just got out of a nasty divorce with his wife, to whom he was married for seven rocky years. (There might have even been some infidelity involved on either or both sides.)


File Image Name Notes
Atalanta_icon.png MAJ Atalanta "Teatime" Franklin When she came aboard, I was ready to hate everything about her… her accent, her apparent coldness, her damned upper-crust attitude. The fact that she got her pins thanks to her daddy as much as anything else. It even brought us to blows once. But I admit it, I was wrong about her. And, given how things have turned out between us, I'm glad I was. She's been good for the wing, and even moreso for me. Let's just say… the blood runs hot underneath all that Fleet blue.
Cole_icon.png CPT Aristides "Janitor" Cole That enforced sojourn on Aerilon really frakked him up. I hope he's not broken beyond repair; he's a good pilot, and I consider him a friend. And as cold-blooded as it may sound… his skill and experience can't exactly be easily replaced these days.
Warren_icon.png CPT Warren "Toast" Smythe Solid pilot, dependable officer. Glad we managed to pry him loose from Rubaul. Over the last few months I've come to regard him as my right-hand man; his steadiness and his leadership have been invaluable to the squadron.
Phin_icon.png LT Phin "Dolly" McBride When I met him, he was a green-as-hell rook who looked like a vapid pretty-boy. But there are no rooks anymore, and he's got a reservoir of strength you wouldn't figure from looking at him. He's been my wingman since before the Fall, and at this point, as surprising as it may sound, I can't imagine anyone else watching my back.
Jess_icon.png LT Jessa "Nags" Karlsson Former student at the flight school on Caprica. She's always had determination, but it's good to see she's picked up some seasoning to go along with it… even if it is a little strange to suddenly be on equal footing with one of my former nuggets. But I'll get used to it. We'll need pilots like her in the days ahead.
Tiptoft_icon.png LTJG Lionel "Thumper" Tiptoft Biggest head I've ever seen, but I guess that's to be expected from a pro Pyramid player, even a former one. Been getting to know him, though, and all the arrogance aside he's good company. Got some decent moves in the cockpit, too… and not to mention enough good luck to choke an elephant.
Luc_icon.png LTJG Gabriel (Luc) "Bigmouth" Raynor He holds his own as a pilot, but to be honest, I'm less than impressed with him as an officer. Giving orders is one thing, using your pins as clubs to beat the enlisted over the head is another. I remember officers like that from the days my pins were green instead of gold, and I haven't the patience for it.
Tasha_icon.png LTJG Natasha "Blackbird" Stryker Sorry, you don't get to cash out just because things get a little tough. She thinks she's the only one having trouble dealing? I sympathize, but only up to a point. She needs to pull her shit together, and get her ass back in the cockpit where it belongs.
Calanthia_icon.png LTJG Calanthia "Medusa" Varley Quiet, keeps to herself. I'm not sure if they called her Medusa because of her crazy stare, or because she's got hands of stone. She hasn't gotten herself or anyone else killed though, so there's hope for her yet.
Agrippa_icon.png LTJG Alexander "Punchdrunk" Agrippa He's a good stick, there's no denying that. Needs to learn not to let his accomplishments go to his head, though, and to remember that luck and skill aren't always the same thing. He's alive when a lot of older, wiser, and better men are dead.
Taylor_icon.png ENS Jacob "Wheels" Taylor Kid's so new he squeaks. No experience to speak of, but his training records are good, and I know most of the people that trained him. He should make for a good addition… if he lives long enough.
Darius_icon.png ENS Darius "Hyper" Knight Another squeaky-new ensign, even squeakier than Wheels, if that's possible. Can't say I share his unrelenting optimism or his gung-ho attitude, but in a way it's commendable he's managed to hold onto both for as long as he has.

Holtz's Jukebox

Title Artist Lyric
Kashmir Led Zeppelin i've been flying, ain't no denyin', no denyin' / all I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground / and my eyes fill with sand, as i scan this wasted land / trying to find, trying to find where i've been
Aces High Iron Maiden running, scrambling, flying / rolling, turning, diving, going in again / run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die / run, live to fly, fly to live, aces high
The Missing Ministry the last days / the time has come / the last rites / of what we've become / so watch yourself / and watch what you say / the martyr dies / so what's at stake?
Bad Blood Ministry wild lives / the big surprise / we get our clues from what / the funhouse mirrors authorize / a ray of thought turns happy endings into mud / where there's denial, there's bad blood
Tod und Teufel Die Krupps geniesst eure sünden / im rhythmus der maschinen / lasst den teufel tanzen / solange ihr noch könnt / tod und teufel fürchten uns nicht
(enjoy your sins / The rhythm of the engines / leave the devil dancing / so long as you can / we fear neither death nor devil)
Speed of Sound Warlock good-bye to your slow-creeping days / nothing will stand in my way / racing faster, breaking out of this mad prison-cell / faster, just like a flash out of hell
Silver Machine Hawkwind i just took a ride / on a silver machine / and i'm still feeling mean / oh, do you want to ride / see yourself going by / the other side of the sky? / you gotta know where i've been
Masters of the Universe Hawkwind i'm charged with cosmic energy / has the world gone mad or is it me?
Spacelab Kraftwerk (instrumental)
If Gravity Kills like a soul kept on your shelf / but you keep it there for someone else / and it all becomes so clear / you're the one you fear
Mars, The Bringer of War Gustav Holst (instrumental)

Logs and Memoirs

AWD #296: Asterion- >Bennett, Zhen, and Holtz return to Minos to return the body of the radio operator from Helios Alpha Second Recon. Afterwards, they make contact with the moon's survivors, and Holtz makes a decision Bennett doesn't like.
(awd bennett event holtz logs zhen)

AWD #269: Alert 5 CSAR- >Alert 5 Raptors and Vipers are launched to pick up some badly injured Marines.
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AWD #267: Enforced Vacation- >With Holtz on the mend, Atalanta checks on him in the recovery ward.
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AWD #264: Picon Invasion - Vipers- >While the Marines hit the ground, the Vipers play distraction in the air over Picon…
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AWD #263: Air Wing Commendation Ceremony- >Holtz, Phin, Maia, Ygraine, Kale, and Kelsey receive commendations in a ceremony before the crew of the Orion for making a strike in Caprica City to take out the planetary puppet government.
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AWD #262: Basestar Refueling Station Strike- >Air Wing personnel head back into Cylon territory to bomb a fueling station real good. It does not blow so easily as that.
(agrippa alejandro atalanta awd bennett event holtz jason logs maia phin warren)

AWD #245: Return from Avery Hall- >The aircrew invovled in the bombings at Avery Hill arrive back on Orion.
(awd bennett holtz kale kelsey logs maia social toby warren)

AWD #245: Goin' Downtown- >A contingent from the Orion's air wing heads to Caprica to take out the Cylon-controlled puppet government.
(alejandro awd bennett event holtz kale kelsey logs maia phin ygraine)

AWD #244: No Illusions- >Phin and Holtz discuss the upcoming Caprica strike. They have differing feelings on the matter, though they're headed to the same place.
(awd holtz logs phin social)

AWD #239: Into the Hornet's Nest- >Orion's air wing conducts a strike behind enemy lines, but they get a little more than they bargained for.
(agrippa alejandro atalanta awd bennett brandy calanthia event holtz jaine logs maia phin taylor warren ygraine)

AWD #238: Some Must Be Sacrificed- >Atalanta brings intelligence which she's just received to Holtz. Naturally, an argument ensues about who they can and can't afford to sacrifice in a fight for humanity's survival.
(atalanta awd holtz logs social)

AWD #238: Air Briefing 09.01.2005- >The pilots and ECOs are briefed on plans for strikes in Cylon territory, and over Cylon-occupied Caprica. Commander Spree makes a special guest appearance.
(alejandro atalanta awd bennett brandy event holtz jaine jason kelsey logs maia phin warren)

AWD #236: Matters of Law- >Atalanta and Holtz discuss several past events pertaining to a certain former wing commander and the fallout of his actions.
(atalanta awd holtz logs social)

AWD #232: Wounded Bird- >Phin speaks with Holtz on behalf of a troubled pilot.
(awd holtz logs phin social)

AWD #228: A Different Kind Of Victory- >Maia and Holtz face off in the sims as part of her training. She is 'destroyed', but it's not exactly a loss.
(awd holtz logs maia social)

AWD #225: The Armilustrium Games - Celebration- >The games conclude with a ceremony crowing the victors of Piraeus' makeshift Armilustrium and festivities to follow.
(agrippa atalanta awd bennett event holtz iphigenia jax lleufer logs mahasti maia phin taylor warren winston ygraine)

AWD #224: The Armilustrium Games- >The citizens of the Fleet hold a makeshift version of the Armilustrium Games on Piraeus.
(agrippa arthur atalanta awd bennett event holtz iphigenia jax lleufer logs mahasti maia phin sarin warren winston)

AWD #223: Hitting the Showers- >In which many Orion personnel converge on the Head to scrub, shave, and discuss upcoming fun and games.
(atalanta awd holtz lleufer logs maia phin sarin social)

AWD #221: Incursion- >Planning for behind-the-lines attacks.
(atalanta awd bennett elias holtz james logs phin social)

AWD #218: No Time Like The Present- >Holtz and Bennett discuss a new plan for handling the asteroid recons.
(awd bennett holtz logs social)

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