AWD #485: Hijacking the Pipeline
Hijacking the Pipeline
Summary: LTC Io and LTJG Petropoulos approach MAJ Gray about getting a hold of intel for the Scorpia and Leonis missions.
Date: 19/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
06 May 2006 AWD #485

The Map Room has become a relatively busy place now that operational planning has begun. Staff personnel come and go, with a few usually working here at all hours. The map table is in use, displaying some unfamiliar region of space with a large nebula, now heavily annotated with grease pencil markings and course lines. Elias has secured himself a seat at the back corner of the briefing area where he is pouring over paperwork. The young Major has cigarette dangling from his lips as he focuses on the reports, reading each over, occassionally making his own notes, and then quickly scribbing a signature before going on to the next.

Operation talk to Major Gray has commenced. Robin knows better what the likelihood of catching a head of intel acting-TACCO free would be, but at the very least, it's an opportunity to introduce herself before they meet formally in the meeting she set up with him. Still, the new CAG is dressed in blues with a certain Marine Lieutenant in tow. She knocks on a hard surface before the precipice of the Map Room and clears her throat.

Following after the CAG, the new platoon leader of the Dogs settles into a loose position of attention to allow the light Colonel to get the attention of the TACCO as he waits for his turn, a file tucked under his arm.

All eyes turn toward the hatch when Robin knocks, though it takes Elias a moment before he looks up and sees who's knocking. Seeing the Lieutenant Colonel with a Marine officer in tow, the acting TACCO takes a second to set his paperwork aside and take a drag on his cigarette before he rises to his feet. Beckoning the pair to enter, he starts across the compartment toward them. "Sir," he greets Robin first, and then Marcus. "Lieutenant." And then he considers for a second before asking, "What can I do for you?"

The Colonel waits until acknowledged and then steps in through the hatch. "Major," she greets in return. Just in case, she shuts the hatch behind them. "I won't waste any of your time Major. I was just looking over some preliminary plans for establishing communications with resistance elements on Scorpia and Leonis. As I understand it there are reasons that we want to keep this from Picon command at the moment." Whether she knows them or not, it's apparently not important to discuss right now. "I've also been informed that Picon has had some possible way of contacting our resistance contacts? Is this true? And if so, do we know how they are doing it? If this is something better suited towards a meeting, we can always defer it to the one I have on the books."

And this is where Marcus comes into play. "As I was briefing the CAG, sir, Captain Ommanney has tasked me with coming up with infil and exfil plans for a team of Marines to make contact with Task Force Recon on Picon and the Leonis Resistance under the command of Captain Wells. The recon files that we have from our flybys are out of date, and as I was saying to the CAG, it seems that we are relying on Picon command to provide the information that is on record for the planets, and was requesting an updated recon when I realized that there has to be away that Picon is getting their information and if we could be linked into it.."

"Mmm," Elias acknowledges the CAG's straight-to-business move and listens closely as she explains, then turns to hear Marcus' addition as the Marine adds his information. "I see." The Major weighs the matter briefly, then gives a nod of understanding. "Yes, Anvil has a means of making contact. I suspect the local commanders' on Leonis and Scorpia don't report their locations, but I'll get the contact protocol so we can arrange a rendezvous ourselves." He sneaks a quick puff of his smoke before adding, "Bypassing Resistance Command is a matter of operational security. For the moment, we don't want to give any indication that we're shifting our main effort away from Aerilon."

"Which is one more reason I prefer to work through you and your people on obtaining that information," Robin says with a brief nod, obviously implying that he know where the eggshells are. It's his job. It's his craft. "Depending on the methods and means to make contact, it could shift planning considerably for the recon. Lieutenant, if there's anything you wish to discuss, please."

"I will inform Captain Ommanney that we will put plans on hold until we can have this information. Though time is of the essence." Marcus reminds them both as he glances to the CAG. "Yes sir, as soon as you're ready to have the recon done, I would still like a seat so I can look for proper spots for placing and extracting the team. As well as contingency spots in case something happens to the primary during their time planetside. I assume that we are wanting to keep these missions under a week, sirs?" he asks as he looks between the two.

"Understood," Elias acknowledges Robin's point with a nod. "I will get the information to you both as soon as possible." Then there's somewhat forced smile for Marcus' note on timeliness, and a simple, "Mmmm." The question of mission length is less definite. "The less time planetside, the better. But if more time will allow you to avoid attracting attention, then we can certainly discuss it." Then he addresses the specific plans. "Captain Ommanney forwarded your initial recommendations to me, Lieuntenant. They're not bad, but there's one other approach you may want to consider, especially for Leonis — it's likely we can 'borrow' a Cylon Heavy Raider, if need be."

"I think we're all clear. This needs to be done /right/," Robin affirms Elias' revelation of the true goal. She doesn't bother with the obvious implications. For the most part, she lets the other two speak, listening intently. However, when Elias brings up the Raider approach, a single brow arches delicately. "I assume that means we have someone who can fly one?" It's like finding a forgotten bottle of bourbon.

"I was not aware.." Marcus starts to say, a lift of his own brow in thought. "Though has anyone hosed out the inside of it yet?" Apparently he's heard of the Raider down on the deck and it's.. obvious issues." When Robin speaks up, he finds himself nodding in agreement. "I'm not sure if this is the mission to start with someone that has yet to even try to fly a Raider to use it - perhaps for the extraction, should it become an issue." A contingency plan, that he can work with.

"Hosed out…?" Elias looks a little bemused at Marcus' question, but he gets the reference after a second. "Ah. No, not the salvaged raider in the hangar." He moves on to the CAG's question, nodding with a faintly amused expression. "We do have a pilot — Staff Sergeant Cooper Knox. He is a Six who has been serving with us for some time." He clarifies Knox's skinjob status, just in case the new CAG is unaware. "Human pilots can't interface with the controls, as I understand it. Feel free to discuss it with Sergeant Knox, if you like. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the possibility."

The Colonel is kind enough to let Marcus' assumption slide. Afterall, she's the one asking about 'goodies' in an off-the-cuff meeting about an op. Instead, she simply nods and relays, "Yes, remaining undetected and succeeding is paramount, so if there's a pilot, I'd like to hear about it before we go risking another Raptor."…And then Elias looks like he's about to continue so cedes the floor, so to speak. "Thank you Major. Now, I have places to be. Lieutenant, if there's anything else, please, don't let me not being here keep you. I'm sure we can catch up later." With that, she nods to Major Gray and takes her leave, closing the hatch behind her should they wish to talk further.

"It seems that my platoon sergeant is full of tricks. I'll talk to him, get his read on the mission." Marcus says as he nods his head. The Lieutenant looks between the two and gives a shake of his head. "Nothing else at the moment, sirs. Let me know how the communication goes, and I'll make sure Captain Ommanney gets the information changes on the Ops. The Colonel also liked the idea of the orbital drop for Scorpia, with some minor changes that will hopefully help keep their profile low." With that, he prepares to leave as well to return to Marine country, because the air's just a little too thin up here and command-itis is contagious.

Elias listens as the CAG recaps, then accepts her exit with a business-like nod. "Yes sir. See you at 1600 tomorrow." Apparently the two already have another meeting planned. Then his gaze shifts back to Marcus and the young Major plies his cigarette as he continues to listen. "De-orbiting with the debris is a good idea, Lieutenant. Exactly the sort of thinking we need for these missions." Seeing the Marine ready to leave, he offers a sort of farewell, "I'm sure the Sergeant will be happy I volunteered him for this. Good luck, Lieutenant." And then Elias heads back to work as well, retreating towards his 'office' corner.

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