AWD #055: Event - Hibernia Recovery Mission
Hibernia Recovery Mission
Summary: Holtz leads a crew of pilots and engineers to recover several intact civilian ships left abandoned on the surface of Hibernia. It goes surprisingly smoothly.
Date: 02/03/2013
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The surface of Hibernia.
March 2, 2005

While the Juniper Halo went to Virgon, the fueler ship broke away to head to Hibernia. Once there, it breaks through the atmo, and the large ship rattles. Once overhead, it's easy to find where the six ships were parked. Four cargo ships and two liners. Most of the crews were able to scatter out to start work on the other ships, but the team under the command of Captain Holtz is assigned to a liner that has damage to it's fuel pumps.

The aforementioned Captain Holtz is striding down the exit ramp of the tanker that brought them here. As he and the other Colonials disembark, he fixes his eyes on the liner with the damaged fuel system. "An 838," he muses to himself, the lines of the craft apparently familiar to him. Probably one of the types he flew as a civ pilot. After a moment's study, he gestures to Augie. "Alright," he says to the DCO, "let's get this mucked-up bitch's pipes going." A nod towards the stricken liner. "Afraid I know less about the fuel systems on one of these birds than the avionics, though."

Having flown escort for the fueler ship, Agrippa follows it all the way down in formation with the rest of his squadron, eyes continually scanning the horizon just in case any unidentified dots appeared. DRADIS doesn't always show everything and the naked eye can see pretty far. Touching down where they were assigned to, the canopy was popped and unbuckling from the seat, the young Viper pilot climbs out, landing onto the ground with a crunch of his boots. Flight helmet is removed and tossed back into the cockpit, Punchdrunk looks to where his wingmates are and heads to the liner they were assigned to. Looking the large vessel over, Agrippa throws a suggestion in Holtz's direction, "Just gotta get the pipes flowing again, right?" So very helpful.

Being along as security, and perhaps to repair weapons would they for some odd reason find them here. Mostly Stone is just offering any guard help and help in investigating the liner as a whole. For now just awaiting instructions while keeping an eye open as part of his current duty.

Black atmospheric burns trail the body of her Viper as Tasha banks into the formation and drops in hard with thrusters burning… Not quiet a combat landing but the backwash flattens and scorches the earth beneath the fighter before it settles down with a protesting groan of hydrolics. With the ticking of cooling metal sounding in concert with the rest of the local activity, Tasha pops her cockpit canopy and removes her helmet before standing in the cockpit. Shaking her hair out and taying it back in a loose poneytail, the blonde steps over and descends the Viper's fueselage before dropping to the ground the last few feet in a crouch. Exhaling softly and looking over her shoulder at the 838 liner, the pilot arches a brow and whistles, " Oh this is going to be fun." Moving a hand along the body of her own ship, Tasha opens the gear locker on the fuselage and removes a kit bag while ensuring her sidearm is in place before moving up to where Captain Holtz is standing and the rest of the squadron is rallying.

"Shit. Last time I did this crap, frakkin Cylons were on the other side of the door. That shit happens again, I'm retiring." Augie looks like he might actually be serious about it. All the ramps are down and the doors are open, as if the ship was just.. left.. a very orderly departure. It's easy got get aboard, just walk up the passenger ramp, which is what he starts to do.

Once they are on board, that's when it gets weird. There's no bullet holes. No blood. Just orderly rows of bags and luggage. There's none of the weird 'just clothing' outlines of the Reese reports - just luggage all about, as if left behind.

Holtz might not have flown in on one of the escort Vipers, having rode in with Augie and the snipes, but he's still in his flightsuit nonetheless, complete with seal collar despite his lack of helmet. "Hnh." That's a bemused snort directed at Augie, and he's only a step or two behind the DCO as the Colonials board the liner. Storm's eyes, ever vigilant, twitch from side to side, his hand never straying too far from the pistol strapped to his hip. There's a slight scowl as his eyes pass over the discarded luggage, but see no other signs of a human presence. "Looks like we're luckin' out so far, el-tee," he muses to the engineering officer. "Guess the retirement'll hold a bit, yeah?" His last is accompanied by a tiny smile, his tone a bit thin on actual humor.

Joining the others at the liner, Agrippa ascends the ramp and is indeed surprised by the condition of the ship's interior and also the lines of luggage. He isn't exaclty itching to draw his weapon though, not having run into any Cylons physically as of yet. "Either they found a ride on a smaller ship that could not carry all that weight, or the people who took them wanted only the people. If there was a scramble of something incoming… the stuff would've been knocked over." This time he offers up actual useful observations as his eyes continues to look about.

Following the others inside Stone does let his gaze flit between all the luggage and the lack of attack. Raising his brow a little perhaps. Keeping himself ready with his weapon. Moving to take position. A dry chuckle escaping him at the talk between Holtz and Augie. "Don't go speaking too soon though." He offers to Holtz. Nodding to Agrippa as well. "That could be. Either way, it feels like we will find out soon." The marine deciding to take position to see further within and around the area. While letting the others continue with the repairs.

Jogging the last few steps to catch up with the rest, Tasha slips one arm through her kit bag's strap then the other before cinching it like a small backpack before entering the liner with the rest. Dropping a hand to her side arm, she removes the saftey catch in the event she needs to draw the pistol quickly. " Speak for yourself Sir… Retirement is an old man's dream." Her tone only midly solemn, she looks across the discarded items and the lack of any real sign of a struggle before kneeling down to pick a childs stuffed toy from the ground. Rising with it in hand, her focus seems totally absorbed by the plush soft animal before exhaling and dropping it back to the ground.

Glancing back over her shoulder at Agrippa, Tasha wets her lips and reaches up to brush an errant strand of hair from her face before commenting, " Or they were herded out under deress despite the lack of evidence to the contrary… Maybe told to leave everything behind least it slow them down?" Soudning doubtful of that statement even herself as she says it, Tasha looks towards Captain Holtz for direction as to where they are going from here before glancing at Stone and taking a moments comfort in the professional confidence the ground pounder exudes.

"Six ships, all like that?" Augie asks. "Ya must be pipe dreaming. Frakkin Cylons probably herded them up." he points out as he makes his way down the cooridor towards engineering.

For those outside, the fueling ship is currently connected to four freighters and two liners, loading them with fuel so they can be flight worthy again. Most of the other ships have teams on them, radioing information back and forth - one of the liners has a fuel pump problem, which is where Holtz and his group are headed.

Holtz takes a second to rap his knuckles against the back of a nearby chair. It's not wood, but it'll do in a pinch. He shakes his head slowly, grunting in agreement with Augie. "I doubt these people went willingly. Too much shit — " he waves towards all the luggage " — and none of it's been opened." A look over at Tasha. "You must not've flown with many civvies." He gives her another one of those thin, pinched smiles. "People treat their godsdamn luggage like it's worth its weight in gold. At the very least, they'd've gone through their shit and pulled out the valuables."

Holtz purses his lips as he walks across the carpeted floor. "Besides, Colonials wouldn't've abandoned the ships. Sure, this one maybe, but ain't a damn thing wrong with the other five." He looks at Stone and the pilots and jerks his chin in the direction of the departing DCO as he himself follows Augie in the direction of the engineering section.

At least there were no bullet holes or scorch marks anywhere as Agrippa continues to look around. No other words of observation was offered and when the gesture to follow the departing DCO, the Ensign doesn't question it and does as ordered, following though still looking around curiously. Mind silently going through the other possibilities.

"Old men's dream, eh? I suppose that could be right. At least I am not counted there yet if that is the view on retirement." Stone offers in return to Tasha. Although mostly as chatter while doing his job. Just having that need for a last word. "Or they hid?" He suggests after some other get their opinions out. Though at Augie's words, which could be quite likely, he nods. "So cynical. If perhaps true."

Continuing onwards a bit Stone does keep an eye on the DCO. Nodding to Holtz as he continues ahead and keep his wandering eyes to flit among the walls and moving along with the rest. "Well, unless they were already carrying their valuables. Or they just feared more about life than valuables." He suggests with a slow lift of a shoulder. Mostly starting to focus on keeping watch, with his mouth on auto-pilot it seems. Making sure to keep an eye towards the engineering room as well.

Feeling the mounting tension in the air, Tasha's forced smile fades under Cpt Holtz words before she moves in line to follow, " Sorry sir…" Exhaling slowly and lifting her chin, cool blue eyes wash across the cieling as if seeking some sort of sign before she lowers those eyes to peer out across any of the viewports to witness what is going on outside breifly before moving on. "I'm at a loss then unless maybe they where drugged and then carried out…" A stretch to be sure but these are strange times and who knows what anyone is capable of anymore.

Coming in line behind Agrippa, Tasha reaches out touching his shoulder more to indicate her position as her hand drops than anything else before looking back the way they had come before proceeding any further. Head coming back around, her lips part as she gives the Ensign a slight nod and a forced smile, " I got your back… Don't worry Punchdrunk." As Stone speaks up, the Viper Pilot actually smirks at his comment about not being counted there yet before she blinks trying to focus on finding anything out of the ordinary, " I know I'm right… If anything at the rate of attrition I'm bound to simply leave an amazing looking corpse and hopefully take as many tinny's with me when I go. "

"If they were runnin' afraid for their lives, they wouldn't have landed all ducks-in-a-row like they did." There's no rancor in Holtz' tone; it's said merely matter-of-factly. "Still goin' with Garrido on this one. Cylons must've got these poor dumb pricks. Simplest explanation." He shrugs at Tasha, as if to say no apology is necessary. "Though I'm not exactly sure why they'd bother instead of just blowin' 'em out of the sky."

The burly captain quickens his pace to keep up with Augie. "Alright, people, enough rubberneckin'. Let's get it done." As the group slowly moves down the corridor, Holtz directs a soft bark of laughter at Tasha. "Hate to break it to you, Blackbird, but in space no one can see your corpse. However amazing it may be."

"Yeah. Ya know what an amazing corpse is? A frakkin corpse. Why don't ya think more about growin old fer a bit - if ya want to go frak it up with the cans, be my guest. But let me tell ya - first time a bullet hits ya?" Augie asks to eye Tasha, that long streak of pink along his neck where the bullet passed through him. "That's Demeter's way of sayin slow the frak down and enjoy yer life. Reason why I'm marryin that gal of mind in a couple of weeks." he says as he turns to continue towards the engineering section. Grasping the rifle a little tighter, he pauses at the door, and looks to Holtz and holds up three fingers in a silent countdown.

Having at least some ground training at the Academy, having opted into those classes, Agrippa doesn't jump at the touch on his shoulder, only glancing over his shoulders briefly before nodding his head. "Thanks Blackbird." Hopefully it won't have to come into play now because a pistol against a large, metal robot is rather one-sided, and not on his side. "Let's hope there are no tinnies here waiting for us. Rather face them in my cockpit than on the ground." When they arrive at the door to engineering, Agrippa slows to a stop a few yards away from those at the door, pulling his pistol free just in case it is needed and willing to offer covering fire.

"I think I agree with you both as well, but we can always keep speculations." Stone says to Holtz. Listening to talk between both Tasha and Augie and offer a slight nod, "No atter how amazing a corpse, I would prefer less of them." As for bullet hitting you, he nods once more. "The same goes with shrapnels. Stings." Then starting to put focus on the mission. Though not before offering a reply to Agrippa, in form of saying, "Just follow the lead and shoot them until they stop doing anything at all, or just generally shut down. You'll be fine." Having his weapon at the ready, just in case of the need for it.

For the moment, Holtz disengages himself from the quiet conversation behind him as the group comes up on the hatch to engineering. Holtz takes up a position opposite Augie in front of the closed hatch, giving a sharp, silent nod to the DCO as he flattens himself against the wall and draws his pistol. Hands flex around the handle of his weapon, finger twitching near the trigger as he waits for Augie to trip the door controls.

As Holtz comes back on her comment about corpses, Tasha looks back over her shoulder and makes breif eye contact as her eyes alight with amusement, " Why Sir…. You almost sound like you cared there." A wink ensues before she does indeed step it out in order to get this done, " I don't know about the rest of you but this place gives me the heebies." Hearing Auggie's re-buttle, her gaze shifts taking in the indicated scar which causes her to arch a lone brow curiously, " Ouch… Got ya. Well lets try to avoid getting any holes in us today at least."

Having dropped her hand from Agrippa's shoulder after the breif contact, Tasha dips her chin in a slight nod taking the next corridor while watching the groups back for the most part rather than concentrating to much on the progress ahead, " I second that…" She echoes his sentiment about facing them in her cockpit rather than on the ground. At the sound of his pistol sliding free, Tasha glances down and does the same for a moment before drawing her own and taking it in both hands while keeping muzzle awareness pointed down. Listening now… She doesn't comment to Stone feeling the moment intensify before taking a deep calming breath.

Three.. two.. one. Augie opens the door and steps around it, shotgun levelled to blast whatever is on the other side. Nothing. Instead, it's a really nice engine section. The only noise is the thrum of the refueling in process. "It's really frakkin creepy." he mutters. "Did ya hear the manifests of the other ship. One was full of fashion clothes and shit. Then there's a pharmacy and scrap metal. It seems too damned perfect. I keep expecting a trap, any moment."

Storm is right on Augie's six, jabbing his pistol in front of him and prepared to shoot… nothing. With a quiet sigh, he relaxes slightly, lowering his weapon. "I know the feeling," he mutters to Augie, his cool grey eyes still restless. He looks like he's about to say something else, but refrains. Probably doesn't want to jinx it. After a short silence, he instead simply asks Augie, "Any of your people happen to notice whether they took the cargoes or not?"

"Full of stuff that we could use? Definitely bait central." Agrippa says with a nod, from drugs, to scrap, to clothes for the girls to be girly, almost too perfect. "Next thing you'll tell me is they'll find a hidden compartment where there's a whole crate filled with magazines, filled with beautiful models in skimpy swimsuits." They could use new issues. His own pistol is pointed down and there is a sharp intake of breath when the door opens, to reveal nothing but normalcy. "Storm, permission to return to the Viper and get it prepped, just in case."

Stone keeps keeps check on both the door and any corridors leading from the area. Keeping outside as Augie steps into the room. "Indeed. So do be careful. If not Cylons then perhaps raiders or so on." Trying to make sure that they are all indeed fine. Making his way to one side of the door. Gesturing for either Agrippa or Tasha to stay on the other side and one to remain. To get sort of a triangular approach while keeping eyes into the room and to Augie, and on Holtz if he joins the DCO. Though he will look between Holtz and Agrippa at the request.

There is an imperceptible twitch as Tasha fights the urge to comment on… Fashion Clothes… Swalling hard, the Viper pilot steps in with the rest after the room is cleared by the professionals and still keeping an eye on their six so as nothing sneaks up on them un-announced. Once on the other side of the door opposite stone, she glances through the portal breifly and blinks a few times before whistling softly, " Why do I feel like I'm in some horror movie and all we need is for someone to have sex before the first person is killed?" A weak attempt at humor to be sure but it alleviates some of the tension she is feeling at least. "Trojan horse…." The comment comes from no where really but is spurred to the fore of her brain as Augie comments about expecting a trap. She doesn't ellaborate really but the possibilities float in her mind of hidden explosives and shut down tinnied worked into the ships architecture just waiting for activation once the ships mover back to home station.

Blinking the doomsday visions from her head, Tasha Looks at Agrippa and smirks with his comment about magazines, " Not a bad idea really Punchdrunk…" Her eyes shift to CPT Holtz for direction at this point though not sure if he will think it's such a good idea leaving so few inside the liner in the event Cylons do engage the small contigent.

"…frak, now ya done it, she's gonna be prouncing around in the teenie weenies now." Augie says in amusement as he makes his way along the deck plating towards the pump, and frowns at it. "It's gonna be a few before I get this disassembled and ready. You want to tell the others to go ahead and jump while I work on this?"

"Dunno 'bout you, Blackbird, but that's enough to keep my pants on." There's a sardonic snort from the captain at Tasha's comments. "Go." Holtz nods sharply at Agrippa. "Do your preflight, but don't get all strapped in just yet. In case we need you back here." He paces around the compartment for a second or two until Augie addresses him directly. "Yeah. Sooner we get these movable beasts on the road, the better," he muses. His weapon is holstered as he moves again to the door.

With permission given, Agrippa nods his head and holsters his pistol before looking towards Tasha and chuckles, "As long as no one finds sexy lingerie in one of the luggage bags, we should be safe from that prerequisite for the horror theme to come true." Then as he gets ready to head out, he does say to Holtz, "I'll keep my comm clear just in case." Then he's off double-time, to make his way back to his Viper and get it ready for flight, in case they need to scramble.

"I am uncertain if I should worry or just enojy it." Stone says a bit amused in return to Tasha. Shaking his head at Augie's words, "Are you complaining, sir?" He teases. Keeping eyes on the corridors and with a glance into the room ever so often, just to make sure that they are fine in there. Nodding to Agrippa as he is sent along. Grinning a bit at his words, "So you mean to say, hide any lingerie?" He asks before he heads off. Staying out in the corridor for now, with Tasha it seems.

"I don't plan on slipping into a bikini and tromping through the hills with my B F F Sir if thats what your thinking." Tasha comments from teh corridor with her back to the wall looking over the area with tense intrest. " Do you want me to get prepped as well Sir or stand fast?" Wetting her lips and not entirely sure leaving the others is for the best she knows she can do more in the air if it came down to it. Watching as Agrippa comes out into the corridor and heads off, she gives him a coy smirk and blows a kiss mockingly, " So much for the modeling fantasy then."

Inhaling sharply and letting it out to calm her nerves, Tasha looks across to Stone taking some comfort in his presence out there with her, " Hey if we find any skimpy things I need some new barter for my traid games. God knows the current pickings are getting slim and often to repeated."

"Hold fast, Blackbird. Need you and the Gunny to keep an eye on things here. Make sure Garrido doesn't break my ship, and nothin' comes along to break Garrido," Holtz says to Tasha with a wave of the hand. "I'm going to find the cockp — er, the bridge, start working her through the preflight and start coordinatin' the ex-fil. Gods, I hope the frakking tinners didn't grab the launch keys." As he turns back towards the hatch and moves to exit the engineering section, he calls out, "Keep me posted, el-tee," to Augie, who simply nods silently as he continues his work on the fuel system.

"Poor girl." Stone offers to Tasha about the modeling fantasy. Keeping his eyes moving all the while. "Ah, I suppose that is reasonable. Things could be needed for such games." He offers with a firm nod. Turning to nod to Holtz as well as he is moving towards the bridge. "Someone should perhaps come with you, in case there is something there?" He suggests. Staying in position though.

With a slight nod, Tasha listens to CPT Holtz, " You got it Sir." Checking that a round is indeed chambered in her side arm breifly, she keeps the muzzle angled down and breathes out through parted lips before a hand comes up to check the comm's fit and tests it, " Punchdrunk this is Blackbird with a comm's check… How do you read me… Over."

Looking over to Stone, Tasha tilts her head with a cocky self assured manner while a few wisps of hair spill across her features, " I've got it here… Looks pretty secure if you want to cover Storm's ass?"

"Be my guest, Gunny," Storm calls out over his shoulder. "Just don't jog my elbows up there, yeah?" And with that, he's headed back down the corridor, looking for the door to take him up to the bridge. He'll slow his pace a bit to allow Stone to catch up if the marine wants to follow, though.

«Blackbird, Punchie. I hear you loud and clear. Still heading to my Viper, everything clear on your end?» Comes the answer from Tasha's comm.

Stone nods to Tasha, "I want to keep an eye on both of your asses." He tells her before opening his mouth again, "I hope you know in what way I mean." He does move backwards behind Holtz for a little bit, but not too far. Trying to keep an eye on both of them. "See you in a bit, Blackbird. Be safe." He offers with a smile and wink. Continuing after Storm. "I'll try to rally back towards Blackbird as soon as the bridge is secure." He offers, since if there is nothing at the bridge it is most likely better to keep watch where trouble might be.

Speaking into the Comms, Tasha relays to Agrippa, « I've got you Lima Charlie on my end Punchdrunk. All's aces here for now and Storm's heading to the Cockpit to sort this bird out while we concentrate on repairs… Over. » Shifting her stance to move more into the doorway, The Viper pilot tilts her head and looks over at Stone with a coy smirk. "I think I've got it and if not we can discuss it over drinks and some Traid back on the Orion." Returning his wink with a slight laugh, she tilts her head and re-comms to Holtz. «Storm this is Blackbird with a COMMS Check… Over».

"Sounds like a plan," Holtz says back to Stone. As the pilot and Marine make their way through the ship, Holtz suddenly stops at a hatch seemingly at random and opens it. There's a narrow staircase leading up to another deck of passenger seating, and after a bit more walking they come to another hatch — this one opening to the liner's bridge. Just as he and Augie did with the door to engineering, Holtz takes a position to one side of the hatch. First he points to the door controls and then uses his fingers to begin a silent countdown to Stone.

Meanwhile, outside, the other engineering crews seem to be finishing their work. Two of the freighters seal up their hatches and appear to be preparing for departure, the engineers on the ground shutting down the fuel pumps and retracting the lines back into the tanker. Agrippa in particular can hear a soft rumble as the Colonials on board bring each ship's engines on line and prepare to lift off.

Back on the liner, as soon as Stone signals his readiness, Holtz throws open the door and points his gun… again, at nothing. Once he relaxes and holsters his weapon, his attention turns to one area of the controls in particular… and he sighs in relief as he sees the ship's launch key still in place. Grabbing a headset presumably left behind from the vanished crew, he fits it to his head and adjusts the mic as he keys the ship's comm system into the Orion crew's feed. "Blackbird, Storm," he replies. "Five by five up here."

«Lima Charlie on my end Storm… Don't lift off till I'm off this bird please. I don't want to do a field loss report because my Viper got left to sit in the weeds and grow old…. Over» Tasha's tone holds a hint of amusement at the idea of it knowing it won't happen unless the shit truly does hit the fan. With that she turns and looks back down the corridor… being alone and seperated with just the DCO grunting and sweating in the background does little to elleviate the creepy… Well at least the ship lights are not flickering she muses while going back to keeping an eye on her surroundings while comm'ing. «Punchdrunk this is Blackbird… Whats your ETA to your Viper… Over."

The group's comms cackles to life as Agrippa sends an update through, having reached his Viper and has begun going through the pre-flight sequence. «This is Punchie, I am starting pre-flight startup on my Viper. Looks like two of the ships have been fueled and have started their own preps for launch.»

Stone grins and nods one last time to Tasha. "Sounds like a plan." Then he will mostly follows along in silence. Keeping eyes upon for anything on the way. Moving along and nodding. Eyes always looking around. Checking seats and corridors as they move along. Securing each hatch as the continue. Taking point on the opposite side of Holtz and waiting for his countdown, seeming quite ready for anything.

As the door opens, Stone looks in. Relaxing as Holtz does. Moving inside along with him and keeping eyes on the exit, and other exits if there are any. Unless he finds anything out of the ordinary he will signal to Holtz, "All clear." Starting to secure himself for a moment and waiting, not yet making his way back the corridor, but preparing for it. "Got it all under control?"

«Good, Punchie,» Holtz says into his coms. «Everything's five by five up here.» He eases himself into the pilot's chair and lets out an exhale as he starts going over the controls. "Yeh, Gunny, lookin' good. Head back down if ya want." Finally, he finds to contols he's looking for; with the flick of a switch, the consoles flicker to life, and he grins. "Well, I ain't lost it," he muses to himself. «Don't worry, Blackbird, I won't leave you stuck on this heap,» he says into his mic with a sardonic little smile.

The first of the freighters begins to lift its ponderous bulk off the ground, followed a minute later by a second. Over the next several minutes, the other two freighters and the other liner also begin their preflights, the sound of the dull roar outside increasing as the sounds of their engines add themselves to the din around them.

Back in the engineering section, Augie finally finishes his work on the fuel system, and he directs his engineering personnel to begin refuelling. Lights on both the engineering boards and Holtz' consoles on the bridge are green; it seems as if the DCO has done his job well.

«I appreciate that Storm… I've got a reputation to uphold… Well I'm working on it anyway. Blackbird Out.» Cutting off the comm's chatter on her end while listening in for any updates, Tasha banters with the DCO only lightly while the others go through their preps until he is finished with his work. Staying focused as much as possible while contemplating how to beat Maia out on first pick of some new underthings. Oh the priorities that wander through her mind while waiting on the rich stink of aviation fuel to finish muddling her senses while the DCO works.

Noting the DCO has finished up, Tasha places a hand to her ear and comms to Holtz, «Storm this is Blackbird… We are Green to Green down here… Awaiting instructions Over.» . Giving the DCO a thumbs up and then turning, she gives the area a final look to see if anything is out of place or unusual as she awaits instructions.

Stone nods, "Sounds good." He offers to Holtz, "I'll check what is left unexplored as well, just in case." He says before heading off. Doing as he said and let his eyes scan the area. Checking most of the area before, after some time has passed, coming back down the corridor to where they had all split up earlier.

Agrippa sends another update through the comms, «Punchie here, two freights have lifted off, the rest are starting their preflights. Storm, should I launch and begin flying cover?» Preflight for the Viper is also finished and all he has to do is lift off.

«Go ahead, Punchie. Stay low and don't stray; don't want to attract any unwelcome attention,» Holtz directs Agrippa over the com channel. «Blackbird, you can go ahead and head out there too. Shouldn't be much longer here.» As he's giving orders over the com channel, he waves at Stone in acknowledgement as the marine leaves the bridge.

So far, the Colonials' luck seems to be holding. With the noise and heat from the engine blooms from the six ships, they're not exactly inconspicuous, but Cylon ships continue to not appear in the skies above them. The strange tranquility might seem a little uneasy for the Colonials, but it holds even as the first freighter becomes only a speck in the sky — a speck that suddenly disappears in a flash of light as the improvised 'crew' aboard trips the ship's jump drive.

Aboard Holtz' liner, the refueling process continues. Augie offers several updates as the liner continues to gulp down the stream of refined tylium being fed it by the crew aboard the tanker. His most recent com squawk indicates the ship is about half fueled.

Stone comes wandering along the corridor soon enough. "Hi there. Told you I would be back." He offers with a smirk before looking into the engineer's room. Taking charge of making sure that all of the ship is safe. If Tasha is starting to leave then he will offer a nod to her, "See you back on Orion." He will offer.

Hearing the clearance to launch, Agrippa takes off from the tarmac, gaining some altitude before he begins his small circular patrol pattern. His altitude is not the highest, not to where the freighter triggered its FTL drive, he is banking left continuously more at the mid point between where the ships are to jump and the ground, able to respond to either.

« Good Copy Storm… This is Blackbird moving out.» Looking back to the DCO, Tasha nods her head, " You got it from here I hope… I'm heading back out so good luck." Without really waiting on a reply, she moves back out into the corridor while holstering her pistol before running into Stone. "I'm heading back out to get in the air… Good luck and don't try to get out of that drink." Flying always puts her in a good mood as the Adrenaline rushed promise of a hard take off to keep up with the departing ships seems to get her feet moving. Moving past Stone, Tasha turns to take a few backwards steps before finally moving to turn around and rush off the ship…

With a sense of purpose, Tasha decends from the ship and runs across the field towards the lone waiting Viper… A hand comes to shield her face as the backwash of engine exhaust hits her from the Liner when it pulls up… Looking heavenward for just a moment as she is the last to leave, the viper pilot just smirks before stowing her gear and ascending into the cockpit and sealing up. « Blackbird here… Cycling up for a hard launch… Thanks for the wait Storm.» A hint of playful sarcasm hits as the mark 2 Viper's slightly antiquated systems spin up a moment before the retro thrusters lift teh frame… Pushing the engine hard, Tasha cycles the throttle down hard and yanks back on teh stick with a press of G's that has the ship taking a near verticle launch as the afterburner's kick in to speed the fighter past the 838 Liner's ascent.

«Punchie, Storm. We still clear out there?» Holtz hasn't brought the ship's DRADIS on line yet, in order to avoid generating too much in the way of detectable emissions, so for the moment he's relying on his Vipers to be his eyes and ears.

Down on the engineering deck, Augie simply waves silently to Tasha, giving her the all clear to head out; looks like he's got things well in hand.

Outside, as the second freighter jumps away, the last of the other three ships are disengaged from the tanker and begin to lift themselves up off the ground, one by one. Holtz' liner remains on the ground, but Storm can see the fuel readouts inching closer to full. Shouldn't be much longer now.

On the bridge of the 838, Holtz keys his coms once more. «Sergeant Stone, Storm. We're almost ready to go. Either find a place to strap yourself in or head back to the tanker, your choice. Garrido, I'll need you to stay here and mind the engines.» With that, he starts running the liner through the preflight checklist. It's been a few years since he was a civilian pilot flying ships like the 838, but it's like riding a bicycle: once you get it, you never completely lose it. Soon enough, his fingers are whirling over the controls as if he'd been doing this for years.

Before answering the status request, Agrippa scans the surroundings with his eyes before checking his own sensors. Then an update is shot back to Holtz, «Storm, Punchie. All clear still, those tin cans haven't picked us up. Still flying cover, will mag-link with your eight-three-eight once it lifts.» Still flying a protective circle, a repeating pattern.

"Don't worry." Is the last Stone offers before Tasha is gone. Then turning to check the ship. Not able to offer much help. Keeping an eye on Augie for now.

Having made altitude… Tasha's Viper banks over as she takes a reading on the Dradi's locating Agrippa's frame. Banking over she peers out of the canopy and looks down at the siting 838 Linner, «Storm, Blackbird… I'm in the air and taking a holding pattern till your free and clear…. Over». Lifting her gaze, she pushes the viper's throttle needing to keep her spead up due to the lack of lift on the Viper's smaller lift surfaces before coming alongside Agrippa's Viper. Tilting her wing, she lifts a hand, «Punchie I'm on your left… Form up on my wing and and we will fall in once the eight-three-eight lifts off so we can bug out of this frakkin place… Over».

«Blackbird, Punchie, I copy. On your wing.» There is a bit of maneuvering after Agrippa locates his wingman, slowly maneuver into place so he can cover her and provide backup.

And… it's done. Storm's fuel gauge reads full, and he directs the engineering crew on the ground to disengage and reel the fuel lines back in. Augie's people work quickly; soon enough, the tanker is sealed up and ready to go. Another three flashes of light pop off overhead as the last of the other civ ships jump away; they're followed a moment later by the tanker, as it lifts off jumps out as well, leaving Holtz' 838 alone in the watchful embrace of the Vipers.

«Flight, Storm.» Holtz straps himself in as he hails the pair of Viper pilots. «Refuel complete, preflight is green, and I'm spooling up the jump drives.» There's a slight wobble as he gooses the thrusters, the liner heaving itself up off the ground. «Once I hit two thousand, latch on and we'll get the frak out of here.» As the 838 rises, a very slight g-force presses Holtz lightly back into his seat.

Pulling the stick over, Tasha goes into a wide turn to nose around and come up behind the frieghter upon completion of it's ascent, «This is Flight… We've got your six… Over». Wetting her lips within the helmet, her eyes flash to the Dradis looking for any contacts. «Keep your eyes peeled Punchie… If were about to get Frakked this is where the lube would come in handy… Over.»

«Punchie copies.» Agrippa sends the acknowledgement to Holtz as the liner begins to rise before smirking at Tasha's statement, «If I am about to have a raider shoved up my six, I will need plenty of lube.» Eyes are indeed peeled though as the mission is about to go off without a hitch.

With Augie done and the others as well, Stone continues to investigate the ship a bit, in case there is something that they missed. If he comes up with nothing after some time, he will be making his way around to check on those on the ship, such as Augie and Holtz.

For his part, Holtz is still half waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nevertheless, he allows himself to hope as the liner's altitude meter climbs at a slowly increasing rate. One hundred. Two hundred. Five hundred. One thousand. DRADIS remains clear. With a long breath, Holtz keys his coms. «Flight, Storm. I do b'lieve we're about to pull this off. Nicely done, people.» He shoots another glance at the altimeter. Fifteen hundred. That's when the FTL computer flashes green, indicating the computer's finished crunching the numbers for their jump back to Orion. «Board is green. Preparing for jump.» Two thousand. «All right, people, bring it in. You both should have enough room to latch on amidships on the fuselage.» Holtz' hand hovers above the ship's FTL controls as he waits for the pair of Vipers to link onto the 838's hull.

Nudging the thrusters forward, Tasha purses her lips while extending the landing struts… the extra drag pulls on teh nose of the older Viper causing her to pull back on the stick to compensate while the wash from the 838 simply adds to the trickyness of the manuever. «Storm, Blackbird… Coming in on your six… Your gonna feel a slight nudge on that fat ass… Over.» Using the thrusters to push the Viper down, she contacts a little hard with a dull metallic thumb that is bound to leave a mark before Tasha engages the mag locks and cycles the engines to a lower power setting least she throw off Holtz's areodynamic profile. «Blackbird down and locked… Punchie bring it in.. Over».

Once the orders to latch on is given, Agrippa changes from focusing on the outside to the 838, banking back in towards the ship before kicking his retro maneuvering jets in. Angling his Viper towards the 838's hull, he keys the landing skids to extend again before activating the mags. More final adjustments are made as the distance between the Viper and the large liner closes to zero where there is a metallic sound of contact. «Punchie hooked and ready to go home.»

The liner gives a slight shudder, then another a few seconds later, as the Vipers each latch on in relatively quick succession. He lets out another exhale as no one explodes in the process, and his eyes flick one last time to his now-activated DRADIS… but still, nothing there. Not that he's going to complain. «Right. Starting the countdown.» A hand plays over the jump controls as he commences the jump sequence. «Three… two… one.» And with that, he engages the FTL.

A sixth and final flash of light appears in the sky as the 838's jump engines engage, and just like that the last of Orion's crew is on their way home without so much as a scratch.

Mission complete.

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