PWD #36: Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again
Summary: Sera and Duke have a quick talk about the recent events.
Date: 30/Nov/2012 (OOC Date)
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Duke Sera 
Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
November 30, 2004 (PWD #36)

The call was made, everyone is to return to Orion. Something must be going on to call for such a move, but while people get here, Duke will just take this time to kick back and enjoy whatever freedom is left. Because of this, the man is in the Recreation Room, where many other folks from the Orion are spending some time. What is his activity of choice you may ask? Sleep. Yes, the man is laying down in one of the sofa's, head leaning against the arm rest. His eyes are closed and he is breathing relaxedly and lucky enough for him, nobody has taken him as a target for whatever evil deeds people usually plan in this place. A half full bottle of water rests next to him, and a book on his chest. It's the typical 'Old Man' look, it seems.

Sera, meanwhile, is apparently rather displeased by the new announcement. Why is that so obvious? The woman is currently muttering under her breath as she enters the rec room, with a cigarette pinched tightly between her lips — which are turned down into a sharp frown. "Eighteen months in the black and they can't even give us a full two frakkin' weeks," she mutters to herself as she heads for a television and turns the thing on.

After taking a deep breath and still with his eyes closed, the man says "Look at it this way, it could have been worse, much worse." He licks his lips and finally opens his eyes, tilting his head towards the TV to see what she is watching. Now, the man shifts and sits on the sofa, covering his mouth to hide a big, lazy, yawn. He rubs his face with both hands, just like he did a few days ago back in the Deck…it seems like the Sad Panda is more like a Sloth.

The deckhand blinks at him a few times, fast enough a hummingbird could barely keep up, either surprised he's awake or surprised by his commentary. "Bumper. You'd better hold onto somethin'," she advises him dryly. "I think you just looked on the bright side of a situation. Keep goin' like that and you'll be singin' little songs in the hallway and breakin' into a dance."

There is a quick smirk on Bumper's lips and he taps his shoes real quick on the floor (while sitting) "That good enough?" asks the man, standing up, arching his back. Now, he walks to where she is and takes a seat on a chair next to her "I'm sorry you didn't get to go out" says Duke now, nodding his head at her. His attention drifts towards the TV for a moment and then back at her "I'm more than interested in learning why we are leaving anchorage so soon, I wanted to stop by my parents' house"

"Well, that's pretty much what I'm tryin' to find out." She's flipping through the channels, skipping over all the garbage, until she reaches one of the local Virgon news stations. "I mean, they might not have it right, but maybe we can at least pick up some kinda hint of what's goin' on." Lowering her voice, she adds, "Unless it's back on Piraeus, but how are they gonna get a message way out here when all the big comm EQ came with us?"

Duke moves his attention back to the TV now that the News Station channel is on. "Maybe, although…" says the man, shaking his head afterwards "I don't know. I'm sure that if a move like this is being made, then it's something big. Those 18 months do take a heavy toll on people and while the pay is good, I guess you can only be away from your family for so long" He leans in when she lowers her voice, to better hear what she is saying "Here's the thing, if they did, and knowing that the equipment is with us…that's alarm enough"

Sera spends a few minutes staring at the moving images on the screen, glaring in frustration at the pundits and the talking heads, muttering under her breath about how nobody cares about the potential new capital gains tax being discussed on Caprica. She bites down on her lower lip, trying to be patient as she waits for even the tiniest little hint of… anything that might involve military action. "Ellie's got papers and exams due at the end of the semester, but we were gonna go to lunch on Monday. See her one more time. Maybe bring Judah."

And Duke remains next to her, in silence, just looking at the TV, waiting…for something. When she mentions her sister, he looks back at her and then says "I'm sorry, Sera" With this said, he lifts one hand and places it on her back, lightly running his hand up and down. "I know you were looking forward to seeing her again before leaving" He actually does feel pretty bad, wishing that there's something he could to to help. "I…" starts the man, patting one of the pockets in his pants. He slides his hand inside the pocket and pulls a well compressed deck of cards, wrapped in plastic. "I got these for you" Well, it really is not that much, and will potentially, provide absolutely no aid whatsoever, but still.

The smile she offers in return is a grim one — appreciative, but unable to mask her deeper disappointment at being torn away so soon. "Thanks, Bumper." She sighs heavily, shoulders rising and falling. "I think I might run a game on Monday night or somethin'. Give people a little pick-me-up, if we're not all too busy with… whatever this crap is."

"An opportunity to clean house, like you usually do for what I'm hearing" says Duke, smiling just a little bit at this. "As for this crap? I think we'll find about this soon enough" He clears his throat now and returns his attention to the TV, not really finding anything of interest, at least for the time being. "Whatever this crap is, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough…I could say the entire ship will be up in arms if the information is not revealed."

Sera shoves her hands into her pockets, hard. "Half the ship — probably more — still doesn't know where we're goin'. I mean, not for real. You know how the scuttlebutt goes, but that ain't the same as bein' told what's what. Most people still think we're goin' deep space minin'."

When the lady has a point, the lady has a point. Duke just nods to this in silence and takes a deep breath "A lot of people got the frak out after these past 18 months were over, this is true. Admittedly, it'll be interesting to see the reaction of all the newcomers" He tilts his head once and adds "Then again…" and then he just shakes his head "There's no point in trying to figure things out, we are pretty much screwed anyway"

"Then again what?," she asks, tearing her eyes off the TV to tilt her head back and look up at him. She's not a tiny little thing. Not really. But by comparison to the military men she's pretty much constantly surrounded by? The disparity is obvious.

Duke just shakes his head "Nothing, I was just going to say that, then again, the situation at hand would pretty much cloud whatever fun you can get from watching their faces when they are told" says the man, shrugging his shoulders at this fact. "Do you got any assignments yet?" asks Duke, but expects the answer to be No. He cracks his knuckles as a way to keep his hands occupied and just adds "At least I managed to get enough sleep to recover some energy…I will be the first to admit that being depressed is very demanding on your energy levels."

"Assignments? Are you kiddin'? Deck crew is responsible for loadin' this girl up. We're all gonna be scramblin' around like mad-men once everyone gets settled aboard but until then, we've got so many birds ferryin' folks up from down planet, standin' on the deck just means bein' in the way." She shakes her head, making her ponytail sway. "Once everybody's on board, half of us are probably goin' to be pulled back on shift to get everythin' in place."

"I know what you guys are responsible for" says Duke, not really in a defensive tone or anything like that. "It's going to take some time to bring everyone in, Raptors are out, but still. This has been a ghost ship for the past few days, only very few of us still here" Now, he stretches his legs and leans back against his chair, slumping down. He now leans his head back as well, resting the back of it against the frame of the chair, still looking at the TV as best as he can. "You need help with anything? Get things prepared?"

There's a low, throaty laugh at that. It's not her usual laugh, mostly because she's trying to choke it down instead of letting it out. "Are you goin' to condescend to movin' crates and boxes around, gruntin' like a knuckle-dragger, Captain?". She places specific emphasis on his status as an officer, brows arching up sharply and expectantly. "Not afraid you'd break a nail?"

Duke just looks at her and arches one eyebrow "What. Because I'm a Captain I'm not supposed to be moving crates and boxes around?" He half snorts and shakes his head "I don't know what kind of person you think I am, Sera…but the day I let myself be lifted to an all-mighty position because I'm a Captain…that's the day I retire" Not that he can retire that easily, but still. "And no, not afraid to break a nail" He's not really upset, but he is serious about what he said, that's for sure.

"I'm just givin' you crap, Bumper. Seriously," she says with a roll of her eyes and a quick resting of her hand on his shoulder. "I don't think you're some Caprican Colonel's son that bought your way into your commission and is now just sittin' pretty or somethin'. Take a hard time gracefully."

Duke shifts a little bit, a bit ashamed at his reaction. But it's true! "Do we even have any of those?" You know, Caprican Colonel's son etc etc etc. Still, he nods his head and then says "Sorry, my whole humor thing hasn't returned all that fully" Or not at all. "But seriously, if you guys need help and if I'm not doing Air-Wing stuff, I can give a hand"

"I'll ask the Chief when he's back on board," she advises him with a nod and a furrowed brow. "Rule's pretty much always been 'if you don't have a job to do, get the frak off the deck, because you're in the way'. But if we're kickin' the tire and lightin' the fires on this one, it might be more a case of 'any strong backs we can get'."

"I guess things will get better when you are the Chief" says Duke now, smiling a little bit at this fact. "Frak, you were good already when you started that first time back in Universal…I'd say it's about time to put /you/ in charge" Now, he tilts his head and looks at her pony tail, smiling at this "And I would say the pony tail is a nice touch." He chuckles and adds "You know, I think I never asked you if you had any other interests. Career wise I mean"

She blinks a few times at the comment, surprised. "Chief?," she asks, like it hasn't even occurred to her. "Honestly, I… I'm stickin' around for the pay. Someone's got to put Ellie through school. After that? I don't know. I guess it depends who offers. I'd like to retire and go design aircraft, but with our situation, I can't exactly afford to leave without an offer on the table. Maybe not even if little Ellie's all 'pagin' Dr. Rutlii' by then. Mama's worked hard. She deserves some peace before I do."

"I understand what you are saying and I know your mother worked hard to get you girls up and running" says Duke "And yes, Chief, you have the potential, that's for sure. And the pay is good, and who knows what they will do after this next 18 months are over." However, there's something that gets his attention "Design aircraft?" he smiles at this and nods "I would like to retire at some point and do that as well, probably go back to Aerilon, continue the family business. Not for now of course, dad has a strong grip on that"

"Well, yeah," she says with a shrug. Her shoulders. They're too thin to fill out those stupid coveralls properly, even with all that heavy lifting. Cut for a man, no doubt. "I always wanted to fly, but the only way to get my mama to sign the papers for the Navy when I was seventeen was promisin' her a job where I'd never see combat. She said that if I was goin' to break my back just to die young, I could do it on Troy with my family. And I'm not about to break a promise to her. So, the options were essentially deck or engineerin', 'cause we couldn't afford the Academy."

Duke arches his eyebrows at something in particular and says "Well, I'm a flight Instructor. When this is over, we can head to Aerilon and I can teach you to fly, no charge" he smiles a little bit at this and adds "Of course, the planes my family owns are nothing fancy, you have an old cropduster but there's also the acrobatic airplane, that one is fun. We can make arrangements so you get your pilot license and everything" As for her comments on her mother's wishes "Oh I get that, I wouldn't really break a promise I made to my mother either…they have a way of knowing /everything/"

Sera reaches up to brush her hair back out of her eyes. Her bangs could use a trim. Probably one more of those things she was going to do down planet — get a decent haircut. "Ohh, I can fly. Well, sort of. A little bit, y'know? Everythin' on Troy is under domes, so they don't really build highways between cities. Towns, more like. They'd have to dome them up, too. So if you want to get between big settlements, you either have to get somebody to fly you or learn to do it yourself. I've done it before, just little in atmo flights when the conditions were clear and the ride was easy. And I can taxi a bird down the deck without smashin' into a wall, which more than I can say for half the crew. But that's about it."

Duke smiles at what she says "I didn't know that." His former self coming back little by little, a world in which he smiles, imagine that. "Well, in that case, I'll be the passenger" To this, he nods and then explains a little bit of his past "You know, with dad being the only one doing crop-dusting, he was out most of the day. I remember that when he was back, he would help me with my homework and then teach me about the planes we had. When I was a little older, we used to work together, doing repairs, getting the old ladies back in shape. I kinda miss that"

"….Which would explain why you go pokin' at things you ain't supposed to," she says with a dry smile and a roll of her eyes. "You know, half of the pilots do that, even the ones that only think they know what they're doin'. One of these days, I should just strap a helmet on, climb in the cockpit of a Viper, and sit there on the deck, seein' how you all like it."

"I don't have your level of skills when it comes to repairing things, I don't…but I do know a few things, give me some credit here" says the man, chuckling at this "But no, you are the expert in your area. And, would it bother me to see you strap a helmet on and climb on the cockpit of a Viper?" he just shrugs his head and says "It wouldn't bother me, really. I'm not an elitist, or at least I hope I'm not. I just like flying, I like flying fast, which is why I love the Viper so much but still, what I enjoy the most is flying"

"It wouldn't bother you to see someone who doesn't know how to fly the damned thing strap themselves in and just make a go at it?," she asks, cocking her head to one side. "I thought you were a flight instructor. Sounds like a pretty good way to get yourself killed to me. Same with people "fixin'" things on the deck. If you're not certified. Don't touch it. Especially the ordinance. Gods damn. Talk about a hot mess."

Duke shakes his head and says "You never said anything about launching, you just said put on a helmet and sit there" Duke smiles as he looks at her and says "I know what you are saying, and I agree, that is your territory and in my case, you won't have to worry about me poking around." As for the others, well, she'll have to get a broom and kick them out, probably. "Are you getting the most trouble from Raptor Crew or Viper pilots?"

"The Viper pilots," she says, shooting him this lopsided smirk. "As usual. Pack of hotshots, thinkin' they know everythin' there is to know about the frames they fly, tellin' folks how to do their jobs. Had one of the new jocks, this guy from Aquaria, do just that the other day. Literally told me how to run my crew." There's this irritated face she makes before shaking her head and adding, "Of course, it's his prerogative. He's an officer." Fact. of. Life. Welcome to the day to day BS of being an NCO. "Anyway. I should check in, see if the Chief is puttin' us to task yet."

The man chuckles at her words on the Viper Pilots "You know, I think you could pretty much have the Chief talk with the CAG about this, if it really bugs you, which it seems it does" says Duke then shaking his head "Officer or not, there are things you don't do. Period. This is one of the things I tried to teach my students back in Picon…the whole hotshot thing? Doesn't work, doesn't benefit anyone. Or perhaps that's my view because I'm getting old, but I trust you'll keep my secret?" And when she says that last bit "I should actually do the same, head towards the Ready Room and look at the board, see if there's something new there"

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