AWD #345: Hen Pecks
Hen Pecks
Summary: Dreyer helps two of his fellow marines with some hand-to-hand practice.
Date: 01/06/2016 (OOC Date)
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Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
Sat Dec 17 2005 (AWD #345)

It's just about time for sparring, or at least when they agreed to meet up. Randy's been here for about five minutes and under the guise of stretching has been giving eyes to some redhead on one of the bikes. She's also been trying to figure out if the woman has even noticed without looking like she's trying to of course. She pulls her ankle up behind her to stretch her quad and lets out a small sigh.

Plugged into one of the treadmills, headset rather bulky but only because it still offers the best sound quality, Kapali is jogging at a steady pace while listening to what can only generously be called trash metal while jogging. At best it's cacophony, at worst it's just obnoxious noise with a pounding beat that is good to run to. No one will ever accuse her of having a taste for classical music.

At least the guarantee of helping train fellow marines in hand-to-hand got Dreyer somewhat easier duties today. He got to stand watch over a comatose Nine in sickbay. Sweet. What it lacked in mental interest, it made up for in not sapping him of energy. It means the man is in somewhat decent spirits as he makes his way into the fitness center, already kitted out in athletic shorts and an 'Orion' tee. One of the lockers is tugged open. One packed with miscellaneous equipment. He shuffles through, grabbing a few things to toss on a bench. Tape, for one, and a couple of those padded gloves meant for just such training exercises. It's not until he's sat on said bench, applying tape to his hands, that he even notices Randy and her… attempts to not be noticeable in staring down the chick on the bike. There's a mild snort of amusement before he looks down to his hands again, getting the tape applied properly in place.

Whatever emotion it was before, boredom has definitely taken hold of Randy now, enough so that her eyes wander away from her prey, dropping her foot in the process. And so she ends up spotting Kapali. She lifts a hand and grins, then drops two fingers to tap on her wrist, eyebrows arching. When the sound of the locker reaches her, she looks over her shoulder at Dreyer and grins. "Should I be doing that?"

Coming to the end of the allotted time on the treadmill, Kapali begins to slow her pace, slowing down in stages but by no means just stepping off without completing the cycle. The music coming from the player hooked to one of her pockets is almost, almost! muffed by the headphones she's wearing, but not enough so that anyone near enough wouldn't get the edge of the noise she's listening to. She uses the edge of the towel draped over her shoulder to wipe at her face and, after draping it back over her shoulder, uses that same free hand tow ave to Randy before angling a nod at Dreyer.

"Probably," Dreyer answers, before biting off the tape and smoothing it over his left wrist. His right isn't done yet, but the man instead reaches out for Randy's hand. "Here, let me show you." And if she allows him, he'll start wrapping the tape around her wrists, primarily, but up the hand a bit as well. "It's for support. You ever draw? Know how they tell you to use your entire arm for things like circles? Same principle with punching someone. You follow through. You keep your wrist locked and straight. It makes it a more powerful hit and it protects all those tiny bones." There's a nod, in turn, for Kapali. "If you want, you can spar each other and I'll offer tips… Or you can take turns working with me." He gives a sort of lopsided shrug. "Whichever."

Stepping off the treadmill after another few minutes of cool down, Kapali drapes the towel around the back of her neck as she ambles over to where Dreyer is showing Randy how to tape up a pair of gloves. "I'll actually observe, this round, if you don't mind, the sarge here can go first," aiming a smile at Randy for encouragement.

"Oh," so it's going to be like that. Randy squints her eyes playfully until Dreyer grabs her hand, pulling her out of her own little world. She takes a step forward so the angle is a little easier. She watches while Dreyer speaks and opens and closes her hands, feeling the tendons ripple beneath the tape. "Well, diagramed." So dry. "Hmm, well I think I get what you're saying." She looks over to Kapali and smiles, "Gee thanks."

"I know once you're out of boot, most of the drills just slip away except for times like this when a CO decides you need to practice more." Dreyer just happens to be in that MOS which requires he be able to subdue someone without use of weaponry. The man finishes taping one of Randy's hands and moves to the other, with a glance towards Kapali. He gives a small, brief nod. "Sure." Might be stage fright - he's not gonna judge! Once satisfied with the taping of the engineer's hands, he starts tugging on the trainer's gloves. Padded surfaces for Randy to use as targets. Getting to his feet, Anton rolls neck and shoulders, stretching a bit as he steps towards the mats. There's a 'come along' jerk of his chin towards Flynn and he holds up both. "Alright, show me what you remember."

<FS3> Randy rolls Melee: Failure.

Snagging a bottle of water from one of the nearby coolers, Kapali drops down onto the floor near the ring and rests one elbow on one knee while twisting her upper body to stretch then reverses the position and stretches the other way. Listening to Dreyer from where she's seated she shares a wry grin, "My experience, Sergeant, has been in setting charges, firing at canners and running like hell, in that order. I haven't had to fight hand to hand or hand to metal limb with one of them, as of yet. Nor actually been up against once of the skinjobs, though rumour has it that they're wicked strong."

Arm over arm Randy stretches after she's been set free from Dreyer's taping ministrations. She bounces a little in her sneakers to get the blood pumping, keeping her eyes on her marks. "Well if by remember you mean don't lead with your back foot, yeah, I remember that." She grins. Something about Dreyer always bringing out the little jerk in her. "Yeah. What she said. I usually try to keep a gun between me and my enemies. You know, extend my reach as much a-" she lunges forward to lash out a jab, but ends up coming short on said reach. Her hands fall to her sides and she hangs her head. "Gaaaah." Queue blood rushing to head.

"Flynn knows, though, that things aren't always normal." Dreyer offers, with a glance from Kapali to Randy, blue eyes a bit sharp in those looks. "There were fifteen people named for arrest. Humans. Traitors to the fleet. She was with me on one of the assignments. Our target had taken an ECO hostage. To prevent more loss of life, I ended up closing quarters and subdued her-" he holds up the be-gloved hands, as if in evidence. And then back to a braced stance, hands up and ready for Randy. There's an arch of brow at Randy's miss and he clears his throat, adjusting his stance and the hold of hands. "You're not trying to just barely reach the target. Imagine you're punching through the target. You'll want to be closer and it will help you with the follow-through. You never want to connect with a fully out-stretched arm." He gives her a bit of an upnod, shifting from heel-to-toe. "Again."

"Normal, sarge, is just what the button pushes and bottle washers use as a median point between wildly diverging extremes," Kapali quips from where she's sitting. "My grandfather used to say that every time he'd get a request from a client to build something that looks 'normal' or 'make it blend in'," said with a mild eye roll. "I suppose shooting the hostage is still considered bad form?" this time said with obvious amusement.

<FS3> Randy rolls Melee: Success.

"What if I don't /want/ to get so close to you," Randy half teases, half serious. "And mind you while you were hugging it out with the suspect I was disabling the raptor. You were just showing off," she smirks, but then tilts her head into a nod at what he says in way of advice. She blinks and refocuses on the task. There's a tiny little hop at the beginning of her step and she bounces forward to pound the pad as hard as she can. It feels like a normal punch from a grown man. Nothing special, but it's got a lot of heart.

"I almost shot the hostage," Dreyer admits, tone flat. Then he's staring at Randy. His guard drops a bit, but she still catches the glove solidly. He gives a bit of a nod, but drops his arms. "If you don't want to be here, just say so. I could be drinking down on Piraeus." Apparently, asking Anton for training means a more serious MP Sergeant. He draws te gloves back up, regaining his stance. "Left and right this time."

"I still can't decide if I'm sorry I missed that madness or I'm glad that I didn't get the after headache of the debriefing," Kapali admits in a low voice before falling quiet, mopping at her forehead again and shifts her attention back to Randy.

<FS3> Randy rolls Melee: Good Success.

"Frak I was just teasing," Randy frowns sourly at Dreyers words. "Are you alright?" She looks past her fists at him, trying to gauge his real mood. "I don't mean anything by it…" And although a slight look of concern starts to take hold, she sticks to what he says, leading with her left foot her arm lashes out into a solid jab which she crosses over with her right. Pop! Pop!

"Be glad you miss it. Especially with what I heard happened aboard the Mallfut." Dreyer rocks, just a bit, at the two hits. He drops his arms, shakes them out then draws them up again. "I'm fine. I just don't want to be here if you're gonna frak around. I don't actually enjoy teaching, you know." Some do. Some don't. Anton's too much an 'action' sort and teaching feels static at times. Once his feet are set, he gives the engineer before him a nod. "Again. Then you'll practice some takedowns."

"I'm out of the loop, scuttlebut wise, what happened aboard the Mallfut?" Kapali wonders before she offers some encouragement to Randy. "Remember, punch through the target, not at the target. Hit him hard and fast, Sarge, remember to move your feet. You've got this!"

<FS3> Randy rolls Melee: Failure.

"Then why in hades did you agree to do it?" The little engineer looks a bit perplexed. "Of course I'm here to work. I just don't believe it has to be boring." She misses her window as she glances over at Kapali and grins. Then she hops in out of impulse. Realizing she's too close, she hops right back so she doesn't fall trying not to touch Dreyer. "Frak. Sorry."

"Mallfut is a munitions ship. Apparently the target had themselves wired with a bomb. They had to shoot to kill in that case." Else the whole ship would have gone up. Dreyer doesn't need to go into that - the two engineers know exactly what that means. He blinks at Randy as she steps back with an apology. There's a slow exhalation and he strips off the gloves, tossing them aside. There's a roll of hands, wrists, and shoulders. "Focus. Hopefully you never need this in action, but it could save your life someday." He falls into a more relaxed position and gestures to the shorter woman. "Try taking me down."

Deciding that her cheering on is not helping, Kapali goes mum as she twists off the cap to the water bottle and watches while Dreyer shifts the focus of the training session to take down techniques. Also known as '101 ways to earn new bruises'.

<FS3> Randy rolls Melee: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Dreyer=Melee
< Randy: Success Dreyer: Good Success
< Net Result: Dreyer wins - Solid Victory

"You see, you say that, but you're talking to two EODs. That's the shit we signed up for. To save lives no matter what the cost." Randy doesn't let this failure get her down. She just takes a deep breath and nods, ready to try again. "Right. I'm trying. It's just-" she cuts herself off and simply moves in to try and get in under his reach, going for jabbing her shoulder into his gut, knee, groin, whatever gets in the way….she's just trying to her arms down there around those calves in the long run.

"Yes, but when you're sent to arrest someone… The goal is generally to bring them back in for proper questioning." Dreyer is watching, carefully. He's not going to make this easy on her, no. That's not how a person learns, right? So as Randy moves in to try to go for his legs, he's quick to brace them and balance himself; centering balance and going for 'rock solid.' He does teeter a bit, but the man does not go down. "Legs are a good start, but try coming from an angle. Straight-on, they can see and react." There's also the size difference. He's not tall and lanky enough to have a poor center of balance.

Wincing with sympathy, but studying Dreyer all the same, Kapali tips her head as she listens to his advice and shifts positions, wrapping her arms around her updrawn knees and resting her chin on her forearms after doing so. "What's your advice, sarge, for taking on an opponent bigger than you are?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Dreyer=Melee
< Randy: Success Dreyer: Great Success
< Net Result: Dreyer wins - Solid Victory

"You're right, you're right," Randy says like someone who has heard it before. In battle she's so cool headed, but back here, fighting like this, there's some sort of fuse that gets a little shorter each time she bounces back. She slips away from her bunkmate and tries to fake him out and zigs, so she can zag in from more of a side-ish angle.

"My advice? Distraction. Leverage of some other means. Get a higher ground. Try to always have a partner. Perfect world, you'll never need hand-to-hand, but…" Dreyer doesn't even need to say it. They're far from 'perfect world.' For poor Randy, this is the downside of someone who is actually fairly good at this sort of thing. Anton turns with her approach, reaching out to try to draw her arm up and behind her back. To bring her pause. "Breathe, Randy," he offers, quietly. "This isn't something where you have to be thinking twenty things at once."

"Right, so if she'd had something to throw, she could've tossed it toward your face before trying to tackle you," Kapali suggests from where she's sitting. "The distraction move then try to take you down, and barring that, her partner could sneak up at you from another angle in a team approach instead of taking turns in the attempt."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Dreyer=Melee
< Randy: Good Success Dreyer: Success
< Net Result: Randy wins - Marginal Victory

"It's easier when there's twenty things at once…" Randy murmurs back. She grits her teeth as her arm is pulled behind her back. There's no bite to her words. It's an honest admission. Hand to hand isn't one thing to think about and it isn't twenty either. It's somewhere between the extremes which Randy struggles. "Yeah. My /partner/ could do that couldn't /she/." She waits, a half a beat, two, then suddenly drops and twists to grab his wrist in return, trying to duck under his arm so she can twist it back and brace it with her free hand.

"Exactly," Dreyer offers to Kapali, even as he starts to release his hold on Randy. It's slow on purpose. Something to give her an 'opening' that she can read. Real scenario, he'd be releasing to jump back and clear… or subduing her further. And she does take the opening, twisting his arm back successfully. There's a measure of allowance. You can't let someone continue to fail. But, she found the opening and took advantage. That's the important part. "Good job," he grunts, rotating his arm to work at pulling free and return to 'neutral.' "You could include stepping on someone's instep with that. Right at the weak point of ankle and foot. It'll slow their response."

With a sound that is almost, almost!, a snicker Kapali caps the water bottle and rises to her feet, dusting her hands against her sweats before she ducks into the ring. "Permission to join the training exercise in progress, sergeants?"

"Permission granted," Randy could probably pull off a good impression of an officer if she put her mind to it. She's got enough of a tone and accent to work with, a flash of Virgon in the pan. "Oh thanks. I see that now." Randy tilts her head as her grip loosens. She files the thought for later as if analyzing the playing field and taking stock of new tools. "Would I be fas-Yeah, I think I could do that." She turns to Kapali and ushers her in with one wrapped hand. "Come on into the ring Corporal," she waggles her eyebrows. "Now that I've faced down the giant, you can't scare me."

"Until they saddle me with Staff, you don't gotta do that." Sergeant, the last bastion of the NCOs before there's true responsibility slapped down. Dreyer steps back from Randy and stretches arms overhead; hands grabbing opposite elbows as he arches his back. "Go for it, Kapali. Let's see what you've got."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kapali=melee Vs Dreyer=melee
< Kapali: Success Dreyer: Good Success
< Net Result: Dreyer wins - Solid Victory

"He's really not that tall," Kapali notes as she accepts Randy's invitation to join in the embarrassment box, that is the ah boxing ring, and paces thoughtfully around where Dreyer and Randy are holding the current class. She bounces briefly from heel to toe and back, loosening the set of her shoulders, fingers curling and uncurling, before she ducks toward Dreyer and tries to shove him off his balance without further rambling.

"To you maybe, but when it comes to fighting, his limbs are a lot longer than mine, but mostly the body weight is roughest part," Randy explains, way too thorough like their breed are often to do…her kind being engineers. "And don't take away my excuse for losing."

"While I'm not a giant, you don't have to wound me so." There's amusement in Dreyer's tone. The man, seemingly, expecting the two women to spar one another. It'd be more even-footing, at least. Even so, when Kapali comes his way, he answers with a grunt and drops his arms as he side-steps and moves to the side. There's no grab, no attempt to subdue the engineer in return. He's pacing himself; tired from a day's work already. And then there's Randy, who he points at. "Hush. I swear, the last thing I need is some damn hens giving me a complex."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kapali=melee Vs Dreyer=melee
< Kapali: Good Success Dreyer: Success
< Net Result: Kapali wins - Solid Victory

Instead of coming up with a good counter offer, conversation wise, Kapali simply bounces back half a pace as Dreyer easily avoids her first attempt. She exhales a breath, shares a nod with Randy, then dives in again, tackling Dreyer from the side again with that last extra bounce of effort before she leaps, hoping momentum will help.

"I'm trying to keep myself from getting a worse one," and doing what Randy has been pretty good at as of late, that is, distracting people. "I'm not a frakking /hen/," she screws up her mouth in true snobbish distaste for the word. "If anything I'm a much more more fearsome animal," after a pause she offers a wink. "Is this what having minions feels like?" She waltzes to the side so she can lean back and put her hands behind her head.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dreyer=melee Vs Kapali=melee
< Dreyer: Good Success Kapali: Success
< Net Result: Dreyer wins - Marginal Victory

"You are a hen," Dreyer counters and yes, the distraction works. The man is annoyed. Perhaps even vexed. He grunts with the force that Kapali hits him and goes down, shoulder hitting the mat relatively hard in the process. It's enough to wash the air from his lungs, but he's not giving up quite that easily. In turn, he tries to grab the Corporal and put her in a hold of sorts. "Frak," he hisses, muttering a few more choice epithets under his breath.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kapali=melee Vs Dreyer=melee
< Kapali: Great Success Dreyer: Success
< Net Result: Kapali wins - Solid Victory

Kapali huffs out a laugh, "NOT a minion," she says as she does the exact opposite that is expected, instead of trying to get away from the hold she drops her weight back against Dreyer with as much emphasis as possible then slams one elbow against his side. THEN she twists like an eel and jerks out of his hold, resisting the instinct to put boots to him in the process. TRAINING SESSION not damage session.

Already down and tired, Dreyer finds himself unable to fight back against the way Kapali drops into him. The man grunts in turn, falling back against the mat as she gets to her feet. He sprawls, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. "Next time," he mutters finally, "the two of you spar each other. I need a break."

Kapali laughs then ambles over and high-5's Randy, "That's how engineers do it," she notes before backtracking, offering Dreyer a hand up. 'Thanks for the lesson," she adds before ducking out of the ring. "I'm on duty again in 45 so I need to scram. Thanks again!"

Randy smirks at she gets the results she was looking for. "Good job!" It could be taken the wrong way if she wasn't so bright about it. She high fives and waves the woman off. "We just wear you down like we always do?" she teases with a gentler grin than her words.

In the end, Anton doesn't accept help all the way to his feet. He just sits up and draws up his legs a measure, forearms draped over knees. The man begins slowly removing the tape from his wrists. "Just like women. You keep at it 'til I'm worn to a nub. Nothing left." He pauses, tape partially removed, to stifle a yawn. "Frak, I'll be lucky to be coherent at all tomorrow."

"It's how we care," Randy teases. "Besides, it's what you get for calling us hens." She starts to peel the tape away. "But you know that right?" For a moment, she arches a brow at Dreyer, revealing how genuine she is. "I owe you another drink on top of of one for this…on account of helping me with my tools and all yesterday."

Running a hand through his hair, Dreyer lets out a low sigh. "Pretty sure I'm just a joke to you all," he points out, voice flat with weariness. The man pushes to his feet, ripping away the rest of the tape and crumpling it into a ball. The padded training gloves are snatched up as well as he heads for the lockers. The gloves are tossed away and the used tape thrown into a nearby wastebin. "It's all good. I'll probably forget by the time we make it to Charlie's at the same time anyhow." He rolls his shoulders back, stretching both arms overhead in turn. "Frak I need a shower."

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