AWD #317: Help Them Survive
Help Them Survive
Summary: Epiphany approaches Amos about cert/qual courses for her wing.
Date: 04/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Amos Epiphany 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Sat Nov 19 2005 (AWD #317)

It's nebulous o'clock in the afternoon, ship's time, and battalion HQ is as it always is. There's the duty NCO doing his best to contain the chaos of war, and keep their officers in line and out of trouble. There's only one of said officers in at the moment though, so the Sergeant isn't having too much trouble, doubly so as Amos has a load of paperwork to be getting on with relating to new training programs under development. Exercises don't plan themselves you know, although at least for now he's still on the fun bit, the bit that involved maps.

It's not often that the newly-minted CAG ventures out to other places to seek people out. Usually, they find her. Or are summoned to see her. Maybe Epiphany needed a stretch of the legs. Or perhaps she wanted a glimpse into how things are run in World O'Marines. The woman is in her duty blues and has a clipboard tucked beneath one arm and a thermos of coffee in the other hand. She's taking a long drink as she skirts around two individuals being sent off on some assignment. Amos is not someone familiar to her, specifically, so it requires a brief chat with the Sergeant to have it confirmed as to who she's searching for. A brief hike over and she stops just before the man's desk. "Captain. If I could have a moment of your time?"

Amos is in his fatigues, he's almost always in his fatigues, it just makes supervising training so much easier, he does however, have his sleeves rolled up above his elbows. With his head down over a map while he makes annotations to some kind of route he acknowledges the CAGs presence with a faint "hmmm", followed a moment or two later with a "one moment." It's several moments in the end, but not likely much more than a minutes before he finishes whatever section he'd been working on and looks up once more. "Captain," he greets "what can I do for you?"

There's an arch of brow as one moment drags into another and then so on. Epiphany, at least, has learned patience. Part of being an instructor. When Amos finally looks up, there is a smile from the woman. Bemused, but polite. "I'm afraid we haven't had a chance to be introduced. Epiphany Arrington. The Colonel has seen fit to put me in charge of the Air Wing." Lucky her or unlucky them? The woman leans back on her heels, setting down thermos on a spare edge of the desk and flipping through a few pages on her clipboard. "I'm getting everything squared away," her accent is an easy Leonese. Not upper class, but something still with a touch of refinement. "I wanted to discuss qualifications with you. Things my people may need to know that your people may be able to teach. Such as jump quals. Pilots are already trained for ejection procedures, but that's about it."

Double checking where he stopped, Amos folds the map up and sets it to one side, then gestures Epiphany to the chair on the other side of the desk. "Amos Ommanney," he offers, returning the introduction in a high-end Libran accent, "although I suspect you already know that." A faint smile and then down to business, "jump quals we can do, I've already given the JTACs permission to run some drills alongside your lot, so adding those too is no great stretch. I'm happy to take some through there paces on the ground too if you want. Can't claim it'd be a full on SERE course, but we can make a start at it at least if it's something you'd be interested in."

"Sergeant Knox already spoke with me regarding some training drills. I told him to let me know once the range was ready." Epiphany does settle into the chair, crossing one leg over the other to balance the clipboard on. "That would be great. There's been some bubbling interest regarding expanded learning and certifications and I'm not going to deny them that. Not when the risk of a pilot finding themselves grounded is so high." Happened enough on Picon and it's bound to on Aerilon as well. "I have only one person in my Wing who is survival qualified. She can likely work with whoever you have to prep some courses. No need to be a full SERE course, but I think putting them through the basics so they don't panic if they do hit the ground would be smart."

"He's one of my best marines," Amos notes, regarding Knox. He doesn't know Epiphany's feelings on working with a Six, so just gently lays that out so she knows the situation. "I'll need a day or two to finalise the latest round of training for my lads, but then I'll be able to spare a braincell or two to keep yours busy. Assuming on high doesn't come up with something more pressing in the mean time. Only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is if anyone is looking for their liaison quals, we can work that into the range drills I would expect."

"He seems a good sort." Epiphany doesn't seem bothered by working with the Six. She has at least agreed to do so. "I think my team will appreciate a training drill that isn't in the sims, too." A pen is brought forth from pocket and she flips to a page on the 'board to jot down a few notes. "Outside of Aerilon and more recon work, I don't know of anything in the pipeline. But training does come after the more necessary aspects of war." There's a glance up and her brow furrows, just a touch. "I'm not aware of anyone going for liaison at the moment. Most of it is more base level qualifications. However… There are a couple of us," yes, she's included herself in that, "working on Weasel. So working with your JTACs could factor well into that."

"I'll have my people talk to your people about finding some mutually convenient time in the training schedule," Amos replies regarding the Weasel training, "I'm sure we can find sometime that'll work for everyone." He makes a few notes of his own then asks, "how throughly worked do you want them. Enough to get the idea, or procedures drilled into their heads so hard they'll remember them when they're ninety? Just so I know where to pitch scenarios you understand."

"Captain Drahmin," Rahab, "would be a good one to talk to. He has experience as an instructor and is not currently a squadron commander." Meaning he likely has free time. At the last query, Epiphany grins. Briefly. "One of my favorite things to tell the newer pilots is that we drill over and over so that it becomes reflex. I want them to be able to survive even if they have a broken arm and are scared shitless, Captain."

Amos smiles faintly at that, and takes a note of the name given. "I'll speak with him in a day or two then," he says, then smiles back at the reply. "I suspect we can manage something appropriate then Captain, with the added bonus of my lot not thinking i'm going easy on your lot just because they've all got smart gold pins. Do you want to see the detailed training plans, or just schedules?"

"Considering the fact that the Colonel intends at least three recon missions in the coming weeks that will have a few marines sent along? Likely for the best that we don't do anything to foster resentment." Plus, the added bonus of making sure the pilots know their stuff. Epiphany jots down something else and tilts her head slightly. The pen is tucked away and she leans for her coffee. "The detailed training plans, just so I have them on record. Please."

"Very well then," Amos replies, adding another little note, "I'll send them across once they're completed." He eyes the map again briefly then asks, "was there anything else?"

"Fantastic." Epiphany takes a long drink of the coffee and pushes to her feet. "Any other qualifications you find people can and are willing to teach, pass it along? I'd rather my Wing be capable if they end up on the ground than just burdens to any marines they might find themselves with." She gives a shake of her head, poised to step away. "That was all. Thank you." A parting gesture with the coffee and she's away.

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