AAR: Helios Gamma Recon


13 January 2005

FR: MAJ Bennett St. Clair
TO: ADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MAJ Zachary Shepard, LTCOL Marcus Petra
RE: Recon Mission: Helios Gamma



At 21:00 hours on 11 January 2005, ENS Vashti and I undertook a reconaissance mission to Helios Gamma, for the purposes of gathering information on the status of the colonies therein. Detailed observations follow.



Upon completing our final jump to Libran, we discovered that the entire hemisphere facing us was devoid of signs of human activity. In addition, a single cylon basestar was in polar orbit above the colony. There were no signs of mass ordnance detonation, though ENS Vashti detected both an EMP signature and radiological traces on sensors, at extremely high altitudes which would pose no threat to those on the surface. These facts, combined with the absence of any Colonial ships in orbit, led us to believe that Libran may be occupied by cylon forces.


I believe there are survivors on Libran. Possibly in great numbers. I also believe we do not possess the resources for a full-scale rescue operation at this time, though the colony certainly warrants investigation in some fashion. This may give us insight into the cylons' motivations, amongst other things.



Sagittaron appears to have been completely neutralised. We discovered thick black clouds covering the colony in excess, extremely high radioactivity readings, and complete radio silence. The capitol city of Tava was engulfed in a massive firestorm, and many of the outlying cities had clearly been bombed and gutted. There was no evidence of cylon activity in the planet's vicinity.


None. I do not believe there to be any survivors on the colony; if there are, we are unlikely to find them.



We entered Scorpia at a high geostationary orbit, and immediately discovered that the shipyards had been de-orbited and brought to ground on Scorpia's southern continent. The resulting impact destroyed Kopira and probably several other coastal cities in its path. We did not find any evidence of surviving Colonial ships in drydock or otherwise, though readings were difficult to interpret with the quantity of tylium fires burning. We also detected multiple FTL signatures of ships arriving and leaving, indicating a potential exodus or resistance still occurring on the colony. We then detected several operative bunkers on the surface, with accompanying heat signatures suggesting survivors.

We were unable to gather any additional data on Scorpia, as one of the three basestars in orbit jumped away and we detected a missile lock from a second. I instructed ENS Vashti to deploy a decoy, and spool FTL while I attempted to mask our signature by taking the raptor into the debris field. I then went against orders from DCAG and deployed a communications drone with a message for any colonials who might be listening on all standard frequencies. Our jump was completed successfully.


I strongly recommend a return to Scorpia. We believe there to be survivors, and potentially scrap parts to be salvaged in addition. Like Libran, we may not possess the resources for a large-scale rescue operation, but I feel we may be able to help stabilise things on the ground.

Due to fuel constraints, we were unable to complete a full recon of Helios Gamma. Suggest a return mission to cover any locations of lesser importance, if time, resources and personnel permit, at a later date.





Please see attached.

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